DPP must rise up to Malawi Congress Party challenge

Listening to MCP president Lazarus Chakwera respond to the speech that President Peter Mutharika delivered during the opening of the 46th session of Parliament last week, it is clear the Leader of the Opposition did his home work and utilised his team to the fullest.

Chakwera: MCP wants 50 plus 1 electoral law

Chakwera: MCP wants 50 plus 1 electoral law

If you ask him, I can see the finger-prints of Jesse Kabwila all over the speech and I would not be surprised that the other rising stars in the party such as Kusamba Dzonzi and Alekeni Menyani had a hand in the analysis of the economic situation.

In short, Chakwera’s speech captured everything that needed to be captured and it gave a resounding critique of government policy and reform.

The speech dealt with almost all issues that have dogged us ranging from the poor state of the economy, our subsidy-dependent agriculture, the sorry hunger situation on the ground to the breakdown of security, the ever dwindling standards of education and the ever needed constitutional reforms especially in the electoral law.

This is politics and, according to Chakwera, all these problems must be left on the door step of the President.

But DPP is the party in power and must not bury its head in the sand but rise to the challenge that MCP has posed and begin to attempt to steal the thunder from the opposition party’s nose.

Take heed of the need to reform the electoral law. DPP won last year’s elections alright but can the party say with confidence that if they had a choice of a better alternative, they would go into government through shambolic elections that put their mandate in doubt?

The problems that dogged those polls were just unprecedented and the incompetence of Mec was mind- blowing.

Since independence, this was the first time that voting was extended to three days.

Since 1964, this was the first time that our teachers were accused of failing to do proper arithmetic in adding up votes at polling station level leading to a plethora of additional mistakes that even surprised toddlers in pre-school.

And, yes, it took tremendous patience and love of peace for all Malawians to accept the verdict of the polls and move on as we have done.

A repeat of such a scenario in 2019 is simply incomprehensible. Yet this is the stark reality the country faces if nothing is done between now and then to reform the electoral law.

I am sure the DPP wants to deliver a win this year which nobody would doubt unlike their unenviable case now with a majority of Malawians voting for the President.

This can only be the case if one thing happens and it is to revert to 50+1 electoral system other than the present first-past-the post which has seen some of our presidents being voted into office by less than half of the entire population.

No doubt they had the mandate to rule but if I were them, I would not be proud to realise that, while I am President, more than half of Malawians rejected me.

This is why DPP must do what should be in the interest of Malawians. Reform the law and steal the thunder from under MCP noses.

Although MCP has seen some advantages in the 50+1 system, there is no guarantee that it would win polls in 2019 given some of the problems that party is also embroiled in.

Simply put, no party can claim that any system can give it an advantage unless it convinces Malawians it has the desire, determination and ability to do things differently.

Just see how MCP has reacted to the simple issue of Parliament buying Chakwera a top of the range vehicle. Its line seems to be: Everyone is doing it, why not us?

But Malawians want to see something different. They want to see who can sacrifice their own comfort for their sake even though they are perfectly entitled to it.

DPP must rise up the challenge that MCP has posed. It won’t go wrong.

  • The article appeared in the Malawi News under ‘Hitting the Nail’ column
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39 thoughts on “DPP must rise up to Malawi Congress Party challenge”

  1. Plate says:

    Malawian politics at its best we wil nt develop with this

  2. Stein says:

    Muthalika’s time

  3. Ozitsata says:

    Sapitwa you lying. I am a southerner and am sure you’re aware of many southerners now talking about Chakwera. They may have no strategy for the south as you have rightly put it but that does not mean southerners are happy with all things from the south.

  4. Beast Msonda says:

    George Kasakula thanks for your last but one and two sentences in this article. You are right. This is what Malawians want and we don’t see this in MCP and Chakwera.

  5. Beast Msonda says:

    George Kasakula, I like your last but two and three sentences. If Chakwera has ears I think he has gotten your point.

  6. Jo says:

    Paja president wa dziko samakhala wa ambuye@ Madalitso? Chakwera resigned as president of Assemblies of God, He did not quit his calling he is still a reverend and he still preach. You can verify this piece of information from DPP,MCP and PP Just to mention but a few organisation.

  7. Nedwaned says:

    Ngati mumawerenga mau ndikuwamva mudzazindikira kuti president wa dziko ndi mtumiki wa Mulungu. Ngati sukumva zofuna za anthu a dziko lako komanso kujwaniritsa zosowa zawo ukuchimwira Mulungu. Dziwani Mose anatumikira Mulungu komanso anakwaniritsa zosowa za ana a Mulungu. Kumalankhula zomwe mukuzidziwa.

  8. Malawians missed the best opportunity of having a better president since multiparty era by sidelining Chakwera and chose Mr. Ibu for the president. These are now the results.

  9. sapitwa says:

    The main vested interest in focus for Chakwera is the electrol law reform. He believes all the previous Presidents were winning elections through rigging and that MCP was being robbed in all those occasions; what thoughts of a fool!
    MCP lacks strategies to penetrate the South and the Southerners know that they have no place in MCP. There is nepotism in there, just look at you executive committee and ask yourself why it comprises with mostly people from the Central. That is the reason MCP has been loosing and is yet to loose in 2019 no doubt even if the electrol law reform takes place. Inu adzakuvoterani omwe amakuvoterani nthawi zones ndinso a DPP ndi UDF adzawavotera omwe amawavotera nthawi zones.

    Regarding all other issues you have mentioned: low standard of education, sorry hunger situation, poor state of economy etc are not new issues and Mutharika has not rejected them and infact they were mentioned in his SONA. They have been there year on year in previous governments and ordinary village Malawians have been hearing them for the past 51 years. They all started with MCP up until today. Njala bwana, njala bwana, njala bwana all these years.
    Kabwira is poisonously influencing your downfall.Keep on hallucinating until 2019 pamene kukamwa kwanu kudzakhale yatsa mutaluza ndi anzanu onse oluza nawo adzakhale kakatsu kudwabwa zosadabwitsa..

  10. Kudziwe says:

    One president at a time even the Bible encourages us to respect our leaders. APM must be respected until 2019 or beyond depending upon Voter’s choice then.

  11. Achakwera mungotaya nthawi kumangoyankhulayankhula!! Ayi Kapitilizeni Ubusa ndale Simuphulapo kanthu. again your toomuch talkative like woman hey!!!!!!!!! Simukusiyana ndi masten adathawa aja!!!!!

  12. Dikisan says:

    Jala pamlomo! Mulungu amokonda wina aliyense! 2019 tidzakhala ndi mtsogoleri wina mark my word today. Tatopa tatopa.

  13. James Phiri says:

    50+1 is not necessarily the answer. If a Presidential candidate polls less than 50% but has the largest share of the vote shouldn’t they be required to form a coalition government rather than having a run off between the top 2 candidates. A coalition government requires the junior party to stay on board thus reducing the power of a single party. Coalition government may be a better way to curtail some of the excesses of Presidents rather than giving a President a license to do whatever they like by winning a run off. A coalition would more fairly represent the wishes of the electorate.

  14. SONG says:

    Reform electoral Laws. We need tally centre be in Lilongwe and not in Blantyre. We need two weeks before announcing the results and swearing in ceremony. We need 50+1 % winner not 36%. DPP dont fear we will see no regging coe 2019 and we dont want Mbera any more. Who appointed him to be a judge. We will see then

  15. SONG says:

    Saupeza ndiye kuti chani. Chakwera is paramount and suitable to lead Malawians to the glory ambuye siizi tikuona opazi za ziiiiii.

  16. The Analyst says:

    What MCP challenge are you talking about to which the DPP should rise up iwe Kasakura? Is an insult the same as a challenge? Is falsehood the same as a challenge? Just how do you accuse someone of “clinging on to power” yet the power was accorded to him procedurally? Come on dude! All that MCP managed to do was to insult. They just watched, searched about what that SMS did not say and say it, a thing which any vendor can do.

    The only truth is your observation that the speech was just so well crafted and had much intellectual coherence that it can’t have been originated by Chakwera. Some of us knew this already and wondered how undue credit was being misdirected. We all know that Chakwera and John Chilembwe are equals on intellect. Only that Chilembwe waleroyu is more exposed. Basitu!

    Now let us not misinform people that there is any challenge that the MCP has put up which needs to be risen up to. Because an insult is not and shall never ever become a challenge. And you, being the journalist that you are should have known better.

  17. malawi says:

    MCP and your Chakwera mukungozipanga decampaighn daily. By 2019 muzakhala mwasala ndi ma vote 20000 okha. Zipangani zomwe mukupangazo tikukuonani. Osamayamika zabwino zomwe zkuchitika bwa, and advise on how to improve on other issues, why bwabwabwa,?? Uthera zomwezo m’bale.

  18. Che Ngana says:

    Mbuzi Since When Will You Cry For The Rigged Votes???Achitsiru.

  19. madalitso says:

    Achakwera kusiya utumiki wa ambuye nkhani yake mukhale president wa dziko . Ayi sumuupeza

  20. madalitso says:

    In as far as our lord is concerned chakwera with mcp can not win the elections ask the big man john tembo

  21. nachisale says:

    Chakwera analysis is flawed. 50+1 cannot solve our political problems nor consolidate democracy. It will merely help in creating shifting and cosmetic alliances because we do not yet fully espouse democracy as political system. On economics, Chakwera was misguided too.

  22. Zambulo says:

    I agree with your article except where you talk of the vehicle. MCP had no hand in it. MCP did not order, let alone request such a car. Tfhat was done by Parliament and govt gave a go-ahead. Also remember the oder was done last year, but only delivered this year.

  23. Well Malawi my Malawi resl suprised unable seewisdom sense freely given by oppodition.aAs forme ruling psrty mudt be toned foen thid phrase ruins everything everywhere. Psmaliro ku bank ku chipatsla ku auction ku madukulu etc zawonongeka mpaka reserve bsnk foing wrong thing for wrong ressons.governr ngati skufintoni or wskudaangs mathe kuulira dc or even spc or ig.msanasana takansni !!

  24. Mtumbuka says:

    za ziii Chakwera ndiye kuti chani? DPP+UDF 2019 boma!

  25. Antoni apaphata says:

    50 plus one is a non starter. Our elections are funded by western countries. We have six or seven candidates. Four of them serious contenders. Nobody can get more than forty. So are we going to have reruns every election period? Gtz yomweyo idzipanga funding kawiri?

  26. Mike says:

    Mulungu amakonda malawi eksodo14v14 mulungu adzatimenyera khondo

  27. chatonda says:

    Chakwera’s speech was like he was the president of the country and not the speech made by Bwampini.

  28. Andrew says:

    Read dis, Chilima was brought into Dpp to facilitate rigging so comes 2019 all parties must watch

  29. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Kkkkkkk tayankhulani zoveka inu a dpp macoments enawa mumasonyeza kuti palibe icho mukudziwa.

  30. Kenkkk says:

    These dpp thugs don’t want to see a reformed mec despite knowing very well that Mec legal framework is horribly flawed in crucial areas of delivering just and fair elections. Dpp is happy with MeC flaws because it gives them better opportunities to rig or distort election results.

    If as dpp claims to be the best supported party in the country, then why are you afraid to have a comprehensive overhaul of mec? There is nothing for you to lose. Just as you feared ballot recounts, you are also fearing MeC reforms.

    Mec reforms can go hand in hand with other priorities. That has always been the case anywhere.

  31. ras says:

    This article is responding to the previous one, wrote against him, zongoti talemba zaifeso tisangakhala tioneka ngati opepela, ndale zamalawi, bolaso mbulife timanganiza

  32. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Sorry George. That’s only when people go into positions of influence to serve. But here in Malawi we go into positions to be served. “It’s our time to enjoy factor.” No one will heed you free advice. We lack nationalism.

  33. Issa says:

    Watch out 2017, am back home to try my luck

  34. kwima mtima nganya says:

    I appreciate your long observatory remark. Just be reminded that if someone is just eager to criticise whether positively or negatively it doesn’t mean has the potential to do be if put on the driving sit! It’s enough of Dr. Chakwera, offer solution to the DPP government that’s what we need not just political mouth watering speeches in regardless of who edited and how. Let’s do something for our nation not simply praising un fruitful remarks made to gain political mileage. US in diaspora we are tired meaningless drum beats you are producing

  35. mukharapwio says:

    Any President to be successful there is need for him/her to have atleast a better understanding of the economy, food situation,health delivery,education,infrastructure dvlpt,security,foreign policy,justice delivery,internal politics which unfortunately our Pro is lacking thats why he can’t come up with solutions.all he knows are reforms,cashgate,community colleges,malata subsidy and the chinese,courting investors who aren’t coming at all

  36. Once upon time there was an impoverished
    country in the southern part of Africa which voted a CRAP for president.
    The guy called APM was clueless and always procastinating.

  37. Makonokaya says:

    Kasakula, Chakwera has nothing to offer. Most of the issues he raised are already being addressed by Government. He either knows the truth or he does not know. Either case makes him Chakwera an idiot.

  38. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Since we all know that our country is poorer than during Joice banda,joice knows how to win back donor confidence after muthalikas mess.The first thing MEC must be an independent body its chair should not be appoint,there must be avacancy.
    36%must not be a winning percentage.announcing the results must be 12okloko afternoon.Swearng ceremony after 2 weeks dont rush like the stolen election last time bendela ndizachita kubayampeni tikazakumana kayandi mushoprite kaya kumount soche hotel uzitisamala

  39. Patriot says:

    Munthu ukamafa umayamba kugontha makutu.
    Not possible DPP is deaf

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