Confession letter to Bishop Simama: Police hunting for criminal

Malawi Police in the Capital City of Lilongwe are hunting for a criminal who left at Lilongwe Police station a Yugoslav made pistol at Lilongwe Police Station in an envelope and a confession letter addressed to Bishop Abraham Simama of Glorious Light International Church and owner of Simama Hotel in the city.

Bishop Simama:  Robber confesses

Bishop Simama: Robber confesses

The criminal who identified himself as Dyson Chimenya, dumped an envelop containing a pistol and a letter addressed to Bishop Simama.

In the letter, Chimenya confessed to have been involved in armed robbery at one of the Bishop Simama’s companies.

Deputy national police spokesperson Mable Nsefula disclosed in an interview they are hunting for Chimenya who is currently on court bail on other criminal offences.

”The envelop was found in the wee hours of Wednesday 17 March dumped around Lilongwe police station. We are currently investigating the matter,” Nsefula said.

Lilongwe Police Station Public Relations Officer (PRO) Inspector Kingsley Dandaula said the duty officer found a Khakhi envelope addressed to Lilongwe Police Station while patrolling the premises at around 05:45am within the police grounds.

“When he opened it, he found a Yugoslav made pistol and a confession letter addressed to Bishop Simama which was signed by a person alleging to be Dyson Chimenya who claimed to have had previously worked for Simama company,” said Dandaula.

According to Dandaula, the confession letter headlined “Confession for stealing your money” was handed over to authorities and investigations confirmed that a person named Chimenya had indeed previously worked for Simama but was arrested by Lingadzi Police due to his involvement in a theft case at the company and was currently on Police bail.

“I confess because I want to stop stealing, first time I stole K1.8 million and second time I stole K400,000 from the company,…I have also used this gun for robbery in several other places,” reads the letter in part.

The PRO said the pistol has since been sent to Firearms and Ballistic missile section for verification and inquiries which were underway to trace the culprit.

Meanwhile, the law-enforcers in the capitol city are keeping in custody four people who were found in possession of pistols and live ammunition.

The four are Andrew Nyirongo 41, of Katete village in Kasungu, Benard Kumisuku popularly known as Gaba 32, Evance Mdala 32 and Bertha Sambandere Ali 30.

Manjolo said Bertha Sambandere Ali was keeping a pistol belonging to a convicted criminal currently serving 10 year jail term at Maula Prison.

Evance Mdala was found in possession of a pistol and four live bullets and he is connected to an accident that happened on Monday in Dedza district.

On Monday morning Dedza police shot dead two armed robbers who were trying to hijack a car.

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67 thoughts on “Confession letter to Bishop Simama: Police hunting for criminal”

  1. mpimpa says:

    let me ask, mukamupeza amangidwa? Thats not fair mesa walapa yekha? Bishop simama hv a say on this issue.

  2. Nyachi says:

    Spelling ya CapitAl though smh, some reporters. Did you go to school or you only have the skills?

  3. kaya says:

    man of god ndekuti chani? we are all equal before god..

  4. spanyola says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk malawi watetha uyu

  5. Y Phiri says:

    All who are posting negatives needs deliverance, run to many men of God around to be delivered. Or pitani Kwa T B Joshua makamasulidwe.

  6. precioo says:

    Am failing to dig the fact

  7. Lloyd Mpofu says:

    Comment He who knows the truth; knows it

  8. Tateyo says:

    Hide and seek game

  9. nyuma says:

    Please read the last but one paragraphy u will see its fishy

  10. Kweni pk says:

    Ambuye kabwerani

  11. Vavlov says:

    Be aware of con bishops. How authentic is this story? This is a ploy to cheat his followers that he is a man of God; really??? This crafty Tanzanian knows what is doing

  12. sabiti says:


  13. nyuma says:

    Zeru za mwana Wawonl edwine simama the guy is smart

  14. Dymon Sosola Nkhoma says:

    Kuli mulungu amana zidzaoneka

  15. Dymon Sosola Nkhoma says:

    God will reveal the secret

  16. mobility says:

    There are principles of law that govern issues to do with confessions. Sizakumaliseche zachitika apazi! Umbuli bwanji inu a Simama ndi Apolisi. Confessions can be rebutted in court of law. Zachamba eti. Apolisi mwationjeza ndipo msete zanu!

  17. kadokera says:

    Last days, chenjerani ndi aneneri onyenga

  18. bbsupporter says:

    Mabodza basi.

  19. MBACHI says:

    Comment GOD knows the truth.

  20. fact says:

    Set up!

  21. stephen says:

    akudziwa ndi Ambuye

  22. Bodza lenileni lankunkhuniza ilo,Simama watuma mkulu wina wa police kuti asiye envelope imeneyo kupolice kenako ayigwiritse ntchito ngati umboni wamunthu opemphera shaa,masiku omalizadi ano.

  23. Hardson says:

    Envelopeyo basi kungokonzedwa kuti itoledwe ndi officer on duty, wina ayi?

  24. Hardson says:

    Buying confidence. My Lord liveth and cares for me. Kupemphera? Take care!

  25. zizwe says:

    Gun safely delivered at police premises and a cop discovers it in the morning. The note claims the one who left the pistol once worked for Simama .more questions. What the guy will do is come to Simama sermons .breakdown in confession and simani will then say he has forgiven him and will therefore ask the police not to arrest him. Drama continues

  26. Wise from central says:

    Am finding it hard to believe the whole thing I could love if chimneys could go to the pastor or during church service and confess not going to police and just drop an envelope and run something is not adding up

  27. Mclean Mussah says:

    Where Do The Pistols Come From?

  28. MMALAWI says:

    What about the home villages of the other three suspects? And in what way is Evance Mdala connected to the accident that happened on Monday in Dedza? Can you try to give us fully baked reports you reporters?

  29. Cathy says:

    That is the problem kumabera anthu opemphera simama amapempheratu sizinaoneke ndiye kuti Dyson amasowa mtendere. Satana amatithawa tikakhala pamavuto

  30. Phodogoma says:

    This is a typical drama by actors of Aki na Paul calibers. These Pentelcost churches are full of dramas. Drama is taking place here and it will be unveiled in the church between Bishop Simama and Dyson Chimenya himself live on various TVs in Malawi. These two are playing a very complicated psychological game just like that of Halal of Sudan and BB. That is the game which surprised even the spectators. You could not believe that what seems to be peoples team here in Malawi it is just punching bag in Sudan. Imagine 4 to 0. Useless Neba. Not long from today the drama between these two actors will be unfolded. Take from me. Chimenya will come in open air and act in presence of Simama and congregation in terms of revealing his satanic act and Pap Simama will use that in players. All these two are crooks and they want to rob people’s faith towards God during day light.

  31. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Za chamba.

  32. PM says:

    Bishop Simama is prayerful man. Becareful you who castigate and label him

  33. maxwell says:

    Ine boza ayi, osapita kwa simama yemweyo bwanji. Kodi apolice mumaona ngati ndife ana osaziwa chimene chikuchitika eti ?

  34. KRIT says:


  35. Kanyimbi says:

    Shoot to kill simasewela ayamba kuyaluka ndi kumazipeleka okha. More fire mugwira ambiri.

  36. Fathara says:


    1. 2 TAMBALA says:

      Fathara !!!
      ukuti Jesus ndi ” Mulungu ” komanso wekha ukuti Jesus yo akukumenyelani nkhondo kwa state ake Mulungu? Which is which ?
      Iwe ndi fathara , Bambo wako ndi Bambo ako , siinu anthu ofanana

  37. YOLANDA says:


  38. mr chimbwititi says:

    simamayo akhiluluke koma enao amumagise basi.

  39. Hoitty says:

    I think we should ask for prayers from simama when attacked by thieves. They’ll have no peace until thet confess. We can even pray on our own

  40. Matakamoses says:

    Malawi and her people at its peak ,where will this take us to , is it confensing and hw many hv been grave yarded by him .

  41. Y Phiri says:

    Oh he stole from the wrong people, that’s what happened when you steal from true man of God, umasowa mthendere, as the bible says “touch not my anointed and do my Prothets no harm” that means the spirit of God is hunting, to the point of seeking an apology!!!!!
    Indeed bishop Simama now I believe is a true servant of God, muntu mpaka ndi kubwedza yekha Futi kupolice. Ndagoma nazo.
    God is alive indeed

  42. Angoni says:

    Bola pistol yaezekayi asagwilitsenso ntchito a police omwewo kutipha ifeyo. It smells fishy, why dropping confession letter at police not at simamas? koma ndi true story?

  43. moli says:

    Sizingathekeizi wakuba kulemba Kalata kukasiya ku police.

  44. chilombo says:

    Simama si size yako!

  45. Y Phiri says:

    he stole to a man of God, now the spirit of God is hunting him, as the bible says “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”.
    What an anointing from the Bishop, indeed God is at work.

  46. Piche Yakiti says:

    The victim is a bishop. This could be a ploy to hoodwink the nation that through the bishop’s prayers, the thug has surrendered. This in turn will see the church growing in numbers since it would appear the bishop is a true man of God.

  47. Patriot says:

    Put Mukhito to NIB, maybe there will be less guns in the country. Our borders are very porous.

  48. Nthalire Boy says:

    Dangerous man

  49. We need these people

  50. Nkhombokombo says:

    Osasewera ndi anthu a Mlungu, mzatsanduka njoka nokha! Amene akadzipeleke yekha kwa a Police basi! Amen!

  51. Umbava wafika posauzana pa malawi pano

  52. Auph says:

    Jehova @ its work

  53. Dr Moo tha Leeker Chief Kwataist says:

    Apparently there is glaring evidence that the number of guns higher than that of our population . The only issue i see here is that the guns are just with few mad individuals. Can the state legalize arms and ammunition possessing bill for security purpose . Tiphedwa tu ndi these mad people

  54. Chikopa says:

    Gaba is aplayer not wakuba

  55. Yankees says:

    Winayo waku Kasungu atatu enawo plus Chimenya kwawo ndi kuti? Chomcho tingalimbe? Awa musawachedwetse azipita ku Maximum basi akadye nyemba, anthu usana amenewa.

  56. It will be easy to trace him because Simama himself might have personal contacts for the Guy.

  57. Cristian Sokoh says:

    Kkkk koma guys guys what a drama!

  58. Abk says:

    Bishop simama is trying to fool the public that he’s a saint. The truth is that he’s a big crook. Pls also investigate the officer on duty on the material day, it’s a set. Otherwise a devil is a busy bishop in his own diocese!

  59. zodiac says:

    how can someone confess and then run, uuuuh surprising indeed!

  60. thoko says:


  61. The Patriot says:

    Let us all start owning guns, it seems there are guns everywhere!

  62. Gologota wa pa Mtamba says:

    Koma ziliko! Why leaving confession letter ku police and not one of Simama pemises where he worked? Drama at its peak!

    1. Y Phiri says:

      UnGoyamba kuphepela Gologota uziona ZA Ambuye, no weapon ……….shall prosper

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