DPP to continue with labour export  introduced by PP

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which criticised the initiative of previous Joyce Banda administration to send Malawian young men and women to work abroad has said they will continue with the programme.

Chaponda:  Malawi and the UAE agreed to revisit their MoU on labour export

Chaponda: Malawi and the UAE agreed to revisit their MoU on labour export

When they were in opposition, DPP dubbed the exercise “human trafficking” while others called it a “joke”, arguing that the programme does not make sense when Malawi is complaining about brain-drain.

But Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda has said the DPP government will now continue with the labour export programme.

Chaponda nonetheless said he has received complaints from some Malawians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)but said interventions are currently underway.

He said most youths were exploited because they did not use proper channels to go abroad.

“Most young people going to such countries have not been using proper channels but have been rushing to using middle men and as a result, they end up paying huge sums of money,” said Chaponda as quoted by Weekend Nation.

There have been unsavoury reports that expose how immigrant workers are mistreated, underpaid, even raped in the Asian country.

“I have been to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha to discuss with government officials and employers on reports that Malawians were being treated as slaves. So far, there has been an improvement in their conditions of service,” Chaponda told the paper.

He said Malawi and the UAE agreed to revisit their memorandum of understanding (MoU) on labour export to enhance collaboration.

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29 thoughts on “DPP to continue with labour export  introduced by PP”

  1. jabulani maluleka says:

    ndiye phokoso lonse lije linali la chani inu a fire government??????????? tingokupemphani chinthu chimodzi, chonde chepetsani moto ukubwenzeletsa chitukuko m’mbuyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. George Lihoma. says:

    I had rubbed shoulders at the workplace and lived with these Arabs in Laudium,Zinniaviille and Marlboro (Alexandra).
    They don’t like a black person and they always doubt him. They only like him if he shows a will to join their religion, and it ends there.
    Government beware. WAKUTSINA KHUTU NDI NNANSI.

  3. Foolish stupid Minister why cant you find local solutions for the local unemployed masses this just shows how empty and dull you are as legislators DPP You are good for nothing thieves who are simply here to finish Malawi. we want the 92 Billion Theft case Probed immediately Don’t waste our time and resources diverting our attention by starting useless vocal battles .Are we ever going to get justice in ROBERT CHASOWA’S CASE and the infamous cashgate which was originally engineered by you WE NEED ANSWERS BEFORE A Repeat of 20 JULY We are not fools ” Remember you can fool some people sometimes but you cant manage to fool everybody all the time

  4. Bigdwag says:

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I thought DPP laughed out its lungs at this PP programme saying its a non-starter? Lets give credit where it is due amangwetuuuuuuu!!!! Yes there were challenges here and there in the labour export programme but it was not very bad at all as it was painted by DPP! The DPP administration should improve on the programme’s shortcomings so that it is improved for the better!! Bravo PP! Bravo DPP!!

  5. Namalyolyo says:

    Dpp and Batchala are stupid

  6. ken says:

    lets continue all the programs that our former president left behind

  7. wawa says:

    why did you choose Arabic countries at first… why not european countries?
    does malawian embassy provide protection to its citizens in immigrated countries?
    Why are you saying that many people they go without proper procedures?
    You are crazzy

    i have been in bahrain quatar doha abhu dabi, many people are being mistreated may be we can exclude Dubai and barhain but if you can try to see or check in world watch list you will find out t hat these are the most dangerouse place to live

    At the same time malawian gorvenment does provide any form of help its citizens in times of catastrophy abroad. i have seen many malawians stranded trying to seek help from the government but so sad that they dont get any. many times people form their own organisation to help themselve. this is crazzzzzzzzy. but your are there if you are doing nice jobs.. have passion to lead people and help, not from your own pocket but gov.

    our gov is crazzzzy mutumiza anthu kukagwira ntchito,,, because of poverty these people they work tirelessly komanso mwa mantha

    Ma Arabs they racist people they dont respect any one makamaka wakuda.
    soo sad.

  8. Du says:

    Iam happy because my president JB has proved to be original. Madeya a dPP sangapange china cha nzeru. Azingopitiriza kuotcha zinthu.

  9. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Only rectify the problems.

  10. Amosnavayah says:

    Let malawian 2 go y u wnt my people 2 die with hungry ndinu anthu atuwanj? Inu mumango kvtitsa mimba zanu baxe mukatelo mukuti kumalawi kuno zithu zilibwino agalu inu.ndi maudindo anuwo

  11. charles michael lucy says:

    Nawonso amakhala ngat ali nd mzeru pomwe adali kunja alowa m bwalo akupanganso zachisisi zomwezja kma akuona mavuto omwe amakumana ndi amthu awo akapita kumaiko akunjako kapena akungopanga busness bax coz these are people who called stupid sense to PP government bcoz of this stuation so today is there tyme to lead they also follow de stupid oooooo its shame on them

  12. Kenkkk says:

    Stop this slavery!! Arabs never respect black skin!!! Shame on you Dpp. Pp made a mistake and we expected you to correct it!!!

    Bring our people home!!!

  13. Bob says:

    With our pathetic economy it is wise to let Malawians go and work elsewhere abuse or not zitithandiza.

  14. Phwetembwe says:

    DPP is a bunch of thugs running government in thugery as DPP stands for Disorganised Psycho Party & APM means Apa Pali Mavuto. Parties must think through before they talk trash. Labour export is good to some extend taking into our mediocre population boom to resources. JB was not bad in everything except cashgate. PP & DPP are blood sisters from a parthological mother UDF who is a Thief no wonder UDF & DPP marriage.

  15. Thitherward Wendo says:

    Those of us who are old enough to remember WENELA – the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association – have no reason to look forward to MPONELA – the Malawi Poor Native Labour Association. I suppose the recruits will be given a few lessons in Chikarabika instead of Chikabanga before they are sent off to toil in temperatures sometimes exceeding 50 degrees celsius. So, we’re to be bought and sold for Arab gold! I hope that no Malawian ends up like the hundred or so Bangladeshis who were found in Thailand recently, waiting to be handed over to their purchasers.

  16. Waa says:

    Are we all reading the same thing? or have you just read the misleading heading?

    The people that went to UAE are Malawi citizens, and you idiots expect the Government to ignore their plight just because they went under Joyce Bandas scheme?

    What the Government is doing is looking out for its Citizens. The contract was already made by Joyce Banda, DPP is not, from the story, continuing, it is just looking after the people that already went.

    I have not read anywhere where it says we need more people to send to UAE.

    The tone of the minister, does not suggest continuing in the sense of of new peopole being sent, rather ensuring that those that went are treated well.

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Read paragraph three, it is very clear. They will continue with the labour export

  17. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    Chitsime chikaphwa ndiye chimaoneka kuya kwake. JB was reduculed by these DPPgurus. She established the automatic pricing of fuel and DPP adopted it. She enacted the automatic valuing of the Kwacha and DPP followed suit after they had condemned it. Pano ndi izi za labor export. Nanga za mudzi transformation trust si zomwe mwazibatiza ndi dzina linazi? JB ndi dhilu. No wonder Ena sakugona tulo that she is still shining on the international stage. Chitani manyazi.

  18. The Patriot says:

    Good move, for once I agree with DPP! There is a country known as Philippines which gets about 1.5Billion US dollars a month in remittances from its OFWs(Overseas Filipino Workers) and that would be like half our annual National budget! If only a million plus Malawians went outside to work we would get the much needed Forex and develop our beautiful country! Bola pasalowepo ndale ndi tsankho potumiza a Chinyamatawo!!

  19. nkhedu says:

    ok nanga munkalongolola chani ?

  20. Ma says:

    Hahaha hehehe we told you Mzimai JB ndi deal! She is more intelligent than the so called professors …good
    At nothing but stealing. ..nde zonse you are just following za JB…cashgate probes, UAE Theba I urge you to rethink one village one cow too…it was good for Malawi villagers milk…proteins with high costs of meat.

  21. eye eye says:

    But Mussa, was on record on one of the radios recently saying the exportation is not worth it…..r u guys contradicting each other?

  22. Love your neighbour as yourself!! says:

    Zitsiru, nanga mumalalata chani kwa JB?? Ana a Lucifer, ntchito kuba, kupha ndi kuononga basi??

  23. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    (D)PP, Jb waz the vision leader. She introduced Mudz trust diphiphi says wil subsdise building materials nw labour expot to continue, cashgte to continue..devaluation to continue, go ahead with ucembere wabwn mungoupezra dzna

  24. Mama says:

    £92 &£13 Billion stolen tells us that there is money in Malawi and there is no need to be exposing young Malawians to the form of slavery in these Arab Countries.
    Why not re establish the Malawi Young Pioneers.
    Why do you send ur children to UK, US and other countries for studies and yet u r encouraging poor young pple to go and work as slaves. U should be encouraging education not going to thse Inhumane places.
    These pple illtreat Malawians right on our noses here in Malawi. What do u expect happen when they are there in their countries. Create jobs here in Malawi not that nonsense.

  25. Kachasu says:

    Nenani chilungamo akulu,a mayi anayesetsa

  26. Richard kamasula says:

    Osamatsutsa zilizonse ayi taonani lero mukuti mupitiliza zomwe pp imachita potumiza anyamata kukagwira ntchito kunja.

  27. Ine says:

    The Malawians who are in UAE were reaped off by Job Centre, a middle man who was facilitating their hiring in Malawi. He was charging them K500,000, claiming that part of it is for visas, air tickets etc while the employers in UAE were sending the visa and tickets at their costs.

    The UAE govt is one of the most caring govts in this part of the world and no wonder its a safe heaven for many nationalities.

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