Chakwera says ready to rescue Malawi from thieves and cashgaters

Leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera is on a crusade to unseat President Peter Mutharika during the 2019 polls, saying problems rocking the country can come to and only if the Head of State and his Democratic Porgresive Party (DPP) is out of power.

Chakwera: We have thieves in power

Chakwera said this during a political rally on Sunday during a political rally he addressed at Msalura Primary School ground in Salima.

“Malawi is facing unprecedented economic, social and political problems. These problems cannot be solved by the current president, he is not capable of finding solutions to the current problems,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president cited a number of public thefts like maizegate, the suspicious of the procurement of maize from Zambia as an eample. “He is failing to deal with the matter decisively. He is failing to arrest Dr Chaponda (former minister of agriculture),” he said.

Chakwera said grand corruption, fraud and theft of huge sums of public money has happened under his watch and yet he has done nothing to control the situation which he said is now escalating.

“This is why Malawi is failing to develop, we have weak leadership which needs to be voted out of power in the 2019 elections,” said Chakwera.

He said once voted into government, the MCP would deal with all the problems facing Malawi including having a concrete solution to ridding the country of corruption and fraud.

“MCP is ready to rescue you from thieves and Cashgaters. In 2019, we are prepared to save you from a bunch that is wishing this nation bad.

“We are not turning back. We are determined to rescue this country from thieves who are ransacking it at the moment.”

During the rally, about 73 members from various political parties, including the People’s Party (PP) and People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) announced their defection to MCP.

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you have my vote Dr. Chakwera

my I deas I thnk that all these parties are thivies yes I ndeed but if we keep on changing goverment every ten years our nation wont be developed because evry party wil just com and stealing then go they wil hungly with money but it is better to choose the party that we know it help us then after that we must not ever change goverment anymore but we should remember that theres no goverment without making mistak bur to change goverment everytim it wil never help us ,we wil remain to be poor nation at all times just… Read more »

a bwana tikugodikira 2019 tikakuvotereni. Peter mbava Munthalika start reprocessing you green-card chifukwa mudzathera mdende kaya zako izo

winston msowoya
I most recently wrote a piece in nyasatimes pertaining to Chihana and Rev.Chakwera in which,I disapproved the two Parties forming a sort of unity ready for 2019 battle.I therefore recant my assertions.The reason I have written this piece to you ,is the fact that as we are nearing the 2019 general elections,all Parties concerned are brushing their shoes.I and my colleagues in diaspora,are worried to the extreme the activities of UDF with bed-fellows MUSLIMS the providers of financial assistance.First and formost,we are in the present situation with Muslims or Islams working hard to establish their roots in our country and… Read more »
William Mpinganjira

Pakati pa MCP ndi DPP mbava ndani? DPP yomweyo kuti wawawa


Lazarus Chakwera had not benefitted from the church now he is going for it in politics. What made him desert the church? It’s all about money – to get rich faster. Galu ameneyu akuyesa tonse a Malawi ndi Zidzete. We can see your intentions – Munthu wadyera iwe.


There are no tangles in MCP. These are mere problems man made by the DPP.

MCP is only solution to problems ……DPP failed in it’s last 5 years and they have failed now.


Mr Chakwera just tell people that you are ready to be a big chief to prove to you in 2013 you was busy with Joice Banda and you was backing her when people were demanding her to tell us a bout first cash gate in parliament finally we heard from Mphwiyo kuti munadya nadzo anakugulirani makaka atambala wakuda. you failed to do it m’ machalichimu what about money from Account No 1 lastly politicians are the same don’t cheat us again we are matured enough now

ho go go

you have my vote hon chakwera tired of these thieves


So let’s hear more about this ‘concrete solution’. Words are cheap but a plan that will work is more difficult to find and follow. This is what the electorate want to hear: too many years of politicians describing the problem but coming up with no solutions. How will disenchanted donors, investors be persuaded to come back? Corruption and mismanagement are not eliminated overnight.

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