Don’t send me to Zimbabwe, asks Thoko Banda: Malawi new diplomat rejects calling Mugabe ‘idiot’

Malawi’s ambassador designate to Zimbabwe has asked ministry of foreign affairs to consider relocating him to another diplomatic mission apart from Harare after reports have gone viral that he once described President Robert Mugabe as an idiot and a horrible man in 2006 while he was an asylum seeker in Germany.

Banda: Send me elsewhere not Zimbabwe

Banda: Send me elsewhere not Zimbabwe

In a letter sent to foreign affairs ministry and seen by Nyasa Times, Banda said if he is posted to Zimbabwe, he fears the ties between Lilongwe and Harare will be sour because of his bad –mouthing to Mugabe.

Banda, son of veteran Malawi politician Aleke Banda, in 2006 described Mugabe – the man he will present his credentials to – as an “idiot” in an interview with a Germany publication The Foreigner.

But after Nyasa Times had done the digging to get that interview, Banda has now denied making such remarks, saying  “words were put” into his mouth.

Banda insulted Mugabe ostensibly to strengthen his asylum bid in Germany. He had left Malawi following run-ins with former President Bakili Muluzi and his successor Dr Bingu wa Mutharika.

He told Zimbabwe’s The Sunday Mail that the stories circulating about his 2006 interview are “certainly unfair and very baseless”.

Banda claimed “ the article being bandied around is not a story that I sanctioned.”

He said: “Those people (the magazine) certainly had their own agenda. I think that is the most important point from all this. The article had a lot of problems, including having words put into my mouth. Beyond that, I think everything should be left to the (Malawi) Foreign Affairs Ministry.”

Banda said there is definitely no reason for panic because “that article is not based on anything credible. Beyond that, I don’t see any problem regarding the matter.”

He could not comment on his posting to Zimbabwe but stressed that “the people should be rest assured (that) there is no problem at all.”

In the interview which The Foreignor recorded and Banda at no point rebutted it until now, Banda said Zimbabwe has “an Idiot” in President Mugabe.

“This guy Robert Mugabe; I hope that he lives a very long time, so that one day he can go before an international tribunal. He is a horrible man.

“The only difference between Mugabe and some of the other leaders is that Mugabe hurts not only his own people but also foreigners. That is why they hate him so much in the West.”

Analysts in Malawi said although made back in 2006, Banda’s unguarded utterances could undermine his working relationship with the Zimbabwean government.

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Matthew Admire
Shame on u Thoko Banda, the utterances that you made nearly a decade ago now haunts you, your utterances were unAfrican, if Degrees make people behave in the manner that you did l would stick to the primitive orbit. You are now making soup from the shadow of a chicken, your actions must be condemned ,you wanted to please the whites, be proud of your identity, don’t fool yourself, if the western media put the words into your mouth why didnt you cleared your name before, a white man will never love you , he can use you and dump… Read more »

musiyeni ameneyo aione DPP

Mache namisozi

Limeneli ndiye dziko lapansi mr banda,titengeko phunziro pa izi.


Kodi thoko phiri nde ndaniso oti atisokoneze mitu, ndizoyamwila poti bambo akeso adali ofoila…


A nyasatimes you must very happy now that Thoko has finally declined to take up the post. Nkhani kumangoikoka ngati chani-what were you trying to achieve really? Though I like reading some of your news this is the behavior about nyasa I don’t like- unprofessional reporting bent on just destroying people’s lives even the extent of stretching the truth or lying!

chimangeni chisewere ndi ana
chimangeni chisewere ndi ana

Thus why your mother burnt your chick near the mouth with hot water because of your mtudzu. Useless man. how can you dare comrade mugabe. If there is an elder in africa who care about Malawi under any condition it is mugabe. mugabe has done a lot to his people. What have you done to Malawi to describe Mugabe an idiot. Go to Zimbabwe when you are walking upright you will come while walking flat while looking up in a coffin. Check you lips. Useless Mtumbuka.

Mirella K.

If i were the president, i cld av insisted this Thoko to go to Harare or let the post go to giv lessons to other Malawians out there oti akakhala ndi azungu basi amangobwebwetuka zina zilizonse mopanda mnzeru kuti aoneke ngati iwowo ndi madolo than fans ili kwa Africa kuno…
Zakutsatira lero m’pwanga…the Comrade you vilified there he is…ready to decide your FATE!


Like father like son, a Malawi have we forgotten the saying of Kamuzu ‘waboooza leni leni Aleke Banda’.


Thoko’s late father refused to be buried in Nkhata Bay. People at Tukombo were very disappointed.
He (Thoko) says that he is from Thyolo, hence he is not a Northerner.
The majority of Northerners, be it Ngoni from Mzimba, Tonga from Nkhata-Bay, Tumbuka from Rumphi, Bgonde from Karonga, Lambya, Sukwa, Ndali from Chitipa are looking forward to doing our own things in a Federal set-up and be done with the daily insults from the people of the South.
We shall overcome some day. After all the President is in support of our aspirations.


Kodi Jane Kambalame mukumuchotsa for what reason. I am tired of this government their poor stance on women. You are removing women from prominent leadership positions and you are replacing them with appeasement appointment such as this one. Is he the only one in Malawi with brains? Why this uncontrollable need to just have him head a mission. Ambassador Kambalame is a career diplomat and a WOMAN. No shame!!

Mwana mini mini omanga mvula, Amoeba
Mwana mini mini omanga mvula, Amoeba

Komadi mwayankhula zoona.

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