Condoms on high demand in Malawi flood camps

There is high condom use in many flood victims’ camps in Chikwawa, and people there are appealing for more of this protective gear.

Some of the condoms that were distributed for free.

Condoms on high demand amongst flood victims.

Such camps include Sekeni 2, Jombo, Tizola, Chikuse, Malemia and Chabuka.

Although the demand suggests an increase in sexual activities, Senior Health Surveillance Assistant (HAS) at Nchalo Sydney Labeka told Mana on Friday that the demand meant people understood the existence of Sexually Transmitted Infections and the need to protect themselves.

“The district is moving into the right direction in the fight against HIV and Aids. This means we are improving on behavior change which has been a major contributing factor in the fight against HIV and Aids.

“Since January we have distributed close to 11,000 condoms but we are failing to meet the demand as all camps are demanding condoms always through their leaders.”

“As I am talking, more people are asking for condoms in the camps but the problem is that supply is always insufficient,” said Labeka.

According to Labeka, the demand was higher for male condoms than female condoms.

Erick Busha who is responsible for condom distribution at Tizola 2 camp appealed for more condoms.

“We need more condoms here and am appealing all stakeholders to avoid putting lives of people at risk,” said Busha.

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14 thoughts on “Condoms on high demand in Malawi flood camps”

  1. gaba says:

    ife tizitumiza chithandizo iwo azikwerana.zopusa!

  2. Yahudah says:

    These men with that lustful whore mindset going up and down devour every and anything, they ain’t looking for wives just looking for any woman to fulfil their carnal lust. It is a demon that is seducing them to do wickedness, some will have sex with married woman, molest kids, solicit prostitute, rape woman, even have sex with men and animals because of this uncivilized and evil lifestyle of sex outside of marriage. The truth be told most people will not used condom it is human nature so aids, syphilis, ggonorrhea, herpes and woman with children and no fathers will not cease. This is a curse lifestyle repent from your wicked ways and return to righteousness and do what is honourable according to your heveanly father YAH and get a wife and stop making the wicked muzungu decieve you in destroying your life for them to generate riches by their evil hiv medicine that you take for one std and you grow breast like woman. Repent from your wickedness.

  3. Yahudah says:

    So basically they forbid marriage and promoting whoredom (sex outside of marriage). Our woman was created to be a wife and then a mother not a whore. And the truth be told all these young girls are having sex and it is the same politician who forbid marriage soliciting them for sex and making our young girls to be whores. The society become filled with wickedness unwed mothers and deseases. Some of our daughters even start prostituting themselves lost all respect for themselves and life. The truth be told this is a evil scheme by the muzungu to generate money while our people destroy themselves that is why they fight relentlessly to make marriage to look evil in the eyes of men but promote whoredom and homosexuality so they can have a market to sell their condom, birth control, and medicine for the many desease that you will catch from your unlawful sexual practices. A married couple who practice the laws of YAH the creator of the earth have no need for condom, birth control, and they do not catch deasease and the wicked muzungu and government know this so they would not be able to generate money if man and woman do what is right.

  4. Tunthumbwana tambewa says:

    Apatseni macodom azikwerana nda alomwetu ndasena aenewa ndiyo ntchito yawo amayamba ali ana umwetsa mankhwala ati akakhale odziwa kuchita osati zoyesa atsikana amamveka chingwe mnchiuno ati akakhale ndi mbina zisanawoneke azikadziwa udekesa zachilendo zija.

  5. kambwe says:

    Asiyeni madzi awavulaza ..pano avulazana okhaokha…

  6. Vwatapu says:

    Blow the whistle. An increased demand for condoms means hell has broken loose. The only activity there now is sex. Measures have to be put in place to control sexual activities. Keep people busy by providing them with manual work and other entertainments . Failure to do that will lead to another disaster. Not water floods but the area will be flooded by babies.

  7. mbwaxe says:

    Typical of southerners!!!! Chigololo no one!!!!! Zonse kumbuyo

  8. Mbanangwa says:

    This is not good news at all!

  9. Horess Chipofya says:

    Lord have mercy

  10. kwangu says:

    Asena ndi bvunguti!

  11. Dziko lochitisa manyazi kumakodwera ndivigololo

  12. Thabo Tembo says:

    Help them so that they can help you, the goverment.

  13. Likoma Economist says:

    Malawians have defied Maslow’s Law of hierachy of human needs. Even in a desparate life threatening situation, it seems a Malawian will value sex more than any physiological needs. No wonder we breed like rats. There now 18 million of us and we are still breeding, putting more pressure on the already meagre resources. Meanwhile, we still demand free education, free fertiliser, free cement, free houses, free health AND ABOVE ALL FREE CONDOMS!

  14. yohane says:

    Aaaaaah tell people to get busy with work and how to start life again. We are very rich here like other countries but our population increasing like that of insects. Mutharika please distribute TV sets in rural areas as a way of family planning.

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