DPP MP tells Amnesty International ‘to go to hell with rights’, says Malawi needs death penalty on albino killers

Mulanje South parliamentarian-cum-comedian Bon Kalindo popularly known as Winiko has blasted donors specifically global human rights body, Amnesty International “to go to hell” with their anti-death penalty campaign, saying Malawi needs to execute  killers of people with albinism.

Billy Mayaya reading the petition

Billy Mayaya reading the petition

Kalua receiving the petition from Kalindo

Kalua receiving the petition from Kalindo

Kalindo, who organised a protest march to National Assembly with an aim to force the members of parliament to lift the moratorium on the death penalty, blasted the Amnesty International for dictating what Malawi should do by not implementing death penalty as doing so it shall be against right to live.

“Let me warn Amnesty International that this is not their country, to hell with their human rights issues, why should we protect criminals who are killing our sons, daughters and brothers? Do they (murder victims) don’t deserve a right to live?

“Malawi is a sovereign state and we deserve respect no one should dictate us what to do, go to hell with your money,” shouted angry Kalindo amid ululations and hand clapping from hundreds of people who joined him in the march.

Kalindo also took a swipe at local human rights bodies and activists calling them “gold diggers” who are not patriotic but love money from Western countries.

The MP who is also deputy spokesman of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  said “let me also warn those masquerading in town as human rights activists with your bodies that it’s time you start putting the interests of Malawians at hearts before money.”

He said only Billy Mayaya, who supported him the protests, is a true activist who really represent the interest of Malawians “not you busy dancing to the tune of donors forsaking your own people.”

Kalindo and Mayaya are asking the Parliament to ensure that death penalty which is in the Constitution must be activated in order to serve as a deterrent to others from albino attacks.

“We refuse to be swayed by the decisions made by outsiders on how the people of Malawi should run its internal affairs regarding this matter.

“We demand Parliament to lift the moratorium on the death penalty. We found it awkward that we have a clear law in place and yet we have no use of it. This is an insult to Malawians”, reads the petition in part.

It also propose the amendments be made in the Anatomy Act to sentence s,  demand transparency and accountability within the police to allay allegations of corruption in handling matters related to attacks on people with albinism.

Commenting on the petition after receiving it on behalf of the Parliament,  Rumphi East parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua told the gathering that it is the general concern not only to them but to the entire House and has since promised them that the legislatures will act on it.

Commission of inquiry

Meanwhile, Mzuzu University (Mzuni) students held a peaceful demonstration and petitioned petition President Peter Mutharika to take a bold step against attacks on people with albinism.

Mzuni Student Representative Council member Wazamazama Katatu said the students want the President to institute a competent commission of inquiry that should investigate vital information on the attacks.

He said the commission should establish destination for body parts of people with albinism and why the police are failing to maintain order.

“The country should quickly develop a comprehensive action plan with clear practical strategies; otherwise, as it stands, the country is addressing petty symptoms of the crisis. Having the commission in place will show seriousness in an attempt to gather facts and possible viable options,” said Katatu.

The students also petitioned the office of the Speaker of Parliament, calling on members of parliament to “meaningfully discuss” the albinos crisis.

They want MPs to come up with “deliberate legal measures” to protect persons with albinism.

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7 thoughts on “DPP MP tells Amnesty International ‘to go to hell with rights’, says Malawi needs death penalty on albino killers”

  1. Lion Biko says:


    Exodus 20:14
    You do not murder

    Proverbs 3:7
    Do not be wise in your own eyes but fear YAH and turn away from evil.

    Proverbs 3:29-30
    29. Do not plan evil against your neighbour seeing he dwells safely besides you
    30. Do not strive with a man without cause if he has done you no evil.

    Exodus 21:14
    The man who acts deceitfully to kill is neighbour by treachery. You are to take him from My slaughter-Place to be put to death.


    Numbers 35:30-33
    30. He who strikes a being the murderer shall be executed by the mouth of witnesses but one witness does not bear witness against someone to die.
    31. And take no ransom for the life of a murderer who is guilty of a death for he shall certainly being put to death.
    32. And take no ransom for him who has fled to the city of refuge to dwell in his land before the death of the priest.
    33. And do not profane the land where you are for innocent blood profanes the land and the land is not pardon for the innocent blood that is shed on it execept by him who sheds it.

    Leviticus 18:5
    And you shall guard My laws and My Right-Ruling which a man does and live by them, I am YAH ur Mighty One.

  2. Lion Biko says:

    Hoshea 4:6
    My people have perish for lack of knowledge, becuase you have rejected knowledge I also reject you from being a priest to me, because you have forgotten the Torah of your father YAH, I also forget your children.

    YeshaYAH 3:12
    My people youth are their opressors and women rule over you. Oh My people your leaders lead you astray swallow up your path and destroy your ways.


    The leaders are hire traitors being used by the uncivilized muzungu to lead you astray from the ancient knowledge of YAH The Almighty Powers of the anscestors so they can plunder the land and exploit you fo their filthy greedy gain and for their sick sadistic sexual pleasure. The education was design to make you a fool so they can used you as a tool to make them wealthy while you wallow away in poverty, missey and death. You be the judge, you have been walking according to your own stubborn evil heart and following the doctrines of satan(politicks, religion, comunist, democracy, education, science etc) and the land in which you su’journ is fill with evil and accurse: murderers, thieves, poverty, prostitution, unwed mothers, greed, slanderers, idolatry, homosexuality, whoring(sex outside of marriage), adulterers, incest, bestiality, witchcraft, blasphemers, selfishness, drunkards, revilers, unclean, jezibel woman, effeminate man who shave their beards etc) and these so called human rights advocate are the savage wolf that are behind the murders of the so-called abinos and the police are the ones doing this in malawi. The solution to your problem is this you have to cleanse your heart from all evils and admit you have walk contrary to your Mighty One YAH and put away the worthless idols from the nations(allah,god,lord,jesus,mulungu etc) and then turn the wheel of death over the politicians head and burn down the church, mosque, synagogue, schools and destroy the filthy muzungu who have been oppressing the brothers in malawi according to the Torah(2 ShemuYAH 23:6-7). You do not need education, you need wisdom and land and the only way to get it is by picking up arms and YAH will be with you. Do not worry you children of isra’Yl your brothers who are being oppress and enslave in ameikkka(babylon rev 17) will come teach you the upright ways so that you and you wives and children will be amongst the living. Selah

  3. Fletcher says:

    Killings of albinos is as bad as the killing of any other non albino in Malawi as such we need to be very careful in dealing with issues because chances are that the punitive measures or reactions that are coming in the limelight now are like murder of another person has never occurred in Malawi. Sentiments against International Organizations will not help us in anyway but may be we had better look at what is it that is at stake in the country and how best do we solve it? I for one I am surprised in the manner the recent suspect who attempted to kill an albino has been harshly sentenced at high court in Mzuzu, for the attempt to cost him life sentence in prison and yet there have been murderers convicted whose sentence has never been for life and if I am ignorant on the development, then I stand to be corrected anyway. In the midst of the sad profile for the albinos I am afraid that we are losing track of justice in the country, the law is the same, the country is the same and we cannot create another parallel law nor country for the albinos, I rest my argument

  4. ctvdee says:


  5. Mgift says:


  6. Herbert says:

    wakhwana kalindo

  7. sure says:

    Kupusa yet mwafunsa ndani? Refrendum yake mwapangila kuti? ma lawyer apa malawi ndi ma judge nde adzingophatu anthu wosalakwatu kumalawi chilungamo kulibe….. amachidziwa ndi wolemera

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