Don’t send me to Zimbabwe, asks Thoko Banda: Malawi new diplomat rejects calling Mugabe ‘idiot’

Malawi’s ambassador designate to Zimbabwe has asked ministry of foreign affairs to consider relocating him to another diplomatic mission apart from Harare after reports have gone viral that he once described President Robert Mugabe as an idiot and a horrible man in 2006 while he was an asylum seeker in Germany.

Banda: Send me elsewhere not Zimbabwe

Banda: Send me elsewhere not Zimbabwe

In a letter sent to foreign affairs ministry and seen by Nyasa Times, Banda said if he is posted to Zimbabwe, he fears the ties between Lilongwe and Harare will be sour because of his bad –mouthing to Mugabe.

Banda, son of veteran Malawi politician Aleke Banda, in 2006 described Mugabe – the man he will present his credentials to – as an “idiot” in an interview with a Germany publication The Foreigner.

But after Nyasa Times had done the digging to get that interview, Banda has now denied making such remarks, saying  “words were put” into his mouth.

Banda insulted Mugabe ostensibly to strengthen his asylum bid in Germany. He had left Malawi following run-ins with former President Bakili Muluzi and his successor Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

He told Zimbabwe’s The Sunday Mail that the stories circulating about his 2006 interview are “certainly unfair and very baseless”.

Banda claimed “ the article being bandied around is not a story that I sanctioned.”

He said: “Those people (the magazine) certainly had their own agenda. I think that is the most important point from all this. The article had a lot of problems, including having words put into my mouth. Beyond that, I think everything should be left to the (Malawi) Foreign Affairs Ministry.”

Banda said there is definitely no reason for panic because “that article is not based on anything credible. Beyond that, I don’t see any problem regarding the matter.”

He could not comment on his posting to Zimbabwe but stressed that “the people should be rest assured (that) there is no problem at all.”

In the interview which The Foreignor recorded and Banda at no point rebutted it until now, Banda said Zimbabwe has “an Idiot” in President Mugabe.

“This guy Robert Mugabe; I hope that he lives a very long time, so that one day he can go before an international tribunal. He is a horrible man.

“The only difference between Mugabe and some of the other leaders is that Mugabe hurts not only his own people but also foreigners. That is why they hate him so much in the West.”

Analysts in Malawi said although made back in 2006, Banda’s unguarded utterances could undermine his working relationship with the Zimbabwean government.

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117 thoughts on “Don’t send me to Zimbabwe, asks Thoko Banda: Malawi new diplomat rejects calling Mugabe ‘idiot’”

  1. Matthew Admire says:

    Shame on u Thoko Banda, the utterances that you made nearly a decade ago now haunts you, your utterances were unAfrican, if Degrees make people behave in the manner that you did l would stick to the primitive orbit. You are now making soup from the shadow of a chicken, your actions must be condemned ,you wanted to please the whites, be proud of your identity, don’t fool yourself, if the western media put the words into your mouth why didnt you cleared your name before, a white
    man will never love you , he can use you and dump you like a toilet tissue. Achimwene

  2. ngangaube says:

    musiyeni ameneyo aione DPP

  3. Limeneli ndiye dziko lapansi mr banda,titengeko phunziro pa izi.

  4. superboy says:

    Kodi thoko phiri nde ndaniso oti atisokoneze mitu, ndizoyamwila poti bambo akeso adali ofoila…

  5. Maria says:

    A nyasatimes you must very happy now that Thoko has finally declined to take up the post. Nkhani kumangoikoka ngati chani-what were you trying to achieve really? Though I like reading some of your news this is the behavior about nyasa I don’t like- unprofessional reporting bent on just destroying people’s lives even the extent of stretching the truth or lying!

  6. chimangeni chisewere ndi ana says:

    Thus why your mother burnt your chick near the mouth with hot water because of your mtudzu. Useless man. how can you dare comrade mugabe. If there is an elder in africa who care about Malawi under any condition it is mugabe. mugabe has done a lot to his people. What have you done to Malawi to describe Mugabe an idiot. Go to Zimbabwe when you are walking upright you will come while walking flat while looking up in a coffin. Check you lips. Useless Mtumbuka.

  7. Mirella K. says:

    If i were the president, i cld av insisted this Thoko to go to Harare or let the post go to giv lessons to other Malawians out there oti akakhala ndi azungu basi amangobwebwetuka zina zilizonse mopanda mnzeru kuti aoneke ngati iwowo ndi madolo than fans ili kwa Africa kuno…
    Zakutsatira lero m’pwanga…the Comrade you vilified there he is…ready to decide your FATE!

  8. Napho says:

    Like father like son, a Malawi have we forgotten the saying of Kamuzu ‘waboooza leni leni Aleke Banda’.

  9. Zondiwe says:

    Thoko’s late father refused to be buried in Nkhata Bay. People at Tukombo were very disappointed.
    He (Thoko) says that he is from Thyolo, hence he is not a Northerner.
    The majority of Northerners, be it Ngoni from Mzimba, Tonga from Nkhata-Bay, Tumbuka from Rumphi, Bgonde from Karonga, Lambya, Sukwa, Ndali from Chitipa are looking forward to doing our own things in a Federal set-up and be done with the daily insults from the people of the South.
    We shall overcome some day. After all the President is in support of our aspirations.

  10. Komadi says:

    Kodi Jane Kambalame mukumuchotsa for what reason. I am tired of this government their poor stance on women. You are removing women from prominent leadership positions and you are replacing them with appeasement appointment such as this one. Is he the only one in Malawi with brains? Why this uncontrollable need to just have him head a mission. Ambassador Kambalame is a career diplomat and a WOMAN. No shame!!

    1. Mwana mini mini omanga mvula, Amoeba says:

      Komadi mwayankhula zoona.

  11. Chinthu says:

    Apite ku Afghanstan ameneyo or ku DRC even ku Nigeria akakumane ndi Boko Harram

  12. verson says:

    Thomo Banda was right this man is horrible. The only problem I see in this whole episode is the denial by Thoko.

    Why cant he stick to his earlier stance on this dictator? The guy is horrible and full of himself.

    Be strong and courageous to yes he is horrible and I stick what I said. Whether you get the job or not its not an issue at all

  13. Limits says:

    This lunatic is so spoilt, he is so used to getting things his way on on a siver platter that he totally neglects boundaries. Thoko you do not dictate to the President what he does with your job, you have crossed the line buddy!!


  15. staniciuos says:

    no thocco or what ever you are called if it’s not zimbabwe then forget it, baba mugabe wants to close that big mouth of yours, mind you mugabe has pools of crocodiles he will throw you into one of these naste pools so that you should learn not to poke your nose into other peoples’ business

  16. montana says:

    leave him jobless mulomo wamusata

  17. Ameneyu asamupitisenso kulikonse ,he is a gold digger not a patriot

  18. Pulumodzi says:

    Ahhhhh! That guy is troublesome and with a big mouth! Discipline is in order if u ask me!! Kikiki!

  19. send him where,he can work need to debate about the far the man wasn’t very wrong.easy mr thoko,no 1 can steal your lucky

  20. JohnM says:

    Do not send him anywhere!!!

    1. Seasoned Political analyst says:

      #71 Agreed. Do not send him ANYWHERE. There are many, many eligible Malawians who can do Malawi proud ANYWHERE in the world. He has abused his position.
      That is the problem of appeasement appointments. You appoint individuals not on merits. Mr President food for thought. In any case why him again and again when there are millions of Malawians who should also be considered please.
      There are individuals who contested as MPs but did not make itand most of them are very capable individuals who can be better ambassadors for Malawi. Consider some of these irrespective of their party because they will be representing Malawi and not their party. Unity.!!!! BEAM!!!!!

  21. Mwananjovu says:

    A Nyasatimes chonde musiyeni Thoko asangalale. Always writing bad things of Thoko. Anakulakwilani chani Thoko?

  22. Gogo Pitala says:

    Just stay home. You have shown to be an opportunist and not a patriot

  23. john k black says:

    Who is the idiot here? This man should not go anywhere above office assistant!

  24. silvester wa ophee says:

    thats no good,a Thoko be ware,kanitsitsan ndithu.

  25. chamutchire mangani says:

    Imwi aThoko Banda mwalengesya mtundu wana Banda chifukwa cha pamulomu pinu. Ada bwana nkhalu yinu njimana zuwa liya mukutikana ta Tonga lumwi le nye . Tikuzomelezga. Msanawale mukana kuya ku zimbabwe chifukwa ukambilu winu wambula kuganiza va mawa mwaona sonu Mwana wamtonga watiti nkhalu yamampha ilusya kutowa kwamunthu so tchewa mubali waviyamba wija uvimalizgengi. So Alomwe wo watingi abali waku tioni po akutondoliyengi sonu . Ndajumphamu waka ndayawa mayani cha ine

  26. dingolingo says:

    Mwana wavutika uyu why last minute change from brussels to harare

  27. Bolamoyo says:

    Ukayenda siya phazi, ukasiya mlomo udzakupeza

  28. Malapwaphwala says:

    Kodi? inu a foreign affairs ophunzira ku Malawi kuno ndi yekhayu basi,ngati munthu akupezeka ndi mavuto ambiri chonchi! osatumiza munthu wina bwanji,iyeyu wapambana chani kweni kweni kapena chifukwa choti anapanga dzina kale,kuyambira lero aziwe kuti mulomowu umakusata kumayankhula motumbwa,lerotu face to face with Comrade.

  29. Nachika says:

    Ma Diplomats a APM amenewo, koma kuli kanthu.

  30. Naphi says:

    Thoko yu nso waonjeza bwanji? tilibe anthu ena sure?

  31. mpanyangu says:

    Akhale pansi adzidya chinangwa iye amayankhula asakuona kutsogolo zadala. Anayambana ndi Muluzi, Late Ningu and pano tikumva za Mugabe ndikhalidwe lake munthu ameneyu. apiteko akazionela konko. His father was a clever animal but I doubt if these characteristics are of of Aleke Kadonaphani Banda. This has to be a lesson to those of us with bad mouths hehehehehe kusemphana nawo udiplomat.

  32. wawa says:

    Bsi asapite ameneyu, nanga adzichita kusankha kopita as if he is the president? asi tiyeni tidzicheza mommuno man!

  33. King salijen says:

    Mugabe wil sort u out that man neva scared if u talk shit, basop.kkkkkkkk

  34. Mack Banda says:

    APM, do you mean that this Thoko Banda is irreplaceable? You mean there aren’t Malawians capable enough to be our ambassadors other than this useless dude? Come on APM. Appeasement or what ?

  35. Joorgen says:

    Mr President, next time you meet Thokozani Banda (if at all) may you please ask him why his 18 year old daughter is a high school drop out and see what lies he’s gonna tell. thanks

  36. Victor Phiri says:


  37. Reject says:

    Who is the boss Thokozani Banda or Peter Mutharika? someone needs to put an end to this saga. It’s getting really old now APM you need to stop this . This dude is delusional beyond comprehension.

  38. Mchimwene says:

    If Thoko Banda didn`t say what he is reported to have said then no need to fear going to meet Comrade! Akuopa chani. Nde kuti there is there is. Thoko cannot demand which embassy to be be sent to. A responsible ambassador should be able to work anywhere. But on second thought, maybe he should be sent to Northern Sudan or Somalia. That will do him real good! Kkkkkkk.

    1. Anonabhani says:

      I request you Thoko to go to Harare because those who assigned you to that country already know about the so called interview.
      Burry them and concentrate on new tides with Mugabe. He is old and knows that you said those remarks in order to gain some favours from the Europeans.

      Kukula ndiye kumeneku.

    2. jo says:

      Iran would also suit him well.

  39. Bongololo says:

    The appointment to the EU was made without proper vetting. But I am quite sure Thoko was posted to Zimbabwe while the administration was fully aware of the Foreigner interview and the despicable things he said. But Mutharika had to make the appointment as a clever way to get rid of the guy. So now my friends, Thoko’s political career is finally where it belongs; in the grave! Hehehehedeeeee uluuuuu!

    1. jo says:

      but to be fair Thoko was right, the old man BOB is an idiot, hurting his people and foreigners!
      I doubt if the Mutharika govt knew the story; I don’t think there are any geniuses in the team judging from the way they speak!!

  40. And at some point when he was coveting for fame, Thoko Banda said his mother is from Ntchisi?!

    1. APM says:

      Many know him as a Tonga from Nkhata Bay. But he blew our minds off when he registered himself as Thyolo boy simply because he was born in Thyolo (what a logic this boy has??) Now you say mentioned Thyolo? No wonder he refutes what he said and got quoted not by Malawi media but German media. We can argue that if it was Malawi media he would say they hada hidden agenda for him, but German media, my foot!! Either this boy is a complete idiot himself or he has unusual early dementia. Either way it was a grave mistake to even consider him for any diplomatic post. he is not the type of guy to entrust represnting Malawi culture. Or unless he was chosen to represent….

  41. chatonda says:

    This is what the books call the power of the pen is mighter than the bullet.


  42. Mbuto says:

    Iiiiiiiiih kaya! Check thisout

  43. kyroc says:

    be what u r Thoko. remember how long the night may last still morning will surely come. If u did not say it why r u afraid of meeting the big man in person? and if u meant what u said go and tell him face to face that there z an idiot in him. don`t just please azungu at the cost of ya reputation. anthu ngati thoko akupangitsa anthu kuganiza kuti achinyamata ndiopanda nzeru za umunthu.wake up thoko u dont need to b somnambulistic

  44. Angoni says:

    The government should not even bother consider sending him somewhere. He is not an asset and does not qualify to represent us anywhere else in the world.

    Apite azikangodya makaka uko…

  45. Thoko ndi chitsiru yekha ndiwa ku Nkhatabay yekhaso ndiwa ku Thyolo iyi tinenen kuti mbava . oasatumiza mbava kunja zikatichtitsa manyazi

  46. Bandung Cincau says:

    We don waan hear about dis guy guy enomor, why do you make hm larger than lyf? There are a lot Malawans fit for that post.

  47. Rothstein says:

    When Mr Banda was seeking asylum he had no problems with the interview, in fact he thought is was brilliant. He did it out of his own will to boost his Asylum application, he was never under any duress to do it he new he was being recorded and he says it in the interview and the audio-recording that I have in my possession. It is disheartening to learn that Mr Banda is now discrediting the interview because it is working against him. If my memory serves me right he actually requested to be interviewed thereby consenting to the publication. I’m disappointed with Mr Banda ‘s response and wish him well.

  48. Tambala says:

    Mr president, are you gonna let Thoko Banda play you like that.. Really ?? It seems like he has you wrapped around his little finger.

  49. Tired says:

    Why are we still talking about Thoko Banda??? Does he think he is indispensable???? There are so many able Malawians with no baggage that can serve this country with honor and dignity without embarrassing the president. Mr President or Mr Nkondiwa tell this Mtchona to chill so we can focus on how to stop the Malawi kwachas from depreciating so fast please!!!!, he is persona non grata.

  50. Kika kanawe says:

    This dude is full of contradictions if he didn’t say those words why is refusing to go to Zimbabwe?This puppet needs some sense to be pumped in his head.He better become a mini bus call boy he is not worth to be a diplomat. Or else he better shut up.

  51. Angel of Doom says:

    Malawians are very strange people, who I believe would sell their own mothers without bating an eyelid.

    It is not long ago when the same people that are calling Late Aleke Banda a liar, were calling him the best politician in Malawi ever, and the same people were calling on Thoko Banda to team up with Atupele Muluzi suggesting that the pair would make a very good team as President and vice president.

    Same people were calling the same Mugabe idiot for making his own people suffer, and for being friends with Bingu, and borrowing our hard earned cash and not giving it back when we needed it to buy food, or was it fuel?

    There is a saying “Kunja ndikuMpheto” indeed that saying is very true for Malawians.

    A Malawi kwao sikuchedwa kusinthadi.

  52. Issa Kabudula says:

    The story of Thoko Banda – is a story which is very important to this boy, this story will help the young man grow quickily in politics due to what he either said or made to have said. In Politics there is no bad publicity, pipo are buying this, who can stand Mugabes ways? Now Thoko Banda is being made to be a fearless young man to stand on the way of Mugabe, for me its Thoko is having free campaign from Nyasatimes and the media in general, come 2019 he (Thoko) will be regarded as the young man who is very brave to have spoken against Mugabe in London and appointed diplomat to Zimbabwe, worked with Mugabe and now ready for presidency – peope wil vote for and the west will help him, this is what happens in the world of politics, when you think u r damaging one, u sometimes raise the person higher…..

    1. Justice denied says:

      He is not a young man by any means. He is 50 years old, he is just short(, wopininbila)

    2. Justice denied says:

      Over my dead body!!! You are giving him way too much credit.!!!! He has a lot of baggage.. By the way he just refuted the interview, now he is saying he did not say that. Which Thoko Banda should we believe??????

  53. Mikoko says:

    Apa nde mbuzi inabala galu ndipo galu ameneyu anatenga mlomo wa atate ache umene Kamuzu anauwona kuti ndiwabhodza.This Thoko thing is a very useless thing you see it even eats its own eggs.

  54. Chilimba says:

    As crude as this may sound, this guy needs a dose of Electrical Convulsive Therapy (ECV) to shock him into reality. He is in Lala land. He needs to be brought back to reality. He is too stupid for his own good.

  55. DUDE says:

    Did he say Discussions????, he acts like the Malawi government is on its knees begging him to take the job offer. Thoko, let me remind you of one thing : The President has the Authority to appoint individuals as he sees fit. You do not pick and choose, you do not dictate to the president what he does, so chill! you are done!

    1. Malawian comedy says:

      My question is, this is now a third posting for him. Why are they so desperare to give him a diplomatic mission? Why? No wonder he IS DICTATING TO “the president”

      1. Justice denied says:

        Exactly, the foreign ministry needs to write him a letter telling him that he is a high risk and is therefore no longer considered for any government job period!!!!!. They are letting him dictate to them, that is why this man thinks he is indispensable.

  56. stupid says:

    How about a letter of apology fool? His face Book posting demonstrates just how arrogant and egotistical this dude is. He never does anything wrong he always finds someone to blame. He has the “hollier than thou” mentality. Not fit for a Diplomatic posting anywhere on earth. He needs to start his own business, go into farming or something,

  57. Mugabe says:

    Moto kuti buu ndiwe chitsilu

  58. Kristof says:

    What is going on with you and your daughter Sir? She is a high school drop out, you drag her everywhere you go, you share the same bed with her, she has no friends, she should be looking at university colleges now like most 18 year olds but you are holding on to her to satisfy your egotistical desires, you should be in jail for the mental and psychological abuse you have inflicted on this poor child. Is there a child protective agency in Malawi? or any organization resembling that?

    1. womenslib says:

      Somebody should look into these very serious accusations. If this is true he should be in jail. Where is her mother?

      1. Joorgen says:

        it’s a long and sad story. I just hope and pray that someday the mother will be able to tell her side of the story. It is sad that this lunatic has denied his daughter the love of a mother.

        1. Jenda says:

          The story about the daughter’s mother, Thoko’s ex-wife, is very sad indeed. Thoko Banda is such a cruel, evil man. I know the lady personally; she is such a sweet, intelligent woman; she has gone through a lot of pain being Thoko’s wife, ex-wife, and she has been denied the basic right to see her daughter for years. Thoko has such a demented character; that man is sick in the head.

  59. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    Vuto la a Tumbuka ndi limeneli. Kunena kwa ndithendithe

    1. Cashgate 1 says:

      Is Thoko a Tumbuka or Tonga? probably all northerners are tumbukas, just like all southerners are Lomwe huh? But this guys said he is somewhere from Thyolo is my memory is rebooting well.

    2. Waa says:

      Another Idiot

    3. Lilaka Nena says:

      kodi mmayesa ndi waku Thyolo?????? ananena yekha
      nanenso ndinkayesa ndi mtumbuka koma sanali mtummbuka…
      tinene kuti kale anali mtonga osati mtumbuka koma pano ndi mlomwe.

      muphunzileko za fuko lanu
      kumpoto kuli a tumbuka, a tonga, amnkhonde, a lhambia ndi a ngoni oyankhula chingoni…
      ngati kwathu kuli a yao, a sena, a lomwe, a chawa, a man’ganja,
      kwa gule wankuluku basi ndi achewa ndi a senga ndi angoni asatha chingoni basi
      muphunzileko za fuko lanu

  60. Dick says:


  61. mai nsato says:

    Thoko dont worry. First of Malawi will send your Agreemal to Comrade for him to go through. This will detail all your dirty mouthing whilst in Europe. He will understand because those fools in Europe fear him also like yourself. Thereafter he will forgive you like what he did with his worst son Thsangi. But he will just discipline you a bit, by panel beating your empty head the KGB style. knowing fully well that your dad spent some good childhood years in Cheghutu, mbale, chitungwiza, mashingo etc kikiki

  62. Mulhomwe says:

    This idiot from Nkhata Bay is not diplomatic material!

  63. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Ukayenda siya phazi, ukasiya mlomo umakutsata. Ndi zimenezo, musovenge ada a Banda Thoko, awa!

  64. Is it a must that he should be sent somewhere?

  65. mai nsato says:

    Kamuzu ananena kuti Aleke ngwa BOdza la nkhunkunidza zedi. Like father like son. Mwanayu ngwaBOdza la mnsonkhetsa ziKWAnje. Atiphetsa uyu. Atumbuka kunama basi.
    Mtumbuka winanso ku UK 2004 amanama kuti akabwerera kuno ku Malawi Boma lizamupha pamodzi ndi anake awiri. yeti this was a lady from Rumphi, paja kwawo nkumawanyasa safuna kupitako ngakhale aBambo awo aDuwe.

  66. Kalanga says:

    Does it mean everybody who comes from north z Tumbuka! Plz know that north has Tongas, Tumbukas, Ngonis, Nkhondes, lambias etc

  67. Bantu says:

    Why should foreign affairs still offer him a post elsewhere? Surely, there are many dignified people in Malawi who can do a better job at representing the country than this snob.

  68. Jamie says:

    Thats typical of people from the north. They speak as if there is no tomorrow. Eventually, it boomerangs. Just fancy how they bloodmouth others if they say anything opposing federalism. You forget governments keep your dossiers. Yet expect diplomatic jobs from the same governments. Suprisingly, all tumbukas educated or uneducated, rich or poor, young or old, villager or town dweller think alike. Look at how all of them supported Bingu, then Amayi and then federalism.

    1. Mchimwene says:

      Thoko said he is not from North, ask him. Kungoti vuto lake akananso kuti sananenepo zimenezi. Alibe pabwino mwanayu.

  69. ken says:

    wabodza wosakhulupirikaso mbuzi ka degeree kakoko sungafane ndi comrade mugabe ali ndi ma degeree 7 ndiye idiot ndi ndani pamenepa upite kwazungu komweko ukakwatireso mamuna mnzako ku africa kuno usapezekeso ulandidweso passport ya malawi.ndiwe wochititsa manyazi odana ndi chilungamo kufuna ndalama.

  70. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Mwina ndi magazi ake , pajatu malemu Kamuzu Banda adanena kale kuti Aleke Banda ndi wabooza. Bola kusiya phazi koma mulomou eeeeeeeee. Tangotumizani ena anthu onsewa?

  71. Kalulu says:

    In chess this would be likened to a good move – Only places remaining are in Iraq, Syria, and Afgnastan. Choose one my friend.

  72. Happening boy says:

    Kamuzu described Aleke Banda a cheat, lier wabodza, a got negates a got not a dog.

    1. jo says:

      well well was Kamuzu better than Mugabe? Both are idiots, hurting their own people! I wouldn’t trust what Kamuzu said if i were you. They guy said people were naked when he landed at Chileka from London in 1958. I have found no evidence for this statement

  73. Makwasa says:

    Spoilt brat indeed!!! There are so many capable Malawians that can represent this country with honor and dignity. The fact that you even wrote a letter to Foreign Affairs requesting another posting shows just how arrogant you are. You should be writing a letter of apology to the President and the country at large for embarrassing us dude!!! When will you get it.

  74. DPP MBUZI says:

    Whether you like or not, you are going to zimbabwe ukazionera konko

  75. Patriot says:

    And he looks like an IDIOT in that picture kikikikikiki

  76. Kent says:

    Thoko Banda is this not enough???? You want us to drop another bombshell!!!!. You knew you were being recorded it was not secret. Do you want the audio- recording circulated to the whole world???. You don’t get it!!! After those utterances you can not be a diplomat anywhere, you are very risky, you are done!!!!

  77. nkhedu says:

    ndi a yoonso eti. maphozi amenewa atithandiza koma?

  78. Kandiwike Kanundu says:

    Bwana President appoint this idiot as your advisor responsible for trivial issues.

  79. Deeply concerned citizen says:

    I am pushed by the excesses that are being reflected in the Thoko Banba – Zimbabwe posting. Listed hereunder are four multi million dollar concerns: 1. Who on Earth has proved beyond reasonable doubt that people from one corner only of Malawi have the propensity for ” bad mouthing?” 2. Who has failed to remember that one Thoko Banda was recently on social media defending himself that his origianal home is Thyolo. Please note : when he is seeking asylum, Thoko Banda is the son of late Aleke Kadonopani Banda from Nkhata Bay, when he is looking for favours, he is from Thyolo!!! 3. One Thoko Banda appears to have had problems with all the past Heads of State in Malawi hence his perpetual search for assylum ”in all reputable countries” and ”in all continents.” 4. What on Earth had the respectable President of the Republic of Zimbabwe to do with Thoko Banda’s frantic and endless search for assylum?? Plea!! As a concerned Malawian, am pleading with every countryman to desist from generalizing issues. Thoko Banda is an individual human being, wheerever he comes from. His outlook to life should not be smeered on all the people who share the area of Thoko Banda’s, origin be it Thyolo or Nkhata Bay as he claims!!

    1. My experience says:

      Thoko Banda behavior is typical of people from the North who are residing outside the country. I did my masters in UK, 6 moths through two colleagues from the North were seeking asylum! And this was during Muluzi era when Chihana was second vise president. It’s not generalizing, it’s fact. Very soon they will be using this call for federalism as a reason for seeking asylum, mark my word!.

  80. Wadandaula says:

    Siya phazi, ukasiya mlomo umakusata.

  81. Shushe says:

    He left the lip instead of the foot.

  82. eye eye says:

    Why should other countries accept such type of ‘(un)diplomatic material’?
    Wouldn’t the best for Malawi be to have somebody who is not ‘diplomatically tainted’!

  83. Wawaman says:

    This Idiot Is not from nyika republic, he already said he is from thyolo,then he can happily go to his thyolo and be given a plot at ndata for his fucken utterances.

  84. Tiko says:

    Crook uyu

  85. Nyapapi says:

    Why should he be sent elsewhere, how special is this punk? Just send him away!

    Let him get a proper job like the rest of us mere mortals!

  86. Akuliainga says:

    why not ask the Govt to completely delete your name and go nowhere mxii

  87. Moto kuti buuu says:

    This should be a lesson to all those Malawians abroad, especially those from Nyika republic, who have a propensity to bad mouth and provoke Government of the day so they can create a pretext for seeking asylum. In 2006 there was no prosecution of dissenting voices in Malawi, so this Tumbuka had to offend a neighboring country to find an excuse for staying in Germany. What a shameless lot of people!!!!

    1. Amayi says:

      Apa pokha a Tumbuka ndi akanile. Uyu anati ndi wa ku Thyolo musaiwale. Anakana zakuti ndi Mtumbuka.

      1. Baba wa Boyi says:

        “Apa Pokha” But otherwise you are just as bad.

        The things people say without knowing they are showing exactly who they are.

    2. sibweni says:

      This idiot has clearly stated that he hails from Thyolo.

      The question of tumbuka’s therefore does not arise and is a non issue.

      Get over your hatred for tumbuka’s.

      I think your comments are misplaced.

    3. Whayo says:

      Please learn to respect other peoples tribes. We people from the north are proud of being what we are. At any point in time we have never regretted for being Tumbukas neither have we been interested to be your ignorant tribes.

      Thoko is not a Tumbuka, he is a Lomwe as he claims, so why insult the Tumbukas. This is why we want to stand alone and we are surprised why you still call for ‘unity’ which has never been in the first place?

      1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

        Iwe Whayo: In one breath you ask others to respect other tribes; yet in another breath you describe others as “ignorant tribes”! What’s up, man? Show some consistency.

    4. Kanthu Ako! says:

      Banda is from Nkhata Bay, and Nkhata Bay is Tonga, there is no question about that.

      You have written your comment in English, does that make you an English person?

      There are Tumbukas in the North, and they are found in Rumphi, but their language, just like English is spocken in the whole region. That does not make everyone that speaks Tumbukaa Tumbuka.

      Admitedly, the Tumbukas were the first to embrace education in the north,(in the country really) hence the decision by Livingstonia mission to make Tumbuka the religious and academic language of the North except in Nkhata Bay where Tonga remained the religious language.

      The north has a lot of tribes, Tumbukas are just one of them. The Tumbuka chiefs are Chikulamayembe Gondwe and Katumbi Chawinga If you ask a northerner and they are not Chikulamayembes or Katumbis subject, they are not Tumbuka.

      You tribalistic comment is out of order anyway.

      1. King Cobra says:

        Yes, not every person from the north is Tumbuka….Another point of correction: Tumbuka is not spoken by all in the north, especially among the Tonga in Nkhata-Bay….. May you also consider that, historically, the Tonga, not Tumbuka, were the first to embrace western education in the northern part of the country. The Livingstonia mission (with their education) was first established at Bandawe (Nkhata-Bay), then moved to Khondowe (Rumphi). The Tonga language was not only the religious language, but also medium of instruction in schools, among the Tonga in Nkhata-Bay. The Tonga have never, and will never be, ‘tumbukanised’ by the church, or any other person.

  88. state says:

    Pakamwa,nthawi zina osamangoyankhula chiri chonse kuti anthu akutame chifukwa paka dutsa nthawi zimakutsata. Koma chonse ndachiona ine nchakuti mwanayu ngwabodza ndiosadalilika.

    1. Makwasa says:

      Komatu simwana wangofupika ndinzibambo wa zaka 50. (Fifite) ndithu . Maganizo ake ndiye opelewela.

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