Chilima on campaign trail, chides opposition for politicking hunger

As the ruling DPP steps up its campaign for parliamentary by elections in Mchinji West, Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima has appealed to the opposition to talk issues not petty politics.

Speaking on Monday when he addressed a campaign rally at Magawa Secondary school ground at Kamwendo in Mchinji, Chilima said it seemed the opposition had run out of issues and instead they think the looming hunger crisis is a campaign tool.

Malawi has had natural disasters in the form of floods and dry spells back to back in 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons, a development that has seen government working hard to respond to 6.5 million affected people.

But Chilima said the matter at hand was a serious matter and took a swipe at the opposition for taking it as a campaign arsenal.

“You don’t go around mocking people about their poverty or predicament. Let’s tackle serious issues without dragging in politics. After all, we are in control and we have roled up a response plan which is already under way. Admarc markets are also opening shortly,” said Chilima who is also Minister for Disaster Management Affairs.

Turning to the rally, Chilima appealed to the people of Mchinji West to vote for a DPP candidate, Stephano Kamwani.

“Please use the opportunity to bring one of your own to Parliament so that we can work together to bring development here in Mchinji South. Do the right thing and send Mr. Kwamwani to Parliament,” appealed the VP to hundreds of people who turned up.

At the same rally, a former lawmaker Teresa Mwale who ditched DPP to join MCP sometime back announced that she had rejoined the party and vowed to bolster the campaign trail.

Making a brief statement, Mwale appealed to all her followers to vote for the DPP candidate.

Several Ministers including Henry Mussa, Patricia Kaliati, Samuel Tembenu and other party top gurus like Secretary General Ecklen Kudontoni and Regional Governor Dean Josaya Banda joined Chilima at the rally.


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20 thoughts on “Chilima on campaign trail, chides opposition for politicking hunger”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    Really,Chilima is also a political novice no difference with his dying rogue boss.He also doesn’t give a dime when it comes to the welfare of Malawians to them,their personal ambitions are to enrich themselves and cling onto power as much as possible.He and his political prostitutes,have nothing totally to fight for the dignity of our people,they lack sense of vision and righteousness.Malawians,for how long are going to be political lepers of Africa and laughing stock of the world? Candidly speaking,Bingu and Peter,are leaders of destruction with barbaric impudence without limits.Let’s learn our lessons from the five Presidents we have had seen and mind you,tribalism and regionalism are the things of medievial era and therefore,we have to ignore the rhetorics of the so called leaders who are bent to devide us and eventually,rule us as their political robots.The health condition of Muthalika is at present showing that he is done and what goes around comes around,the Muthalikas are a cursed pair and Malawians will triumph come what may.ALUTA CONTINUA,”THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES”.

  2. Mwenelupemphe says:

    Chilima is another evil ……………… get well soon APM ………. Musatipitse kuchionongeko……… akuti otherwise we are in control ? mau opweteka osafunika mtsogoleri.

  3. Kyala says:

    In order to improve the food situation in the country the opposition has to talk about hunger and how best to alleviate it in the short and long term.

    Looking at the top dpp brass at the rally, you realize something fishy is going on here. It seems they know that Peter health’s is no good, hence some dpp gurus are strategically starting jockeying support to the vp. Those not present are so so so.

  4. santana says:

    The colours of Chilima!! So the opposition supporters who wanted to use Chilima to discredit the DPP has known who the guy is. Chilima is no nonsense intellegentia. All along you have been talking about Chilima not in good faith but to use him divide the party and make him an enemy to the party gurus. All your flattering on the VP was just to fool him so that he takes you as sympathisers. But Chilima is made of a different material from what you imagined, he is always straight forward and speaks in black and white. This is why APM chose him for the post to the bewilderment of the party gurus. Musamunyoze pano ayi.

  5. Sorry For Typo Typing On Left Hand says:

    Wishing you all the best Chilima on this reason. If you can win that by-election, you will be proving to Chaponda that you can win an election without their support.

    You will also show to MCP that people understand you better than brother Chakwera!

  6. Mega Mind says:

    Am afraid Chilima is has a valid point. Nevertheless this does not rectify the issue of bad governance. Just because God is not in favor of our government doesn’t mean It is incumbent upon us the people of the nation to support. Perhaps Mr Chilima you should consider other tactics than trying to get people to sympathize in your governments favor. These “polytricks” of victimizing some as fake sympathizers and trying to appeal to the people as the rightly anointed government is cheap.

    Having a whole entourage of high profile government officials going to back an MP and telling the people that he is the best candidate if they want to tackle the challenges in the conscience is blackmail to say the least. Mr VP what are you doing with those thieving, power hungry – incompetent barbarians?! I thought your are more dignified bwana saulos..

  7. Babes Wodumo says:

    Aaaaaaa saulos nawenso wayamba kuyankhula ngati oduka mutu ….njala ndi nkhondo kaya sudziwa

  8. Be Humane says:

    All I can say, can you link drought and bad governance, floods and bad governance, poor rainfall and bad governance, and climate change and bad governance. I want answers not kunyoza here. If you think you know the answer just type your thoughts. Lets use these pages wisely and constructively. No politicing but substantive issues. Here we go

    1. Mega Mind says:

      Be Humane, I guess the drought and floods are not to be pointed towards anyone but they are a will of God. But how come God is disgraced with us and the Donors are too? As for the first we can’t fix accept through prayer but as for the fate of the Donor, it is in our hands is it not?

      The lack of medication in hospitals, salaries for the civil servants and still no food, instead of backing the government can you point any measures being taken economically or as a form of means of adaptation to these problems in the short, middle or long term?

      what about the devaluation of the Malawian kwacha? Are you really speaking on behalf of the Malawians here?

      What about water and electricity?

      What about the fact that global oil prices went down from $150 since the past election to $45 and yet our prices have only been going up? And still the situation of energy for electrification is only getting worse?

      I can go on here Sir. Please don’t deduce your opinions from facts and statistics!!

    2. Chikomeni says:

      Good discussion

    3. Chikomeni says:

      This is a good discussion. I think we cannot link natural phenomena directly to good governance. But at the point we are as a nation we need to come to terms with the changes that are taking place around us. Floods, droughts both as a result of climate change have come to stay. This is where governance comes in. What are doing as a country? What is government doing to protect its people from such calamities? awareness and how we are planning around these issues brings in governance because after being aware about the issue the question is what is government doing to mitigate against the issue and build the resilience of its people especially the most vulnerable people at the lowest level. what programmes is the government putting in place for example a response plan which is just being rolled – out could be one of the programmes or measures to reduce the problem. So there is a big connection between these issues and governance. Lets take example that the government is aware through weather forecasts that the country is going to experience floods or droughts and then it just sits phwiii without doing nothing would you consider that as good governance??? Big No.

    4. Kitipa says:

      Be Humane you have to know that governance and natural disasters are related. While its true that disasters are not ignited by the government BUT the response thereof is provided by government. Each problem that may befall Malawians the government becomes responsible for the response. This may be linked to poor policies as well on how to tackle challenges such as disasters. This is why you find the fire brigade being chased from a burning market not that they caused the fire but because they have responded poorly or late. The current government is failing with great measure in many ‘disasters’: hunger crisis, falling of kwacha, killings of albinos, integrity (the hiding of the president’s sickness), corruption, immorality (Dep. Defence Minister viral video), inflation, tractor-gate, Njaunju’s death, Wandale’s State creation, hatred over your own citizenary eg Bushiri, beatings of opposition party supporters with panga knives, the list goes on and on but these are just but recent.

    5. anamvula says:


    6. All-I-can-say says:

      Be humane. Our country is not moving forward because we think that it’s not politics which affects our pathetic lives. These people calling themselves politicians have been getting away with things other leaders in other forward thinking countries would never do. They have brainwashed the illiterate villagers to keep voting them in power with no plans and actions in return. Do not defend poor politics which is letting Africa down. Every aspect of people’s lives from hunger, water shortages, poor energy provision, bad roads, poor housing, poor healthcare, poor quality of education, poor accountability are all a result of bad politics and poor governance. If you cannot see the connection, please go back to school. Oh by the way, our education does not encourage asking questions and therefore no accountability fekm these jokers. What a a country!!

  9. Youna says:

    What else can people discuss ngati ali ndi njala? You cant discuss development issues ndi anthu a njala. Food first, zinazo pambuyo. Please wear a human heart Mr. VP! Dont pretend that njala is not an issue.

  10. all-i-can say says:

    A Chilima mwatha tsopano. Do you want to say that poverty is not synonymous with bad politics and as DPP is party in charge of the country, you cannot absolve yourselves of failure to tackle poverty with sound policies. Mwazolowera kuwapusitsa a Malawi to think that politics is separate from the predicament many Malawians find themselves in. Stop hiding behind silly rhetoric and get on with reducing shame amongst many malawians. The opposition has a right to tell the nation that DPP is failing miserably and certainly you are also burying your career in politics by associating yourself with these thieves.

    Stop telling poor people lies and solve the problems people elected you lot to solve. Kagwereni uko a Galatia opanda chikondi.

    1. triple C says:

      Chilima,,, who is useless between your government and opposition???? you are becoming one of them, I am sorry for you

  11. Paulos Chilima says:

    Bwana Chilima, hunger is a political issue that is why the uniform you are wearing has maize cobs as a campaign tool for your party. Why not just tell people to eat Zicheche or makoswe

    1. ineyo says:

      muuze sakudziwa uyu koma agogo ake atheratu ndi njala kwawo ku dzunje uku.

  12. Waphuma says:

    I doubt that DPP can win the Mchinji by election…muchite kuba tu….uku kokha ndi no go zone

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