Deputy speaker clashes with MPs: Mzomera brands Mcheka-Chilenje biased

First Deputy Speaker of parliament, Esther Mcheka Chilenje on Wednesday had bad blood with opposition members of parliament when she exchanged words with some backbenchers while challenging that she cannot be intimidated.

Deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

Deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

Chilenje had verbal clashes with Mzimba Hora MP, Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira and Dowa East Parliamentarian Richard Chimwendo Banda.

It all started when Mzomera Ngwira rose on point of order to speak on issues to do with Ministry of Health but he was ruled out of order before he finished his contribution.

The deputy speaker accused Mzomera for dragging the issue of fuel for ambulances, saying the Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume had already addressed.

This didn’t go well with Mzimba Hora MP who rose again to clarify his point but before he finished he was again told to take his seat as he was not given the flow to speak. But Ngwira was defiant and continued to make his point.

Ngwira told the House he would never contribute when deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje was on chair, angered that she was not recognising him to contribute.

“Madam Deputy Speaker madam, this is what always happen to this member when he want to contribute, he is always blocked when you [Mcheka Chilenje] seat on that chair.  I wonder why? Now from today onwards you will never see me standing or raising my hand to speak on anything as long as you are the one seating on that chair. I will never speak,” said conspicuously irked Ngwira amid applauses from the opposition benches.

The matter went personal as the two exchanged bitter words and the deputy speaker invited the MP into her office to resolve the matter amicably.

Peoples Party  (PP) chief whip in the house, Ralph Jooma also accused Mcheka Chilenje of failing to stamp her authority in controlling  unruly conduct of some ministers and deputies who he said had tendencies if just standing and start speaking even before they are recognised and given the floor unlike the opposition benches who are always stopped  when such happens.

“We  wonder from this side if rules and standing orders are only applied on this side only and not our colleagues on government side,” Jooma said as opposition members were shouting in agreement to what he was saying with others overhead saying “ndi wa DPP uyu not independent [Mcheka Chilenje is affiliated to ruling DPP and not an independent member ].”

Jooma’s remarks came after Mcheka at several times stopped Dedza East parliamentarian Juliana Lunguzi from speaking.

The Deputy speaker was at it again when she lost her cool and exchanged bitter words with Dowa East MP Chimwendo Banda when she refused to recognise him to speak for moving from his place to another seat.

“Honourable  member I will not recognise you, that’s not your place and you know what our standing orders says,” she said.

But Banda answered her that his microphone on his seat is not working and that he wrote her a note on that, saying  he never got any response from her.

The deputy speaker insisted not to give him a chance to speak and Banda continued to speak on point of order.

“Honourable members let me say this, I’m also a human being and I’m bound to have reactions and emotions as well.  Sometimes I hold my emotions and let me tell you members that I can never be intimidated by your actions here,” angrily Mcheka said as government were cheering in support of her.

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peter misomali

Democracy at its best…lol !!!


Iwe ndi munthu ndithu. Did you think you are an angel?

Max Phiri

Why is she wearing that stupid wig just like our useless judges who does nothing all day? Its all bloody show and now substance. How will we ever make progress with people like this?


To say the truth she does not qualify to be speaker. Anangomusankhila kuyela kwa jaribuko but otherwise she is dull.


AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Iwe ndikumakuonatu


How can we get rid of this one from that position? She is stubborn indeed.

chatonda mvula

Mcheka is clining and cheating DPP as if she belongs to DPP so that she can get off the hook of her corruption house case. In Nsanje she is from a very bad family. They shout at everyone as poor and its sad she continues with this behaviour. Zza banja ndiye forget, she is very bad mannered. Khalidwe alibe at all.

Shame on her.


Dpp iwinanso 2019 ndaonera ma MP opanda mwambo a Opposition hheeeee mcheka chilenje go deeper


Mcheka do you know kuti amzako adafela on the same chair. be careful we’re watching you.


what we saw dzulo is pure hatred . the member wrote the speaker a note twlling her all microphones in that line were not working but the speaker did not reapond to that only to argue with the member when he had to go to anotheg seat. pure hatred and not fitting the position of deputy speaker . eshiiii we watched with dsmay

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