Donors unlikely to resume aid in Malawi – Goodall

Western donors were unlikely to resume aid to Malawi as Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has said the donors are pulling out in many countriee, news reports said on Monday.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe: Donors pulling out in many countries

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe: Donors pulling out in many countries

“I would like to emphasise this very strongly. We should not proceed on the premise that the donors will come back with their budgetary support purses.

“We could have budgetary support from World Bank, the EU, the African Development Bank but I would have difficulty in proceeding on the basis of expecting bilateral donors to come back because they are out of countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Mozambique. I think they are getting out of many countries,” said Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe.

Gondwe was quoted in the local press speaking at Financial Market Dealers Association annual conference.

Malawi lost up to 40 percent of the budget support it was receiving from foreign donors after the European Union, the World Bank and the United Kingdom decided to suspend aid pending the results of the government investigation into the alleged corruption scandal, popularly known as “Cashgate.”

The donors have said they won’t resume aid until the  “cashgate” puzzle has been resolved and until it has established better financial and management systems.

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46 thoughts on “Donors unlikely to resume aid in Malawi – Goodall”

  1. jojo says:

    Goodall don’t close our eyes, the same donors have spent so much to bring the audit report open so that chilungamo chidziwike and you may punished. DPP ndi Iweyo are swisting the truth. Remember one day God will reap you the way He reaped the so called inherited Ngwazi.

  2. munthu wina says:

    Let them go, its their money.We should start working hard using the abundant resources that we already have, i believe ten years from now they will feel ashamed!!!

  3. Happy Eduardo says:

    Mr. Dowa idzakuphani dependency syndrome. I am not sure how you manage your home-may be you depend on your parents to feed your family.

  4. wiveee says:

    Goodall why running away from the truth. donors dont want you steal public funds but you still want steal by not closing the loopholes in the IFMS. Donors want you to deal with 2009-2012 cashgate by DPP (which is not possible anyway). How did they fund you forensic audit if they are not ready to assist? Dont cheat us like your grannies asaa!~

  5. Mr Dowa says:

    Tanzania,Rwanda,Mozambique, Zambia and now its Malawi? kikkkkkkkkk Mr Gondwe why these donors did not started with Malawi? the ans, is they lost trust in you guys period!
    Musatiname odala ingonenani zoona kuti team yanu ndiyowola,palibe dziko lomwe lidzayende muno mu Africa popanda kukhal ndi olithandiza mark my words, mind bwana, you cant compare yourself with Tanzania,Zambia,Mozambique,eiish sorry wawa

  6. bwalya says:


  7. Jason says:

    This is good news! We should stand on our two feet, people need to start paying for everything hospitals, schools etc. Nothing should be for free, may be the chimpanzees (malawi) in thus country should stop replicating like mice.

  8. Bandawe says:

    No problem our president is is a multi-millionaire many times over. We all heard it its on record.

  9. Dausi Phiri says:

    Let donors go for good for us to start from a scratch and have a stable sustainable development.Zongolandira anthu amangodya ngati masuku chifukwa sanazione kuwawa pozipeza.

  10. Victor Raymond Fumbula says:

    With all due respect i have for you Dr Gondwe,its truth time basi.The donors have stated their stand about aid,bring to book the thieves,try them in the court of law then sentence them,no questions asked.Justice has to be done for the sake of taxpayers money of almost 17 Million people.There is no running away!!Sefa yowulalana iyende basi!!

  11. Victor Raymond Fumbula says:

    Then if they are pulling out Dr Gondwe,then it a wake- up call for the DPP Government to bring to book all the people hu stole money at Capital Hill becos failure to do so will make Malawi to still experience a painful economic meltdown.Ululanani basi m’bomamo!!hahahahahaha…

  12. nachisale says:

    We don’t need donors with their dead aid. They give us aid and rob us twice as much in international trade. Let Malawi stand on its own two feet and we dont need donors to control our economy any more.

  13. Mavuto alipo says:

    Stupid Malawians with their tribalism in picking up some useless leaders.Donors have pulled out.Malawi has come to a halt.Nothing is working at the moment.No drugs in the hospitals,high rate of unemployment,standards of education have gone down,poor infrastructure and you come to wonder how Malawi will advance with myriads of problems deliberately made by a few greedy people heading it without the regard for ordinary people.Malawi’s leaders are only interested in feeling their tummies.Your can even look at how big Goodall’s neck and his tummy is?Amalawi tilira sitinati.Ichi ndichiyambi ichi.

  14. Bambo a mwana says:

    I am happy that goodall just thinks donors are pullung out their financial support to various african countries: but before coming on the podium, did goodal try to find out from the countries he has mentioned why donors are out?

    asekulu agondwe zomelezgani mwachekula zeru nazo zachepa. sono kwakhala waka vibwebwe no fundo mbuzi iwe.

  15. Kenkkk says:

    This godwe is really stupid. You and us agreed the implementation of zero donor budget, so why are you still expecting donor support money? zero budget means exactly that, we don’t expect any donor budget support.

    You should be talking about how we should strengthen our zero donor budget and not about expectations of donor money.

    After all until you dpp thieves kick out double standards and start admitting the obscene thieving that took place under bingu as well rather than trying to hide it, no donors will trust you or us all Malawians. Peter always becomes myopic when it comes to cash gate scandals under bingu, for him cash gate Is only that under jb. You are punishing the whole Malawi just to save your skin, utter selfishness instead of admitting bingu cash gate so that donors can resume and help most Malawians.

    Donors are waiting for bingu cash gate scandals to be exposed, please for the sake of the millions of Malawians, just admit that under bingu so much
    was stolen and it is one of the route cause of economic and social development problems of the country today. That money could have helped a lot of Malawians out of poverty and diseases, could have saved lots of lives.

    So you Gondwe, until your thieving dpp thugs admit their cash gate, please don’t patronise us by telling us about donor money expectations. You know there are no donor money expectations while you are refusing to deal with the dpp cash gate.

    You are prepared to kill the whole country by refusing to deal with the dpp cash gate. You are selfish thugs, you dpp top brass and gurus.

  16. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    I share the views expressed by Mr Francis Kaisi. What is more, as a country we do not impress anyone with our extravagance ( including spending on so many State Residencies, very costly vehicles by cabinet members, travel expenses, and blantant barefaced theft). What are trying to prove to the World?

    Then there is the development priorities. We do not make sense relying on rain-fed agriculture in a country with so many rivers with year-round water to say nothing of Lake Malawi and generally good soil. Where is our pride as a people?

    Let’s also try this:
    1. At least three times in a year the President and ministers should go round the country hold business meetings with people at TA’s and Paramount Chiefs’ head quarters. These meetings should not be political rallies with the pomp and show of party members dressed in party colours. It should be a business meeting at which the Predident/ministers explain Government policies and what has been done. Everybody must be absolutely free to ask the Predident or minister on any issue affecting their area or the country as well as disagree with policy or action of Govetnment. This is accountability; this is shared responsibility regardless of party affiliation. These meetings should not be political meetings.

    2. Hold an Economic and Social Development Summit to map out key policy areas for national development. Again, we cannot afford to be policizing every issue. After elections we must coalesce and work together to push the national agenda forward.
    3. We need a 30-50 year vision for the country covering economic development; social development; political development and other areas. National Budgets and all policies must be consistent with the achievement of the vision.
    4. A Permanent Planning Commission must have full custody of the vision and ensure that all activities produce the necessary synergies for the realisation of the vision.
    5. After 50 years of attaining political independence, we ought to be mature in our politics, be civil in our disagreements and respectful of each other’s differences. No one has a monopoly of all knowledge at all times. We must be tolerant of each other without tolerating theft and other forms of lawlessness regardless of one’s social or political status in society.

    In all this leadership matters; what is even more, civil society must be vigilant and not
    be complicit in the malaise created by political leaders by keeping quiet

  17. Mr Chamwaka nsokho wakale says:

    Foolish Africans. When an economy tinkers like its doing in Malawi and Zambia, you need to sit down to find out why. The principals of economics and the mechanics of how they work are fairly well understood. Take the case of Zambia, their Kwacha was bouyed by commodity trade, they sell copper to China, getting forex in so doing. China economy has shrunk some, the demand for copper has gone down, forex reserve has become low and the kwacha and Zambia economy has shrunk. Now do you need to pray to fix this? No, I say. Find a copper substitute and sell so you earn forex, ask zambias in diaspola to send money home, give tax breaks to invite FDI etc, meanwhile, be rational spend your forex prudently and you will scale over this problem. God gave us black people the wisdom like all races but black people we never ever want to find solutions to our problems. Rather donors should give us aid, food, medicine, etc what they heck are we here for then? Just fucking and drinking? I am happy donors have stopped giving aid, never bring your aid back you bastard donors!!!!. We have enough fresh water, arable land, millions of unemployed youths and 9 months sun shine every year. If we die of hunger and our children get malnourished its because we so wish, being fools we are.

  18. Kenkkk says:

    This Gondwe is really stupid. You and us implemented the zero budget, so why are you scorching donor

  19. guarantor says:

    So there was also cashgate in Zambia, Tanzania etc for donors to pullout………some,people are very dull.

  20. Zondi says:

    If donors are pulling out of Tanzania, Mozambique or Zambia it’s becoz the economies in these countries are performing well, inu Goodall Nkhalamba Gondwe. Musamatinamize ife anthu akumudzi

  21. Pat says:

    Ma donor alibe ndalama inu osavutikana nazo. Tiyeni tipange zathu basi. Thats how maturity comes

  22. hisbolla says:

    U can’t have a president at cloz to 80 with Badal at cloz to 80 n u expect the country to run?? Worse still, u marry a woman who can’t add VALUE to ur thinking AUNT GETU kkkkkkkk

  23. Charombanthu says:

    No one would want to put their money meant for the poor only to end up in thieves’ pockets. Donors wont waste their taxpayers money on us knowing that it will be misused and stolen. Unless we investigate and recover the K577 billion, K92 billion, K24 billion and Jet funds, we can as well forget about ever getting funding from these bilateral donors. I would do the same if I was in their shoes.

  24. mwachaje says:


  25. George Kamanga says:

    Goodall tell Malawians the truth not stories. Is it because of K577 billion or K92 billion or K24 billion that donors will not support Malawi?? It it because of that they are pulling out of Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania?? Goodall Malawians are not fools when they die in silence.

    Whatever you say but this is my Quote “Time will tell” by the late Bob Marley.

  26. mfiti mayaya says:

    We shouldn’t need donors to survive. And who said these money launderes are donors? We pay back with interest on whatever they loan us. Its time they got lost. Bravo APM, Bravo Lungu, Bravo Mugabe.

  27. Prison Warden says:

    And I hope they never return. maybe that way only people with a servant heart will aspire for leadership. Kukakhala phasulo kumachuluka atidye nao

  28. Prison Warden says:

    In other words “tilekeni tidye, no one is going to punish us”

  29. MaKopa says:

    Because of corruption thats why. Anyway hw long we wl live by the mercy of donors shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa clueless all these years of freedom

  30. Patriot says:

    Cheap politic talk gudulo.

  31. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    Donors told Malawi government what to do if Malawi wants them to come back but government officials don’t want to do I don’t know what they afraid. They don’t want lip service but actions. Remember they control global accounting systems

  32. Telling the Truth says:

    The truth is that Goodall Gondwe has run out of steam and a spent force. In other countries Goodall should have been fired or resigned for allowing the budget to go off track within the 1st quarter of the financial year. And he is openly lying about donors leaving.

  33. Barnaba Sila says:

    Looking at the facts which led the donors to pull out, 1. They pulled out towards the end of Joyce Banda ‘s term due to the cashgate scandal. 2. In DPP’s regime led by APM they have completely taken off even what remained. Looking at discussion in social media, radios and newspaper it looks as though we are branding APM as the culprit who has caused Malawi to waddle in these muddy waters, really? My analysis is that the donors were excited with JB’s regime to the effect that they pumped in a lot of much needed forex thinking she would be a walkover to implement all their wishes (gay agenda, change in mining policies favouring the western countries, etc) which were were not tolerated by Bingu. Unfortunately Malawians betrayed her by plundering the government coffers due to her naivety. With the return of APM, the donors are least amused to support the government for fear of repeat of Bingu’s experiences. Now the question is, how sovereign are we if we are caught between these forces – i.e failure to provide for ourselves and appeasing the donors for our survival? Are the donors serious by imposing on us to choose leaders who are in terms with their wishes? Now the donors are pulling out from many African countries like TZ and Zambia which have not plundered their public coffers. Malawians, it is time to wake up. Let’s become self reliant by hard work and prudence in caring for the little that we have. May God help us as a nation to choose prudent patriotic leaders who would inspire the nation on the path of work ethics. Not leaders who will become puppets of the whites to advance their ungodly agenda. As for Peter, I think he is trying to steer the country with the likes of Goodal Godwes and Chiyembekezas to survive the storms we are facing. Unfortunately we Malawians are failing to see their efforts due to the negatve perceptions we have for them. As for Chakwera I think he would do better if steers MCP from a regional opposition party to a national opposition party. There is fear for truly nationalistic Malawians that if MCP is given chance the party will only play the nepostic politics that the DPP is accused of. If DPP or MCP (not PP, PP has lost her golden opportunity due to the JB’s novelty) come of age to practice politics of national reconciliation, Malawi will develop tremendously and will stop depending on donor’s goodwill. MAY THE LORD BLESS US WITH WISE AND GODLY LEADERS TO BELLOW US FROM THIS MESS

  34. pakistan says:

    Leave the white man with his satanic monies. I think this is what the white man wants to do to Africans in this 21 st century.

  35. Even if it was me Francis Kaisi. I wouldn’t have dared to fund a country of thieves unless you do the following.
    1.Investigate and prosecute every body involved in cash gate without being selective.
    2.Recover all the monies by freezing bank accounts and all the assets
    3. Employ loyal and patriotic citizens in government departments.
    4. Implement good accounting system with proper controls to seal the loopholes.
    5. Introduce the life style audit to all government employee with the help of banks and
    other financial institutions.
    All this has to be practiced not preached, otherwise we will never win the donor confidence.

  36. mtate mike rsa says:

    The donors has lost trust in dpp plz badall and ur dudes understand wat the donors said u cannot be given the money unless u quit if not let the pipo die .Anyani a dpp inuuuu!!!! Plz just quit accept u have failed plz

  37. mtate mike rsa says:

    577 billion plus 92 billion adquate to run the government but now is for mulako and final touches at ndata,buying favoursfrom zodiac to announce
    Fake results of the election U EXPECTING EU,WORLD BANK,ETC SO YOU THINK THEY

  38. mbuje says:

    Why on earth should a country be crying to be a beggar always! Donors should not come back! Malawians should learn to stand on their own! Bravo Goodall Gondwe for speaking the truth to these beggar Malawians.

    1. Chimunthu Banda says:

      stupid comment

  39. becks says:

    Why give money to thieves? It doesn’t make sense anywhere

  40. botomani says:

    Cashgate is just a scapegoat here. The main reason is that donors have no trust and confidence in DDP administration and they are just waiting for the next election.

  41. Today's Quotes says:

    “Depend on others and you will go hungry.” – Nepalese Proverb

    It should be known . . .

    “The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.” – Voltare

  42. Peter27 says:

    Good excuse Goodall. Does that excuse the fact that they pulled out of Malawi because of cashgate and mapwevupwevu?

  43. becks says:

    Gondwe say also that donors are still bankrolling other countries such as Rwanda because of financial prudence and maturity in leadership

  44. banda says:

    So donors have already pulled out Zambia. Thus why our nebas have decided to trust their hope to our Lord by holding players. what about Malawi? All what we are thinking is presidency while it is already filled.

  45. WOPENGA says:



    ISSUES ?,???

    AT WHAT PACE ???


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