DPP symbol spoofed over Mutharika’s  ‘let Malawians make a meal out of mice, grasshoppers’

A Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) logo  which has been spoofed on social media as some Malawians replaces the three maize cobs with a picture of a mouse and a grasshopper has gone viral on the social media.DPP MICE

The ‘new’ logo is apparently mocking President Peter Mutharika for  what he said that starving citizens had no reason to go hungry when grasshoppers and mice were available  for their consumption. His statement over the his alternative food in the face of the hunger situation in the country.

While speaking during a political rally over the weekend, Mutharika urged Malawians to be resourceful in their search for food and money, while claiming that his administration is under pressure to find solutions to the issue of hunger that has gripped the souther African nation over the past few months.

Mutharika advised Malawians to change their eating habits suggesting they could also survive on mice and grasshoppers.

According to some social media commentators,  Mutharika’s  statement could be a mockery to some religious groups in Malawi especially adventists who do not eat such delicacies and are well established in Mutharika’s own home district, Thyolo.

Moslems too do not eat such delicacies and are likely treat the statement with contempt.

Some people in the social media feel the statement was taken out of context.

Sosten Chimimba writing on facebook blamed the media for concentrating on what he called a joke by President Mutharika out of the good things he talked about at the said public rally.

“The media only concentrate on the jokes by the president and it has gone viral.  What do you benefit from that?” he queried.

However, some Malawians feel it was insensitive of the Head of State to make such a statement considering the gravity of hunger situation in the country and that mice and grasshoppers can not replace the staple, maize.

Reports indicate that more than 6milion people will be affected by hunger this year in Malawi.
Malawi has an estimated population of 6milion people.

Commentators feel government has not demonstrated and convincing plans to deal with the hunger situation the country is facing.

Mutharika himself, has also previously claimed that his government had managed to raise just $63m to use in the purchase of maize, with $237m still being needed in order to feed the almost 8.4m citizens in danger of starvation.

While stating that Malawi’s food production would decrease by 50% this year, Mutharika at the time assured citizens that no-one would die of hunger in the country.

The development followed just a day after Opposition MPs questioned government’s  plans to purchase eight new vehicles as part of President Mutharika’s convoy

Opposition MPs questioned government’s priorities in light of the country’s ailing economy, stating that unnecessary allocations were being added to the budget while  Malawians were on the brink of starvation.

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chief activist

we could emulate frm awa fellow leaders who jocke wen thing are progressing…………….osat xakwathu zi ayi

Cash Gate

bola pamenepo kuti amajoka

Mwana Mulanje

Next time he will tell us to make our meals out of Cockroaches (mphemvu), this president is visionless and not fit for the position he is holding. Mbewa yeniyenidi imeneyi, useless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This guy called Mthalika is a shame by any standard. He doesnt know when to say What and where. Chisilu chakumwa mazi ometela ndevu.

Khamunofu 2

The MOUSE stands for those in power while the grasshopper stands for the poor people(predators).


577 Billion woyee. Midnight Six woyee!

Dr Haswel P Bandawe
A good leader must feel and capture the essence of the moment; must embody the bigger picture; avoid being seen to set himself apart from the people he leads. That means grieving together; grappling with solutions together to address a common challenge. So, there is no room for jokes about a deadly serious situation as hunger. What happened to the silo maize which was taunted to be sufficient for the country? Lead by example, even those who eat mbewa or locust do so as ndiwo. We do not make a meal out of ndiwo only. As people grapple with hanger… Read more »
Concerned citizen

kikikiki this logo looks more real and appropriate…a reflection of what is happening in the country….(1) Mouse standing for quick & opportunistic politicians who don’t care about the poor,,,just like the mouse is only interested in its own business & family…(2) Grasshopper stands for the nation with leaders who make noise and keeps jumping up & down campaigning without vision even though its along way to go for elections..in the end they are exposed to predators..

Dr Mbilixi



Like your comment man concerned citizen KKKKKK


I like this analysis

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