Chaponda differs with Kudontoni on welcoming defectors in DPP

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for Southern Region Dr George Chaponda has said the doors of the ruling party remain open for those defecting from other parties to join even if they are fortune seekers contrary to what DPP secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni said.

Dr Goerge Chaponda: Welcoming defectors

Dr Goerge Chaponda: Welcoming defectors

Kudontoni is on record saying DPP will not leave its door to nomadic politicians to join its rank and file, saying most of them are simply looking for sympathy and favours from the current administration.

He said it will be ”absolutely immoral’’ to welcome the members who never supported DPP when it was in opposition and they want to rejoin it merely for personal fortunes because they are ruling.

However, Chaponda has said the DPP should allow members from other parties particularly from the former governing People’s Party (PP) interested to join the party.

Chaponda said DPP doors should remain open because “it is only by welcoming people from parties that we are going to increase the membership of the party.”

He said DPP members, who have been loyal and committed to the party over the years, should not feel threatened with the new members.

“Don’t think that they will take your positions in the party or feel that they are opportunists.  That’s what politics is all about,” said Chaponda.

It is reported that some members resigning from PP are repositioning themselves with the DPP.

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28 thoughts on “Chaponda differs with Kudontoni on welcoming defectors in DPP”

  1. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Koma Apa nkhani ndi ya MCP ngati??bwnji osaisiya ipume bwino mbava zobera ma vote inu mxiiim,tiona 2019,masiku amatha ndi kugona.


    Ndikwatila Mitala Kabwila Ndi Kaliati

  3. Ndaninso says:

    Mdala iwe Chaponda umaganiza koma. Mwakula kapumeni

  4. Benlison says:

    A Chaponda timakupatsani ulemu koma pa nkhani iyi ayi,ife sitikufuna andale omwe akhala akutiyimba nyimbo pamene tinali mu ndende.We don’t want recycled politicians in our party,let them form their own party or join otherl party not ours.

  5. ade says:


  6. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Pano we are preparing to collect Lomwes to dig in our Farms very soon very are our tenants

  7. carseat says:

    Dr Chaponda ngati mwakalamba mukapume. Ife we dont want these recycled politicians even yourself we are tired of you. We will leave the party if you will allow tose who left to come back like Bande Mpingaroad etc.

  8. matthews says:

    Leave anthu aku central region alone,mulubgu anatidalitsadi,si zinazi mbava.

  9. alekekuba says:

    Maybe MCP will not rule Malawi. Maybe. For one, I can’t vote MCP because of two people; Kabwila Kapasula and Juliana Lunguzi they are too noisy for my confort. I would rather deal with Patricia Kaliati than two of her type. No thank you.

  10. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Welcome bj in dpp feel home and dry

  11. johnM says:

    MCP members cannot aspire to defect to DPP they arevery satisfied with their party and they know 2019 MCP isruling, like it or not because DPP stole the votes and has failed to imprssMalawians and they know this fact that is why they are now trying to rob members from other parties. Kudontoni is aman from central and when you say you dont want virombo you are including Kudontoni, take care when making coments. And talking of uselessMpinganjira,who can admire him?The man is so useless in allways,politically, morally and everything,he is a big loserin life. He said he is now a changedman,what change? Does a true christian behave they way he is behaving, looking for gold, looking to reap whee he did not sow? He has abused alot of Joyce Banda resources and now he is running away, poor fellow.

  12. haward says:

    Vinyau wachibwana iwe, mcp sidzalamuliranso mesa omwe mukulamulira leronu ndinu mbava okuba mavoti, mukuwona ngati dziko silidziwa zimenezi? Shame

  13. aurora says:

    I LOVE dpp kooopya.. I see nothing bad in it.

  14. mphatso says:

    aloleni alowe adzayambe kutenga nkhani akagulitse kwa amai.i have no respect for nomadic politicians

  15. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    akambapo za mcp apa? stupid galu iwe…

  16. Koma anthu MCP siikugonetsani tulo, ulamulitro ochita kubera mavoti tiuona mathero ake. Chifukwa mulore mulore mukane mukane kadyakarista ali pafupi.

  17. tsukuluza says:

    Abwana a Mpinganjila nkhani ndi imeneyo tathandizani Boma anzanu a UDF achita kale za mzeru. Mmwela woye,mpaka kale kale kulamulira.

  18. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Nyau get me right tell me the district whic receive goods free as your homeland -1-We are not shaken why we have the resources compared to your region you will never see The Chewas up and looking for Ufa never or going to south looking for settlement never
    Chuma from centre Mulungu anatidalitsa kale zikuvutani nokha

  19. Namatchaitsa says:

    Hahaha! So Chaponda is less intelligent than Kudontoni!

  20. hon says:

    Mcp is the strongest party in this country , its good to hv a strong opposition in the country so some pple hate that yet its good for our democracy

  21. Bakha Nkhomano says:

    MCP singadzalamulirenso Boma. Chipani chakupha ngati ichi sichidaonekenso ku Malawi. Gadama, Chiwanga, Sangala, Matenje, Otton Chirwa, Atati Mpakati, Masauko Chipembere etc etc. Ndiye M’busa wina wosochera aziti yaviyavi tibvotere MCP, usawi chani?

  22. Titus German says:

    Thats politics at its best

  23. tuvitwana says:


  24. Inu dzina lanu mikuti a NYAU why do we have so many domestic workers from hlomwe belt here in Central ngati muti timadya bibi? Do we need Southerners ourselves? Parasites.

  25. Banet says:

    Kudontoni amyamata wapa Kambwire anganene za zeru

  26. kenkkk says:

    No smoke without fire as they say. So along dpp behind the scene was/ is trying to entice and poach other parties’ officials and members.Just to cause havoc in other parties.

    Yes chaponda is contradicting kundontoni but his thinking is more in tune with the typical dpp behaviour we are used to. Kundontoni’s stance was just too good to be true for dpp.

  27. NYAU says:

    Mpinganjira Lowani, Kuno Sitimafuna Vilombo Vinyawu Za Mcp Zodya Bibi Ku Dambwe.

    21 years Ku Opposition… Mulole Mulole, Mukane Mukane Mcp Sizalamuliranso Malawi.

  28. NYAU says:

    Mpinganjira Lowani, Kuno (South) Sitimafuna Vilombo Vinyawu Za Mcp Zodya Bibi Ku Dambwe.

    21 years Ku Opposition… Mulole Mulole, Mukane Mukane Mcp Sizalamuliranso Malawi.

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