DPP says not in control of Malawi Broadcasting Corp

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it is not in control of state funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) after accusations that the tax payer funded radio and television are more of a ruling party propaganda machinery than a public broadcaster.

Kasaila: DPP not in control of MBC

Kasaila: DPP not in control of MBC

DPP publicity secretary Francis Katsaira , who is also Foreign Affairs Minister and leader of government in arliament, said to the contrary MBC has programmes tailored to suit the public not the ruling party.

“You can see than that they are more professional than ever before. Just two years ago they were used by a political party, not anymore,” said Kutsaira in reference to Peoples Party.

Of late, MBC has been attacking opposition leaders whilst glorifying the ruling party leaders. It usually covers the opposition for bad reasons very contrary to how they cover the ruling party elite.

The chairman of MBC is Moffat Banda, a die hard sympathizer of the ruling DPP whilst the director general is Aubrey Sumuleta, another die hard follower of the DPP.

There have been calls to reduce the powers of the President by puting MBC under the arm pits of parliament, calls President Peter Mutharika has quashed.

Katsaira said the ruling DPP has no control over the state MBC although the government has.

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Nzoona Ndithu

Their manifesto programme is a case in point. Many of us are not part of their manifesto. But look at how MBC is forcing us to think foolishly

christopher yotamu

Ayi zilibwino kwa inu olamula osati oonela ndi omverafe

Biriwiri wa Biriwita

If DPP is not in control may be its the MCP. Kodi anthu amene mumamvera /kuonera MBC radio/ TV mumasowa zoonera? Kasaila is one of the people in the ruling party amene amandinyansa kwambiri! I dont knw kuti amene amamusa nkha kukhala party spokesman/ Foreign Affairs and Internatio nal Co-oparation amagaza chani? Kapena akufuna kuononga ubale ndi maiko, this fool has no depromacy atall!

Peter Mathanyula

Kasaila intitute a survey and ask people about which media house they love. You’ll be surprised. MBC can not make the top 5. Stupid minister. You think all Malawians are stupid as you are? Keep on telling Malawians lies and never be surprised that this country is moving backwards big time.


katsaira ndiwe chindele & chijila, don’t u see that MBC speaks only the glory dpp. what a stupid minister with a day light lies.


It’s true because you are indeed not in control of anything in this country. If then you are not in control of the mare radio or tvstation what then are you in control of. You have lost direction just resign and go home.


Moses Kunkuyu and Benson Tembo tried to open up MBC. We could see the likes of Dausi criticizing Joyce Banda right on MBC. What became of Kunkuyu and Benson Tembo? We saw the young minister being moved to the then ministry of tourism and Benson Tembo reduced to a mere figure head at the institution. Malawi Politics


A board chair a MBC adagwa pa chisankho chapita cha 2014 ku Dowa ataimira DPP.

I feel sorry for you Kasaila for being forced to spit out unashamedly blatant lies. Shame on you and all your dpp cohorts. We will be believe you when Mbc starts showing Laz or other opposition leaders or people criticising Peter and his clueless Dpp govt. Only then that we will start to believe Mbc is unbiased. Just take a leaf from countries where real democracy is in motion, there is no such thing as the govt or ruling party monopolising public media houses. Actually it is the ruling parties or govts that are the ones who complain about the… Read more »
true patriot
I honestly believe that Malawian politicians think that we are all as stupid as they are. Who doesn’t see that MBC is just the mouth piece of the ruling party? I dare say that MBC’s professionalism is at the lowest level since the dawn of multiparty. Ironically, MBC was comparatively more professional during Bingu’s reign! These days any news bulletin is 80%APM or DPP diaries! The opposition is never featured unless it is a negative (for the opposition) or some renegade opposition functionary has said something tasteful in the eyes of the ruling party! Sadly, all MBC employees have completely… Read more »

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