Done deal! Malawi Savings Bank, Indebank sold

It’s now official, government has sold Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) sold at K9.5bn ($21.1 million) while Indebank has been sold at K6.7bn ($14.9 million).

Done deal Signing of documents to seal the sale of Malawi Savings Bank to FDH of Thom Mpinganjira

Done deal Signing of documents to seal the sale of Malawi Savings Bank to FDH of Thom Mpinganjira

Time to smile the Malawi Savings Bank is all yours now, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe hands over documents to Thom Mpinganjira of FDH

Time to smile the Malawi Savings Bank is all yours now, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe hands over documents to Thom Mpinganjira of FDH

MSB has been sold to FDH Financial Holdings Limited whose chief executive officer  is Thom Mpinganjira.

The signing ceremony toook place on Thursday in the capital Lilongwe which saw Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe sigining on behalf of government and Mpinganjira as the new owner.

Malawi government now holds only 25% shares in MSB while FDH Holdings has 75%.

President Peter Mutharika said in a statement that government has sold the banks after listening to public debate and based on powers conferred on him by the Constitution.

“The general public is , therefore, assured that the sale of the government shares in MSB shall not, in any way, result in closures on any branches currently operating throughout the country,” said a statement issued by President Mutharika’s press secretary Gerald Viola.

The new MSB owner Mpinganjira also assured that no branch will be closed neither will employees lose their job.

He said that was part of the bidding requirement.

Public outcry and parliament forced President Peter Mutharika to suspend the sale of MSB which had reportedly been weighed down by bad loans.

Reports indicate MSB posted a pre-tax profit of K2.5 billion (US$6 million) between January and May 2015.

MSB has posted a 221 percent increase compared to the same period last year when profit before tax was K773 million (US$2 million).

The bank’s unaudited management accounts ending May 31 2015, show that MSB has made a consolidated pre-tax profit of K2.5 billion against a budget of K1.1 billion (US$2.4 million), beating the target by 126 percent.

The MSB management accounts report also show that MSB Forex Bureau, a wholly owned subsidiary of the bank, made a pre-tax profit of K186.4 million (US$414 222) against a budgeted pre-tax profit of K228.4 million (US$507 556).

In the past five years the bank only made a loss of K1.9 billion in 2014.

MSB has 74 points of representation across the country with a workforce of about 600.

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116 thoughts on “Done deal! Malawi Savings Bank, Indebank sold”

  1. Mackelvin Rodgers Chunda says:

    How do the Govt identify Thom Mpinganjira to buy MSB?

  2. Anzeru ndinu says:

    Gud leaders .bravo guyz

  3. nzanani phumisah says:

    Ngati nthambi sizikubala zipatso kungozidura. Even muti fwiiiiiiiiii fwiiiiiiiii mungovutika. Inu munali kuti?

  4. Olobodoka says:

    Mugulitseso dziko lina ndifetomwe anthu mutchule ndinu okuba inu ndipo palibeso azakuvotereni ndiposo kwanu sikuno ubwerere komwe unachokera mwana wa OBAMBA IWE stupid……..

  5. The government that doesn’t listen always does that.

  6. Nzeru says:

    Pleasurre govt

  7. Ndipake a Malawi tizingotchona basi.udzilamulile wekha iwe pitala.Ugulitseso dziko la Malawi

  8. Senzo says:

    I said tabetsa dziko ndi Pitala and Nyasa times was awash congratulating Peter for grabbing power by all means. Now here we go, brace yourselves for more, ma blackouts ndi awa ali mbwembwe, no water, next we know fuel queues will be back, next it will a repeat of July 20, and next…… same oh so!! going circles! Cry my beloved country Malawi

  9. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    Mugulitseso MBC and Reserve Bank sizikutithandiza olo pang’ono .

  10. Chidzukulu Chakwitusya says:

    Malawian’s never voted DPP…Malawians were batryed by this party.they are trying to recover the money they had spent to rig the selections. Thom should know that politics is a dirty game come another regime these things will need answers yo why FDH was the only bank given to buy the bank? Remember “Ana amulungu sankhale akulira masiku one amoyowawo ndichani chongamulale ambiye Mulungu wachilingamo Ndi wachikondi”

    Thom should have learnt from Multi….those business people who hide under politicians do not lust long


  11. Alungwana says:

    So anything that doesnt make profit must be sold?

  12. Works of a devil, votes, stealing, Banks stealing! Did Mulli paid back all that loan? Why Thom Mpinganjira the only individual interested in buying MSB? In conscience things must get connected; Peter Mutharika has bought MSB not Mpinganjira. You can choose to play a hidding game but with GOD such things are impossible. Bingu tried this before but died a miserable dealth, lets see where this Peter Mutharika and his Mulli will take this to? Mulungu siwosewera naye. GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

  13. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Gone at a donkey price. Izi ndi zofuna a Malawi to vote for mbava….We are paying it expensively.

  14. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Many supporters of the sale are doing so because of the economic sense in this transaction. But others see tribal favoritism, and nothing else. Wrong: many of the strong supporters are NOT even aLhomwe. I guess it’s not only MCP and Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula who are seeing tribal ghosts around every corner, after all.
    Saying this is aLhomwe issue is like saying the whole tribe will benefit from this. How preposterous is that? Would our very capable finance minister Gondwe engage in something of this magnitude just to benefit one or two groups, rather than the whole nation?

  15. wakale Geo says:

    MSB is like a fruitless tree ,that’s the best thing

  16. Senior Citizen says:

    Kenako agulitsa sajika munthu ameneyu

  17. Zagwa Zatha says:

    I haven’t heard the president talking about bad loans obtained by companies like Mulli. Amenewo zili pati. Malawians are interested on the loans not closing of branches. Tell us when are the loans that the business individuals took from the bank be repaid. Why have you sold the the bank before those few people have repaid the loans. We are watching, and Malawians will speak when the right time come.

  18. Hungerman says:


  19. Banzo says:

    I think Government can not be mad by selling this. Only for that some of we Malawians we are stupid. We are used to aurgue for no reasons. Malawi need strong leader like this one. We cannot keep on going by saying majority wins what about if those majority they are poor minded people ? which is exactly whatis happening in Malawi.

    Peter and his cabinet they cannot be stupid by selling MSB . Lets accept it and see the next step ahead. Ena tikungotsutsa opanda back up point which means tikungotsutsa chitsutsira. Our proffessor please do not listen to some of we Malawians, we are stupid and we don’t know what we want. Role this government for the betterment of Malawi. Do not favour any man fear God and ask his wisdom so that he can show you the way. Amalawife ndife osayamika. Mulungu akutsogolerani ndipo Malawi azachita bwino.

  20. jose k says:

    bolani zisapange cash gate paja simuchedwa amaliwongo inu, mufa imfa yowawa mungoyerekeza muwone.

  21. White Thamanga says:

    I think MCP knows the deal.

  22. thinktankmalawi says:

    And issue of toxic assets. .solved. ..multi has won

  23. Proffessor Arthur Peter Mutharika says:

    Zina zikubwera limbani nazoni a Malawi anzanga.

  24. mwanamulanje says:

    mwacita zanzeru! wolamulira adzioneka, si JB tu uyu, the opposition knew gvt was wasting money by keeping the MSB in its hands. Opposition wants us to continue suffering so that they can look smarter. cimodzi mwa zolemetsa za boma cacoka

  25. In the know says:

    There no denying that Government has cheated on the sale of MSB what will prevent it from cheating again on the recovery of the toxic loans? This is a triumph of Mlomwe Muli.Shame Shame Shame

  26. Arick Chiombagaga says:

    Ok! But what Mr president should know is that, most Malawians including Arick Chiombagaga Shema Phiri and all those who have liked this comment are loosing interest towards DDP for its unrespect to the views of ordinary Malawians. A good father respect the views of his children even if it is against his views. Kind regards as you go on your way out of government very soon.

  27. ZOBE says:

    Based on the powers conferred on him by the constitution… Nde aphungu mukuletsa? Funa musinthe constitution? 25% share ndiyambiri ku govt!!!

  28. councillor says:

    malawians have lost a bank and Goodall Gondwe was cartooning himself watching tax payers money being wasted in parliament discussing a done deal! Really? Amalawi omwe mudavutera DPP musalire, ndizomwe mudafuna. What a dead nation!

  29. Bank yanuyanu a lhomwe? that is irrational n irradical thinking! u mean the bank has accounts for lhomwe ppo only? no wonder u guys always think of receiving in alms.

    That bank is now for Thom n his families unless u tell me that u r one od Thom’s distant cousins. Or utakhala kwanuko u r nothing bcoz u dont really consider extended family members. Shame on u! m’malo moti ukhale busy kufuna chako chuma ukudziyika mgulu la anthu olemera kale nkumati ndi achibale.

    Selling of MSB means one general thing: APM n Goodall are both cheat! Cardiac arrest is up next or panopa mutakhala kuti muli ndi ngilimbo yake.

  30. I miss macracker says:

    If only Mr Tenthani was alive, akanapanga analyse bwino. Mulli mkudzati fyuuuuuu! Laughing all the way to the banquet. Mumati mutant amalawi fwefwefwe,

  31. geo stream says:

    Caught off guard with pants down. Nyasatimes and local news have always told us that MSB is toxic and no serious buyer will purchase it. Too late a tactic to convince us the bank was making profits. DPP government is too smart. You can’t out do these guys. Bravo Thom! Bravo Goodall. Bravo Malawi

  32. Kadakwiza says:

    Now I understand why northerners want to move out of this stinking, poor country called Malawi and be independent. And I can see this is going to happen very soon. Soon north will be independent state. Northerners are hard honest working people. But what they got in return is a plate of shit. Time have come to rise and do something.

  33. Wapsa tonola says:

    zachidziwikireni kuti alomwe simungathe kuthandiza mtundu wa amalawi kwanu ndi kuba basi mwawina ndinu

  34. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Peter ndi Goodal akuchita phada pa mseu wa tar

  35. max nsani says:

    Parliament gas been completely ignored and its views disregarded. It’s a clear screw you to parliament….if ever there was such a thing as contempt of parliament, ground fo an impeachment of a president, I think this could be it. Opposition check the laws carefully, engage lawyers and and comb through the laws of the land….you can’t yell mw this this clear disregard of parliament is fine under our laws. What happenned to checks and balances, the principle off consulting the people’s representatives before disposing of the peoples property? Koma Malawi??!

  36. michael says:

    Malawian government officially doesnt have a bank of its own.Its a shame, out of all 11 banks in Malawi.How can this be..Malawians we have been swindled ( no one came to the streets no revolt)
    A livelihood of a country gone to an individual (No one knows who owns FDH who are the share holders??) Maybe Peter himself manourved a game plan…..Its a shame
    I researched it seems Press Trust owns 50% of NB…..Now who owns Press Trust?
    Isnt it the money Kamuzu stole?
    Are we this stupid….
    What can we proudly say *this is ours*

  37. bob says:

    Goodall Gondwe mwachekura, zeru zamara mmutu. Mukusekerera waka viri vose na uchekuru winu

  38. Zangwali says:

    Penapake kape ndi amene wagula yonso. Iyeyo samaona kuti a Malawi akudana nazo zimenezi. Mapazi ake ndithu.

  39. John Muchizi says:

    Today Mulli and APM should b

  40. BigMan says:

    Congratulations, this is excellent news for the banking sector and the Malawi economy.

  41. The Brother Leader jamahirya [email protected] central. says:

    Eeeee bakili adagulisa makampani aboma.
    Eeeeee ife tizabwenzeresa lero ndiziti?
    Kenako muzagulisa state house.
    Sikulina podzuka mamawa tizapeza ziko lathu lagulisidwa kwa anthuena

  42. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    May be this bank has gone for nothing , how do you trust these guys ? May be the MK92bn it’s part of the money paid for this bank ?

    Only God know .

  43. Ndatero ine says:

    Am not tumbuka but fuck off the lomwes you suck with this old scrap godall.i hate you pipo the rotten tribe

  44. Msowoya says:

    Anayiyambisa okha,ayigulisanso okha,acita bwino, vuto linalipo linali loti cipani ciliconse coliwa m’boma anthu ake amatengako ngongole mmene angathere ndikumalephera kubweza pgwiritsa ntchito mphamvu za cipani komanso boma,si akuluakulu okha a Dpp amene anali ndi ngongole kumeneko, PP nawonso zawo zili phwiii kumeneko

  45. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Good news its a liability to the nation . We cannot keep on owning a facility that milk its owner

  46. James says:

    Zomati atumbuka, ayao, asena…zachimidzi bwanji. Anthu akale kalenu mukumakonda zimenezo…tangofani bwanji kuti mchitidwe umenewu tisawutengele nawo achinyamatafe…mxiii…pathako panu nonse mumabweletsa kugawanikana pakati pathu…matter of fact pathako azigogo anu. Zitsiru inu, ifani ifani ifani pilizi…sitikukufunani Ku Malawi kuno.

  47. Alungwana says:

    These grounds were enough for the president to resign

  48. Chadya Mpunga says:

    Well done osamanvera anthu ansanje enawa sanalamuleko mu democray amango bwebweta they dont that they dont good job Goodall !

  49. Khwethemu says:

    Wat a joke

  50. Wachikond says:

    Anthu okuba kupha ndikuononga kenaka mutigulitsanso ife

  51. Mkanachigwada says:

    Atumbuka nonse mwania kumeneku….Muchoka nonse!! Bank yathuyathu Alomwe iyi..

  52. Giffy says:

    It was supposed to be sold……Bravo Goodal and Peter!!!

  53. At least they look happy about the deal

  54. Now that you have 9 Billion from the sell of the bank, pay cival servant salaries.

    1. Amalawi says:

      FDH did not pay a tambala my friend you are sleeping. Wake up Amalawi.

  55. Senzo says:

    nde zikamadzathera cardiac arrest mtsogolomo muno anthu ataukila muzazati ndi JB. Zoziyamba dala izi just brace yourselves for the heat

  56. Liness Moorr says:

    My fellow Malawians whatever APM is doing now he is doing that for the benefit of the nation, He might be seen today as someone who doesn’t listen but believe you me in just a few months you will see alot of improvements interms of Msb services, dont be deceived by these greedy opposition MPs. Running the government is a very serious business instead of the government concentrating on crucial ares you mean it should waste its time doing a retail business when there are alot of capable malawians who run that bank successfully?nanga akakhala foreigner mukanamusemera professor zinyau zingati? shame on you people who were very happy with the poor services that were offered by the bank and ti you politicians who were abusing that by defaulting loans, for your own information be ready to pay back ma 24million munatengato the honeymoon is over otherwise timagalimoto tanu mukuvuta natoto tilandidwapo !

  57. kwatirakwatira says:

    koma mzanga wina amagwira ku msb ndipo ankamuchemerera APM Atawinaaaaa pano ndikumumvera chisoni bola ine ndinavotera zinazi

  58. mahara says:

    whether your a DPP supporter ,when things are not going on well we all cry.lets love our country despite we belong to different parties

  59. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Government being run by a “trained dog”.

    You people I just have to declare my emenies lest you think I am hypocrit when I say something.

    1. Peter Muntharika – President of Malawi (despicable )
    2. Goodall Gondwe – Minister of finance in Malawi ( Bootlicking old man)
    3. Jimmy Lipunga – privatization Commission(CEO) = bootlicking person

    Reason for hating them. they have sold MSB at a VERY LOW PRICE considering structures like Limbe, Blantyre,Lilongwe and Mzuzu MSB offices and district structures or Trading centres.

    These people have already shared amongst themselves the proceeds from the sale.

    Effectively Malawi government is 75% poorer than yesterday.

  60. kabwilo says:

    Shame to government of malawi and the leaders. You have succeed what you wanted. Just a year from Elections, a bank has sold, to cover 5years term all Lakes and river will be on sale. All revenue from town and district assembly have been raised few month ago RTD drivers licenses have been changed

  61. JB Original says:

    All opposition parties, mps and your supporters who waste your time castigating Lomwe people on every national issue; know this: The Dpp will rule
    this country beyond 2019. If you think it rigged the election then God assisted them to do that becoz God can not be defeated by Satan. Keep on showering them with your insults which God will turn them into blessings for generation. Ask JB, will tell you more.

  62. Andilendile says:

    A dark cloud hovers over Malawi again. Last time it was when an innocent youthful life was lost in Mangochi on account of a stollen vote. Thieves had raped Malawians and they are raping Malawians again. DPP is a bunch of thieves, this time, they aim to turn MSB a cash cow to finance their DPP shaddy deals, and support their lhomwe bretheren.

    But in all this, Good-o-Gondwi does not seem to see that he is being used as a tissue paper. the poor guy is a slow learner. He was used by Bingu and when his usefulness was over, he was shoved off, and he cried mia-culpa, ndipanga chani ine. Today he is smiling, but his smile will be shortlived, watch this space.

    As for Malawians, we are too docile to allow this go ahead. Jessie Kabwila and others who have cried hoarse over this sale of our national asset have been ridiculed and called all kinds of names – soon they will have the loudest lough when we all shall be witnessing the same suffering we have gone through with Bingu. Lol!, The folly of voting. The other day someone opined to say in democracy, fools can be voted into power because many fools voted them in government for lack of a majority of rational thinking. Birds are coming home to roost.

    Malawians wake up! How long will DPP be allowed to steal from us? My heart bleeds.



  64. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Di phi phi woyeeee

  65. big boy says:

    What about ngongole zija

  66. Gulugufe says:

    Jimmy Lipunga is an idiot! He is happy with just a VW Touareg pomwe anzeche are swimming in billions from deals that go under his nose! Stupid man.

  67. Zovetsa chisoni. The nation is disjointed, no shared and collective vision. Mawa tiva kuti ena a DPP are behind this Mpinganjira guy. So Mulli wins and the nation looses. God will not allow this and a way will be found to redeem this lost property.

  68. Mute Gama says:

    Point of correction here. MSB has been sold to Old Mutual through FDH Holdings. This how dirty commercialization is in Malawi. Whatever ownership been portrayed here is to fool general Malawians because under law Old Mutual cannot own shares in another bank. Government, RBM, Old Mutual, Financial Intelligence Unit, Diplomatic Community know the source of this money. Laws in Malawi are for you and me, the poor.

  69. Bertha Chisale says:

    Good decision, this should have been made ages ago! Bravo APM! As for MCP, they are a bunch of bad losers, azingolira basi…..

  70. OBSERVER says:


  71. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Congratulatins a Thom Mpinganjira. We are proud of you. It could have been evil had “foreigners” bought it. Mind you, I dont have anythung against foreigners. The buying price looks right unlike the previous suggestion of K6bn. The govt has no business doing retail banking in fact the Bank should have been sold many years ago soon after delinking from Malawi Post Office.

  72. 2mbwe says:

    I am visualising better services in msb

  73. kamuna G. says:

    Atimaliza alomwewa bax, kikkkkkk!!!

  74. baggio says:

    nkhuku yokanganilana sigudwa,ampingajira mwanganizabwaji? zikayambira miseumu zikathele ma bissiness anu

  75. Christopher says:

    Izi zachitika apazi ndiye day robbery. Zikusiyana pati ndizimene mbava zikumaba masanasana ndi mfutizi. Mumngodikira budget ipange pass now you are happy. Ndalamazo mupangile maphwevuphwevu. Achina Mulli ngongole zija sapeleka chifukwa anathandiza achimwene anu. Muli nditsoka. Mulungu ali ndi njira zake zokulangilani. Ife sitingakukwanitseni chifukwa muli ndi zitetezo za a silikali. Yehova yekha ndiye akudziwa.

  76. baggio says:

    mkuku yokanganilana sigudwa,ampingajira mwanganizabwaji? zikayambira miseumu zikathele ma bissiness anu

  77. mulopwana says:

    whichpublic debate…never know there was one….agalu awa osamva ndithu…tiziwonera limodzi

  78. me says:

    A Mpinganjira mpaka blue tie. U dpp umenewo

  79. James Kaphulira says:

    His Excellency the life President Ngwazi Professor Peter Arther Mutharika ordered that the process be suspended pending consultation. How did we get here before wide consultation and announcement of the lifting of the suspension? was someone continuing with the process at the back of the President and the citizens of this great Republic????????? was that in order??? I smell a chitute rat.

  80. Mgawadere says:

    Ukayenda ndi Mlomwe wayenda wekha ndinkanena ine osayika afisiwa pampando a Malawi kusamva ndiye pano muziti fweee kodi mumaganiza bwanji abale kunja kunawala uku zikuposeni ndi mbalame zomwe kuchenjera abale aaaah inetu nsingopita kwathu basi

  81. Mzake wa Lafu says:

    If this is true then lets boycott. Everybody should get their money and let the lhomwe remain with the bank. We have so many banks these days. Malawians wake up. People are stealing with your eyes wide open. Shame!!

  82. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Just observation.
    -MBS is sold at K9.5b but has made a profit of K2.5b in five months.

    -Government says no one will lose his/her job- is that even when you are not making
    profits or its a lie as usual.

    – Branches will not be closed – Please close your branch in Dowa.

  83. CHIPAPWICHE says:

    Let the bank go moreover most people didn’t know it belongs to gvt. mwadziwa panopa and when it was in govt politicians just used to get loans and not repay. now the good thing is that all workers would be retained and even conditions of service might change to better munthu wakumudzi apa mukungomusokoneza mutu basi . Lets check where the money goes after sale that’s all

  84. sadrido says:

    Why not bought by DDP with K500B they stole from the government. That could be enough to be bought with K92B, the DDP party stole from poor Malawian.

  85. Chilongo says:

    Peter is no listening. Just yesterday MSB posted profits a and today we have it gone to Mlakho again. We need to know how to vote . DPP by nature is arrogant and this has been the trend all along. They are stubborn and arrogant

  86. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    MSB ikhala ngati FDH yopanga za Mpingo wa Seventh Day, antchitonso amakhala a seven okhaokha.

  87. ndadabwa says:

    a thom masiku anu achepetsedwa, Mulungu akukuonani. mwaiwala matenda anuwo muli nawo mnyumba mwanu mwagundika kupondereza a Malawi. mene mene tekelo ufasini

  88. Kwatha says:

    Ukayenda ndi mlomwe wayenda wekha

  89. Angry mob says:

    History repeats itself , thats what you get for voting for Dpp hehehe. Thom Mpinganjira is an opportunist ,taking advantage of the situation and buying MSB way below its market value anyway third world politics

  90. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    One year in the Office sale of MSB & Inde Bank ameneyo ndiye mulomweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  91. MinisterFinance says:

    We had already done the deal secretly. This was just to make the issue public. i wonder who disclosed the deal to reporters in the first place. we wanted to wait until parliament closes its meet before making this public. but now what can we do. In fact if you check carefully you will see that the ownership of the back changed on 1st June 2015 and not today. What the heck! Thom is a good guy. he will handle the bank…

  92. Happy Eduardo says:

    Bravo APM. Too much consultation in leadership does not work sometimes. As a leader you just have to be decisive and move. Please stick to your word that no Malawian will lose job and no branch will be closed. Now that the bank is in private hands, the owner should make sure that the under performing branches are resuscitated and begin to perform.

  93. Alungwana says:

    Malawians fooled again.

  94. Hey! says:

    Apa ndiye zili boo. All the fuss was just politics. Government has done well to leave business to private operators. Enanu mukuti mfwii mfwii, ndale mumazidziwa inu? Mumuonatu Jessie achita mapilikanilo lendelende ndi mzake mayaya uja maujeni lendelende kubwebweta ngati kuti sipanli consultative process. A lot of people wanted the bank sold some time ago. This was what transpired at a national debate moderated by Zodiac. Parliament is but one of the so many stakeholders, so majority wanted the bank to go. If you want to argue, argue in legal terms not emotions. Bravo APM for allowing people to voice their concerns.

    1. Robinho says:

      Musathamange blood achikulire. Bingu naye ankatokota pa Malawi pano, koma mapeto ake anafa ngati galu.

      No one was against the sale of MSB; what most people wanted was transparency and fair value. The President is supposed to exercise his constitutional powers by “doing right to all manner of people according to law without fear or favour, affection or ill-will…”. Only a handful of people have been done right by this sale; for the vast majority of us there has been a lot of ill-will.

  95. umziya says:

    The good thing the onse involved in the sale are old stuff and may be dying soon. Sadya nawo. Thats the good part of God

  96. mac says:

    Long overdue – government has no business in retail banking.

    Maybe the cash gate at MSB will end. First thing they should do is fire that whole management team – it was responsible for all the leaks that we saw in the newspaper as they tried to protect their own asset stripping of the bank during Bingu and Muli’s reign at MSB.

    And please close down the branches that make no business sense. I have been to several rural MSB branches where they literary have no customer for a whole day!!! Only government can run such a sham as a business.

  97. chithope says:

    Zakomela alomwe izi kamtundu kochepa koma kodzaza ndi ankutukuve izi zokha tionana mkhothi alomwe nonse munyamuke kwanu timakudziwa osationongera dziko

  98. poooooo says:

    Brilliant!!! Politicians were abusing the bank. Munthu wamba to access loan yaikulu ku Bankyi it was imposibo, koma ma politicians ndi anthu oziwika amakatenga and samabwezaso. Very good move government. I love u bcoz of ur strategic thinking.

  99. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Zokutha izi. Tom Mpanganjira, do not act as if you will live for ever. Being a lhomwe does not mean that you more human than other Malawians. Mulli did his part of collecting a loan without repayment and now secretly you buy MSB. This is day light robbery on Malawians.

    Ask yourself, where is Bingu wa Mutharika after amassing billions and constructing Ndata mansion? How many months did he sleep in that mansion? Of what use is it now? When people cry and you enjoy in your own glory, do not think it is a blessing.

    The founder of First Merchant Bank, where is he after all the money he amassed? So you think you wealthy people will live for ever. Let us wait and see.

    Peter Mutharika must be impeached NOW. We have lost confidence in him

  100. ken Mwambo says:

    So the President lied to the whole nation by saying he was suspending the sale, when he actually wanted the budget to pass first before going ahead with this obscene deal.

  101. Myao says:


  102. Joseph says:

    In 4 months, the bank made a profit of about mk3billion. But it has been sold at mk9 billion? has does that kind of Maths make any sense to anyone? And why do people get so aggitated when APM is reffered to as “proffesor of DOOM” or a “dubiuos scholar?”

  103. visit says:

    Sad day for Malawi. How can the DPP Government be so arrogant as to ignore a whole parliamentary decision? We elected the MPs but Goodall Gondwe was not elected as a minister and failed miserably to maintain his constituency. This is the same as the board ignoring the decision of the shareholders.

    Parliament should boycott the current sitting in protest. We Malawians should also boycott FDH bank alomwe bank..

    Kapito and Mayaya, let us hold demos in protest.

  104. Malawi says:

    Please God, you are the Just Judge. Nothing can be hidden from you? How long God can we endure this? How long God, please God come to our aid quickly.

  105. malili says:

    God have mercy on us poor Malawians! Mumadikira budget idutse? Mulungu akuona for your own information God has been fighting for Malawi and will fight again this time lets wait and see. Panopa Our help is in the Lord basi, not ma Judge, or anyone onse awoola basi christians lets wake up and pray! our hope is in God only! tione Mulungu wa Elijah ndi wa Baala!

  106. Equal Rights says:

    Good news…….let the banks be in the hands of private sector!

  107. zachepa says:

    zonse ndi nthawi komaso moyo basi

  108. moya says:

    By 2019 this country will b in tartars, we shall even sell our statehouses to the regime kahunas. Dr banda must b rolling in his grave.

  109. Myao says:


    1. Zahavi says:

      That might be National Bank,if earlier reports are to go by. Zikomo.

  110. Lucky Shawa says:

    I knew it

  111. Fido says:

    Ndalama zanga zisasowetu kumeneko kaya

  112. Achimidzimidzi says:


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