Donors still lack trust in Malawi govt financial system -DfID

There is still a lack of trust in Malawi government financial systems following the cashgate affair which started in 2005, Britain’s Department for International Development (DfID) director in Malawi, Jen Marshall, has said.

Marshal: Still lack of

Marshal: Still lack of trust in Malaiw government financial system

She said with the lack of trust, donors including Britain are using off-budget support which she said, does not use government financial systems though it does use other government systems

Marshall made the remarks during the High-level Forum on Development Effectiveness in Lilongwe on Wednesday when she defended the recent increase in off-budget support by Malawi’s development partners in the 2015/16 National Budget rolled out on July 1.

“With lack of trust in government financial systems at the moment, this mix now includes higher levels of off-budget support,” she said.

Revelations of the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill which British forensic auditors, Baker Tilly, established to be K24 billion between April and September 2013.</forced donors to withdraw budgetary support and have seen a policy shift among most bilateral donors in favour of delivering aid through off-budget support.

And PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report from the examination of public finances from January 1 2009 to December 31 2014 released last month,found that at least K577 billion—around 30 percent of total expenditure during the five-year period—was abused and a forensic audit of the dubious transactions is yet to be conducted.

Marshall explained that through he off-budget support, development partnes alignment continues behind activities and objectives in the national development, sector plans, ministry strategic plans, national reform plans and district development plans.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe said government has been making improvements in the management of public finance.

The DfID boss said they have noted the launch of reforms but stressed that implementation s critical for donor confidence in national systems.

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27 thoughts on “Donors still lack trust in Malawi govt financial system -DfID”

  1. Sd says:

    we dont need donors,they shud sort their own mess in the EU..

  2. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The word trust is now a common well known name by Malawians because it starts right away they way we Malawians choose our leaders as it is always fake , it all started with Bakili Muluzi .

    People from the north and MCP members did tell all Malawians not to go for a thief Bakili Muluzi but all Malawian citizens from the South Malawi they openly told their fellow Malawians to say that they would rather go for a six pence thief than a fellow Malawian from a different region other than a Southern Region. Because of the over population of the Southern Region and rigging Malawi will never have a good leader apart from these dunderheads from the Southern Region of Malawi.

  3. matako says:

    Muthalika can not be trusted by donors or any of his people. He is a pathological liar. He does not convey true characteristics of a leader. In order for a leader to be effective he has to be accountable and transparent. APM is not. I would highly encourage the donors to be very circumspect with this corrupt man. It is not surprising that we are still having corruption in this country. The fish rots from the top down.

    1. powder says:

      kuzelezeka, its not about dpp or peter, its malawi! ngati mukufuna kulamula pangani kampeni not izo mukamba! unpatriotic citizen! mukhala choncho

  4. Hello says:

    This is crisis at it’s best. glad to hear that she said it in front of Malawians and within the capital city. Supporting pple who can’t be trusted is like putting your hard earned money in the stream where the water will wash it away. I am a donor too and I can tell you that helping people is so draining and exhausting especially with this habit of making oneself rich. I do not blame them. Trust is earned and it’s not easy to be trusted again once you lose it. So Good luck.

  5. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  6. shame on donor says:

    Western donors you must be very embarrassed. After pouring the so called donations for 50yrs there is no development in Malawi. Now with our own taxes we are beginning to see light.

  7. Useless Donors says:

    Dear white people and your gay and blood money. Time for relying on aid is finished. Malawi does not need aid. You will soon lose your colonial grip on Malawi as it strives on its own to run its affairs with its self generated resources. Watch this space.

  8. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    Inu amuthalika kodi ndalama mukuba zo mukazidyera kumandatu? Inu osatengera po phunziro pa achimwene anu umo adaferakoma vindalama viri mzipinda ku state house? Mulungu akuona…

  9. phwiyonaire says:

    Iwe ‘trie bie boku’, Malawi is not poor because of our colonial masters. We are poor bcoz of ppo like u who instead of taking responsibility, u r stil blaming the Britons 51 years after independence. Grow up! Its not only Malawi which was colonised by Britain.

  10. Joe Dumakuve says:

    How could you trust somebody who could bloat his assets by making 830 million kwacha by distorting his handwriting and he never even apologised to Malawians to whom he imposed himself by stealing votes.He is totally there to enrich himself in old age as he failed to make a fortune in the US where he laboured most of his life.He wants to make billions in old age like his greedy deceased brother.

    1. Joseph Moyo says:

      Amalawi ambiri ndi ma slow learner ngakhale kut saziwa.azunguwo akusowa trust nanga osapita kwawo akakhale bwanj?kuno amaoneka madolo pamene kwawo mmakape.ngat akunenaz nzoona bwanji samathesa ubalewu?eee nyumba yanuy ndyokhota koma ulimomwemo?Bingu genius adat chokan?MuGabe adat chokan?mochedwa mpamene anthu enafe tizaone kut angotitaisa nthawi azungu.adathawa nkumat kulibe migodi nzawo apeza ku kayelekera.kungomva kuli mafuta awa!chimdidi.surestream!aziziwonera pafupi.Za muntharika mmene amalowa m boma adali mphawi ngat enafe?nsanje bas mukadakhala oimba mukadakhala aja omangonyoza olemela ngat akuwasaukisa ndiiwo.asalemele munthu wachimwa?iiiiiiiii abale tiyeni tipange zathu tisalimbane ndi ena.kod akasonga sadapange nawo chisankho?amalekelanj kupambana?olo titaponya lero chisankho angapambane mavoti ake saizi za nsapato aja?bolanso amai olo muluzi osangozitaya bwanji?ndye akasongawo mavot adapeza aja akadakhala kut ndi munthu wina iwo afunsidwa kupeleka komenti akadalankhula bwanj onse andale cant b trust dont cheat me none of them can devolop this country but to enrich themselves.

  11. pat says:

    Please you mzungus dont give us any aid. Tikalemera you will think kuti talemera because of your aid. God has blessed us and we are getting rich because we have been blessed and not because of your aid.

  12. Kk says:

    Its right, donors will never trust malawians as far as peter z still in de position of presidency + his entire followers .we r tired of him n i support katsonga basi

  13. kkkkkkkkk says:

    Britain hiding behind the mistrust within accounting system.

  14. Trie bie boku says:

    Malawians our poverty is due our Colonial masters, Britons. These are very stingy donors. They have many strings in their cash bags. That is the reason why many auditing firms are in UK like Enerst Young, Dettoiee, PKMC etc. Had it been that in the 1800s, we were clonised by Brothers of Cardos or Major Sepa Pinto from Portugal or Deucscueespq from German we could have already developed. But with Britain as our colonial masters, we are going to sweat until they see us dropping the last drop of blood. Its not strange that Britain is going around the world telling people out there not to come to Malawi. For sure this is the time when we Malawians should start working hard and turn our back to west world while we are facing to East world with our begging bowl as long as these east worlds do not overpopulate our country.I knew that this is what marshal, a woman who is is always considerate will say. Look at Motor Engil from Portugal, very generous even beating BFID support. This time you will cal us by various names like bag snatchers and country with untrustful accounting system, but no body will chase you from here. Pro Mathanyula is a better person than his late brother who showed you on the way to the islands.

  15. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very closely until 2018.

  16. Palikanthu says:


  17. inkata be says:

    DPP woyeeeeen zala mmwamba. Kuba osaba one billion, koma timabillion tingapon. Ndiye mwanarume, achalume or men not bways

  18. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Here are the donors, despite the plunder of money in IFMIS, they are still assisting Malawi outside the budget. What donors of good will we have!!!

    It must be an initiative of the government to discuss with donor community on how this confidence can be revamped. If anything, the donor community must play a role in managing the financial system.

  19. phwiyonaire says:

    Dear ‘donors’: if u really want help Malawians, dont put funds directly into government coffers. This system is hopelessly infested with thieves from the president down to the accounts clerk at the local departments. Fund the projects you are interested in and oversee the implementation closely, u simply cant trust these Malawians.

  20. MKWAPU says:


  21. Thats what we Malawians want, to be punished ourselves, This is true, If we follow it, This is what DPP does through the finance minister G.Gondwe, and now the same person is here again on the same position,while things are still sinking, but we Malawians we are also still clapping hands for them, what the meaning of that my fellow Malawians? Tingati ndife osaona tose kapena kupusa komwe tili nakoku? Let us avoid to choose some-one on the position because of kutchuka ayi. Malawiyutu akugwa pasi, mapeto ake tikhala tilibe ndalama yathu.

  22. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I glad that Dfid did not stop giving aid to Malawi. Well done madam.

    Government officials should stop blaming the accounting system. Even if the accounting system had a defect/error, it will never stuff banknotes in cars and drive away.

  23. Nyau Isthobwa says:


  24. HILL says:

    Mufinyeni mpaka ma Billion adaba aja atuluke

  25. Omex70 says:

    Sure! Even we , Malawians have no trust in the people who are handling our finances. They are the same crooks who have been stealing our money since 2005 up to now. Though they are too old to make right decision they are clinging to their positions because they want to continue milking us of our cash.

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