China and Malawi: Friends with benefits

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation George Chaponda has  described Malawi and China’s ties as being beneficial to the two countries.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Qingyang said since the establishment of diplomatic ties, development projects have fast-tracked in Malawi.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang said since the establishment of diplomatic ties, development projects have fast-tracked in Malawi.

He made the remarks at the Chinese Ambassador’s residence in Lilongwe last Friday  when Chinese and Malawi governments  celebrated their seven years of bilateral ties and pledged to support each other in the years to come.

The two governments established bilateral relations on December 28 2007 after Malawi switched ties from Taiwan.

He said within the seven-year period, China has helped Malawi in a number of areas such as education, health and defence.

“Today, we have no doubt that the decision [to switch diplomatic ties] was made for a good cause, especially looking at what China has done to this country,” said Chaponda.

He said among the notable projects that China has given to Malawi include the construction of the Chitipa-Karonga Road, Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must), the Parliament Building, National Stadium, Five Star Hotel and Presidential Villas.

Chaponda said that to further strengthen the bilateral relations, the two countries are engaged in further talks on what could be done in the future.

He said the construction of the new Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) headquarters was one of the projects China was willing to start soon.

“As a country, we submitted our new projects and we are currently discussing on what should start first,” he said.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Qingyang said since the establishment of diplomatic ties, development projects have fast-tracked in Malawi.

He said this was a reflection of sincerity, real results affinity and good faith, representing the four pillars of china’s foreign policy towards Africa.

Zhang said China supports Malawi in exploring a development path that suits its national conditions.

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16 thoughts on “China and Malawi: Friends with benefits”

  1. bongozozo says:

    Let us not start with the Military Headqtrs. One guy mentioned electricity and I fully agree with him. If we invest in energy a lot more developments will take place. Atupele Muluzi has just said Malawi’s development future is in Mining. We all know that mining can not happen if there’s no energy. So its only important for the Chapondas to critically think about electricity than the military headqtrs. Moreover Tanzania is no longer threating us. Let’s ask China to improve the energy output.

  2. Gift says:

    China must help Malawi on electricity, we are so tired of load shading which is every minute problem.

  3. daniel says:

    if you,are discussing which development project to start with, i sugest to start with bulding millitary capabillity of Malawi Defence Force,with high Tech weapons.

  4. nebson chizukuzuku says:


  5. njovu says:

    the way Malawi turned its back on Taiwan shows a lack of loyalty and the propensity to have its alliance traded like a cheap commodity. If ever there was a nation who flashed more money than China, i believe we would be in their pockets next without hesitation. That’s not how a developing country should go about building robust diplomatic ties.

  6. Pelemende says:

    Koma ma black out tatopa nawo. A China tithandizeni.

  7. fwefwe says:

    lam stupid l dont reason when giving comments.

  8. Faya says:

    Keep It up! China.

  9. GRM says:

    Jealous down. China has given us real human development in the MUST. Nanga ife tawapatsa chani? Makantini ali kuno ku Kasungu akupindulira ma China okha? Give credit where it is due.

  10. augustine says:

    We can’t say that Malawians are benefiting from this tie you know fellow Malawian the Chinese are doing war against the world but secretery how ever we people we don’t know what they are after despite the known politician sending their children to study there, how many children for the poor are sent to study there.and when so called infrastructure aid is in progress you want see son of poor man getting enough wages but in return poverty strikes and yet the politician children you will not see them working at such site and also the Chinese they come in full force to robe our jobs how do you think we can have good ties with the country that is robbing our jobs? Politician ask yourself where these Chinese are taking us to .

  11. Give credit where it is due,China has done what no country on earth has ever done for Malawi in the shortest time possible.Malawi has improved treamendously despite negative behaviour setbacks and unscruplous business undertakings. BRAVO CHINA!!!

  12. Vyapasi says:

    Hon. Chaponda, can you please outline the benefits China is receiving from Malawi? For sure it is a mutual relationship and therefore what China gets from us should also be publicized.

  13. Chabecheker says:

    Can malawians settle in china as chinese do in malawi’s towns and rural areas without any discrimination?

  14. frank says:

    Chilipo inu achina mukupeza kuboma lamalawi mu zaka seven simungamange zitukuko zonsezo, anthu wozigulira malo kumangochi, machinga akamwalira manda awo alikuti? M’mayesa manda awo alikuchinako.

  15. truth be told says:

    that is one sided relationship. it would make sense only when malawi is also opening their businesses in china. as of now, china is committed to help malawi because she is settling for heeself!!!

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