Deal with K92bn DPP-era cashgate, opposition calls on Malawi President

Malawi opposition and human rights campaigners have said President Peter Mutharika should deal with the K92 billion cashgate corruption scandal which occurred during the DPP reign alongside the K20 billion looting which continued under the Peoples Party (PP).

Chakwera: Deal with K92 billion cashgate

Chakwera: Deal with K92 billion cashgate

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHHR) official Makhumbo Munthali said the group applauds Mutharika on the remarkable steps his government was taking on dealing with K20 billion Cashgate but noted with dismay that the President in his state of the nation address in parliament did not touch on what steps his government was putting in place to come to the bottom of K92 billion cashgate following German government’s pledge to support the forensic audit.

“Malawians expect that the two matters (K92 billion and K13 billion cashgates) should be earnestly investigated, prosecuted and brought to their finality without favour,” Munthali said.

CHRR said it is disheartening that the government has not come out in the open to unveil the steps it has taken to come to the bottom of the K92 billion cashgate which the German government offered a helping hand for investigations.

The opposition leaders in parliament have also slammed the Mutharika government of being reluctant in probing the K92 billion cashgate under the DPP rule.

The opposition feel there is selective prosecution on cashgate as ruling DPP members are given amnesty.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera said efforts to address cashgate head on and root out its causes are not satisfactory.

“ We are not impressed by the President’s claims of a crackdown on cash gate style corruption when he remains silent about the 92 billion kwacha scandal previously perpetrated under the watch of his own party,” said Chakwera who is also leader of opposition.

Following the Cashgate revelations, donors withdrew aid and Malawi has been operating on a zero-aid budget, a situation that has caused misery to Malawians economically.

In his speech, PP parliamentary leader Uladi Mussa accused Mutharika’s “silence” on why donors are still withholding aid.

Mussa said “the issue that will unlock aid is a probe in the K92 billion. Why is this government failing to do the needful? “

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This is simple. Starting point is the Germany government and ambassador.

These people lied to us when they said they would sponsor the audit. Am sure Germany has not engaged PWC and the money can not be given into Nyasaland government safes.

Let Germany update Malawians on their promise to sponsor the audit.

His excellence President MKango Lion Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza

Prosecuting before the audit is over, mind you the audit was given to private audit firm which is abit doubtiful in its conduct PWC. It made the MEC to close with allegged !.4 billion and k400m.Then MEC was vindicated I questio mark its capability to conduct this audit well.

maximum prison

Women are brave indeed! But she failed to pursue the K92 billion alleged cashagate! Hahahaaaaa!

Thonzey kainga

Stima imakoma akamaendesa ena nde musawasokoneze oyendesao mungatipangise ngozi malizskae sukulu yoendesa Stima,dikilani 2019 mukazakoza Maeso


WOMEN ARE BRAVE indeed! JB was so courageous enough to open up to all kind audits including international forensic for her own Govt, she even scored by not pushing the K92bilion first because it would have been construed as covering up her sins and persecution of DPP members, now what are the men afraid of? I thought we were meant to believe that men are best leaders?

The only way APM can be taken seriously and trusted is by doing what JB did by letting the nature of justice take its course in his own Govt


Why struggling with innocent DPP?


DPP, PP and UDF are all but one party. The people who formed and run these parties are genetically thieves Muluzi 1.7 billion, Bingu 92 billion and JB 13 billion. APM has just started NACGATE. Social media supporters of these parties are blood sucking satanists. Why support Hardcore Criminals? Why?

kandapako banda

Hahaha agalu amenewa musawatayeee

Maximum Prison

Ngati a Dpp ndi amene anaba 92 billion bwanji JB sanawamange? Common sense is not common!

Mweneku Muzi

JB sanayambitse kafukuku wa k92 billion bwanji? Amalawi tikhalira kulira choncho achina akutiputsitsa ndikumakwera ma TX Prado

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