Chiukepo return boosts Malawi squad

Malawi national football team burly forward Chiukepo Msowoya has rejoined the national team after missing a crucial encounter against Tanzania in the World Cup qualifier preliminary round first leg match.

Chiukepo Msowoya: Back in Flames squad

Chiukepo Msowoya: Back in Flames squad

Msowoya was injured while playing for Bullets against their archrivals Mighty Be Forward in which he scored the all important goal to win the derby.

Coach Ernest Mtawali said the return of Chiukepo is a boost to the team ahead of the encounter after losing 2-0 away on Wednesday.

“It’s good that he has started training. He is an important player to the player and hopefully he will be fit to face Tanzania,” Mtawali said.

He is optimistic that the team can still progress if they could put their act together.

“We conceded silly goals and I am optimistic that the boys will do it. It’s something that is possible,” he said.

Yamikani Chester has also rejoined the team.

Flames arrived back from Tanzania last night and immediately resumed training this morning at the Kamuzu Stadium.

The return match is on Sunday at the Kamuzu Stadium Malawi need a 3-0 win to qualify or match Wednesday result and fight for a shootout victory.

Mtawali, who was appointed coach on 1 August has come under pressure for sidelining experienced players such as striker Esau Kanyenda, midfielder Joseph Kamwendo, defender Harry Nyirenda in preference for inexperienced players.

Meanwhile, Tanzania arrived on Friday morning in Lilongwe heading to Blantyre by road.

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29 thoughts on “Chiukepo return boosts Malawi squad”

  1. KAMPAPALIKE says:

    3 kwa du!!!! Tiwone. Mwina nga mapuleya akunjawa atati alowemo. Zimatimvetsa chisoni kwabasi. Zomangoluzazi zizatha liti a Malalawi?

  2. paul dowa says:

    Even atabwera molinyo kudzakocha malawi mapuleya athu salimbikila vuto sikochi ayi makochi athu anapita kusukulu ndiye tisawanyoze ngati wina alipo apite akakoche iyeyo paka tidziwina osamapanga ndale mupira zopusa zimenezo paul dowa

  3. Toney Gondeh says:

    Kumalawi mpira kulibe tiyeni tivomere kma ufiti

  4. James Mkoko says:

    Watikwana Ernest Mtawali azipita basi.

  5. Uncle Ken says:

    Ngakhale Chiukepo Akhalepo Flames Singawine 3 Kwa Du Zosatheka Doro Ndi Chipuwa

  6. Mbiya Syangu says:

    Mtawali akafunse Mponda .Makani za ziii.The is snr National Team not U’20.This time we will loose 3:0.

  7. Manyazi. says:

    nkhani ndi coach sichina.

  8. Blessings Kaweru says:

    It can’t happen for the coach to leave out experienced players he got what he wanted

  9. ankhoma says:

    l knew mtawali as amare player not acoach so why assigning him with this big task? why not giving him asmall time like sure stream and see how it will progress rather than taking him to coach national team.guys we’re not serious. so dont blame him. kinnah.ngonamo.chimodzi maybe atleast.

  10. oweruza says:

    madzi akataika saoleka, apa zagwa zatha let us wait & c next game.

  11. griffin says:

    I watched the game at national stadium Malawi was not fit to face Tanzania,imagine the striking duo of samata who plays as first choice striker at TP Mazembe and scores,uuh guys tachepa Taifa stars is now a good team not under dogs

  12. Wamaka says:

    Nyasa times would u tell me once again when and how chiukepo was injured!!!

    Does thi journalist follow football or my be its me!!!

    About msowoyas inclusion,well i dont expect much from him.

    Players from injury lack match fitness and they never play wel mybe until the 3rd or 4th game.

    Chiukepo must play the last 20 minutes so should Gaba. Chester cannot handle this game.

    Ngalande in my view is not a striker but midfielder mybe its one of the reasons he returned from a top madrid side.

    Nyondo or mkanda is better than ngalande.

    Kamwendo and nyirenda are needed,kanyenda would have troubled Tanzania defence

  13. kunkhwapa kwanyani says:

    However I like Chiukepo and he is a good player…..koma amafunika aiwerenge kaye game ali pa bench azimenya 45min yakumapeto

  14. kunkhwapa kwanyani says:

    mtawali ndi wa chamba guys, abulu ake watengawo ndiosakhwima pamchombo…..tamuitaneniko kanyenda chonde…ndi mwamuna amene uja.

    But pliz dont call Atusaye and Harry nyirenda mpira wawo sindimauona.

  15. chitsiru chija says:

    Kkkkkkkk 2nil so it is Richard chipuwa nonow Malawi sidzatheka

  16. Dausi Phiri says:

    Coach not fit we are losing again tommorow.

  17. Jafari Musah says:

    Zikuni zikulu zikulu ndizimene zimasunga moto kuti usazime.

  18. Ntawali specialist in failure

  19. mkwita says:

    Lets just accept that our football standards have gone down tremendously or rather stagnated while our counterparts have progressed.Solving this problem will first require us as a nation to accept that we have such a problem and then lay out a plan to address such problem..what we see day in day out has always been window dressing where we only hide our gaping wound..To be honest with ourselves,the Malawi super league is the culprit of this..They have not changed the focus or mindset of the populous to take sports seriously ie football..there is no passion or intelligence in our game its sad..nde coach atenga kuti ma player oti nkuwina?have regional leagues instead..madolo azizaphana kuma champions and runners up from each region..boom

  20. zeze says:

    Our head coach is clueless, very confused and lacks tactical acumen. You do not build a team out of youngsters only. There has to be proper transition but alas! This coach is in reverse mode. As per government employment rules, they are on probation, so fire them after their probation period is over (3 months)! FAM, please, please, please do not confirm them and tell them we do not need their “disservice”, full stop! Kubetsa uku kkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. zambian says:

    Wake up players

  22. i miss kamuzu says:

    earnest ndi mburundi uja onsee ndi makape

  23. zambian says:

    Coach uchenjele tikuchosa bola muzung unju uja Kim

  24. TONDEWADULA says:

    osalalata. zomwezi kuthamanga magazi. kkkkkkkk

    shame on you

  25. reasonable man says:

    even if mtawali brings all the old gurus u want my prediction will still not change. Malawi goes down to TZ, our problem is we want to yield good harvest from a farm not watered, no fertiliser applied, no weeding, no pest control. that will be a miracle and such miracles are rare. what has been invested in the flames so as to expect good results. nothing and. nothing results into nothing for that z what we. will get. vu to si kochi and plz leave these guys alone.

  26. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Mtawali you have learned loosing tackticks from South Africa. You clearly know that the team you are featuring can not win. You have a better team – (not the best team) completely ignored. Loosing is definately your option.

  27. Bibo says:

    Useless coach with no stable mind.What value is Yamikani Chester gonna add to the Flames? Swallow your pride Mr coach and hastily bring Kanyenda,Tawonga,Mkanda,Nyondo,Harry Nyirenda,Ng’ambi and Kamwendo.Msowoya is a second half player.

    I don’t know why this coach was hired,it’s a demonstration of lack of vision by FAM officials.Mtawali is a tactless coach with no proper player selection that is costing the team some better performances.

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