Chanco students killed in car crash: 2 Escom staff die in another horror accident

Two students from Chancellor College of the University of Malawi have died in a car accident that happened early hours of Thursday, police have confirmed.

The accident

The accident

Pilirani Chonde: The beautiful young student killed in a horror road smash.

Pilirani Chonde: The beautiful young student killed in a horror road smash.

According to Eastern Region Police Headquarters publicist, Inspector Thomeck Nyaude,  the 5-seater car was carrying 9 people.

Toyota Corolla registration number MC5313 hit a pole near her house and overturned several times.

The accident happened at Zomba Anglican Theological College which is along the road to Chancellor College Campus.

According to the police and Chancellor College Registrar’s Office the deceased, who were studying Bachelor of Arts in Humanities are Pilirani Chonde,19, from Chikumba Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chaza in Lilongwe and Anthony Kambauwa from Ntcheu District.

First aiders battled to try and save the students but they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Other injured students are Dingiswayo Moyo, Winnie Ndovie, Mirriam Nyirongo and four others who were not yet identified because they are in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Zomba Central Hospital.

A cousin to Pilirani Chonde, who asked not to be named, paid tribute to her.

She said: “Pilirani was a really lovely girl. She was always so full of life and really happy. She was always smiling.”

Another student at Chanco said: “I only saw her yesterday. We are all in shock; I can’t understand how this could happen to someone who had so much in front of her.”

A friend of Kambauwa also paid tribute: “This isn’t something we are going to get over easily. It’s going to be in our hearts for a long time.”

Meanwhile, two Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (ESCOM) employees died on  while two others are battling for their lives at Nkhotakota district hospital after the motor vehicle they were travelling in overturned two times in Nkhotakota.

The horror accident occurred on Saturday at Pendwe village in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Kanyenda in Nkhotakota.

The accident involved a Toyota Hilux pickup, registration number BR 3371 belonging to ESCOM which was being driven by Justice Chawinga (34) of Khowoya village traditional authority (T/A) Batumi in Rumphi.

Soon after reaching Pendwe village, Chawinga travelling from Dwangwa heading towards Nkhotakota boma failed to negotiate a sharp corner resulting to the overturning of the motor vehicle two times before it rested on a tree.

Flyson Brown (31) and Henry Kaliati (40) died on spot while the driver and LacksonPheula (31) sustained serious head injuries and were instantly rushed to Nkhotakota district hospital.

According to Nkhotakota traffic police officer Owen Chikwakwa, postmortem has shown that the two died due to serious head injuries.”

The deceased Flyson Brown (31) and Henry Kaliati (40) were from Kalaundi village in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Chikowi in Zomba and Muriya  in Mulanje respectively.

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129 thoughts on “Chanco students killed in car crash: 2 Escom staff die in another horror accident”

  1. Thoccolino says:


  2. Thoccolino says:

    So sad

  3. nmwadiwa says:

    A Malawi omwe muli triibalistic mwatitopetsa. Yr tribalistic comments are disgusting you are making us sick. Every day pointing fingers at each others tribe are you not ashamed all of you being Malawians. This is embarrassing. Write something constructive or don’t write at all. By insulting each others tribe you are insulting God the Creator. He knew better when he made us to be what we are. If there is injustice point it out but not insulting other peoples tribes. Can you really say you know yr origins. Do you know where your great great grand parents came from. We are all brothers and sisters children of one mother Malawi with different surnames Sena Lomwe Yao Tonga Tumbuka Nkhonde Chewa Ngoni Lambya Nyachusa etc. Let us learn to love one another and celebrate our diversity. Where one is strong should be used to the advantage of the other and vice versa only then are we going to experience real peace joy and tranquility. The nation will prosper. God abhors tribalism. It is an abomination.

  4. pego says:

    sometimes we cant understernd this following the history of our malawian blood shading politics minwhile most of chanco students dies because of politics, how about robert chasowa and acording to the history of Gadama, Sangala nd there friends so muzayaluka ndi ndale zanu zopusazo zomapha anthu ndipo muzafa infa yowawa Mulungu wamakamo akukuonani.

  5. Malakamu Buleh says:

    Even if we may klaim 2 be holy; we’ve all fallen short of the Lord’s glory.. 1 thing guyz; dont judge otherz lest we may be judged !! Honestly speakng,some of us wud hav gone long way bak az we’ve ever indulged ourselves in such malpraktices & it’s by God’s grace that a thing of that nature never happened & dat we’re stil intakt… Just praise Jesus Christ !!!! However, lessonz r ment 2 be lent.. Don’t drive whilst intoxcated az it criplez one’s judgement !! May Their Souls Rest in Peace…

  6. chawanangwa chirwa says:

    R I P

  7. Dan thole says:

    Our beloved father mr henry kaliati rest in peace we will never forget you,tidzabwezera zonse zabwino zomwe mumatichitira kwa ena omwe mwawasiya …

  8. Dan thole says:

    Rest in peace my father…

  9. Frank Pangani says:

    zawina zkabwera poyera ppo talk alot,thank God dat zanu zdakali zobisika.Dont talk alot,wait 4 ur tym…

  10. cydreck says:

    Gyz osachulutsa zokamba mawa ndi mmodzi mwaife.

  11. Lutepo says:

    Pity! Young future, mothers and fathers to be…why so soon?

  12. Sharon says:

    Too bad!Up to 3am enjoyment in a stolen car.Ana asukulu.Ana inu tamverani makolo.

  13. BIYENI says:


  14. ade says:


  15. Shalom shalom says:

    Okhulupira amafa ndi ukalamba

  16. Godwill says:

    We must not judge. Leave it 4 God. Those were the works of the devil. RIP Youngsters.

  17. Sambulika says:

    A beautiful young lady indeed. W shall all die some day and death is a common destinty of man. Its painful to lose such young boys and girls. RIP

  18. VYOTO says:


  19. Vakabu ya amphawi. says:

    Yes it is possible for a 5 seater to carry 9 people even more than that. If u don’t believe or u don’t know, then go to Mbengwe, Manje in Blantyre u will see for your self, that a 5 seater can carry up to 12 passengers. The story here anthuwa analedzera komanso nthawi ikakwana yakwana basi palibenso kuchitira mwina. Okufa lelo safa mmawa baba. Chabwino ngati inu munganene kuti achita ngozi chifukwa anachulukanamo mgalimotomo nanga ena a Escom achita ngoziwo anachulukanamonso?

  20. ade says:


  21. Ndine K says:

    So Sad

  22. mwadoh says:

    death is certain, but so sad, tym

  23. Abk says:

    Ukasaka umachipeza, afa akunjoya! Sanali ana madziwa chimene amapanga, anakhalira pamiyendo uku akudyerera.

  24. Thokozani lino says:

    May their souls RIP

  25. Mnkutukumve says:

    Honestly these kids were childish n reckless. 9 people managed to fit in that car? They got what they deserved. No need to pitty them.

  26. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Very bad

  27. makwinjaishmael says:

    Imfaaa!, chilombo chankhaza.Ana a school mudzipemphelera chitetezo chamoyo komanso tsogolo lanu mobisa kwanokha osati moonetsera.
    Pepan makolo, ana, abale komanso anansi.
    Tonse tikulowela konko.

  28. Namisako. says:

    kodi amachokera kuti ana asukulu amenewa kapena amapita kuti mpakana kudzadzana mgalimoto choncho? Tingoti pepani kwa onse okhuzidwa.

  29. innocent says:

    Very sad

  30. janssen says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaa so sad!especially for the morth peope..

  31. che kalanka says:

    When a calamity has befallen our friends, we think it’s punishment from God and think that we are perfect. Tell me who among you making silly comments here is pure. Remember that it could happen to anyone including you. None is immortal. To the bereaved parents and relatives, I say sorry. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

  32. masa masina says:

    We become what we do and what we do determine what we become.

  33. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed.

  34. Mbanangwa says:

    Most taxi drivers enjoy carrying passengers in the same fashion. The white man made a car with a capacity of of five. Balancing and inertia is calculated thereof. A university student should know this. This explains what Pastor Shadreck Wami often says, ‘ anthu ophunzira a malanga zinthu ngati sanapiteko ku sukulu.’

  35. Its a lesson to everyone. beer is evil and God does not like drunkards.

  36. Nzavias says:

    so sad indeed.

  37. mphoto ya ucimo ndi ifa

  38. wezzie says:

    I remember an advyc my dad gave me whn i ws goin to the university..1. Mwana wanga ukakonde kupemphera,,2. Usamakayende usiku,,3. Usamakamwe mowa,,then he said knw who to b a frnd and not,i took it seriously,and today am proud ndinamaliza..nw i knw wt he meant..RIP

  39. Maclean wachimidzi says:

    Koma mmene amachitira ana aku chanco mugalimoto yawo pokaperekeza mzawo wakuntcheu; atakhwefura trouser matako mkutulutsa pa window ,, ine kudabwatu aaaa awa azakhalaso a professor?………….

  40. Godisgood Allthetime says:

    This is sad. Losing such young ones. Ana inu dziwerengani ku ma college ko osati kumakasewera mpaka m ma 3am. Kudandaulitsa makolo kemeneku. Komanso makolo enanso amalelekera ana azichita zimene akufuna akuti asiyeni ana anjoye. Mwina kuwapatsa magalimoto azipita nawo ku school. Sorry sichikondi chimenecho. This may be speculation because the details in this article are sketchy, but nine people packed in a five seater at 3 am is surely indicative of a booze mission gone wrong. And then the writer says the vehicle hit a pole near her house. Whose house? The girl had a house. Whose vehicle is this? Was she driving? All the same, too bad. Tiziphunzirapo mma situation ngati amenewa, though painful to the parents.

  41. Chuka Must Go says:

    Kuzizila kumeneku kunyengana ndi kumwa zikuyenda ku Chanco. Ku Chanco munthu amayenera akhale 1. Chidakwa 2. Hule 3. Wachamba

    Ena zonse zitatu eish i cry for Chanco.

    Sex, driving and beer is equal to death

  42. Akilly2 says:

    Rest in peace my friend Babakar{Not Flyson But Fyson Brown} I worked wth him 4 a year @ruescom in 2010 may Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace Babakar am so touched!!!

  43. Professional says:

    It’s like an angry God ripped off the door and stabbed the car with it, tearing off body parts in the process.

  44. nkhongo yazizira says:

    Kodi aku chanco inu simmalora wina azangopitiliza maphunziro pa omwe amwalira akuchokera ku machezawo? Poti escom ilemba ena pangani ife tibwere boma lisaluze anthu ophunzira apa kaya

  45. Mthangakunena says:

    Its true misfortune IS enevitable,but atleast let’s have a responsibility over our lives guys.nway R.I.P

  46. zinjoye mwaonjeza mafana,anyway,Dan lu’s song……its part of life.your parents are left in shambles after investing so much in you.a lesson to you guys there.

  47. Rest in peace Piri & Anthony…

  48. prince says:


  49. maxwell benjamin says:

    No more to be found in this world of subsidy, r.i.p.

  50. Sunga says:

    Nyifwa kuwawa.RIP

  51. Nkhedu says:

    mmmmh sory to the deceased

  52. Dingie says:

    Anthony may ur soul rest in peace,cnt believe ur 4ever gone.Will miss you,till we meet again

  53. burnettie says:

    hit a pole near her house pirilan’s house or kuti

  54. Musundu wa Gwalawala says:

    Mwabana G.String yimumalaninge. Life tinkapita ndi maprofessionals achina Zebra. Ena sindiwatchula

  55. Collins Bakali says:

    May their souls rest in eternal peace

  56. Denguzman says:

    Chibwana chimanda.

  57. ankhoma says:

    sorry. its true that we will be departing in different sad indeed. RIP.

  58. George says:

    May the souls of all the deceased persons rest in eternal peace

  59. Gulugufe says:

    Angomwalira enawo atumbuka osafa! Eh!

  60. king yello says:

    Too bad,gone so soon,sorry to the bereaved families may God be with you

  61. Precious Mankhusu says:

    Shocked Beyond Words: May Their Soul Rest in Peace

  62. Shekman says:

    It Reminds Me Of Chifundo Chimwele (nephew) Also Of CHANCO Some Few Past Years Ago RIP (tidzakumana Konko Masiku Akadzatha)


    Dont drink and drive!! Rest in peace

  64. jengo says:


  65. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Chimkanachigwada (number 6)…chintumbuka chakubinkha kufika mukati! May their souls rest in peace.

  66. HHHHH says:


  67. May their souls rest in peace.

  68. singo says:

    rest in peace. sometimes over excitement ends in sorrow… very sad to die with alcohol-overflown-stomachs. mukafikira kuti??

  69. Che mokwata says:

    May their souls in peace

  70. James Phiri says:

    How long are we going to allow people to die because we can’t be bothered to enforce traffic laws properly. The laws are enforced in an ad hoc manner and bribes are paid to traffic police for them to turn a blind eye. Also for your own safety don’t take risks like riding in an over crowded vehicle.

  71. Poor Malawi says:


  72. i miss jb says:

    i’m not trying to mock the departed but its obvious that the youngsters were coming from a booze binge. 9 people in a 5 seater at that time?

    ana inu chonde mukapita ku school kapangeni school. ma enjoy mazawapezabe. imagine all the sacrifices your parents have made to get you there.

    can you also please find a more respectable photo of the girl? mukumuwonetsa ngati wamaphwando. RIP to all in both accidents. condolences to the bereaved..

  73. pigc says:

    chibwana chimalanda,where were they from ? anyway RIP

  74. CHISWABUMBU says:


  75. Mike siliya says:

    A henzie, mwapita ndithu! Thats very bad, r.i.p bro

  76. xxxxxx says:

    Shasha all from center. You have tried to show us the photo of the girl . What about the boy? All the same, RIP – Pilirani and Anthony.

  77. chiipiraachaje says:

    Amakanjoya kuiwala school. Ana inu muziganizira makolo before engaging yourself in these things. Fees yataika pachabe apa. 3 a.m zowona…students???mmmmh?

  78. Totolitotoli says:

    Koma mtumbuka! pali za quota system apa

  79. Kokholiwa says:

    RIP. Iwe no 6 mutu wako sukugwira. Pali Quota System pamenepa. Kupande umunthu kumeneko. Think of those who passed away and their families

  80. nina says:

    too bad. R.I.P

  81. Kokholiwa says:

    RIP. Iwe no 6 mutu wako sukugwira. Pali Quota System pamenepa. Ufiti eti

  82. nina says:

    too bad..RIP

  83. Solomon kadzipalire phiri says:

    ause mumtendere

  84. Mwana Wa Amai says:

    Makolo akuti mwana ali ku school. Mwana ali busy kuphaka life (clubbing). As a parent myself, I know that children pursuing various courses in colleges need to responsibly have fun with friends. In this case these children were irresponsibe. Clubbing up to 3:00am!!! Rest in Paece though.

  85. Paradiso says:

    Mr Mkanachigwada, I think your comment is out of order. This issue gas got nothing to do with quota system. In any case some of the students being mentioned are From north where there greed people who believe quota system target them.

    Tapangani dziko lanu ku northko tione ngati simuzidzango menyanapo.
    May their souls rest in peace.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      You are also out of order,quota system is bad, full stop. Whether you come from the North or not if you are not in college on merit, it does not matter.

      What Mkanachigwanda is implying and saying it badly, is if these kids were serious with their education they would not be out and about at 3:00am on a Wednesday. Hemce the mention of quota.

      If you believe quota is good then you are indeed an idiot who relies on quota to go to university not your brains, then Northerners are right.

      For having their own country, that is what they want, and it can be a good country.

  86. mphini za mutchafu says:

    May their souls RIP bit two things remain not clear why was the small csr meant for fivr carry nine people and thr accident occurs early in morning l cant judge koma these matterd are not clear to me those injured get eell soon may God heal you

  87. Lexxxus says:

    Zibwana mmalo momawerenga usiku ngati umenewo mmachoka kuti kumanyado mphepo yake imeneyi

  88. Kontobosh says:

    The vehicle was meant for 5 and not 9! When will the police prevent this from happening? Traffic rules are flouted daily and nothing gets done. It’s high time those responsible take action. As for those that have lost loved ones, my condolences

  89. Solomon kadzipalire phiri says:

    may their souls rest in peace

  90. Mlauzi says:

    RIP. Let`s not condemn the victims. Judgement should come from the Creator and not mortals like you and me.

  91. young says:

    3am? Where were they coming from? Okhala ana a school

  92. RIP and we are very sorry . To Nyasatimes reporters make thorough investigations before writing . We donot have T A NKANDO in Mulanje.

  93. Baba wa boy says:

    At a time like this it is very difficult to say anything, but I will try.

    Our children seem not to understand that the strongest love affair a parent has is with their children, forget about this nonsense “Beautiful girl” all our children are beautiful.

    If these were my children, after grafting for 19 years and thinking I am almost there and this happens? I do not think I can last very long, because the love of my life will have gone.

    When we wail at a funeral we do not cry for the dead, we cry for the living, because we are the ones that are dead in the minds of the dead, but the dead live in our minds, that is why we cry.

    I hope our children read this and think twice, before declaring “it’s my life”.

    The life that gets torn apart after you are gone is not your life, but the lives of those left behind, some follow you soon after, not because it was their time, but because you broke their hearts.

    Sending your parents to their early grave through this kind of recklessness is not the right kind of enjoyment.

    The dead are gone, this lamentation is for the living, especially those that believe, ” It can’t happen to me. We have all done it, but “Wakuluma khutu ndi mnansi”

    may the Almighty give strength to the parents.

  94. luke mbezuma says:


  95. Andy says:

    May their souls rest in peace.

  96. Okay? says:

    Iwe Nkanachigwada, don’t speak like one Chindere Zuza wamva. Next ukhale ndi iweyo.

  97. Johnathankalaundi says:

    am really in pity for the loss may their souls rest in peace and my condolescence to the beareven families. successful recover to those in ICU.

  98. How could a 5 seater car carry 9 passangers?

  99. Nangozo says:


    But let us all learn from such incidents. Though the bible says we shall surely die, and nobody knows how he or she will die, we need to avoid risky incidents, such as driving while drunk or sleepy.

  100. Blessed Banda says:

    Mkati mwa Semester, mkati mwa week, at 3 am coming from drinking joints. Nafe a Malawi, zigawenga akaziwombera we say RIP, ocimwa akafa RIP. Who told us that there is peace after death for sinners?? These polite hypocritical statements make us all sinners for lying.

  101. Kwatha says:

    Wana imwe viphere ivi mukumwa ivi mutilekelenge ise walala walala. Chanco is for school not mowa and uhule. All the same R.I.P

  102. phwiyonaire says:


  103. Long Dick says:

    ”The 5-seater car was carrying 9 people”
    ”She was always so full of life and really happy”

    RIP beautiful young woman.

  104. viyazi tembo says:


  105. Lonje says:

    Ena mukunenapo zosakhala bwino apa.Have respects for the dead. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

  106. maiwamai says:

    Chithunzichi chichokepo apa ndipo muikepo china chifukwa ndikhoza kulemba zosakhala bwino patsambali as the story is hiding something. She has died at 19. Amachokera kuti in the company of 9 people in a 5-seater. Basi, ndichimwapo apa!

  107. chris says:

    R I P

  108. nkhawa says:

    Nde nkhope yawinayo ilikuti apa mwaika yamkazi yekhayo? Any way RIP

  109. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Ma yoh vuto lanu ndi limenelo. Nanga 3 a.m. ma student mumachoka kuti? RIP anyway, ena atengerepo phunziro

  110. james mvula says:

    May Their Souls Rest In Eternal Peace

  111. Bob says:

    Too bad may their souls rest in peace

  112. Mkanachigwada says:

    Chiuta akana quota system kweni mupulika chaaa!! Mutipondomokengi mose. Mutimale psyitiii!

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Out of order!!

      1. My cell says:

        Musiye mulongosi sadzatheka I have once been frustrated with Atumbuka but its a waste of my time, now I have accepted them as they are, its no longer about how they feel but how l feel. It is well with my soul. RIP

  113. EMPAK says:


  114. shaaaa! says:

    sorry for the loss

  115. joe mgawa says:


  116. Mike Dulira says:

    R I P ..

  117. Samarakunjuta says:


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