DPP condemns MCP for dividing PP, says Chakwera to blame for Mzuzu fracas

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is fuelling and funding the divisions in Peoples Party (PP) and held opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera responsible for the violence that marred a recent opposition rally in Mzuzu.

Kasaila:  MCP is fuelling PP infighting

Kasaila: MCP is fuelling PP infighting

DPP publicist Francis Kasaira said in an interview Saturday that Chakwera and his MCP are to blame for the divide and rule political tactic on PP which he said has no leadership since Joyce Banda fled the country on self imposed exile since losing to the 2014 elections to President Peter Mutharika.

“He is to blame for aligning himself with just one faction of the party. He (Chakwera) should either stop supporting one roof in PP or mediate in the party’s leadership crisis,” he said.

He said the divisions in PP led to the violence at the rally in Mzuzu.

However MCP publicist Jessie Kabwila blamed the DPP establisment for sponsoring the violence at the opposition rally, saying the style of the violence had all the hallmarks of DPP.

“DPP is the architect of the violence. This party has the history of violence, it uses panga thugs to intimidate the opposition. You remember the 2011 July 20 violence? The DPP thugs moved up and town Blantyre in DPP t shirts wielding pangas on the streets in DPP branded cars. They are on camera,” she said.

Kabwila said the DPP has no moral mandate to denounce what she called the MCP and PP solidarity.

“DPP must make sure it is delivering on services. People have no food up to now, until now hospitals do not have medicine. These are some of the areas the DPP must prioritise instead of sponsoring violence,” said Kabwila, a fierce critic of government.

She said the DPP is wasting people’s time in Malawi.

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Patricia Kaliati

Peter akuononga chipani chathu cha Dpp


Really we MCPs we are afraid Chakwera akubetsa our party. First it was by taking Msowoya as his running mate. Second is by forming an illegal working alliance PP’s North faction and Aford . We want the old genuine MCP back. Chakwera, Kabwila are killing our party. I am sure Uladi Mussa will protect PP from being stollen by Kamlepo

Paul george

Musachite mikangano nonse ndi nu amalawi musati nyoze ife a mc p look the futere of malawi


UDF, an ally of DPP had (has) some internal wrangles that forced the party to fire its vice president from central region. Did Kasaila’s DPP intervened in the UDF wrangle? Or, was the working agreement that has seen UDF’s president holding a cabinet position in DPP terminated? So the Kasaila logic only applies to opposition parties not the ruling? Shame on a 100% human being with 0% integrity!


Devil People’s Party (DPP) is indeed loosing sleep with the mighty MCP. They have failed the country miserably and will look at anything to divert people’s attention. I pity these useless so called leaders without a vision.


Lest we forget. Mzomera Ngwira was effectively fired from PP but because of stupidity he’s still clinging.
In my opinion MCP is not siding with any faction in the PP. Ngwira’s not a faction because he’s no longer a member of PP.

Chinthu chanzeru chomwe angachite nkubwelera ku DPP kuti adzikalankhula chiNgelelezi chake chija nkumadyanso ndalama!


After all DPP,PP,UDF are all but Muluzi’s party and no suprise of their behaviours…


Pachiphwisi pako kasaila! shupito! umatitenga pang’ono eti? my friend let me tell u,God is about to surprise you,prepare for a rough ride! dont forget to pass dis text to pita!shupiti!

Cash Gate
ndimakumbukira bwino zomwe adanena a Moses kunkuyu, ali MP wa DPP munthawi ya malemu Bingu, ndipo adati ” Dziwani kuti nthawi yina tidzakhala kunja kwa Boma ” inu a kasaira simuli mboma mpaka muyaya, timazindikira bwino kuti MCP imakumvetsani kuwawa komanso . Nkhani ya zikwanje timadziwa kuti inu a DPP ndiye eni ake, msonkhano wa ku mzuzu ndinu A DPP munasokoneza. chisankho choberanso apa, amalawi akukuonani mwachidwi.

Malawians abale anga let’s not recycle in 2019 new blood and action driven politics not talking. have you forgotten empty tins make a lot of noise. Remember still waters run deep. Leave them they know what they are fighting for. Let’s plan for a better Malawi.

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