DPP’s audio doctored to implicate Prophet Bushiri: Mutharika’s voice spoofed

Listen here  the doctored audio:


In a twist of events the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  operatives  have been exposed  in a  hidden plot to doctor audio conversations of governmet critics and those considered as enemies of the State  to implicate them  in various  scandals.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri

A plot by the DPP operatives  has been exposed with an amateur recording of an audio doctored  totarnish the image of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri aka Major 1.

An investigation by Nyasa Times in Lilongwe found a recording from one of the studios in the capital.

In the audio clip, the DPP government using tax payers money hired a talented young man  – able to imitate any person’s voice – who worked along side Taonga Gondwe the young lady who claims to be in love with Major 1.

The  imitator speaking like Major 1 is the same which the DPP  wanted to use to imitate leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera’s voice.

In the clip, Taonga Gondwe is talking to a man who in the drama acted like the man of God Prophet Bushiri.

In the convesation DPP is trying to potray an image that Prophet Bushiri is interested for presidency in Malawi.

Taonga Gondwe (c) having fun after being paid by DPP

Taonga Gondwe (c) having fun after being paid by DPP

The fake Major 1 is telling Taonga that “you are the woman I love and you will be the first lady when I become Malawis next president.”

The DPP team is on enemy crusade against Prophet Bushiri on account of false intelligence report from the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) which was presented to President  Mutharika by Chief spy Nicholous Dausi alleging  that Bushiri is doing all the charity works in Malawi inorder to buy the hearts of Malawians in his 2019 presidential bid.

Currently the DPP has vowed to use every means possible to make sure they bring down the man of God. A lot of resounces have been provided to various media groups for smear campaign of Bushiri.

But billionaire Prophet Bushiri claims he is not interested to be “demoted” from his role as a president of a fastest growing church to be State President of Malawi, saying he is keen to help the nation in alleviating its suffering as part of his church’s charity but not politics.


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I know many rich people and how they became rich. You can ably follow how they became rich. These faults prophets like Bushiri, TB Joshua can not systematically tell you how they became rich. They only preach blessing and riches and spiritually blind people are joining him so that they become rich. You have just missed the truth and you are following the evil spirits. Be careful God is watching. You will pay the price.

Kholowa miabudula

Koma timiyendo take timeneti abale? Kukwela tiongeyu ndichimodzimodzi kubunyula!

daniel theu

In our family, we don’t stress.Talk but you will not not gain anything. We love you Major One and we wish you all the best. We follow you in rain or no rain. Continue to pray for us, teach us, educate us, feed us with the bread from heaven in Jesus name

chief Activist

but why?……………………………y should a political party in power be afraid of smaller miners…………….he who is guilty conscience shall perish fo his fear said emperor Nero………..its a shame koma


Look at the man of God and his wife handsome + beauty at its best by the way are you twins or small small? Heheeee.
And then look at Tawonga no comment – Show me your photo and I will prophecise I mean tell who u are .
Ur friends are enjoying / blessed in the Lord and u are also enjoying / cursed in the devil. SHAME ON U


Don’t wory Iwill deal with blue goverment am gonna wipe them all assholes

Mwanache B

Taonga’yo miyendo ngati uta choncho

Stupid government, led by a stupid leader, a leader who is depriving the youth of education while at his age he blows millions of kwacha’s to receive a degree he will only use in the graveyard, a leader who tells his voters to start eating rats or mice whatever, a leader who is busy using taxpayers money to produce “Ts”, a leader shielding 7 ministers involved in cash-gate because they are dpp, a leader who only knows how to arrest Eric Aniva while albino killers are walking freely, a leader who can not find people who murdered Issa Njaunju. May… Read more »
finale wa kabaza (cargo rider)

Amen !Mtchona’s days are numbered, mkulu wake adayamba chocho lero ndi mtembo


Why all this fear in this party. Maulana Saga. Now Bushiri. The cctv tape still in transit. The Kabwira WhatsApp and many more. Chakwera too. Mukuopa chianI kwenikweni.

Atopitopi Ali konko

Not surprised. This Taonga Gondwe is a stinking Bitch. She can do anything for money. Poverty is a sin.

Mwanache B

Poverty is indeed a sin

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