Chakwera on spotlight over donations, ‘raping’ MCP constitution

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has come under spotlight to explain why he allegedly changed ownership of a donated vehicle to his party into his name and now his son is using it as a personal car.

Chakwera: Accused of abuses

Fryson Chozi, who is leader of self proclaimed Concerned Citizens movement has been giving details of how a vehicle, registration number BS 3819 was donated to MCP in the run up to the 2014 general election for campaign purposes.

“The most surprising things is that Honourable Chakwera has changed the ownership from the party to his name. His son is now using it as a personal vehicle. This is not the transparency and accountability he is holding the government,” he said.

He said another vehicle MJ 6534 was donated by Salima central MP Felix Jumbe in the run up to the election but now Chakwera’s family uses it as a family vehicle.

Chozi also alleged Chakwera, who is Leader of Opposition in parliament, is failing to account for money donations and funding the party gets from parliament.

He also accused Chakwera of maladministration, saying he uses Eisenhower Mkaka as acting secretary general and party publicist, unconstitutionally kicking out Gustave Kaliwo and Jessie Kabwila respectively.

“Even Mkaka’s position of second secretary general is unconstitutional, it does not exist in the party constitution,”he said.

Mkaka dismissed the allegations as untrue.

He said all party donations and funding are well accounted for and that the party constitution gives powers to party president to fill vacancies.

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20 thoughts on “Chakwera on spotlight over donations, ‘raping’ MCP constitution”

  1. Winford says:

    U Are Backing A Magazi Party Shame On U

  2. kadaulo says:

    Akuluwa NGO yawo imasapota mbali yoluza nthawi zonse.. He has no vision at all & he thinks Malawians are kindergarten kids that they cannot sensor him. Shame!

    Ask Jumbe to get back his car muone ngati ayende pansi RC. Advice yanga ndi yakuti u r still young & peza njira zabwino zopezera ndalama coz zaulele zimapatsa uchitsiru.

  3. santana says:

    A Chakwera kutokota konse kuja?

  4. Wongani Chipeta says:

    Kaya ku Malawi…

  5. Chatha says:

    Has this complaint come from MCP? Why should all this come from DPP…………… are the owners of the Party not aware? You started with Chakwera building a house, nothing came out of it, now you’re on a car allegation, why can’t you concentrate on how you are to curb corruption that is so rampant, DPP ?

  6. Generation of Vipers says:


  7. DOBO says:

    This is one of cheapest propaganda in recent times..Dr Chakwera is not controlling state or public funds neither MCP does.What happens in MCP is for MCP only. MCP just like any other party has members who can know better what is happenning in MCP and they are the only rightful people to be concerned, Its impossible for you to raise issues of concern for MCP.,Only fools or senseless opponents of Chakwera can see some sense in what you are saying. otherwise you are being self exposed to bare foolishness .What you have said can atleast hold eaer if from MCP members

  8. Diffi says:

    this can make sense only if you remove MCP and put DPP.
    this can make sense only if you remove RC and put APM.
    this only make sense only if you ……………….

    uzaziwona ukazayamba kudana ndi ??
    olo uyu mukuti …….. ataphoyira, suzafuna kunva.
    koma uyuyu uyu akango…………

    coz chodzi was once the voice you all loved hearing to.
    all his copies sold like hot cake.
    I remember you even bought one for me and forced me to take.
    chifukwa ndinu abale anga, I took but not whole heartedly.

    buy this copy too.
    he is the same chodzi you liked back then.

    now loving “mau anga”
    i have forgotten an artist

  9. Becks says:

    Anyamata ena omvetsa chisoni pa Malawi pano ndi amenewa. No vision at all. Any road takes them there. Why waste your time? Find something better to do for yourself, children and family.

  10. Almon says:

    So what?

  11. chabwera phiri says:

    If what you are saying Fryson Chodzichodzi is true then Chakwera is at fault if the donations were really made to the party not to him. But my problem is that the last time you were doing such things it was for the sake of money. Remember how you used to defend JB and her PP when they were at the peak of looting our money? And you have been quiet recently on all what DPP is doing, or maybe i don’t follow you that much. Why should i trust you that this is not one of your fundraising gimmicks? Because your kind do not just comment on issues without getting anything in return from the other side. Your patriotism is mostly at a fee! #justthinkingaloud#

  12. chikondi says:

    mbava yotheratu chakwera

    1. Mndambala boy says:

      Mbava ndiwe ndi Ogogo wakowa!!!!

  13. mtete says:

    You think we don’t know you have been hired by DPP. Mr. Chonzivand other people being prominently featured on MBC, such as Lundu and other chiefs are DPP stooges bent on destabilizing MCP. You will never succeeded.

  14. Mathanyula says:

    Fryson Chodzi failed to manage his own NGO in Kawale before coming up with this political attached NGO; he is DPP and what has he got to do with MCP issues? an NGO doesnt grow when it is attached to a political party but rather it grows with issues that attract international donors on goverance issues

  15. ZEZE says:

    Inu O Flyson Chozi kodi mwatumidwa noyani? are you the Publicity Secretary of MCP?? leave Dr. Chakwera alone please. we are just watching your all moves but ng’oooooo! mwauponda.

  16. Common symbol says:

    Inu O Flyson Chozi kodi mwatumidwa noyani? are you the Publicity Secretary of MCP?? leave Dr. Chakwera alone please. we are just watching your all moves but ng’oooooo! mwauponda.

  17. Akupweteketsa akutumawo

  18. CIZAR says:

    A chozi kaya mukuti tsotsi kaya,akutuma? Mose unayambira kuyankhula palibe Chanzeru chomwe ndinakuonako utayankhula,wakutuma Felix jumbe ndi ambuyakowo?mxiew

  19. MNDAMBALA BOY says:


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