DPP MP Kalindo claims albino ‘terrorism’ is politically motivated: Retreats on  ‘one- naked-man-match’ to pun on boxers

Member of Parliament for Mulanje South,  Bon Kalindo (Democratic Progressive Party –DPP)  has claimed that the criminal gangs  abducting and often killing persons with albinism in broad daylight and in the dead of night, are part of a deadly political strategy.

Kalindo claims albino killings is politically motivated

Kalindo claims albino killings is politically motivated

by some opposition political parties to keep the country ungovernable.

He said some politicians are behind  criminals involved in a syndicate that is hunting for albino body parts in Malawi, including the use of parents and relatives to catch their prey.

Kalindo, a renowned comedian himself known as ‘Winiko’,  did not mention the politicians being the criminal gangs

Speaking in Lilongwe when he alongside  activist Billy Mayaya held a news conference, aimed at updating Malawians on the planned  nude  demonstrations, which is aimed at forcing parliament and Malawi Government to use death penalty for all perpetrators of albino killings.

Kalindo said he has information that some politicians have taken advantage of the minor cases on the albino killings to full fill their political ego.

“I know there are some politicians who want to use the albino killings as a campaign tool to say that Malawians should not vote for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for failing to protect albinos,”said Kalindo who is also DPP deputy publicist..

Kalindo said: “We are now calling Malawians to support the demonstrations which will take place on Thursday, 23 June, 2016. We will converge at Area 18 round about where we will match peacefully to the Parliament.”

But the MP said he will not scare Malawians   in his birth suit, saying there is change to his publicised ‘one- naked-man-match’  but he will put red boxer.

The legislator wants death penalty  to be  instituted as the sanction for killing an individual living with albinism.

He said the protests will show that   thet cruelty that is being shown to people living with albinism is bad and the perpertrators should face capotal punishment.

Mayaya urged government to use death penalty .

“The law is already there on death penalty now if the country like Malawi is not using the law then why keeping the law,” queried Mayaya.

Meanwhile, Kalindo has accused his fellow Parliamentarians for their egos to have their perks adjusted upwards at the time when Malawians are suffering.

“Let’s pass tough laws  to protect albinos than demanding high allowances,” said Kalindo.

Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (Apam) executive director Boniface Massa blamed witchdoctors who were taking advantage of poor people’s ignorance by creating the misconception that body parts of albinos are potent charms.

“There are all sorts of baseless misconceptions. They include the wrong belief that having sex with an albino will cure HIV and Aids. Some are hoodwinked into believing that our body parts can make one get rich quickly, either by using parts such as eyes to be visionary and forward-looking. Those are empty lies,” he said.


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chief activist

keeenly following and ready to partake the ongoing parade


akalindo palibe ndale apa komano zimthumzi zangobwela poyela I remember around early 90’s amkatiuza kuti alubino saafa amangosowa osaziwa kuti anthu oipa ena amaapha anthuwa

Galu akuopa Kaliati uyu. If kaliati had not said that albino killers would not be killed, he would not have brought in the opposition as the people orchestrating the killings. He is trying to avoid a rift between Kaliati and indeed DPP followers and himslef knowing that they are birds of the same beaks. U MP olowera ngozi. Albino killing is a national concern and now to start pointing fingers at the opposition is just as good as saying let those in the ruling party pay tax and the opposition shouldn’t – can the country develop? U MP wolowa anthu… Read more »
The law is already there on death penalty now if the country like Malawi is not using the law then why keeping the law,” queried Mayaya . Mayaya who are you asking this question? Is it not more prudent to ask Kalindo whom you want to support on a march and is also one of the law makers? In the first place the march should not have been initiated by Kalindo, but rather you Mayaya or any activist and involve Kalindo or nay other politician to support you – that is the very essence of advocacy. The mere fact that… Read more »
Jafali Lyland

lets join hand to end this malpratise holistically without waitning what Kalindo will say and do based on this issue. Mzuni has started today with a very peaceful demonstration and being a bonefide student i was among my fellow intellectuals.


Aaasah zalowa ndale ? Basi upita wekha ndi Billy mayaya . Why have you decided to bring politics in this noble course? Watafuna eti? I was ready to join you but am not in support of this political statement.


Which opposition party are you talking. Ndimayesa unazipereka wekha kuti uzayenda maliseche ndiye chavuta ndi chani. Osamanamizira a opposition kuphedwa kwa ma albino DDP ikuziwapo kathu DPP yankhala thawi yonseyi osachitapo kathu mpakana athu ambiri ataya miyoyo yawo boma likuyang’ana and now you say a opposition kagwere uko chitsiru iwe eti.

The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O Tsono Kalindo, mukuchuluka zonenanena . . . . . . I just wish you had continued to work on this noble cause without adding politics as an ingredient . . . You would therefore realise that the claim that the albino-killings are being orchestrated by the opposition to make this country ungovernable is tasteless, cheap, empty and nonsensical. If such is the case . . . . . . why is this strange professor of law (professor okaikitsa), failing to execute the perpetrators? . . . Is he not afraid that he may end up executing himself? or his… Read more »
nude demo

Mwati panti wa Red eti…


Uyenda wekha ndi DPP yakoyo

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