Chilenje appointed Malawi’s women in parliament ambassador

Malawi’s First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Esther Mcheka Chilenje, has been appointed ambassador for the Parliamentary Global Forum (PGF).

Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma:  Ambassador

Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma: Ambassador

She told Nyasa Times in a telephone interview from Addis Ababba, where the Women in Parliament Global Annual Summit 2015 took place from March 23-26, that she will use her position to “champion issues do with women rights in Malawi and across the world.”

She has since called on countries world over to empower women so that they are at par with men.

“If women are empowered as political leaders, countries are bound to experience higher standards of living and foster useful developments that can be manifested in many sectors of development such as education and agriculture,” said Chilenje.

She added: “Research has shown that participation of women in politics has produces tangible gains in democratic governance, increase in ethnic and party cooperation and more importantly sustainability of peace.”

Chilenje said that in Malawi, for instance, she will engage extra gear in promoting sex-balance leadership in parliament by ensuring that the leader and his or her deputy are of different sexes.

“For me that would influence better women representation in high positions,” she said.

Chilenje also said she will support women legislators through advice and training so that they have well-informed knowledge on the functionalities of the institution of parliament and how the women parliamentarians can act as role models to the girl child.

She also said she would make sure that girls are well represented in the ‘Youth Parliament of Malawi.’

“This will help raise confidence in future female legislators by identifying potential female candidates and supporting them throughout campaign periods,” explained Chilenje.

She also said she will also lobby with the Malawi government to reserve certain positions for women in the society.

Chilenje urged the country’s MPs, through the meet, to be agents of change.

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27 thoughts on “Chilenje appointed Malawi’s women in parliament ambassador”

  1. jenala says:

    Kodi in a kachikho in nomwe new York, in nomwe ku Addis ababa, in u so ku vietnam

  2. tendai says:

    Mcheka sakuthandizani a Malawi. Wasankha ndani Kodi? Ndiye bola kachikhoyottu

  3. timothy mandambwe says:

    Women are respectable and if someone feels to know someone better keep it to yourself. Its unfortunate to disregard women in Malawian culture. When we talk about evil, man is basically evil and evil is universe.

  4. timothy mandambwe says:

    Congratulations Madam Mcheka Chilenje. People talk what ever they want, just do the job you are given. Do the best and God will do the rest.

  5. chatonda says:

    Congrats but the problem with Mcheka Chilenje ndi Nkhaza and her mother is the same. They are very cruel by nature. They cannot respect anyone here at home and abroad. Those who do not know her ask people from Makhanga where she comes from. You will be shocked. Also ask Zomba C.C.AP church leaders whom she dressed down when presiding over her marital case with Kennedy Nkhoma. She wanted to bulldose them but they told her off and she was humiliated by being told that forget about your Speakership here is another institution and she was treated with a full dose of Quinine. She does not even want Kennedy Nkhoma to marry insisting he is her husband after beating him every night.

    She is evil by birth, I am sorry to say the truth here.

  6. MAJO says:


  7. ntende says:

    Congrants Mai. Osafooka ndizonena za anthu ai. Timakukondani. Mukanakhala oipa simukanawinanso dera la lwanu ai. Ngakhale u speaker anzanu Ku yumba yamalamulo sakanavomeleza kuti mukhalenso mukanakhala the fire burning. Okumbira inu dzenje azagweramo yekha. Pitilizani kugwira ntchito yabwinoyo.

  8. Acton Chavinda says:

    days good.

  9. Mtunda says:


  10. Wabonda says:

    Magaula wanya!! Ester ndi Munthu wasazikonda,ndi Mayi waulemu wake wodzichepesa ndipo wasangala.Amene amacheza naye akudziwa izi. Uli ndi Vuto ndiwe.Jerous bwanji Amalawi.Congratuletions Ester !!! God should continue to bless you

  11. Charles mughogho says:

    If u were to empower women u would have empowered joyce banda,unfortunately felow women didnt suport her.yingosangalala mwatola chikwama komanso muziwika kwa banthu osati empowermentiyo?

    1. meya says:

      Pomwe munthu wachita bwino tizitha kumuyamikira opanda compare olo kunyoza.You don’t know Joyce very well. She was our president yes komanso she was too selfish. Sionse amati ambuye ambuye Ali oyera ntima. You are blinded by the donations she was making. Anthu sakanafa muzipatala pamene ndalama zimangoonongedwa ndi tizibwenzi take.

  12. A Kayira says:

    Winfred comment is very right, let’s make merit rule between men and women boys and girls for sure not gender for the sake of developing Malawi.

  13. All the best madam speaker sir

  14. totani says:

    Kumazationa asena anzako kuno …zitenje unazatipasa nthawi ya campaign zinatha tikufuna zina,,,,ubwino wake unaupezelera mtundu wakwanu wa anthu osaphunzira azakuvoteranso 2019 bola lommy azakuimbirenso nyimbo yabwino ya campaign

  15. magaula says:

    so good koma usiye kudzikonda esitere

  16. Jescano says:

    Mwanyadilidwa mayi Mcheka C.Nkhoma.

  17. koma Umbulu? says:


  18. katundumadzi says:

    women empowerment in Malawi when we already had a female head of state who was not supported by her fellow women??? just be happy that mwapeza seat which will fatten ur bank account but women empowerment in Malawi is a fallacy

  19. Winfred says:

    We need not to be feminists here. In my view our women are not as marginalized as portrayed. Women and girls are sent to school nowadays as is the case for men and boys. This is what we should advacate for. Preference is not there anymore. It does not please me to put an individual in a position because of sex. This is going to delay our development as a country to a very large extent. At the moment we need leaders be it women or men. Let us only eliminate barriers between men and women, boys and girls but allow merit to rule. No one is a leader because of sex. For sure, by force or without I cannot support someone simply because one is a woman or is a man.

  20. Hàrold kadzipatike says:

    Better to fulfil what you have said bcz politicians in Malawi are good at saying but failing to a compilesh v words

  21. Martin says:

    Thats a nice one,take use of it mayi Chilenje.Takunyadirani.

  22. nyepaa khhunyriwA says:

    Koma banjanso mulibe uchabe otenga mwaamuna wa masiye ndi umeneo chonchobe muzipangaa mathanyula.


  24. Soba Matamanda says:

    Congratulations Madam ndakunyadirani

  25. B.Mwansambo says:

    thats good.bravo madam

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