Chilima declares DPP victory for Mchinji West by-elections

Malawi Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima has confidently declared that the ruling DPP will win the Mchinji West by elections slated for October 4.

Veep Saulos Chilima introduces Dpp Parliamentarian aspirant for Mnchinji west Stephano Kamwani at thr rally-pic by Lisa Vintulla

Veep Saulos Chilima introduces Dpp Parliamentarian aspirant for Mnchinji west Stephano Kamwani at thr rally-pic by Lisa Vintulla

Information minister Patricia Kaliati speaks at the rally in Mnchinji-pic by Lisa Vintulla

Information minister Patricia Kaliati speaks at the rally in Mchinji-pic by Lisa Vintulla

DPP supporters welcomes the Veep at the rally held in Mnchinji-pic by Lisa Vintulla

DPP supporters welcomes the Veep at the rally held in Mnchinji-pic by Lisa Vintulla

The constituency fell vacant following the sudden death of its lawmaker Kanjira Banda who won on MCP ticket.

But speaking on Sunday when he addressed a political rally that attracted a mammoth crowd at the district headquarters, a charged up Chilima congratulated the DPP candidate Stephen Kamwani in advance,telling him to get ready for parliament.

“We are winning this election. Mark my words. My apologies  in advance to the losers. DPP is winning this election. We are working with everyone and we are advancing a development agenda for everyone in this constituency, district and country wide.

“People in this constituency are able to see who is talking issues instead of just coming here to attack the government for no reason like other parties are doing,” said Chilima who is chairing the by elections campaign team.

The Vice President, apparently referring to MCP, told the people that they should not trust politicians  who are using the current looming hunger crisis as a campaign or political tool.

“We all know this crisis is not man made. Therfore, you should question politicians  who come here to mock you about hunger because if they were sincere they would be telling you that they will work with government to save your lives not to politicise a national tragedy,” he said.

The Vice president then assured the people that government was in control and that maize will be available across the country, saying  people should not panick.

Chilima, who sounded conversant with the district’s geography, mentioned a number roads and areas which he said would be constructed soon to boost road network in the border district.

“Some of the works will start as soon as next week. Plans are also underway to build a modern teachers training school here. We will deliver unprecedented development in this district,” he said.

Earlier, Information Minister Patricia Kaliati used the opportunity to sensitise people on the land bill, warning them that the opposition was trying to confuse the public into believing that the bill was bad for the country.

Apart from Kaliati, other speakers included DPP Secretary General Ecklen Kudontoni and Regional Governor for the centre Dean Josaya Banda.

However, more DPP top brass also attended the meeting including Minister of Gender Jean Kalilani, Chief Political  Advisor to the President Francis Mphepo, former Organising Secretary General Chimwemwe Chipungu and many more including the entire Sendera Sisters.

The DPP shadow MP, Kamwani, emerged winner during primaries the party conducted some weeks ago which proved to be the cleanest that the party has ever conducted which saw the losers pledging to work with the winner to boost his chances against rival MCP.

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Rotten apples looking good from the outside but on the contrary on the inside. This regime has cosmetic policies marred with corrupt individuals offering nothing to suffering Malawians. I hope MCP regains this constituency to leverage influence for change towards 2019. Malawi lacks selfless leadership where servant leaders serve every single Malawian not their fat bellies. Chakwera offers real solutions to this suffering nation in comparison to the current leadership.

Chemwali chimwene

Honestly, i am losng the lil resp i had for chilima. I thouhth waa y different, koma aaa. Wasanduka oyimba ngmya dpp. Angokyuza. Apa.


Komadi ndiye VP is just a tool they use to win votes, but when it comes to goodies like representing HE on important foreiGN and national issues, they send Chaponda. A VP mudzadya makombo inu.


Achilima do not make a fool of yourself just because you want to please the DPP people who are side li ning you each and every minute of the day. Do not pretend, DPP does not love you and I am sure you know it. Know that the DPP will soon hate you more for lying giving them false hopes that DPP will win the Mchinji elections A Sau mwanama apa. It does not work when you try to please hyenas who cannot thank you. Sake up from your slumber man..


Actually, it is a trap DPP have set for him. When they loose, they will say Chilima has failed us. This will give DPP thugs like Chaponda more points in the power struggle. It is a ploy to eliminate him.


So the issue is about just winning elections but not delivering? Malawi is a country with no future if DPP is allowed to win elections. This party has evil people who are selfish and don’t care about destroying people’s lives. If a sniper killed these DPP politicians, I would rejoice because it is better save the souls of millions than a few greedy bastards masquerading as politicians.


Only the dumbest people will vote for DPP


Mark my words DPP is not going to win in this constituency unless if they rig the elections again. You are day dreaming Mr Vice President. People of Mchinji know who to vote for. No rigging this time around.

Paka Bush

Where is PP? Msonda speak to us….

Kwacha Malawi

a Malawi ambiri ali m’mavuto chifukwa cha andale adyera basi. Anthu akufuna kuwabweretsera chitukuko akudana nawonso. Uthenga kwa anthu aku Mchinji kumene kukuchitike chisankho sankhani mwa nzeru enawa atangandidwa ndi kukonza mavuto azipani zawo. Iwo alibe choti akuchititireni ai. Mupindulanji ndikukhala ndi kabudula wa 1964 popanda chitukuko. VP akunena zoona sakunena chabe ai.

The Patriot

DPP people are very shrewed, just because of an election in the central region suddenly Chilima and Kalirani are at the forefront! Akabwera Ban Ki Moon, nanga bwanji samkumana ndi VP? Maulendo a kunja aja bwanji amapita ndi anthu okalamba okonda kugona?

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