Chaponda, Sawerengela in maize scam: Malawi Minister and Ambassador to US exposed over Brazil deal

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda has been exposed in a scam he is involved in together with the Malawi diplomat in Washington DC, Edward Sawelengela on a maize deal in Brazil which $24 million US dollars – a 10 percent of the procurement deal – has been set aside as their loot.

DPP strongman George Chaponda: Dubbed the biggest Judas surrounding Mutharika

DPP strongman George Chaponda: Dubbed the biggest Judas surrounding Mutharika

Nyasa Times has material evidence that confirms that this team will get Admarc to approve this deal.  Sawerengela is now Ambassador to the USA in Washington DC and was Ambassador to Brazil where he started these negotiations. The money will be wired in ‘cashgate’ like-style so that these individuals only will handle it.

Despite Sawelengela moving to United States, Chaponda, on behalf of the government, is still instructing him to travel to Brazil to handle the maize deal by-passing his successor there, Malawi’s most senior diplomat Brian Bowler.

Nyasa Times contacted Ambassador Bowler who confirmed and was quoted that his mission in Brazil is not handling any maize transactions or deals .

He said: “No maize deal is in my handover notes as I have only been in Brazil for two months”.

Bowler also said he was surprised to read in the newspapers and learn on the radio that Malawi was buying maize in Brazil.

He said “I contacted the Ambassador of Brazil to Malawi and he too was ignorant of any maize procurement.”

Nyasa Times understands that Brazilian Ambassador Gustavo Martins Nogueira contacted Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe offering to assist Malawi “in anyway possible” and asked him if he knew which companies and traders in Brazil were involved in the maize purchase operation.

But Mulumbe reportedly told Brazilian Ambassador that he did not know any details because Sawerengela and higher authorities were organizing the deal.

This comes at a time that government procured maize for $30million from Llmns international of Mauritus is being dubiously being kept in a warehouse along Kanengo and Mvera road for $6,000 a month.

Brazil, which opened its Embassy in Lilongwe three years ago, is sending a total of 407 metric tons of beans to Malawi as a support to vulnerable Malawians who are experiencing hunger.

According to Nogueira, the Brazilian people are ready to assist Malawians in time of crisis.

“We took heed of President Mutharika’s appeal for assistance. The Government of Malawi can count on Brazil for support in its efforts towards food security and economic development,” said Ambassador Nogueira.

But Chaponda and Sawerengela, despite President Mutharika’s best intentions to have Malawi food secure, are determined to collect their 10% even if it means buying GMO yellow maize.  Brazil produces 95% of its production of yellow maize as GMO.

GMO maize can pose long-term impact on the heath of Malawians and farm produce, which has always been organic.

Genetically modified organisms are plants or animals whose genes are artificially altered to enhance yields and resistance to pests and diseases.

Chaponda, however, said Malawi government would mill GMO supplies into flour immediately after they arrive in the country.

Agriculture experts are warning that the GMO grain does not end up as seed, saying growing GMO crops in Malawi, which is essentially an organic agriculture producer, could contaminate local crop varieties through cross-pollination.

They urge that the hungry population should not be used as guinea pigs.

But Civil Society for Agriculture Network (Cisanet) executive director Tamani Nkhono-Mvula however, said this would not be the first time Malawi has imported GMO maize citing the 2000/2001-food crisis when Malawi accepted GMO maize from South America.

“The choice that we have now is to die today of hunger or die tomorrow of whatever GMO maize will bring. What I am trying to say is we should not fear to import maize from Brazil, or anywhere, because it is people’s lives that are at stake here. I think it’s better to eat GMO maize than to eat poisonous root tubers that people sometimes eat during food crises of this nature,” he said.

The experts from the farmers organization’s in the country who asked to not be mentioned, said while GMO maize has no harmful effects on human beings, however warn that the country cannot handle the effects that would come with poor handling of the GMO maize which some people would use as seed.

They fear that the planted maize would introduce weeds and insects in the country and which would become resistant to pesticides and herbicides.

What pundits have mentioned is to why risk the nation and put them on such a dangerous path from a Minister of Agriculture who is supposed to be educated from Yale University and should know better and also questioned how unpatriotic and corrupt this minister is.

Government estimates that it needs to import 1.07 million metric tons (MT) of maize to feed about 8.8 million people facing food shortage due to the El Nino weather episode, which has decimated maize, harvests this year.

In April this year, President Mutharika announced a state of national disaster aimed at making well wishers assist the country with food aid.

Mutharikas’ food security initiatives should be congratulated but will be derailed by such greedy and corrupt individuals.

Nyasa Times reported in the past that Chaponda was fighting Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe so that the maize procurement should remain with him.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Sawelengela will be conducting these negotiations on behalf of the government.

DPP’s strongman, Chaponda, has had previous run ins with Ambassador Bowler in New York, when Ambassador Bowler reported serious corruption involving peacekeeping funds to him and Chaponda failed to report this matter to the Anti Corruption Bureau.

Ambassador Bowler went on to report the corruption to the President and the ACB.

When Nyasa Times pressed Ambassador Bowler how he felt of another Ambassador coming into his jurisdiction, he responded that “we are living in strange times and having served four Heads of State you never stop learning”.

Further pressed on his relationship with former Foreign Minister Chaponda, he simply said, he has no respect for him whatsoever.

Ambassador Bowler further commented that he read in the newspapers that Judases have surrounded the president.

“The biggest Judas, in my opinion, is Chaponda and I don’t expect him to like me,” Bowler said.  “The greatest fear is fear itself,” he added.

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27 thoughts on “Chaponda, Sawerengela in maize scam: Malawi Minister and Ambassador to US exposed over Brazil deal”

  1. Kyala says:

    Apm knows very well and is part of the thieving conspiracy with chaponda. Only foolish, stupid and blind people think apm is not involved. He is at the forefront of everything corrupt in the country involving huge sums of money. If he is not, why is he letting this corruption to continue? Why is he not firing chaponda or sawelengela? Mlakho thieving thugs basi.

  2. There was a time lately when it was reported that Chaponda was complaining that the Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe was sourcing maize alone without involving Chaponda or ministry of Agriculture, now I see why. Goodall is vindicated. He knows Chaponda well. Corruption is killing our country. Malawi will never develop.

  3. Abale mukunena zoona madzi tili nawo ambirimbiri boma lingakanike kupereka mphamvu kwa alimi akuluakulu kulima chimanga chothirira soon after growing season, Malawi ali mmanja mwa nkhandwe ndithu

  4. The Patriot says:

    How long shall the corrupt destroy our country while we stand aside and look? We need redemption!!! Rise up Malawi, take your destiny in your own hands!! Mainstream politics has failed our country miserably!!

  5. lucas says:

    So Chaponda apa walakwa chani? Basi kungofuna anthu azitukwana apa? God will punish u .Thus professionalism.I don’t see any mistake that Chaponda did.

  6. The beholder says:

    Malawi will never develop if crooked politicians remain in power. The moral degradation continues to raid resources & there’s zero stewardship of so called technocrats. Soon Brexit & Trump will crash the stupid establishment through votes!!!!!!!

  7. oikonda says:

    i hate you anzao a china yudase really sluppy pigs

  8. oikonda says:

    zitsilu za anthu inu anzao a china yudase you are happy even if dziko likuonongeka bola akuononga ndi wa kwanu…mbuzi za anthu are very sluppy pigs

  9. Nabitiya says:

    koma kodi awawa mwati zoona tizichita kumvera iwowa nthawi zonse? seriously he is a devil incarnate. day in day out Chaponda zoona zimenezo?

  10. What do you expect from devils guieded by the chief devil? DPP IS A WALKING DEVIL

  11. Anzeru ndinu says:

    This is so pathetic wat do these pipo rily want are they leaders. do they want us the poor malawians the voiceless to die i pry that God should punish them a president ngat simuchitapo kathu kulibwino mungosiya mwakanika tchito yanu mwalephera

  12. Patrick says:

    tatopa ndi ma blackout, almost 30 hours no lights Escom and the minsitry of energy need to wake up and do there jobs, as now it seems like Blackout power party is ruling Malawi

  13. The Analyst says:

    To any person wearing even an average mind/memory, this story doesn’t come as a surprise.
    . . . Was/is it not Chaponda who fumed (with anger) when Treasury attempted to procure this maize directly (technically bypassing Ministry of Agriculture)?
    . . . Why was Chaponda angry, if not because he knew it would be hard to thieve the money?
    . . . Now, is anyone surprised to hear these stories? Am not surprised!
    Truth is; 10% of US$24 million is just too huge an amount to be stolen (worse still) by two or whatever number of individuals, coz it translates into US$2.4 (MWK1.75bn)
    . . . Its just sad that despite all stories (true or not true) APM, shall, AS ALWAYS, choose not to act or just show some interest in it; and yet by not acting; APM is increasing the likelihood that Malawi may be governed by such thieves.
    . . . As to how we found ourselves with a president who doesn’t act [even when he knows and admits he’s surrounded by Judases who can potentially swallow him whole, or eat him alive], nobody knows.

  14. Ngongoliwa says:

    Chapondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Mayoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. APM kugona too much.

  15. Chalo says:

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to deduce that Bowler is the archtect and provider of this story. The story seems credible but we have come to know about this deal just because someone has been sidelined. Am sorry to say this country will never develop if we don’t elect our own Trump like leader who will take the bull by the horn.

  16. Maunits says:

    Best wishes DPP and Mthalika we will see in May 2019. We need Kamlepo again and speak out. Alhomwe nkumati ife aku South timavotera DPP. May Thyol and Mulanje state not Malawi State. Guys anthuwa ndiye alephelera lathu A Muthalika akufuna Lukas Khondowe apitise file. za ziiiii thobwa lenileni

  17. Telon says:

    At telon it’s supposed to b Chaponda having collected money from Admarc.

  18. Telon says:

    Chainsaw, if government is not careful will reap off the country big. Two months ago he collected allowance for two days in Lusaka from money meant to buy maize despite adware having already paid him USD 3000.00 for his upkeep from India to Lusaka. Having received the money he flew back to Malawi through Joburg leaving Mr Mulumbe and Mr Bakuwa surprised as to why he drew allowance from Admarc money meant to buy maize. When Mr Mulumbe came back to Malawi he came with less money only to report to accounts the the minister has drawn some money from Lusaka. ACB please ask the accountant at Malawi Embassy in Lusaka how this transaction was done. Alito Kabambe knows about this because he authorised withdrawal of all the balance.

  19. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    Tikamati George Chaponda ndi choopyezera ana. Taonani chimbava, kuipa nkhope ndi mtima omwe. I think he does nt need to be protected by H.E. this time.

  20. Nankununkha says:

    Africa is led by vultures and predators who have no slightest of the intention to develop their countries but to enrich themselves. Unfortunately the clan based thinking is just so entrenched that certain tribes even if they are part of the section of society reeling in abject poverty they see no problems with their tribesmen plundering the public coffers.

  21. Tachioneni Chinkhope ngati Chiphwisi Chasatana

  22. Parallel Market says:

    President Peter Mutharika, please do not just remain quiet when you read this story. Please act. Act bwana. Do something bwana. It is your image that will be dented your Excellency. Act, act, act, act speedly!!

    1. Moya says:

      He is part of that my friend. U are talking to the devil himself.

      1. zomawatchula asatana amenewa bwana bwana ndi zomwe akumatibera nazo mopanda chison, the statement must be, asshole Mutharika stop ur fellow asshole Chaponda to finish up the little we are left with

  23. Wa mwale says:

    Sizimenezo mukufuna achibale? No problem as long as utsogeleri ulikwa ife palibe vuto Yudas, or no Yudas, surrounding president bola yudasiyo akuchokela kwathu kuno. Hhhhhhhhhhhh. Good luck

    1. Pope says:

      Chaponda is not the referred to as Judas . Despite his shortcomings Chaponda is very loyal to APM. Was Chaponda the one who formed a cabinet in readiness for assuming the presidency in the event APM had indeed died ? I think not. Goodall Gondwe and Mangani are busy stealing but they are not being exposed? Why?

      1. wakwiya says:

        Chaponda remain loyal is it what they do to gain trust which is false trust. Why Chaponda who is not agriculture by professional became a minister of department which he has no idea? Because where the money comes they have put Chaponda. When money was in school he go there. Foreign minister when donors were giving budget support. Now donors are giving money for irrigation so Chaponda a good and experienced thief during Bingu and now APM. The loyalty is not one is doing a job for the nation but working in favour for the leader that is what it means loyalit of Africa/Malawi. The LOmwes will vote for any bad leader as long as he comes from their tribe. They are like those Republicans Trump call stupid that they could vote for him.And they did. If APM knows he has Judas who are surrounded him why does he not deal with them? Does he wait until they kill him like they did with his brother? He can not they mean a lot to him. And illuminating them it is dangerous for him These people
        Are so experienced, have been in politics longer than Peter. And they know tricks. Malawi is sinking. What is remaining
        Is like America or revolution. It can not go like this.

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