DPP’s SG attacks Mwenifumbo for joining Aford: ‘ North Malawi will never produce a president until Jesus comes again’

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Grizeder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey has  attacked the Karonga central legislature, Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo for denying their offer to join their ruling party and opted for AFORD.

Jeffrey says North Malawi should forget having a Head of State

According to Jeffrey, President Peter Mutharika, who is also the DPP leader,  asked Mwenifumbo to join the party but he declined.

She said Mwenifumbo made a big mistake to join AFORD because she said the faded party will not be in government “until Jesus comes again.”

Speaking on Saturday at a political rally, she said:”He was asked to join the ruling party but he denied unfornately he decided to join AFORD which will never be in government.”

She said if Chakufwa Chihana, the founder and leader of AFORD failed to take government how will Mwenifumbo and his team manage to  win power.

The DPP Secretary General further told the gathering that people from the north should not dream to produce a ruling President because their population is too small than that of the south and central.

Reacting to the development, Mwenifumbo said he denied the offer so that he should suffer together with Malawians.

He said he is not a selfish or cheap person to sell his dignity and become rich on the expense of Malawians.

“Why should I join DPP when a lot of Malawians are suffering under its leadership? I choose to suffer with my fellow Malawians and see how we can overcome these problems, that is my life,” said Mwenifumbo.

Adding that “I am happy to hear that the DPP saying I joined AFORD after I rejected the ruling party”.

Executive Director for Karonga Youths for Justice and Development Steven Simsokwe described Jeffrey’s remarks that no ruling President will come from the north as an insult to the people in the region.

He said the DPP should not torture people from the northern region because of their population.

Simsokwe therefore asked the DPP Secretary General to apologize the northeners and learn regarding Malawians as one.

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114 thoughts on “DPP’s SG attacks Mwenifumbo for joining Aford: ‘ North Malawi will never produce a president until Jesus comes again’”

  1. Peter says:

    Madam SG, do the right thing. Apologise and save our Party. A united Malawi will stand stronger than a divided Malawi.

  2. mtete says:

    It has been said political parties, particularly in Africa derive a lot of pleasure from stupid rantings of their foul mouthed spokespersons in an effort to achieve apparent popularity in the process. Regrettably they subsequently realise the possible irreparable damage done to the party.

    J wa J’s stupid and careless oration in Karonga has ruffled feathers in the North and I am sure the few supporters there are having second thoughts about the honesty of DPP’s sweet nothings

  3. ida says:

    Basi mudzanyamuka kupita ku kavota atumbuka inu? You can do something. There is power in unity. As for me and my family noooo!!!

  4. mtete says:

    it’ has been said political parties, particularly those in Africa derive a lot of pleasure from the party’s foul mouthed spokespersons as they strive to achieve apparent popularity. It is only after the nonsense has been spewed that the party subsequently realizes the irreparable damage done to the party in terms of loss of voters.

    J wa J’s careless oration has angered the people from the north and the few supporters there are having second thoughts. I don’t blame them

  5. MKKK says:

    Thus what happens when you give a position to someone who doesn’t know her role and responsibility.

    1. Jeff wa Jeff or whatever your name is, you were involved in the financial scandal in the ministry of education when Chilumpha was heading that ministryduring UDF rule. Do not think Malawians have forgotten. Hule lachabechabe iwe.

  6. Ndawawidwa says:

    It is still paining me you woman please never ever in you life use the name Jesus in connection to politics, that name has nothing to do with politics, it is above all names including you names that operate from darkness whether you like it or not. The coming of Jesus will be apecial events to the whole world. Your speach was blasphemy ,otherwise you are cursing yourself and your party, The one who gave you chance to speak made abig mistake ,it is clear observed that you are not agood public speaker, you are rasist, creating division in our country, is you president aware of your bad speaches? Shame on you dpp, forgeting that you are working with northeners in dpp, mayi inu dziko lakukwiyilani kwambiri, ngati mwasowa choyankula khalani kunyumba muzikanda amuna anu,zandiwawa ndipo zandiwawa, dont take chances about nothern region population please,

  7. masha says:

    ufulu mwaphwanya pa a JJ, mambungwe mulowelepo apa, a kondowe, mtambo and your friends. she must apologies to the northeners, nawo a good for nothing mukungowona akukunenani mphwe pwiii waka

  8. charombanthu says:

    That’s the message to all northerners belonging to the blue camp. You are passengers in that ship called DPP. You will not make it to the top job of leading that blue party. By the way, is this the same lady who was involved in corrupt practices some few years back? Her mouth is bigger than her brain. This is the kind of rubbish that brings chaos. She thinks she is more Malawian than a northerner. Mwenefumbo has the right to choose whatever party to join just like you lady with an unMalawian name.

  9. DTT says:



  10. Rex C Msiska says:

    It is sad, unfortunate and sickening to be hearing such speeches from a national leader. DPP must discipline this lady if they are to be taken serious within the Country and internationally. This reflect badly on the entire leadership of the Country. Is this lady truly malawian, or one of those that get into the Country, mingle around for some years and get a passport under pretects? Really, i cannot believe such a rote spoken by a Malawian. If she is truly malawian, let my Lord in whose name she has vowed be the judge.
    My Spirit is broken, not with hate, but with love and compassion for this lady’s soul. Because you are created in God’s image and the fact that Jesus blood was shade for you too., i say i love you sissy. My advice to you is, just repent for using the Lord’s name to make such vowe.

  11. DZUKA MALAWI says:

    Is she not the same woman who killed our late President Bingu wa Mutharika , the President collapsed
    and died immediately after meeting her, she is very evil, just a showboat with nothing to offer

  12. Mkango Wolusa says:

    This is the problem of giving some positions to mbuli coz they will always speak to impress their masters disregarding the harm their remarks would do to other people. Iwe mzimai uli fokolo, mbuzi yamunthu. You were also involved in katangale ndipo i dont know kuti nkhani yako inatha bwanji. You need to apologize to northerners and all Malawians in general for your senseless remarks. Any peaceful loving Malawian whether from north or not sangasekelere zopusasazo. Iwe ndi ndani. Jeffrey wa Jeffrey nde kuti chani. Uhule basi. Tingakuope iwe poti ndiwe SG!!!! Shit!!!!!! You are just just a bootlicker. Take care usaone ngati coz you are the SG of DPP you are invincible!!!
    Anagwa achina Saddam./ Gadaffi iwe ndi kachani. Who knew kuti ulamuliro wadziko lino ungadzachoke pa central region. Are you God yourself. Did you create northerners to decide their fate? Mbuzi ya munthu

  13. moses kaluza says:

    That is very stupid for someone like her to speak in that way. Dont forget of the booming of intermarriages. God will make it possible for that or tizagawana pakati then we will see the loser and winner

  14. William Tell says:

    First of all that’s blasphemy you retard. Secondly you have just confirmed that your party is tribalistic and those careless remarks have just cost your party plenty of much needed votes. How anybody in your position could be so ignorant is beyond me but it is a clear reflection of the kind of mediocre leadership we have in this country. I am from the south but the people of the north are more Malawian than that American you put in our state house. I stand behind Mwenifumbo on this one, he has shown that he has principles and class which this woman called Jeffrey knows nothing of. We could sit back and laugh all day at these fools in government but unfortunately it is a tragic affair how this kind of mentality is taking us back to the dark ages and dividing us at the same time.

  15. Thilili says:

    You shall never mention the precious name in vein.The name mentioned here in incomparable,the decision maker.The one who have authority to say yes or no,the one who have the last word.Be very careful with your speeches. No one knows what will happen next.Its only the precious name.

  16. Keen Observer says:

    Very unfortunate for Politicians to be dividing people. So does that mean the DPP can not field a Northerner as it’s candidate on merit? Politics of the stomach, people say anything to please their Masters. Shame!!!!!!

  17. gwape says:

    Who remembers what APM said one day before he became president when he thought the phone line was off? So what the so called DPP SG has said is in the blood of DPP. There is no hiding DPP is the most regionalistic and tribalistic party this country has ever had.

  18. Kupusa says:

    No wonder Kaliati anamuguguda

  19. masuzgo pera says:

    Did the SG of DPP said that no President will come from the north until the coming of Jesus Christ?To me the SG is promoting politics of regionalism, tribalism etc. Since Mwenifumbo has opted for aford , so what is wrong with him? He doesn’t want to be associated with a party which condoning corruption. He has chosen a party which has good ideologies to him. Should he join DPP just because the head of state is also the head of the party-no. Walk the talk people will join your party. But if your speeches are contradicting your actions then you are sitting on bomb. The north voted for DPP in 2009, conduct a survey why this time you are struggling.

  20. Chitukuko says:

    An educated illiterate woman she has not even read much of history.

  21. Chitukuko says:

    An educated illiterate lady

  22. Richard says:

    On behalf of Malawi Northerners in diaspora,I strogly and unreservedly condemn Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey SG of the tribalistic DPP for her poisonous and divisive out-bursts against Mwenefumbo that he will never produce President of Malawi in the sense that,he hails from the North.Anyone from the three Regions of Malawi,is a Malawian and will remain so until his/her last day on earth.By the way,DPP does not own Malawi the same as Muthalika and aboveall,he and his brother Bingu did not fight for our independence let alone,multi-party democracy struggle,where were they all that time? It is pretty melancholy that Peter seems to encourage such despicable violation of citizens’ human rights.The people of the North have endured humiliation some times worse than in former apartheid South Africa and yet they have remained peacefully passive all these years which in other countries,could be nightmares.We also strongly therefore demand equal treatment with our brothers/sisters of the two regions because we are also the citizens of Malawi,we pay taxes as people of the two regions,but we are left behind by far in economic development this includes infrastructure and so many human needs.Not only northerners are facing the discrimination in education,but they also face incredible nepotism and other degradations in the same country.Indeed,the outbursts from DPP SG support our position politically nd economically,we need change and we are not going to negotiate for our rights.We also demand that the ever increasing tribalism that affects only the people of the north must end.To the President,we say that we northerners demand share of our rights as Malawians,we all fought for our freedom together,why today,we are isolated and sidelined? GOD HELP US AND LONG LIVE MOTHERLAND MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!

  23. yosefe mateyu says:

    If she doesn’t count the north, why did she organise a meeting in Karonga? Currently, the northern region is having over one million eligible voters. These can make a difference in an election. It is the 1999 MCP-Aford Alliance (northern factor) that gave Muluzi sleepless nights. Late Bingu won with landslide in 2009 because of votes from the north. He only won with 35 percent in 2004. This was so because in 2004 the northern region voted for late Gwanda Chakwamba.

    Note summary of 2014 presidential election results as follows:
    UDF: 700 thousand
    PP: 1 million
    MCP: 1.45 million
    DPP: 1.9 million

    Also note votes from the northern region in 2014 as follows:
    UDF: 21 thousand
    MCP: 136 thousand
    DPP: 173 thousand
    PP: 446 thousand

    Also, note 2014 registered voters per region as follows:
    Northern region: 1,026,245
    Central region: 3,135,098
    Southern region: 3,309,463

    Note that the difference between DPP and MCP was 450 thousand votes. Note that the 1 million voters from the northern region could easily square the difference…

  24. masa says:

    we are even also tired with leaders from one region that is southern part of this country its high time now we need to have a change central and north lets unite and fight this war south pipo will always use this tribalism words as the way of winning votes i believe that your time is over start packing your propeties i dont see any sensible person to vote for you.

  25. masa says:

    we are even also tired with leaders from one region that is southern part of this country its high time now we need to have a change central and north lets unite and fight this war south pipo will always use this tribalism words as the way of winning votes i believe that your time is over start packing your propeties i dont see any sensible person to vote for you.

  26. Chalume says:

    Madam GS is taking off on the assumption that we all join politics to rule Malawi. While this is a gross under-calculation, it also shows the intentions of the DPP to divide the country and oppress the Region that overwhelmingly voted for Bingu wa Mutharika for his second term.

  27. dumakude says:

    we never choose to belong to north malawi if sg or the state president think it is a crime to be small in population & come from north then leave it & stay away .dont take anything from us taxes,minerals,food,wood,stop whatever u r doing here becoz we r small populated dont even campgain bcoz we r small, we dont nid u & ur services

  28. winston msowoya says:

    Can President Muthalika warn his nitwit SG to behave humanly before the country is swept into the sea of blood and confusion.The out bursts of Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey recently have further divided our country into tumultuous political and economic instability ever seen in our country in 53 years.It is now apparent that Muthalika’s DPP is a confusionist and tribalistically motivated Party whose aspirations are to Lomwenise our already divided mother Malawi for Muthalika’s own interests and those of his running dogs.I would like to congratulate brother Mwenifumbo for his nationalistic response he gave to Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey when she hopelessly and ignorantly said that Northerners will never ever rule Malawi unless Jesus comes.It is unfortunate that the DPP SG does not appear to be a builder but,instead a destroyer supported by her inept President Peter Muthalika and it shows too that she does not know the history of her own country.She does not know that Levy Z.Mumba from the North was the first President of the Nyasaland African Congress hereinafter(NAC) in 1944 to early 50s,Orton E.C.Chirwa was the founder and first President of the former dreaded Malawi Congress Party(MCP),he came from the North and finally,AFORD the Party Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey derided,brought multi-party democracy in Malawi under the leadership of T.Chakufwa Chihana from the North.What an ignorant SG? What Peter and Bingu had done or brought into our country? Corruption,tribalism,ineptitude and myriad of anomalies!!! Factually,Mwenifumbo spoke on behalf of even the suffering Lomwes inflicted by Muthalika’s hopelessness leadership.Please Peter stop your SG prostitute to further ruin our beloved mother Malawi.Where is Hastings Banda,and Bingu Wa Muthalika? The next is you Peter,take care.

  29. Enukweni says:

    This is too much, Chaponda said the same and this lady again and others are still supporting this dead party in the north.

  30. Murotho says:

    Ndili Ine wa ku north kumva kuti wa DPP or even the president akudzapangitsa msonkhano ku north sindingapiteko By keeping quiet, the stupid Mutharika shows he is happy with such foolish speeches. My advice to my northern brothers & sisters, if you are sensible enough, never attend any DPP ralies! Kuli bwino kugona or kupita kumunda kukalima!

  31. Che nsomba says:

    Jeffrey wa Jeffrey “so is this what you do when you are in the moon? Do you really lose your brains when you are in the moon?” Could you tell us when you go on the moon so that we know when not to schedule a big rally for the DDP. This is a disgrace not only to Kakayans but the entire Malawi and the womenfolk. But women are better managers, better thinkers, compassionate and caring. Where the hell did you get this rotten behavior SG?

  32. santana says:

    Instead of wasting time responding to her so called insults I would like one reader to tell Jeffrey only one candidate from the North who can contest and win the presidential race in Malawi. Basi nkhani yatha!!!!!

  33. Bibo says:

    Simple logic : DPP needs to be supported by its Lomwe people only. This party has leaders who are very divisive and don’t love tribes from other regions. It is bent on using the north and center to win elections and then marginalize people of these regions afterwards.

    This party needs to score no single seat in both north and center. Northerners should vote for Aford candidates for all seats in the north, but support an MCP presidential Candidate, likewise the central region should give MCP all the seats and overwhelmingly vote for an MCP candidate. This is the type of politics the DPP leadership likes. I plead with northerners to rally together with brothers in central region and form a firewall against DPP. That DPP party will continue inflicting pain and suffering on Malawians and will continue marginalizing people of the two regions especially in government appointments and contracts.

    DPP is a party formed out of stealing people’s money and needs to die a natural death after 2019.It has no history in Malawian politics but instead it has evil politicians.

  34. mtumbuka weni weni says:

    Ian Smith once said “no black will rule Rhodesia for a million years!” Voster said the same. Chaponda said the same. APM said that about Chimunthu Banda! Jeffrey wa Jeffrey is only repeating what others before said and failed. This woman was left trucks by her father and used to come and beg work from me “a Tumbuka ndili ku Candlex Limited”. Wayiwala? Today you are castigating a Tumbuka? You are talking like a small child who said “we as asked you to join our football team but you refused”. Teams are supposed to me two to compete and whoever wins must celebrate in dignity. Wa Jeffrey Kaka you have really disappointed me. You will answer before Jesus unless you pray to Allah. Even Moslems recognize Jesus. You have used the name of the Lord in vein and malembo alembedwa. Muzayankha pompano pompano Kaka. I know that you are stupid because you have always been one but I did not think that you could slide so low. Yamikani ambuye kuti masiku anu achuluke. Yamakani ambuye kuti matsiku anu ochitila uhele uchuluke! Leave us alone!

  35. be humane says:

    Nyasatimes sometimes you put incorrect information to the public and make people utter insults on each other. such statements should be written with cautions. Rwanda and Burundi massacre started with similar sentiments. Much as people would revolt against this clueless DPP, mind the loss of innocent lives that may happen when the media instigate violence and hatred. By putting such statements on media we should be ready to anticipate what might follow and be ready to take responsibilitty in that.

    nobody can deny in Malawi that voting is regionalistic that why Chakwera gets almost all his votes in the central region, Muluzi gets his votes in the east and Mutharika gets his votes in the south. The undecided north is hard to predict

    My only worry is that despite all these bad things DPP is doing to the country, Malawi has no alternative leader. When we thought Chakwera was the right man, he has proved his emptiness and fallen short of being a Malawi leader. Atupele foolishly joined the DPP gwanyas and PP migrated to foregn countries leaving us with no better option.

    Lord have mercy on Malawi. The North will indeed never produce a leader for Malawi because people fear the Wakwithu syndrome that takes even nobodys into position once MTumbuka is in power. This is the only fear of Malawians not that it cannot produce good leaders. It has yes educated and intelligent people like Kamlepo Kalua but even them have no passion for the Northern Region.

    Jeff wa Jeffrey please spare Malawi from regionalistic insults. You will find us when you come down. We are here seated waiting for your retun

  36. Mphuti pajani says:

    The DPP SG is confused because of her HIV status. I think panopa yagwira kumutu. These are the type of Jezebels that will destroy DPP. She has to pay for this in terms of disciplining if at all DPP is a serious party. Amama awa uhule nakutemwa ndalama plus too much corruption ndivyo vikuwasuzga.

    People from the North, this is a wake up call that we should be thinking of voting for Chakwera because apart from being segregated against, in terms of development, here we are being rebuked for no apparent reasons. These are signals of the hatred brewing secretly in the DPP for the North.

    Mamala ine kweni mama uyu uheni mtima nga nyifwa.

  37. charo ntcha yehova says:

    God is not human being.

  38. joel says:

    Dpp’s SG is a silly lady.If she knows that North Malawi is not important,why is she and and her party come here for rallies?Kasi mwaluwa what happened in 2012?Dont play with God Madam!

  39. Gudgado says:

    Mr President, plz fire this stupid bitch. Shes a big blow to your party,

  40. mbili says:

    jeof wa jeof or what ever you call her, she is just a sperm bank and she is more interested in what she is banking than what her tongue is damaging.

  41. Ndangopazamo says:

    Eeeeetu ku north constituency ili yonse Peter mutharika 75,000 votes afford president 1 vote muli lulululu DPP woyeee
    A DPP amayikidwa pa u president chifukwa cha Ma vote ochuluka amene inu a kumpoto ku Northern Malawi mumawapatsa
    A DPP amawina u president chifukwa cha mavoti ma thousand ma thousand omwe a ku chigawo chapakati amawapatsa.
    Koma kwaokooo amagwilizana kuti anthu awo pasapezeke ovotera a chakwera olo Alford olo chipani kapena munthu wakumpoto. Ndiye tikawa chowawa mchakuti ife a kumpoto ndi a chigawo cha pakati tikawathandiza kukawalowetsa ku state house malipilo athu ndi amenewa kunyozedwa kutimana ma udindo kutimana ma business. Maudindo onse abwino ndi a anthu a ku Mwera ma business onse amagawana okha okha
    Tadzukani anthu a kumpoto ndi inu a pakati

  42. ky says:

    Unfortunately we have very educated fools who supports DPP! They r not even proud being notherners , very useless people!

  43. ungwelu says:

    Is this the woman who stole Government money through fake construction projects at Ministry of Education? Is this the woman who once dated our former VP Kaka? Is this the woman who was in doldrums until someone found her and gave her soap to wash and now she has started war against people from the North?

    Her comments about No President coming from the North was very very silly. Actually she is an idiot because the people from the North know already that thy are fewer than people from Central and Southern regions. With the current level of silliness in this country that fact will remain. You select leaders based on WAKWATHU or WAKWITHU.

    Worse still, the DPP Government has conspired to suffocate the North with its sinful QUOTA SYSTEM FOR UNIVERSITY SELECTION as one way of getting even. But you can not WIN on ONE ON ONE DIRECT SELECTION TO UNIVERSITY. YOU HAVE NO BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

    What you should know is that God is seeing you, and the Bible says Though Shall Not call the name of your Lord in vain…………… and JESUS is LORD!!!

  44. North says:

    why and why are we letting fools talk like that in Karonga. We are Malawians and we deserve respect. If this fool doesn’t apologize let’s take a serious action that she will regret for the lest of her life.

  45. Bozwell Makaranga says:

    No wonder northerners are agitating for separation!

  46. Queen says:

    DPP should learn to choose words when speaking, it’s not long from now when they will need the north for support. That’s an insult and this lady SG MUST apologize.

  47. Kenkkk says:

    Well done Frank. That is what I call leaders with principles. You have made Karonga proud. The dpp sg had shown her full ignorance, primitiveness and regionalistic beliefs which is very sad for the country. Look all over the world, there are many leaders who come from minority groups. It just shows how primitive Malawi democracy is and sadly thugs like dpp leadership encourage rather than condemn such primitively thinking.

  48. Opinion says:

    This woman is a disgrace to DPP! Instead of promoting unity among all Malawians she is instead promoting segregation – regionalism, tribalism, nepotism and everything else that is against unifying Malawians! She is clearly segregative of the Northerners of Malawi. Should a president not come from any part of the country? Should Malawians not choose a president who will be able to lead the country to unity and prosperity? Can an able person from a minority tribe not be chosen to lead? This Jeffrey woman should retract her careless statements which only bring hatred among the Malawi people. Look at Zambia, Tanzania and many other African countries! Their presidents were chosen by people throughout their countries because of their abilities to lead their countries and not because they belonged to tribes whose populations were the largest in their countries. Today you may say any rubbish you want but someday the same words will be used against you!!!!

  49. concerned norther says:

    I hope such dividing sentiments must come from immature and politically unsophisticated person.

  50. ANALYST says:

    Those people from the north who are in DPP are fools! How do they accept to be ridiculed like that?? Goodall Gondwe, Jappie Mhango, Vuwa Kaunda, Grace Chiumia, etc – you are all fools

    1. concerned Citizen says:

      They want easy money that’s why they are there, otherwise they could have left the party for lhomwes.

  51. bristone mabichi says:

    How much have we got left for the North to know that DPP and its government is bent on dividing this nation which the Ngwazi united under his 4 corner stones. The north has been insulted in its strongest terms. Time is the healer, …

  52. MASTER says:

    Very terrible thinking from this lady, dont speak too much in life, someone said Malawi is not ready for a woman president and it happened, someone said north will never have vice president and it happened, slow down this is life, this the world where no man knows what comes tomorrow, power no power life remains a puzzle, if i were u i would simply apologize to northerners, this is a curse u have done to your party and yourself!!! life will surprise u one day!!!

  53. DW says:

    This is being polish!! talking with no respect for the pipo from North!!

  54. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    Madam SG, with due respect let me school you a bit. We are in a democratic era where freedom of association is of paramount importance in the supreme book of the laws constitution. Every Malawian has got the right of associating with any political party or grouping of their choice. Thus Hon. Mwenifumbo is also not spared, he is free to join any political party of his choice depending on the party’s ideologies. After all it is not possible for all of us to be DPP, PP, MCP, AFORD, UP, UDF or NLP. Secondly, politics aimed at castigating or dressing down each other no longer exist in modern days. We want issue based politics that will benefit the rural community. I rest my case

  55. Kalanga says:

    Real leaders always avoid scratching remarks! I feel sorry! God knows best for His people. Hence no man can preempt His plans.

  56. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    O jefrey muti mchani chikatero tsaano?

  57. Chaponda Msiska says:

    I like this,when God wants to bring down something He uses one of the very own.Jeffrey is there to break the party,she is there to make way for other parties to win.She wasn’t appointed to that position by mistake,its the hand of God working.My paramount chief Kyungu,see the people you support his they insult your people including you!!Wake up Malawians

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      Uhu!! very true buddy!!

  58. Mkomavi says:

    Mwenefumbu leave Geof wa Geof she is a bitch that leaks fore skins of many dogs

  59. Mughogho, Joseph says:

    So Madam SG you are saying that the people in Malawi are voting on regional lines. How does the issue of small population come in. We thought the president is elected on the popular voting.

  60. vibisi says:

    What an insult why are you so annoyed with the people from the north you are blasphemous why are bringing God in politics. There was once presidential candidate from Venezuela who once said ” now I am winning these votes nobody can stop me not even God ” well to his surprise indeed God stopped him because he was found dead the following morning so if I were DPP SG I wouldn’t insult people by playing with Jesus name.

  61. Babatemwa says:

    When Jesus comes again all you shallow-minded and corrupt politicians will regret the foolish statements you are making to please the crowds!

  62. Kalizgang'oma. says:

    All DPP followers have this kind of speaches just like they came from the same womb.

  63. Babatemwa says:

    Voting on the basis of regionalism or tribalism is a sign of political immaturity.
    It seems that the majority of voters do not understand the issues or the reasons for voting. You would think that leaders would understand this simple fact, but if people like Jeffrey or Jappie say that no leader will ever come from the north, then what can we expect from their followers? Does one have to be a Banda, or Muluzi or Mutharika to become a good leader?

  64. Allick Banda says:

    I have followed Karonga story with keen interest. I have some observation to make.

    In the first place it is true that DPP SG held a rally in Karonga on Saturday. Secondly, some sentences in the the story are quite confusing and misleading.

    1.The story is giving a picture that SG castigated people from the north I don’t think this is the case and point at the moment.

    2. The SG was pleading with the people from the north to rally behind the Government and support its development agenda.

    3. The SG Said DPP has lined up a number of activities and development projects which needs their support ie roads infrastructure , school projects, agricultural development, Masaf but for unknown reasons the reporter never captured that.

    4.The other observation is that despite thousands of people attending the rally and decade of them joining the party there is no single sentence to highlight on that meaning that the reporter had preconceived mind of tarnishing image of the ruling party.

    5. Let it be known that a lot of people attended the rally despite The fact that the speaker was also within the area. This should not be taken for a ride and granted. People of the north ie Karonga and Rumphi must be commended. And also the SG must be commended for a cute job. The party is now alive because of her hard work. The SG works round the clock to ensure things move in readiness of the 2019.

    1. Truthful says:

      In response to your points, Allick Banda, what does support mean? You mean the government has line up projects for the north and Jeff is asking for support from the people of the north? In what ways? Do the projects require the people to do something, otherwise they will fail to take off? Is this not myopic thinking Allick Banda?

      By the way, you did not refute the negative statements that you SG said. Why? Did she or did she not say them?

  65. Piper says:

    Who said presidents will only come central and south ?? You’ll eat your words some day. Did you join politics because you come from the south???

  66. GumBa, says:

    Anzathu akumpoto mwaona zomwe mukupeza tsopano. Panji ninene kuti asI mwaona sono ivi mukusangana navyo? Fumbo ili wazgolenget wa we Khumbo Kachali,
    Kumbukilani Chaponda nayo wakayowoya nkhani iyi, sono ni Jeffery manyani kuti palije chin unusual! !

  67. Pitala mutharika says:

    This woman is very stupid ,
    she has shown to malawians how stupid she is and her blood party useless they are.

  68. Hule Jeffrey wa Jeffrey says:

    Atumbuka ndinu opusa, kunyozeka chonchi basi kumasapotabe dipipi

  69. Mtoto Chaponda says:

    Mayie Jeffrey mwafikapo….kunali anzanu……mwayiwal kuti munabera a Malawi ndi 187 million ija? One day is one day ohoooooooo……mwalankhula motumbwa but know that Mulungu amakonda aliyense. Mutha kuwoneka ngati ochenjera kwambiri but one day you will need the same people mkuwanyozawo in your individual capacity……

  70. Quabaniso says:

    Pawa Vindere vama SG muvipani va mu Malawi muno uyu ndoyo nthyaka la munthu. Thats Kaliati Akweni call you are a stranger in DPP dont abuse our smart good thinking region North Malawi and has prodce the wise people who fought for Democracy in Malawi none from your region. If you are a wise lady lady who fear God you must first apologise otherwise dont come to the North for compaigning us Noo .Galu wa Munthu.

  71. Teenage says:

    This SG must be fired

  72. Teenage says:

    tieni tisagawikane chifukwa chazigawo tonse ndife Malawi tiyeni tinkondane ndife amodzi

  73. Bliz says:

    shaàaa….Regionàlism @ its best

  74. Khwinda says:

    This woman speaks as a saint! Was she not the one that was involved in 187 million education scam with her construction business! Mayi, you can campaign and promote your party without insults and tribalism comments! We don’t expect that from leaders! So next time you are in an emergency room ku chipatala you may find the surgeon on duty is one of those you insulted.

  75. mangifera indika says:

    iwe chi Jeffrey pa msata wako tilikuphlieapo kuti tukhumba tizalamule ise ndizomwe mumakanita federal government samala nawo mlomo wakowo. muzatimva kuwawa Sikh ndilimodzi mukuona kuti zizapitilira mpaka liti zaniz.

  76. tk says:

    This woman thinks that she has arrived to start mocking people from the North. She needs to take care. DPP had people who were good public speakers than her. Though, the north has votes that could make a difference to her party.

    My advice to her or her principle is that she should read American politics and how a boy from the south side and african became a president of the United States of America.

    My other advice is that she should stop using the word of Jesus in vain.

  77. Mtumbuka byblood says:

    A Geoffrey, just enjoy with them, don’t think that we are looking leadership , we want Malawi to be the Malawi we knew before you knew how devil the money could make you that people from what the north are also people like you. Remember there were Ksliati, Chaponda, Ndawu and who you to fight the North. Take care, Peter will not be there for life. Play it safely.

  78. Richard Soko says:

    This woman is man unless DPP removes chances to retain govt are getting slim

  79. Redman sibavu says:

    The statement implies so many things. 1 No equal chances at it in Malawi 2. The DPP will never field a Northerner as its candidate 3. It confirms regionalistic politics 4. Party members in the DPP are wasting their time

  80. The ambassador says:

    The same “until Jesus Christ come was pronounced by my uncle Dr Muluzi,but where is he now?
    DPP seems to be very desperate to sway the power which is slowly loosing. how then DPP claim to be democratic when it wants all the MPs joins its ranks?

  81. [email protected] says:

    Who ever thought that an unknown tribe (Lomwe) would rule the country.

  82. ntonga odzitsata says:

    chihana, loveness gondwe, kamuzu chibambo, Joyce banda, john chisi all presidential candidates from the North! save for pp all have regional manifestos. now tell me why a guy from neno should vote for aford whose agenda is to form a strong bargaining block for the north. what is in it for the guy in neno? this is wa Jeffrey is saying afford will never get into government or a northerner rule Malawi coz all Northerners have narrow political interests and all they think about is mbwenumbwenu basi

    1. Mkango Wolusa says:

      Mbuli ina ndiwe. Who told you Joyce Banda is from the north? Bargaining block nde kuti chani. Dont you know northerners helped Bingu to win in 2009? Was Bingu from north. Ngati simizitsatsa muzingowa midoli basi. Mudzafa ndikupepera mmaganizomo. Ba lamulirani uku moyo wa atumbuka ukutukuka. They dont wait for government kuwatukula iwo amalimbikira pa zonse akuchita. Inu muzichedwa ndikukhala pa mipando ya ndale koma nkumangosauka. Hate them they will loose nothing

  83. Mute says:

    I appeal to our journalists to be serious when writing articles and further appeal to the editors to check the work that comes on their desktops. In this very short article I could no longer hide my disappointment with the quality of the work we are exposed to. Just look at this:

    …Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo for denying their offer…instead of. “…Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo for declining (or refusing) their offer…”
    …He was asked to join the ruling party but he denied unfornately he decided to join AFORD…instead of “He was asked to join the ruling party but he declined the offer and unfortunately he decided to join AFORD…”
    …Reacting to the development, Mwenifumbo said he denied the offer so that he should….…instead of “…Reacting to the development, Mwenifumbo said he declined (or refused) the offer so that he should….”

    1. KK says:

      Why is it unfortunate that he joined AFORD? So SG might be right.

  84. Mwana Wa Kumudzi says:

    Kodi huge limeneli likunyoza akumupotoli lasuta chamba cha kwao ku KK cha blue eti? How can you insult our fellow Malawians from North like this? Malawi belongs to all Malawians and not only to DPP. Jeffrey please learn to speak well. For your information your DPP is dying and with this approach forget about winning in 2019

  85. winston msowoya says:

    TRIBALISM in Malawi has reached undeniable political failure of the Muthalika’s leadership.The coming into power by both the Muthalikas,has worsening the division of our country never seen before since independence 53 years ago.Yes,there was tribalism under Hastings Banda,but at the present administration,this is nearing the RWANDA situation which was hatched by the Hutu blood-thirsty leadership.The recent senseless out bursts by DPP’s harlot SG, confirm that DPP is a Party of blood and unprogressive trend.I strongly support Mwenifumbo for his brilliant and progressive response to the harlot and incompetent SG Grizeder Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey that Mwenifumbo from the North would never produce a President unless Jesus comes.Where is this confused woman with the name: Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey comes from? Is she a true Malawian? If she is a true Malawian,would know the history of her country.Levy Z.Mumba came from the North,and yet he was the first President of the Nyasaland African Congress,Orton C.Chirwa,from the North,formed MCP and became its first President and Thom C.Chihana the leader of AFORD,introduced multiparty democracy in Malawi,how about that GUILE? What concerns Mwenifumbo the most,is his patriotic aspirations for Malawi as a whole and not only the North you prostitute!!! Indeed,Malawi has been thrown to the Warthogs.

  86. Brutus says:

    Stupid Tribalistic & Regionalistic SG

  87. chokwenya says:

    poor remarks from a poor minded lady under poor admnistration

  88. Ikanuona Mvula says:

    Don’t mind her. It is on record that she has a very small brain. Some people very close to her further mentioned that she misbehaves when she is in the moon. Actually she was sick during that rally. Unfortunately the way she thinks portrays how her seniors in the party thinks.

  89. yosefe mateyu says:

    anyway northern region has produced more national leaders than other regions.
    Robinson Chirwa led Malawi in 1993
    Chakufwa Chihana was second vice president and technically vice president in 2004
    Richard Banda technically led Malawi between 2012 and 2014
    Khumbo Kachali was vice president during same period
    Goodall Gondwe has technically been driving Malawi’ economic policy
    Not mentioning Orton Chirwa and others…
    Politics aside, northerners have been driving all technical aspects of Malawi because they are super educated…
    Madam SG don’t be overzealous…Malawi cannot do without a northern factor

  90. Mwakipiki says:

    We may never produce a head of state BUT we must stand together as one. If we want to have a voice and be heard, we must form and belong to a political block. It will give us strength and advancement of our interest. If we in the north have all the 33 MPs on one political party we will be the king makers in parliament hence ensure our interests are advanced. I urge you all northerners, lets stand united. Only if we do so will these derogatory remarks end. Viva North Viva!!!

  91. Namanyaru says:

    The earlier this rabid woman is relieved of her position the better. She will make us lose the 2019 elections.

  92. james says:

    A dpp wopusa osalankhu za chitukuko bwanji kumangogawanisa anthu bwanji kodi kupoto si ku malawi apepese basi

  93. peter says:

    unfortunate remarks from the DPP Secretary General, assuming that she is not being quoted out of context.

    Why should we be thinking regions and tribes, 52 years after independence, as opposed to a united Malawi? is this DPP’s official position that a northerner cannot be president in Malawi?

  94. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Chi Jeffrey chakwiya!! Za chiwawa zokana kulowa chipani cha mbava, DPP. Well done Mwenefumbo.
    This lady is so stupid that she can see that Hon Mwenefumbo has actually shown attributes of a president. Therefore its just a matter of time and not size of population to earn trust of people.

    What she is saying is that even if Mwene, joined DPP he would only be used to support presidents from the southern region. Is she from southern region, herself?

    Based on what she has said, amene ndi chitsiru cha munthu, galu weniweni. khakhakha amene

  95. concerned Citizen says:

    This is very silly, it shows that this so called SG is no civilised politician if at all she one. She does not know politics. She always say stupid things and surprisingly DPP leaders don’t condemn what she says. It’s a pity.

  96. Anthony says:

    That’s the problem of having less informed leaders,too nepotistic,to hail with Jeffrey

  97. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    palibe wambeu pa dziko lapansi. angotaya nthawi yake mai ameneyu

  98. Achawa says:

    Lets not take this lightly but no Northener if indeed you are one never shall you cast a vote for any DPP candidate and stop forthwith patronising there rallies as they just want to exploit us these people have now shown their true colours

  99. Malawian says:

    Stupid filthy woman who does not deserve to be a leader! She is vile woman, empty headed. Why do us Malawians allow low lifes like these to be in politics or leadership positions?

  100. kk south says:

    koma dada kulakhulia uku as if you are the one olenga dzikoli. mwaiwalaso kumene mukuimila. musamale 2010

  101. wa Mwale says:

    What people head from dpp’s secretary general is quiet true and that is their strategy, problem is not dpp, problem is with from northern region and central region, who are there supporting dpp when they know for sure that they get nothing of the deal. Why are there people in north in blue? And why are there people in central in blue? Dpp has and will continue misusing people of north and central region just make them insult their fellow citizen while iwowo mukuthandiza kuti adyelere maudindo onse. Mukuwatsa sapoti nokha. Anthu akummwela malankhla poyera kuti “NDIFE OCHULUKA” mgwilizano wa dpp ndi udf utanthauza kufuna kuti anthu akummwela boma lisawachokere. Tsankho la mzigawo lakula kuposa kale lonse. Koma kodi Malawi wanji amene tikumanga panoyu, amankhula atsogoleri mopanda nzeru chonchi? Mpamene timayenera kudziwa kuti mzipani muli zitsiru pa maudindo akulu-akulu amene kulankhula kwao kuli kwamwano konyada komanso kooanda nzeru ndani anaonapo mkazi amenewu bwino-bwino? Yet chipani mkupatsa udindo WA chief executive kuyendetsa chipani? Kodi kunasowa anthu kuchipaniko?

  102. Trendex says:


  103. shame remarks from the DPP’s SG. for as long as northerners are also Malawians, they equally qualify to stand in an election, win and lead Malawi. Yes the population for the North is small, but there is no rule that say people should only vote for candidates from their region, hence its the national population that matter and not that of the North only. DPP ‘s leader said similar regionalistic remarks about Chimunthu Banda and Chaponda has said more that many times that only their region should produce presidents.

  104. Raw Stuffer says:

    This is very divisive and unfoetunate coming from the ruling party. Politicians should learn to tame their tongues for the sake of national building.

  105. Jelbin mk says:

    This is unfortunate that it comes from the whole SG of the ruling party. Do we produce leaders based on regional lines, are we a true democracy? Are we serious things should go this way? I take this as a direct insult to northerners, am deeply shocked we are really in deep trouble if we are led by such dunderheads.

  106. chatonda Mvula says:

    The DPP SG is very silly and insensitive. These are discriminatory remarks and make the people the north as useless and puppet to those of the south or Lomwes. By the way, is she not from Nkhotakota herslef? Will KK produce a president anytime sooner or later. She is not educated and very dull. That is why she fought with Kaliati in Mulanje because of the her strange character. Malawi cannot move an inch with such silly ladies. And again, when a woman speaks like this silly SG, she is telling the nation that women are useless and cannot make any good leadership at all. That is why they will never win elections again in 2019 because Joyce Banda starting the whole fiasco.

  107. mbani says:

    ndiye timve mawa in the north dpp 50000 votes.

    1. Malawian says:

      Northerners just vote MCP and Chakwera 2019 basi

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