Cops assaulted in Mzuzu: Malawi Police plays down incident

Two police officers belonging to delta division in Mzuzu  were on Wednesday  night attacked by unknown near St Andrews C.C.A.P church, Northern Region Police Publicist, Maurice Chapola, confirmed but  dismissed assertions that it is connected to the shooting of an army officer in Zomba.

Chapola:  Not related to Zomba shooting

Chapola: Not related to Zomba shooting

The two police officers whose names could not be independently verified were attacked by unknown thugs in Mzuzu City while on duty patrolling the city’s streets.

According to Chapola, besides having their two riffles snatched off, the police officers were severely beaten by the thugs. They  were then rushed to Mzuzu Central Hospital to receive medical treatment.

Early this week, it was reported in the media that a Malawi Defence Force Officer was  fatally in Zomba by police officers who were on patrol.

With the Mzuzu Wednesday night incident, some quarters of the public are already linking the incident to that which occurred in Zomba.

However, Northern Police Publicist (Maurice Chapola) said the Mzuzu incident has nothing to do with that in Zomba, saying investigations are still underway to establish the cause of the incident and bring to book whosoever is behind the attack.

“It may be too early to say that the incident which happened here in Mzuzu is related to the one in Zomba,” said Chapola, adding that the two riffles which were snatched have been recovered.

“So far, no arrest has been made in connection to the issue. But I can confirm that one of the two officers who were attacked has been discharged from hospital while the other is still under treatment, but his condition is improving,” he added.

Chapola also said that the incident is not an indication of security lapse in the city or country.

“The scenario itself may not be a stiff measure to say that Mzuzu City is not safe security wise, because we have been witnessing quite a number of related incidents before; officers being beaten and police headquarters being stoned, so it’s normal,” he said.

In Zomba, Malawi Defence Force officers clashed with police officers, after it was learnt that a police officer had shot dead a member of the former.

For the past months, the country has been facing quite a number of crimes including robberies on business persons and individuals.

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amos magongwa

Njovu zikamamenyana umatikitika ndi udzu. osakangana ndife ana kamodzi


ine dothi ndatapa kale…akufuna aphume tiwonerepo ndewu ya makape amene salemekeza ufulu wa ma civilians

Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa .
Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa .

Vuto ndilakuti wankulu wa polisi malaya ake zingwinjiri zokhazokhs naye waMDF zingwinjiri zokha zokha sopano wankulu ndi ndani apa mumadererana .


Choipa sabwezera


Bongololo – 22.1 – R U a believer or not? Can’t u c that our God has alreaday intervened. Peace will prevail in Malawi whether one likes it or not. JESUS IS LORD!!!

Chule mkulu

Eish,pakhola apa alinamwana agwiritse


Kaning’ina simacheza thats lesson number one

Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa .
Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa .

SHEE moyale sopano anyamata aku nchenga utuwa kuzolozolo, eish mwati sama omberekakunfuti kumangotuluka madzi kuti fwaaaa.


Come on Mr Chapola, don’t say its normal, say it happens. And when citizens are frequently victimized by crime then its security lapse….but when those who are responsible for maintaining order are victims thats even worse than just security lapse.

Fathi Alshab

investigation on s death and incuddnt with names & time date u.mfiti eti mumajafynz
se kumandako? nduts amakyzani ndani mizimu mpK amakyzinilNi report ir sratement ziha makalemba mchizungu cga venecular.
dont tell me u want ti know his/her blood group or shoe size…oops paja mafuna mtubdu what value does that add ti a case? ndine mmalawi ivadwira ku mvera does not mean am ngoni or chewa! please lets get rid of this thinking zats why timayiqala qhich are the core ethnu groups ib mlw…but if we persue these its discrimiinatory practice it must stop….


Walemba zosamveka koma muli tinzeru pang’ono. Can you be clear with your writing plz

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