DPP wants Malawi ex-president JB arrested, warrant obtained: PP says ploy to divert ‘maizegate’ attention

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration of President Peter Mutharika is intent at arresting former Head of State and People’s Party (PP) leader, Joyce Banda, for her alleged role in the infamous ‘cashgate’, a financial scandal involving looting, theft and corruption that was uncovered in 2013, Nyasa Times understands.

Joyce Banda: Marked for arrest

Chikwemba: PP had heard about the ill-intentions

Highly-placed sources within the administration have disclosed that the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has obtained a Warrant of Arrest and that soon, the anti-graft agency will ask the courts to force the former president to return home to face the law.

She is currently abroad on private errands.

“I can confirm that a warrant has been issued by one of the magistrates in Blantyre. Authorities want to arrest her on charges related to alleged money laundering and abuse of office,” said a government lawyer, who asked not to be identified.

PP administrative secretary, Joseph Chikwemba, confirmed in a telephone interview from Blantyre on Thursday, February 23, 2017, “the PP had heard about the ill-intentions” but said the plot was not new.

He said: “We’re aware that there is a systematic plot to ensure that Dr. Joyce Banda should be incarcerated at whatever cost. The DPP government is seriously muddled with corruption, theft of public resources and general mismanagement of the economy. What else do you expect from such a government except for concocting lies against opposition leaders, particularly Dr. Joyce Banda?”

According to Chikwemba, the plot is to project Banda as the main beneficiary of cashgate.

“Since taking over power, Mutharika has consistently accused his predecessor of undermining his government. Since taking over power, Mutharika and the DPP politburo have not missed an opportunity to remind Malawians and the international community that government is failing to perform because of cashgate.

“Former Minister of Information, Kondwani Nankhumwa told Malawians that State House had submitted CCTV footage evidence showing Joyce Banda meeting with Chief cashgate suspect, Oswald Lutepo apparently exchanging looted cash. Yet CCTV cameras at State House do not work.

“Nankhumwa was at it again when, during a memorial ceremony for late Bingu wa Mutharika at Ndata Farm, he said it was Joyce Banda who killed the late President without showing any evidence to back his claims,” said Chikwemba.

According to Chikwemba, to the contrary, former President Banda showed personal commitment to fighting corruption and plunder of public resources when she was Head of State.

When loopholes in the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) were uncovered, Chikwemba said Banda announced on 7th September, 2013 the introduction of measures to seal all IFMIS loopholes to root out theft, fraud and corruption.

“Her PP government drew up a comprehensive Work Plan to completely deal with corruption and plunder of public resources that was subject to regular review by a Cabinet Committee. The Work Plan was shared with donors and cooperating partners. With the help of the British government, a forensic audit into cashgate was conducted by RSM (formerly Baker Tilly). The RSM audit report was released on October 30, 2014 complete with names of the people involved in cash-gate,” he said.

Adding that in October 2013, when it became apparent that there was looting of public resources, Banda dissolved and dropped ministers who were closely linked to that looting and that several businessmen and civil servants were arrested in connection with cashgate.

Chikwemba, a former Malawi diplomat in Japan, claimed that the DPP government has mastered the art of distracting people’s attention from the real pressing issues such as the ‘maizegate’ scandal and its own MK236 billion ‘cashgate’ scandal.

“As PP, we congratulate the President for taking the bold decision to dismiss Minister of Agriculture Dr. George Chaponda for corruption. But President Mutharika must proceed with urgency to dismiss the other six cabinet ministers who appear in the MK577 billion audit report instead of wasting time pursuing his predecessor. APM cannot afford to continue to drag his feet on MK577 billion scandal because it is a ticking bomb.

“There are also other scandals that need immediate attention such as money stolen at TEVETA, the airport facelift project, Armygate, FISP, among others,” said Chikwemba.

Chikwemba said more importantly, if Mutharika is to be taken seriously on his fight against corruption and theft of public resources, he must quickly facilitate ACB structural reforms that would prevent corruption in the first place.

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20 thoughts on “DPP wants Malawi ex-president JB arrested, warrant obtained: PP says ploy to divert ‘maizegate’ attention”

  1. Yahya Jammeh says:

    The idea of having JB back home to face justice is right, but ill timed.- why now when we have a high profile case with Chaponda at hand? If this happened last year or the time JB went into self exile, it would have meant the government was serious about rooting out corruption. The timing of the issuance of warrant of arrest for JB clearly can be interpreted a ploy by DPP Government to divert public attention from Chaponda’s saga. If anything DPP should wait till the court clears Chaponda of wrong-doing or convicted of suspected maize scandle, then zero in on JB. Of course, we all want her back home to face the law and if the court finds that she is innocent, she will be a free woman. My advice to PP is that don’t say much in defence of JB, but insist that Chaponda;s case must be finalized first because both Chaponds and JB are suspects of cashgate or maizegaite if you like. Akuluakulu adati woipa athawa yekha. I will rule Gambia for a a billion years.

  2. CHIM says:


  3. Pravada says:

    How do we trust you if in the first place you appointed a Chief Whip, a Leader of Government in parliament, a chief thief. I am beginning to think that thieves are in echelon of power and justice is gone to the dogs. You are all politically finished. You deserve to go to prison especially to Zomba maximum security prison for punishing Malawians with poverty…

  4. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    There is no case for jb there.
    They are just diverting attention from Chaponda drama. Is the same as saying Peter is involved in maizegate of chaponda because he is a president the time chaponda stealing. They will lose the case and she will sue the government as long as its not dpp money that will be paid therefore they don’t care. I bet you Malawian there is no case for JB to answer its just political and she will pocket huge kwachas from government. The target is just political Cv assassin nothing than that devils are at work

  5. Fine and very briliant move dpp. Malawian want to know the trueth of mama JB cash gate. She must brought to justice to prove her innorncent. Very good idea. But, Malawian also want ACB to extend further their findings, on MK577 billion and MK236 billion cash gate scandles appeared on audit reports. Also the dearth of Chasowa and Njaunji, lastly maize gate scandle, to bring all of them involved to justice. Failingwhich, the move shall be taken and consider as dirty politics. Roman 2 verses 1 to 3.

  6. Muhinya says:

    Joice Banda store money and run away. Now we want her back to clear herself. Do you call that ill intention?

    We expect the measure with which you have measured Chaponda to be used to measure everybody else. Msowoya of tractorgate, joice of cashgate, Chakwera of housegate, Simama of churchgate, kachali of bedgate, Goodal of cashgate etc must also be probed by the ACB in the same manner. Tamvana zimenezo? Zikomo kwambiri.

  7. hoitty says:

    Mwachita bwino a DPP milandu yonse ithe.. kuyambira cashgate ya Joyce mpaka ya Bingu mpaka ya Peter yogula nyumba pa mtengo wa K2. No one is immune. It’s a revolution

  8. Mai Nambewe ku Domasi. says:

    JB,, Chaponda and APM onse they deserve to rot in jail. These are the real benefactors of corruption and thievery of our Tax money. They are the ones promoting hatred and corruption amongst Malawians. Wicked, tribalistic and evil in every sense. the very wrong people to lead Malawi at all cost. too many skeletons in their closets and they are spreading hatred amongst supporters.

  9. chemuyaya says:

    Rotten Party.
    Now you think by doing that people will say u are performing Peter?
    I am beginning to think education has not helped you in any aspect
    You just think like a brainless chicken

  10. santana says:

    Were you throwing a stone at the police while having chamba in your pocket. I tell you if there is any case which can take only a few hours in court and then give the judgement of quilty that case is the JETGATE. Feel sorry for your Amayi. Mayi wokakala mtima chotani kungowasiya ana wokhawokha wosakawaona ngakhale tsiku limodzi? Dziko la eni limakoma kuposa lako? Akudziwa chomwe akuthawa ameneyu. So our friends in the north should just chose another candidate to head the PP because this Jezebel will never step this our soil as long as the DPP is in power. Akuthawa ntchito zake ameneyu. People should not forget that they were given a chance after a 2 years break to make a decision for their govt and they overwhelmingly went for the DPP while Amayi was right there on the driving seat. Signs are there that they will need a continuation of this govt come 2019 no matter what others can blindly say in all the media.

  11. Dipipi wa Yudiefu says:

    indeed ploy to divert attention of maizegate. Mbavala ndi mbavala basic. The idea of probing all Ministers in DPP has unsettled all thieves there. The Chaponda money issues agrees with the general thinking that cash gate was started by DPP. Money being found in people’s homes, car boots dolls etc. I hope ACB checked in Chaponda’s bedrooms cistern and ceiling.

  12. deliwe nhlema says:

    this is crazy. let them deal with chaponda first

  13. The Analyst says:

    Aaaa, so this is a plot to project Banda as the main beneficiary of cashgate? Kodi inu . . .
    . . . Who appointed Mphwiyo as budget Director, if it is not JB?
    . . . Which idiot doesn’t know that Mphwiyo was appointed not for his competence (hence efficient coordination of the budget), but to steal?
    . . . Which name came out of Lutepo and many others, as the owner of the stolen money; if not JB’s?
    . . . What happened when JB realised she is no longer president (protected), if not condemn herself into exile?
    . . . Is there anybody who thinks that JB exiled herself for embarrassment from the election loss?
    . . . Is ours not a joke of a justice system when it only locks up the run-around boys (Lutepo, Mphwiyo etc) and not the kingpin?
    Let no any fool think/say that the DPP wants JB arrested. It is each and every well-meaning Malawian that wants this JB brought here to explain her role in cashgate.
    . . . And are you not scratching our wounds when you say DPP wants to arrest JB? Why just wanting, and not actually arresting this JB and bringing her here?
    . . . Nanga, who doesn’t know that the arrest of JB is long overdue?
    . . . Who has already forgotten that a “want” quickly becomes a “wish”, if not acted upon?
    . . . Nde you want us to celebrate wishes? Asa!
    Bring this JB here to face justice ASAP!.
    . . . Otherwise, you will just confirm our suspicion that, just as those men in John 8: 4 – 9, who left that adulterous woman alone (for they were equally adulterous); you are being convicted by your own conscience pakuti nonse zanu nzimodzi.

  14. Attach Attack says:

    They have been saying this for two years but they know JB is clean. She started fighting corruption and theft yet iwo zikuwakanika okha. Sad people who dont know what to do. Boma lakulepherani basi

  15. Prosper Mopiwa says:

    Leave JB alone guys, we will gain nothing victimizing her. clean politics ikufunika

  16. Marcus Nyemba says:

    asatipusitse awa a DPP, JB is clean all the way

  17. Benny Banda says:

    This is a total waste of time. DPP must know that they cannot touch JB without evidence. Let them try and see how the world will isolate Malawi. JB cannot be compared with little-known Peter Mutharika, never

  18. chipokosa says:

    Fodya ndi yemwe ali pamphuno….Alowe kaye Mr. Chimanga Chaponda chitsiru chamunthu ndi chi gang leader chi Mathanyula. These are mastermiinders of cashgate.

  19. tsambalikagwa says:

    DPP continues to be very useless each passing day. When are you guys going to be serious and transfrom the ailing economy? You are not talking of arresting Chaponda whose case is straight forward and you are now talking of arresting Joyce Banda. The other day Kasaila was talking of arresting Razalas Chakwera. It was really a huge mistake to put this party back into government. We are facing a lot of challenges as a nation now, and instead of working to improve on them, they seem to have no clue on how to do so. Malawi as a nation is now a laughing stock globally. The so called president is too dump, he does not know what to do. I We remember some T/As used to come on MBC TV before Bingu’s death to claim that Peter should be allowed to rule because he would be like his brother, Bingu who by then was performing. What we see now is completely different from what we expected. We ask God to have mercy on us and rescue us from this crisis. We need leadership which is well qualified to serve the nation from the suffering of its people. These DPP thugs, killers, thieves, arsonists, must go in Jesus name!

  20. ellias says:

    Wrong timing! Because the big fish has been fired, then you want to start this JB issue? Where was the ACB all this time? Its true that she stole monies including the Jet sells monies but deal with the current. Uyo mwamusiya nokha nthawi yaitali.

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