Dedza Young Soccer accuse traffic police of harassment

Dedza Young Soccer FC have accused traffic police officers from Lilongwe of harassing the team during last week’s trip to Lilongwe, where the team played Kamuzu Barracks in a Standard Bank Knock-Out Cup preliminary tie.

Accuses police- Pofera (in black suit).

Accuses police- Pofera (in black suit).

The minibus that was used by Dedza, Pix Alex Mwazalumo

The minibus that was used by Dedza, Pix Alex Mwazalumo

Released after the game- Madika

Released after the game- Madika

According to the team’s coach Millias ‘Jegwe’ Pofera, almost reported late at Civo Stadium after being delayed by traffic police officers, who eventually detained the driver of the hired minibus the team was using, resulting in a player driving the bus to Civo Stadium.

“We were stopped three times by traffic police officers, who accused us of exceeding the minibus capacity by one passenger. We tried to reason with the officers but they were in uncompromising mood to the extent that when we reached St Jones, our driver was detained and taken to the police station. It had to take one of our players, Leonard Matias to drive the bus to Civo Stadium and the players did not have time to eat,” narrated Jegwe.

The detained driver, Paul Madika confirmed being taken to Lilongwe Police Station by the traffic officers, whom he said accused him of dangerous driving apart from exceeding the vehicle’s capacity.

“They claimed I was overtaking five vehicles yet I was only overtaking one vehicle and I was released when the minibus owner Mr Onani went to the police station,” said Madika, who joined the team after the game had finished at Civo Stadium.

Lilongwe Police Station spokesperson Inspector Kingsley Dandaula said he needed to check with traffic officers to establish what really happed but was quick to say traffic regulations apply to everyone including football players.

“It is the duty of Traffic police officers to enforce road traffic regulations and ensure the safety of passengers. It does not matter whether the passengers are football players or not. Everyone traveling on the road is supposed to adhere to traffic laws,” said Dandaula.

Despite the hiccups they faced on the road, Young Soccer went on to defeat the military outfit 12-11 after post-match penalties to progress to the competition’s quarterfinals, where they will face Civo United.

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11 thoughts on “Dedza Young Soccer accuse traffic police of harassment”

  1. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Eish man, my ex, is another story she doesnt want 2 c me wth someone behind. C now she is calling, kaya!

  2. kimono says:

    Ngati lamulo limagwila kwa aliyense bwa inuyo apolice mumadzadzana mchigalimoto. Chanuchija ena mpaka kusowa pokhala kuima ku bumper. Yakumbuyo ija. Zoti inuso mukachita ngozi mupatsa bzy ma civilian kukunyamula mumaiwala. Demet

  3. Lymon says:

    A Jegwe khalani ngati munthu oti nkalasi analowamo nokha mukuti mudapanga exceed ndi munthu mmodzi,ndiye kuphwanya lamuloko kaya.Kapena mwina malamulo sagwira ntchito kwa anthu ena,amachita kusankha?

  4. yuona says:

    Well done policemen! The bus was indeed overloaded.

  5. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Koma ikanakhala lorry yokutha ikanadutsa poti yanyamula stupid dpp supporters going to a stupid political rally by stupid peter mathanyula…

  6. Kamuzu 2 says:

    Mr. Millias Pofera Salambula Jegwe, that is not harassment it is called road safety. Its for the good of your players. Next time your management should look for better transport

  7. My Friend Jegwe Just Forget This People And Appeal To Ur Official A Bigger Minbus Next Time, A 35seater Is Suitable For Ur Team

  8. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Nonsense! Just look at the rickety minibus when it was arriving at CIVO it was still overloaded.

    Don’t break no rules and the police wont trouble you!

  9. Kesh Kesh says:

    Mumatero atraffic kuvuta,koma zikanakhala ndalama akanadusa.Kuteroko DZ munaipasa madalitso nkupambana

  10. Christian says:

    I always recommend traffic police for doing their job, had it been a traffic saziwa ntchito yao bwenzi ngozi za mini bus zilipo za mbiri. Palibe nkhani apa wamva iwe Jegwe Pofera next time muzatenge ma highroof awiri nanga ma player 18 + ma official munapangadi EXCEED capacity ya mini bus.

  11. i miss kamuzu says:

    ndiye vuto ndi chani? you exceeded the seating capacity of the vehicle so you had to face the law, simple. did you expect preferential treatment because you’re a football team?

    having said that, i commend you for winning the game after what i can imagine was a very uncomfortable ride in that tiny bus. you even did it on empty stomachs, beating a “military” team who are supposed to be trained for endurance and physical stress and strain. you guys are good!

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