Donors insist no return to Malawi budget support: Channel  humanitarian aid to agencies

International donors, who provide 40 percent of Malawi’s budget,  have said they  will not be able to resume aid support to the impoverished country and they are  channelling humanitarian aid to flood  victims through aid agencies.

Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi, Mr. Kikkan Haugen, presented his credentials to H.E. Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika,

Norway still supporting development programmes: Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi, Kikkan Haugen, when he presented his credentials to President  Peter Mutharika,

Malawi lost up to 40 percent of the budget support it was receiving from foreign donors after the European Union, the World Bank and the United Kingdom decided to suspend aid pending the results of the government investigation into the alleged corruption scandal, popularly known as “Cashgate.”

This week the donors have said they won’t resume until the  “cashgate” puzzle has been resolved and until it has established better financial and management systems.

Norwegian Ambassador Kikkan Haugen  said his country will not return to budgetary support as confidence has not been restored.

“Despite stopping direct budget support, we did not stop supporting development programes in Malawi”, said  Haugen , as quoted in the press.

Britain has also ruled out immediate return to budget support and that its humanitarian aid for the flood victims is being channelled though non-governmental agencies .

According to published reports, the British High Commissioner Michael Nevin and head of its International development wing the Development for International Development (DfID), said they have  channelled through the United Nations (UN) some £3.8 million (about K2.5 billion) to support large scale food and cash assistance for vulnerable people nationwide.

Malawi Government has described the donors move to direct aid to the people as unfortunate, saying government had taken several measures to win back their confidence.

“We would have loved to have all funding to be dedicated to specific people. However, if they have decided that it would be best to help Malawians through NGOs and other agencies, that is their decision and
we will cooperate as far as possible” the Nation on Sunday quoted Ministry of finance and Economic planning and Development spokesperson Nations Msowoya as saying.

According to the paper, Msowoya  insisted Treasury and the whole government had undertaken enough reforms to win back donor support.


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68 thoughts on “Donors insist no return to Malawi budget support: Channel  humanitarian aid to agencies”

  1. Pinford says:

    We just need to be Patriotic and live for our Nation. God by any means…. is there. You must not forget that we are ruled by the Forces of Darkness…I mean by the Devil. Jesus will come back to fight the Devil and establish His Kingdom of peace and Harmony. Let’s forget Donors we have suffered a lot already. This is a good time to start working out an economic plan that will see us through and God helps those who help themselves . Stop swearing God he is there and He is a loving and Caring God. He respects our decisions and choices.

  2. Bomanile says:

    This (continued withholding of budget support) could be a blessing in disguise to allow government to become less dependent on foreign aid. Let the government continue programs to develop the country’s own production. We have too many shopping malls but very few factories to produce to fill our shops who stock up with imported products. We need to expand our manufacturing sector instead of continuing to expand our already bloated trading sector

  3. Bomanile says:

    This (continued withholding of budget support) could a blessing in disguise to allow government to become less dependent on foreign aid. Let the government continue programs to develop the country’s own production. We have too many shopping malls but very few factories to produce to fill our shops who fill up with imported products. We need to expand our manufacturing sector instead of continuing to expand our trading sector

  4. Bwititi says:

    Asatikwane apa. Anabwera kudzaba ndi iwowo. Nkhondo ziri mu africa spnosored by parasitic europeans kuti adziba ma resources, colonialsim genocide and homofagortry is their nature. Akagwere . The sooner africans realize this the better these parasites who have a savior mentality will be extinct. Wake up blacks osamango pempha

  5. Phyuta says:

    Who is asking donors to come back. They are also struggling to put their own economies back on track. We will go it alone with well wishers from the East. After all the East has a human face !!!

  6. ben says:

    Donors, it seems no matter what you do they dont want to help malawi. They are heartless people as the poor malawians are really suffering because of there decisions.
    Why punish poor malawians for the mistakes of politicians

  7. Pichi says:

    Ma donors ali mmadzi asiyeni ndi ndalama zao. Lets build our own economy ma guys. It wont be easy koma chako nchako. Tiyeni timvale dzilimbe. “Yes we can” Let this be a blessing in disguise.

  8. Barrister McLoyd says:

    Africa for Africans. Time has come to target NGOs and Development Agencies for country income. We should charge them heavily for freet of vehicles, spare parts and supply they bring to Malawi. We can introduce heavy taxation on NGOs both local and international, just like what we have done on fuel. Make NGOs bank transfers very expensive to increase Government Revenue. The same should apply to development partners. We should also introduce some collection mechanism on every income NGOs receives and spends locally in Malawi. That will help our Government to supply basic needs such as Education services, Health services, Roads and Infrastructure services, Energy services and security services without distress. We should have income collection of not less than K50,000 per every vehicle hired by an NGO for a field mission. NGOs and Development Partners have become the rich niche to heavily tax and raise needed money for the poor Malawians.

    We should also attract more competent personnel in Government by raising salaries of Civil Servants by 200% or more. Offer all Civil Servants hefty perks such as quality scholarships, medical schemes, cheap vehicles loans, education benefits for their children and house ownership schemes by extending Decent and Affordable Housing Scheme Programme to all Civil Servants. Let us also role out Big Loans payable within 72 months at 5% interests. Increase local travel allowance by 75%. This will automatically stop any temptation to steal money meant for the poor people in Government. This will also stimulate Government Expenditure and make economic boom a possibility with prospects for Malawi to be a middle income economy by 2020. Recruit more teachers, extension workers and artisans to fix government buildings to increase employment and reduce stress amongst qualified personnel who are unemployed.

    While we are doing this, let us also make it mandatory that each vehicle that is owned by an NGO should have new registration number and the cost for that number should be more that K200,000 per vehicle. We should also change the approach to ensure that no NGO implement its own agenda or loaf in communities. NGOs should not be allowed to propose useless agenda like gay marriage or just enter a TA or district with unclear vision. They should sign a contract and implement Government Programmes through the council. The signatories to the contract should be Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Development and Local Government and Rural Development. The contract should be legally binding to avoid bleaches and abuses. Furthermore, NGOs should only operate in a district after they have an approved project or programme that has a clear strategy, objectives, outputs, time frame and resources. I recommend that the de-registration of dubious NGOs should be done swiftly to ensure that no NGO in Malawi uses poor Malawians as a bait for self enrichment and that NGOs and Development Partners should never have an agenda whose nature is to promote poverty in Malawi. Government is Government. Malawi is Malawi.

    As we do that, let us punish severely every person who was genuinely involved in Cash-gate Scandal. There should no sacred cows, there should be no favourtism. There should be no regionalism, no nepotism in handling Cash Gate.

    With these few points I propose creation of special courts at National, Regional and District Levels to deal decisively with Cash-Gate Charges and Total Empowerment of Law Enforcing Agencies to clear Cash-Gate cases within next three months.

    The departure of aid in Government is a blessing to Malawi because these donors were simply forcing the Government to develop policies and strategies that were not tailormade to the needs of Malawians. Time is now for Malawi to develop her on agenda for her development. Time to find our own path to prosperity is now. Economic Independence for Malawi is now. Malawi can follow the Asian tigers. Malawi can follow China. Malawi can follow Japan. Long Live Malawi!

    Long Live our Genuine Democracy.

    Time To Act has Come!

  9. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    K92 billion?

  10. salavador says:

    Bravo donors! This move has been long over due. Much as we know that your expect your budget support to be paid back by allowing you to influence the decisions of our govt and that sometimes the positions you promote dont sit well with popular culture and beliefs in our country, we do appreciate the unconditional support you are giving to Malawians through the NGOs. this is the way to go. Our govt milks more than enough taxes from us, enough to openly bribe journalists, build ndatas, etc.. please never give them any penny until embezzlers are brought to book.

  11. Aidgate says:

    This is exactly what Bingu did. He borrowed money and pumped it into Malawi economy just before World Bank/IMF officials came to review the reforms, the Monetary officials missed this fact and Bingu got away with it. Mathanyula has done the same, he borrowed money from Mota Ingil ( against all advice) unfortunately for him the World Bank/IMF and Donor community have outsmarted him, they are aware of this trick. Malwians we need to brace ourselves we are headed for extremely difficult times. Lets not be fooled by Mathanyula and his cronies. Mabvuto alipo sitinati.

  12. baba says:

    Operate on zero budget, close all CSO’s as they are the ones which bring confusion of governance in African region. Why should NGO’s in Africa have so much power than the governments. A country cannot develop with brief case or family civil societies to be entrusted by donors than the government. Do NGO’S construct roads,schools, hospitals, health centres or any infrastructures that will benefit Malawians in long term? NGO’S SHOULD LEAVE POLITICS TO POLITICIANS.

  13. OKEFA says:

    Ma donors kumaiko kwaonso chuma chikuwamvuta asatinamize awa. They are just putting too much strings on us. kungofuna kutivutitsa. Kagwereni uko ma donors

  14. Chatty Man says:

    Thank you so much donors for this. I trust NGO’s they can do better than this govt.Shame DPP govt!

  15. nyika boys says:

    What you call ‘donors’ are actually ‘lenders’. We repay their monies with interest remember? We don’t need them at all. If anything, they make us poor and poor. Let us learn to walk on our feet like Kenya, Uganda. Puppet leaders like joice banda and changerai need no space in Africa. Bravo DPP. Bravo Malawi for the Zero Aid Budget.

  16. apao says:

    In exchange ndi ziwalo za. Anapwele aja amapedwawa inu kumachula mulungu, yor

  17. NYAKWAWA says:

    Ma donor anayambapo kukhululuka koma vuto ndi NAC-GATE

  18. chigawenga says:

    Stupid DPP administration does not understand what the donors are looking. or is it shear ignorance at its best? I think APM has amnesia. The writing on the wall is loud and clear! bring all those involved in cash gate to book. Hold all those that swindled state resources accountable that includes you and your boot lickers Mr president. I feel sad that you think you can hood-wink not only the donors but also the citizens of this country. I am glad the donors can see through your attempt to fool them. We on the other hand will continue to communicate with them and expose your corrupt ways. You can bet the donors also have received our expose on how you have borrowed from katangale Mota Engil to prop up the kwacha. I feel sad when the World bank pulls the plug your kwacha will never recover. Ask ugabe what happened to Zim economy when he tried similar tactics. You can not run a country economy by borrowing from credit predators. You are mortgaging our country for your own greed.

  19. I last time said NGOs may perform better that Government itself, and am happy that all aid support are directed to NGOs.I dont know what Msowoya is talking about that Government had undertaken enough reforms to win back donor support yet they are struggling to finish Cashgate cases.Disturbing & stupid statements!

  20. Mbanangwa says:

    Whether the lessons learnt will make Malawi self reliant or not, one thing still remains STOP STEALING!

  21. jimbo says:

    No. 21 – Why are you bringing God into the discussion? What has God ever done for Malawi? The donors are helping the flood victims, not God. People help people. God is a figment of the imagination, he does not exist. Whatever you see around you in terms of progress in society has been achieved by people using their intelligence, energy and resourcefulness. The sooner you realise this and stop expecting God to help, the sooner the country will begin to make some progress.

    1. Mtupatupa says:

      The fool hath said in his hearth, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doth good. Psalm 14:1

  22. mlomwe wachitonga says:

    the oiboibo too much kunyada afuna apembezedwe, ofcourse simuthandiza MW but GOD will. nanunso andale kunyanyira kuba eish! God will punish you fr making poor MWs suffer chifukwa cha kusololasolola kwanuko.

  23. davido says:

    our country is OK without donor support and we are still moving forward. we’re God’s People.

  24. mwamwitu says:

    Nice comment from fathara I really agree with you that god is putting a test to our nation lets unite to defeat the devil coming in the name of Aid.

  25. fkr says:

    No one trusts Peter. We don’t trust him and the international community don’t trust him. Why did he want to be president when he knows full well what his brother did and he will never get support? Why not step down and let someone who knows what they are doing run the country. Look what a mess we are in again.

  26. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    These donors have their own agendas. The govt needs money in order to effect the required reforms they are talking about. Channelling their aid through non-governmental agencies is suspicious does not make any sense because that is implying that those non-governmental agencies are pure and perfect. Every governnment in the world has some thieves but they are allowed to function as long as they keep thievery under control and bring the culprits to book. These Azungus don’t like educated Africans to run the show in their countries. They are obssessed with planting their stoogies, “the Azungu Andiuza type”. Let’s break away from them be on our own. Once we start producing our oil, grow Indian Hemp for export, dig our own gold everything will be OK. You will see how they well come back or distabalize the country like they are doing in DRC. Kick out the Australians at Kayelekera and replace them with the Japanese or Chinese. We are sick and tire of these neo-colonialists.

  27. maziko says:

    They should never never at all try to chanel the aids through the gvt of this day. Let them continue chanelling the aid through these non gvt agencies

  28. wangalusa says:

    If I were a nation supporting Malawi, I would as well have stopped giving budgetory support because of the same concern that money is stollen. Churchgate is also a common thing in many churches. Funds raised during papersudays is sadly stollen by those that manage church funds. Burdening believers with unnecessary church projects so that you have a bag full of money where you can dip your hands into. Tiyeni tikhale okhulupirika posamala zake za Chauta. Ndikunena inu amene mumakhetsera dovu chuma cha mpingo. Church projects take long to finish because of blind followers of Christ who eat without shame before God what fellow believers have given to their God.

  29. dadaboma says:

    If govt cannot utilize the German donation of huge sums of money to help it probe the 92 bn Kwacha theft from 2005 to 2012 then forget about wining donor confidence back. The problem is with DPP/APM not donors. I urge APM to use the money availed to him to probe the 92 bn cashgate scam and clear the current scam and put in place stringent watertight financial management strategies to avert a repeat of this scandalous and debilitating theft.

  30. Think Tank says:

    Without cashgate we would not have known about thievery in the corridorsof power politically,civil service and commercial world. It is a blessing. God was tired of thieves. We now know people wallop in luxuries out of theft. As for donors’ stance,we started the ball: zero donor budget as our elections battle cry. Let it be so until we publicly pronounce we have failed.

  31. Muru says:

    Its indeed possible to stand on our own without the so called donors. Lets move away from dependency syndrome. Lets unite and make Malawi reach, lets learn from Quaetar.

  32. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Very straightforward issue: Kodi Munthu woganiza umathira madzi Mu ndowa yobooka? Imafunika kuyimata kaye zibowozo, kenaka mkumathiramo madzi. Sikutitu ma donors wa ali ndi mitengo kwaoko yomwe masamba ake ndi ma £ 50 notes! Ayi – we are talking of western taxpayers money. Even Malawians in diaspora contribute to these taxes (ma shift atawathyola misana pamenepo!). Tsopano makobidi okuti ena ake avutikira, komanso akuyenekera kuthandiza a Malawi osauka, si bwino kuti ma shasha adzikakhala akugulira Miller, Heineken, Amstel pa bwandiro! Ma hule pa MaChina kumwa Hunters/savvana koopsa! Chibwana chachikulu! Tiyeni tiyambe tatseka zibowozo kuphiriko, kenaka ndalama ma donor adzayambanso kutipatsa.

  33. Tiyanjane says:

    Many of us Malawians do withdraw monetary support to our extended families when we notice misuse of the funds by relatives we try to help. We may cut remittances when we see the cash going for beer binges instead of basic households needs for a brother’s family. Some of the measures we take is to pay fees directly to the brother’s children’s schools so that the children do not feel (much) effects of our punitive actions on their father’s mismanagement of financial assistance.

  34. Jelbin mk says:

    If I promise to take care of someone’s child school expenses and all the time I transact funds into the father’s account the father embezzles the funds and gives his child half of the required amount as a result the child is oftenly returned from school. Then I get the news that this is what has been happening for the past then years then I ask the child to open her own account so that his father doesn’t access the funds anymore. Then the father gets angrily with me which is obvious and I won’t be surprised because he was getting something out of it though unjustifiable but the most disturbing thing will be to hear the child himself pouring insults at me for trying to help him. I’ll continue helping the child if I understand that he suffers from mental retardation otherwise pulling back my support won’t be a sin before God. But fortunately our donors didn’t do that so lets praise God.

  35. RSB says:

    Good move donors , don’t ever think of resuming aid to politicians. The fact is the politicians were the ones getting the donor aid not the poor Malawians. Bakili Muludzi stole donor aid money, Bingu did the same and died with bags of USD in his house, Joyce Band also stole billions of tax payers money that afford her to have a six month vocation to US. Not even one of them has been taken to court and convicted. Now the current government is comprised of thieves from Bingu’s cabinet pegging for donor aid for themselves not poor Malawians.

    My appeal to donors is that don’t support the budget again, the way you have chosen to help poor Malawian is the best way and the support will go to intended people not to these thieves who are crying on media houses .

  36. Desire says:

    Nanga dpp mkuliranji? Ma donors akuthandiza anthu oyenera chithandizocho. Chonsecho mkufuna ndalama zibwere mmanja mwanu mgawane. Mwawuponda. Pitirizani kuthandiza amalawi inu madonors through NGOS omwewo ife tikukondwa

  37. gogoda says:

    You are given 11 billion for investigating 92 billion DPP cashgate but nothing is done you are arresting only account clerk leaving main big fish all this donnors are just watching and if donnors are ressuming aid through ngo is there anything wrong kapena mukusowa kosolora molta and ngo are rulling the nation mumaona ngati udolo pobera mavoti Mulungu amakhala ndi njira zake zothana ndi chinyengo 2019 tikusankha MCP tidzaone momwe mudzazembere kuba kwanuko

  38. muonosile says:

    These stupid donors want to use CSOs as a gate way towards fulfilling their stupid agenda of homosexuality because they know already that the CSOs are supporters of such stupidity.

  39. This was supposed to be done many years back,but still it’s not too late we will see what are they going to steal fuck the so called politicians.

  40. Kenkkk says:

    Some comments here are very stupid and myopic. Donors are still helping Malawi, they haven’t abandoned us. Why is the govt insisting on donor money to go to it when the same money can reach the needy quickly through other ways? Why do you want donor money to specifically come to you thieving DPP govt?

    This DPP govt is still thieving, cashgates are even getting worse, show us and the donors what you have done to bring donor confidence back? You have done nothing. Cleaning up this govt and cashgaters will take years not 7 months you have been in power. Piecemeal achievements or solutions can’t bring back donors to support our budget.

    At the moment we should just work with the zero budget and aim to be self sufficient without the govt relying on donor budget support. We should actually stop this and never again include donor money in our budgets.

    Let them help Malawi through their own donor means. They are still helping us that is the most important thing.

  41. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    The Government pletty well knows that no direct budgetary support will resume unless issues like Mk92 billion Audit etc are quickly resolved. Blaming donors for our own failures to do the right things will not help the people of Malawi. This is a World of Interdependence and we need these donors for our smooth running of the public service. No amount of brain washing will chamge the status quo.

  42. Tiona. But know that muumodzi muli mphamvu.

  43. Fathara says:


  44. chakwanuleka says:

    Only fooling DPP supporters will denounce the action by the donors because most of them are thieves. Otherwise any sensible person knows the genesis and for DPP in particular, its their 92 billion yet to be investigated

  45. Nyamakumutu says:

    You can keep your money to yourself but our life is in the hands of God. Behold our redeemer lives and one day we shall see him on this very face of the earth. Can you remind me about the date you stopped supporting our budget. Have we not existed as a Nation. We will live on and on. But what you should know is that the time is coming when your nations will also be in need and China the New Supper power is coming we will make friend with him. After all we are surviving and we have even forgotten that you stopped supporting our budget.

    1. Nyamakumutu you must be still asleep.China’s economy has now plunged down so low that they don’t have thr guts to fund you Assholes.I believe you benefited from k92 billion and you are surviving on it.keep on snoring!

  46. sizinantole says:

    Stupid donors stay with your money. .the bible encourages us…if God cares for the bird what more a human being therefore do not worry we what you shall eat or wear God will never leave you to totter…the good thing is that donors are not GOD. We will survive

    1. kadamanja says:

      Another sick bird who knows nothing!

  47. supuni says:

    We are surviving! Let them go with their aid!

  48. zilipo says:

    Why so arrogant fellow Malawians? I thought there are requirements set forth by donors that our government is supposed to meet before aide can resume? Did our government address those requirements? Our attitudes may send wrong signals to our leaders. We need to tell our leaders to hurry up and address the issues we have. You want donors to pour money into a place known to infested with thieves before addressing the same? I don’t think so!

  49. BUGUDOSHI says:

    Stay with your moneys if we are poor leave us alone we got used to be like the way we are.fosake

  50. i always wonder how others behave when commenting issues.politics of hatred will take us nowhere.what the donors have priotised is a clear indication that they want all malawians to face it thick.All this comes in because of jealousy,selfish NGOs in malawi.You donors Must know this fact that your continued support to malawian NGOs is distabilising Malawi.If you stopped funding NGOs in Malawi,they could stop writing nonsense about mother Malawi. They convince you donors with their false accounts against Malawi Govt.wake up donors.You are only making NGO members rich not helping malawians with the strategies you are undertaking.

  51. mulibwanji? says:

    Mbuzi! Osanganena kuti nanunso muli mmavuto adza chuma bwanji?
    Vuto la a Malawi kupembeza anthu ofila khungu too much.
    Musatinamizire ife a PP. It’s Chakwera who is conniving with donors to do this evil thing. M’mbusa wa fake ameneuja.

  52. opportunist says:

    Kuphaka life too much in Malawi

  53. Mphwache says:

    Seriously, if you were a donor and this was your money, would you be happy to assist the Malawi Government with budgetory support?

  54. Bravo donors! We must learn to provide for own tummies.

  55. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    More than 100 % I support what they have done , DPP won because of stealing votes. Don’t trust this government of crocks .

  56. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Let it be. The cashgate scandal appears to have been a well planned and coordinated move by those in authority then. There are so many puzzles to what transpired and even after it was known. However, the donors seem to be hard hearted. Even non-governmental organizations have their weaknesses but what is important now is to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims. As a country we must reduce dependency syndrome. It is a tough path but rewarding after sometime. It might be a challenge because of Malawian politics and way of thinking. People seem divided to deal with a challenge and slowly we are losing nationhood.

  57. Tengupenya says:

    Listen carefully and act strategically. The donors are saying you have not done enough to win back their confidence. Cash gate is everywhere and you may have just seen the tail of it. Go deeper!

  58. Floodgate says:

    Kikikikikikikiki unfortunate….??????? Way to go Donors!!! These fools must learn we need to move away from donor dependency it’s a bitter pill to swallow but all those good for nothing advisors need to show us what stuff they are made of. What are they advising Mathanyula

  59. Malindima says:

    Fine! We will strive to cover this 40% by ourselves. Gone are the days to rely on someone’s pocket for your budget. Kenya, Uganda stopped this rubbish long time ago. That is why Museveni did not hesitate to sign the gay bill into law for death sentence to anyone involved in same sex marriage. Way to go Malawi; no turning back to the wazunguz.

    1. Todd says:

      You legitimately believe Kenya and Uganda does not receive aid from western nations? Hard to “strive” to cover a 40% budget when corrupt people pocket it. You have a lot to learn, my friend.

  60. khamani!! says:

    This is good … We need to figure out how to stand on our own two ….

  61. Coach says:

    Azungu ndi zitsiru amafuna ma Africans opepera ngati Joyce. Tikuchitisani manyazi muona and uchitsiru wanuo we will show the world that we can.

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Beggers are not choosers so dont insult them because they have chosen a different way of supporting your country. Their money, their choice.

  62. Zili bwino. Anyani akuba inu. How I wish the donors had taken this measure way back from the days of Muluzi. We would have saved so much misused money

  63. Mwatipweteketsa inu a cashgate.Basi nzoti kumangokhutitsa mimba zanu.Ambuye akuyankhuleni mwapadera. GOD BLESS MALAWI!!!!

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