DPP north regional committee under fire

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) governing committee in the northern region has received bashing from its supporters who say it has grossly failed them and is now a liability.

Masebo:  Crisis

Masebo: Crisis

Regional governor Kenneth Sanga and director of youth Kelvin Chirambo are some of the key leaders that are under fire.

A statement issued by 20 youths the party suspended for “misdemeanor” has categorically described as nonsensical for a ruling party to be functioning without a physical office space.

The youths, who claim there suspension is mere speculation since they have not been formally written, wondered how the whole of regional governor can be “operating under a tree.”

Spokesperson of the sect, now calling themselves ‘Diehards of DPP,’ Alifa Phiri told Nyasa Times that Sanga betrayed them by blocking their way when they wanted to meet their national director of youth and presidential advisor on youth affairs Nick Masebo, and Minister of Youth, Sports and Development Grace Chiumia on issues affecting their well-being.

According to Phiri, they wanted to meet Masebo and Chiumia for the jobs and businesses the party had promised them prior to the May 20 tripartite elections.

“But Sanga told us that they [Masebo and Chiumia] are the ones who don’t want us to be given capital for businesses and opportunities to be employed,” said Phiri.

He added: “But when we wanted to seek clarification from them at a recent meeting in Mzuzu he spoke against us, as if we were strangers. That’s why we even marched out which was also the reason for our suspension.”

Phiri further alleged that they are not the only ones Sanga and his committee members have frustrated.

“We need to elect new office bearers democratically because they [Sanga and committee] were merely handpicked. We didn’t vote for them,” he said.

Sanga refused to comment on the matter when Nyasa Times contacted him saying that he was busy attending to official business in Karonga.

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21 thoughts on “DPP north regional committee under fire”


  2. YOLANDA says:

    A win loose game.if you joined this dirty game thinking that the so called politiacans will curb your porverty then youre dead.

    Think of something else to do.ulesi kwambiri typical malawiana makamaka the Tumbuka clan,kujaila ma handouts kobasi.

    We join these guys for Development,busness connections,schools and likes.Osati kuti akawina ujayu, tikadya mpunga wa shuga.zamanyazitu izi.

  3. nazimbiri says:

    Koma mtumbuka pa ndalama yosaivutikira,isa mukayesa chani.alomwe timatosusuka koma inu nokha nde mutaonjeza.

    kudanitsa nde kosayamba.lero mutofuna ndalama ngati manifesto anakuuzani kuti atokulembani ncthito.mutoyalukapo apa isa.Andale ayamba lero,vindere zakufikapo

  4. Kanyimbi says:

    If they want money they should go to Banks, Micro finance companies like MARDEF, PRIDE MALAWI etc. DPP has no money for distribution.

  5. alukosyo says:

    Vindere va kufikapo

  6. Soko says:

    It may take long, but when all is said and done, you will all agree with me that the cause of all these problems in no other than the party destroyer in the name of Jappie Mhango. Ndanena ndatha.

  7. Clement says:

    Agalu inu munamva kuti DPP idzagawa ndalama za business?Mwapenga eti? Chende anu mwamva mxist

  8. edda mwalweni says:

    Muuzane kuti tikudziwa kuti mukutipondereza kwambiri life a kumpoto. Bola feudalism basi Tatopa nanu alhomwe in mamma

  9. Patriot says:

    Alomwe zipitani kwanu.
    Kumpoto kulibe dpp

  10. thoko says:

    Mwaziziwa mochedwa ambwenumbwenu

  11. MBC says:

    Going to school is indeed essential but getting good life depends on several factors.

  12. Mwama Du says:

    Mulumana muthana nokha! Uchitsiru wanuwo!

  13. chie says:

    Real diehards for DPP can not rebel against their leaders. Those are PP not DPP.

  14. felz says:

    My fellow youth go to school and get papers..dont depend on politicians to help you..your poverty will eventually end after get getting university papers

  15. losco says:

    Tchayanani waka wana wakwithu!!!! Kikikiki

  16. Mr. D says:

    I pity you young people: counting on politicians to earn a living is not a good strategy. These are professionals in lies – they don’t keep promises. Do something else.

  17. Nkhombokombo says:

    Be watchful, the may lose its grip there. Afterall their membership is already shrinking.

  18. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    Intact there is no DPP in the north. The region has no party now.

  19. Uchindami says:

    …there suspension? It’s their suspension.

  20. Mwena Malawi Origin says:

    Kumpoto tatopa naye kaya ena mukuti DPP .chinatha kale pa 20 July 2011. mogochedwapo apa lero tikufuna a Neigbour basi. chipani choyendera magazi AYI.

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