CHAM disown Nurses body, MCTU call on ultimatum and strikes

Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) has disowned a call from National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives (NONM) and Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) to issue an ultimatum or industrial action to demand government to pay salary arrears for health workers in mission hospitals.

Fr Mulomole: We were not consulted

Fr Mulomole: We were not consulted

CHAM Chairman Father Peter Mulomole said the association’s secretariat was not consulted when the two union bodies issued deadlines and calling for strikes over salaries for CHAM workers.

“The issue of industrial action is a last resort to us meaning that after failing to discuss with government that’s when we can call for a sit in but before that we also need to consult our mother bodies like Malawi Council for Churches (MCC) on the matter,”  he said.

He said himself and CHAM Executive Director Dr Mwai Makoka met Minister of Health Jean Kalirani who assured them of the approval of full payment for the staff.

“The latest report that we have received is that the payment is at voucher stage now,” he said.

Father Mulomole further said his association respects the rights of its health workers and labour laws including the right to fair wages and that of lawful demonstration.

However, he said, CHAM believes it should be exercised with close attention to the church’s teachings and the calling of ‘Promoting the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.’

He therefore appealed to all staff in CHAM facilities to return to their duties in order to save lives.

Meanwhile, government through Treasury has announced the release and approval of K1billion for CHAM health workers.

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29 thoughts on “CHAM disown Nurses body, MCTU call on ultimatum and strikes”



  2. Agalu Pa Mpando[APM] says:

    Musatipusise ife.No money no work.

  3. MMada says:

    Some of you dont understand what is CHAM and Govt..There is a Memorandum of understanding which these two signed..One of states that govt will 100% responsible of paying salaries and also effecting any adjustments…and this has been the trend way back 90s…
    Now Father Nsopole it looks you haven’t been in office that is why you are hallucinating..You could have said this way back in December..Wait for 12 March..

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Mmada, thanks for clarifying the issue. Now I do understand why the govt is involved and has to pay the salaries.

  4. chefourpence says:

    Nobility at its best! Not mercenary unionism.

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Am sorry Father Mulomole to say that it’s not fair for you spiritual leaders to be used by politicians. Am sure you’re lying to say that you were not consulted or didn’t know anything about the issue of salaries for your own employees.

    Secondly, how long does it to prepare a payment voucher to be signed or authorized.

    And if you consider the period from November to February, unless you are not the the chairman as said by writer of article, otherwise please for our sake your followers desist from being used as shields or justifications.

    Chair, as Father and spiritual leader my advice to is that, ‘our politicians are dirty, liers, murderers, dishonest, and ungrateful citizens you need to avoid at all cost’.

  6. Ine Nchewa says:

    Well spoken Fr Mulomole there is a great need to civic educate CHAM health workers that in first instant they are CHAM employees not government .Government just came in to bail out CHAM in real life how can one sue someone who did not employ you CHAM need to put its house in order .I hope Nursers organisation of Mai Dorothy Ngoma next time please do a better analysis than rushing to lodge complaint wrong people as they did with lodging a compaint to BEAM not NAC lets not put politics or use nurses in these sensitive things as nurses are critical in saving lives in malawi.And more CHAM employees please know your employer and do the needful as Fr Mulomole has said…..

  7. Kenkkk says:

    I don’t understand here. Why is the govt involved in this issue?
    CHAM should surely pay their nurses from its own coffers, why should the govt pay these nurses?

    Is the govt now paying nurses working in the private sector?

    Am confused, someone please educate me on what is going in here or what am missing?!!!

  8. Paul senzani says:

    Tanx DOROFE NGOMA. U’ve done what Jesus Christ wants, to be a voice of voiceless. Others r just readng Bible to earn a living.

  9. Papa Chalo says:

    The Major Problem with us Malawians is probing/accusing reactive agents. We dont look at causative agents so that we sort out the problems effectively. Using the the subject matter as an example; why blaming nurses’ reaction and not looking at government as a causative agent?

    There is no way people can think of a strike before prior discussions. Its idiotic minds that urge strikers to go to the discussion board at striking time. Pazokambilana pamakhala patadutsa kale.

    Posachulukitsa gaga mdiwa lets sortout causative agent and not reactive agent. Boma limapangira dala because limakhala ndi chishango choti “ayi you are punishing wrong people(patients, students etc). Malawians lets wake up. Bomali likuyenda ndi misonkho yathu for them to spend. Akunjoyatu!!!!

  10. Paul senzani says:

    Musatiopyeze ndi za Jesus. If JESUS can come today & see the way u pipo are treating us, He can weap for the second time.

  11. Paul senzani says:

    Stupid vomelezani kuti mwachita manyazi. Munalikuti nthawi yonseyi? Tizitero for quick action. Next time take care.

  12. losco says:

    MCTU kududulika!

  13. Nganali kombweke says:

    Paja ku nom kuli mama ngoma(mayi wonukha ngati chitosi) cholinga cholimbikitsa ma strike ndi chakuti abale athu azifa zipatalamu iwe uzikonda eti. Paja ndinaiwala kuti zanu ndi zimodzi ndi mzako ali kunja uja (magazi manja) Kudo to u cham, keep it up

  14. Boko Haram says:

    Dorothy Ngoma wanya nayo amafuna kutchukila pa ife..Ife si ng’ombe zake ndipo nthawi yonseyi sitimalandila dollar iye anali kuti?Strike takhonza tokha ndipo yatheka,,,shame shame to you Dorothy.Strike ya pa 12 upanga wekha ife tigwira ntchito coz strike tinapanga ovutikafe zitsilu za Govt GOODALL GONDWE ndi JEAN KALILANI atiyankha kale.Shame once again Dorothy ndi hule nzako wa MCTU uja.Nawe Mulomole usamayankhule ngati wanzeru pamenepa,ku CHAM mwangozazako akuba okhaokha,,,zakuba basi voucher stage voucher stage chani apa.Mundisamale nonse apa!nxt week tipanga strike yopanda skeleton staff.Anthu azafa ngati nkhuku!!!Tiona

  15. Kalanga says:

    Tisiye kusokoneza ndalama

  16. mwahenga says:

    How long does it take to prepare a Voucher,Father?

  17. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Izi ndiye za ziiiiii izi. The Secretary for health should put this in writing.

  18. Anthony K says:

    Mumati mutani…Boma ili silimanyengereratu…..cowards!!!

  19. Munthu odzikonda mtumbuka says:

    Too many mistakes by this government mitu yawo imayenda koma?

  20. Magang'a says:

    Mayi Dorothy Ngoma masiku ano zomwe akudziwa iwo ndizomwezi basi! Remember January 13 Demos analinso one of the organisers!! Pajatu musaiwale kuti iwowa ndi a PP and paja anawachotsa ntchito ngati National Coordinator for Safe Motherhood, so uwuwu ndi mkwiyo omwe alinawo mayi amenewa that is why she is trying whatever she can kuti alimbane ndi boma la APM & DPP.

  21. special advisor says:

    The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ, yes! Thanks for being orderly, CHAM.

  22. BigMan says:

    Unfortunately the nurses association is led by PP and Joyce Banda cashgate sympathisers, so its no surprise that they prefer to strike than to sit at the table. There is no goodwill, just cheap and destructive politics.

  23. Achalume says:

    Please give them their dues!

  24. Wakumudzi says:

    Koma nyasaland, ndalama yokhala yake munthu aizunzikire akati achita strike ndiye kumupatsa.ZOVUTA KWABASI.

  25. Anthunu mumatenga anthu ngati nzeru alibe all this time you mean anthu sakupasidwa ndalamazo. Now you are saying zili pa voucher how long does it take to process voucher? do not take people as fools just give them money they will resume to work

  26. What sorta consultation do you want? thirsty is notthe sign that you should drink water but that youre running out of water.Things like Salary arrears you dont have to wait for People to have revolted, enough with spoon feeding.Feed the child b4 OORGIE-WOORGIE!

  27. Tilipo says:

    Thank you father. But we need act before these people start threatening. Why should authorities be reactive instead of being proactive on issues that may threaten the lives of many innocent citizens.
    Govt do better than this.

  28. mavuto says:

    Tisaiwa Kuti Mtsogoleri Wa NONM ndi wa PP

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