Court allows Kasambara travel to South Africa

The High Court in Lilongwe has allowed former justice minister Ralph Kasambara – accused of conspiring to murder former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo – to travel to South Africa to undergo a medical treatment after reinstating his bail conditions.

Kasambara  with sympathisers during an earlier court appearance

Kasambara with sympathisers during an
earlier court appearance

Justice Micheal Mtambo ordered that lawyer Kasambara should travel on February 23 and return by February 29, 2016.

Meanwhile, the High Court has adjourned the Mphwiyo shooting case to 21 up to 23 March 2016.

Mtambo said the state prosecution team is expected to finish its cross examination with the second accused person Pika Manondo.

Director of Public Prosecution, Mary Kachale disclosed that private practicing lawyer Enoch Chibwana, who is part of state prosecution team, will cross examine Manondo on issues to do with the scene of a crime.

Justice Mtambo has since repeatedly asked the state to always be in time and ensure  speedy trial, saying the matter must be concluded in time and avoid wasting court’s time with irrelevant issues and questions which has nothing to do with the shooting of Mphwiyo.

Mphwiyo was shot outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe when he was budget director in the Ministry of Finance. His shooting has made some sections of society suspect it was linked to the subsequent discovery of the missing of K24 billion ($53.3 million) from the public coffers at Capital Hill between April and September 2013 as established by British forensic auditors, Baker Tilly.

The gun-shot survivor is also facing charges of theft and money laundering K2.1 billion ($4.7 million).

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18 thoughts on “Court allows Kasambara travel to South Africa”

  1. Mphwiyo says:

    Amene muganiza kuti ralph angapite ku prisö munama. Pitani ku court pa 21 mpaka pa 23 march mukawone bwerera za mary kachale. Then u wil have informed decision. Mungokomenta za kumva kwa ena? Go there. Ine sadandiwombere ndi amenewo ayi. Ndidadziwombera ndekha atandivuta ku office kwathu

  2. Friday yotamu says:

    Pliz don’t comment out of topic,the issue is kasambala going to hospital.educate yourself guys

  3. Observer says:

    Joyce Banda tried to finish Ralph Kasambara. Munthu wamkulu kulimbana ndi mwana. Shame.

  4. Jongwe says:

    Kachaje is a good. Most of you who disparaging her are Ralph’s Kasambara supporters. Ralph has a case to answer. Don’t think bcoz he is lawyer he is perfect.

    I remember NyasavTimes published a very very informative article about how Mphwiyo was shot afew days after the incident.

    The writer had first hand information.

    Please Nyasa reproduce that article.

  5. We educate thieves that they should spoil the future generation prevellage.shit.

  6. Ejukweshoni says:

    Tidakuuzani kuti ilo sidziko lokhalako munthu ukadali mnyamata. You end up wasting your productive youthful life. Ine I can’t stay there Not until am over 70 – to just come back to die and get buried near my ancestors.

    If people like Joyce Banda could not see that people like Kasambara were among the best professionals she could ever think of hiring to work with in her government and develop that dirty country, then who else would recognise that?

  7. mjiba says:


  8. Mwalutumbo says:

    Let’s learn from dis he educated ppl playing with government.

  9. Vikunowa says:

    Ada bwana, asani mwatuwa ko mutisaniyi kumuzi kunu tizilyi wiphumo. Mtonga ada ni gumbuli

  10. Odala says:

    Muloleni apite kuchipatalako komaso tatopa nazo zimilandu zimenezi tapangani changu olakwa alangidwe.

  11. Kabula says:

    Rafu the best lawyer in malawi very good indeed he derseve a compasation this guy and goverment should employ him he has shown his superiority, conglatulations rafu it was a difficult journey but you managed to come victorious

  12. chibweya joe says:

    Justiice with no justice

  13. Mphwiyo says:

    Iam very sorry Ralph and Pika. Inedi ndidafuna kudzipha ngakhale Bophani ndidamuwuza zimenezo.

  14. Titha says:

    Mphwiyo adadziwombera yekha amafuna uthawa milandu

  15. Ntche says:

    This Kachale girl is useless and dumb. Pikas and Kumwembes look sharper for her to handle. Koditu tower ku 43 zimapanga cover 5 km. Tsono munthu ngati ali pa area 30 ndiye kuti tower imeneyo imupanga cover. Palibe tower imene imachita cover pa nyumba pa mphwiyo yekha kuti mary aziti poti cal log ya pika pena ikusonyeza 43 ndiye kuti anati kwa mphwiyo. Munthu saganiza ngati lawyer.

  16. Kazembe says:

    Mary kachale ndi mbuzi ya lawye. Mafunso ake ngati munthu woti sadapite ku sukulu. Mwinanso a mfumu a Lukwa angafunse za nzeru. Kodi adamusankha ndani munthu ameneyu?

  17. shire highlands says:

    That’s the end of the case, ask them what was all this, they can’t explain.

  18. Ovop says:

    RK: You are a free man ada abwana, please from SOuth Africa proceed to Scotland for a cup a tea and more specialist medical examination.

    Zi amfiti zaku Malawi, nsanje basi. Munthu asamphunzire kuposa iwo ndipo asachenjere kuposa iwo, basi walakwa kudana naye. Kumsemera vinyawu. Zitsitsiru.

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