Dzuka Malawi: Malawi does not need DPP or MCP – Greedy, corrupt, undemocratic

Show me a leader with democratic credentials, I will bring you Gwanda Chakuamba, Hetherwick Ntaba, Late Kate Kainja, Sam Kandodo Banda, Late Rodwell Munyenyembe, Henry Chimunthu Banda and Louis Chimango. These are unfortunately only leaders that qualify in Malawi as democratic enough to tolerate criticism, personal attacks and did not waste time with personal vendetta at any point given a chance.

President Peter Mutharika is neither a democrat nor a dictator. He is a different aloof operator where he allows fighting factions to fight and he looks the other way. In other words as long as it does not threaten his Presidency, people can do whatever they want. This is a President who does not believe in firing people, even in their worst behaviour.

I do not need to chronicle the worst behaviour. But if the President is in charge, appointments to places like Anti-Corruption Bureau, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority and Financial Intelligence Unit do not reflect well, especially on his flagship reforms agenda. Unless we agree, endorsed by the Vice President’s reduced enthusiasm on reforms indicate the failure of this programme- what a waste of fireworks.

But its not really Angoni Chilima’s failure if the reforms die. It will be counted like the Presidents failure. When the period to comes to judge performance, all appointments, all programmes will be bundled together and become part of judgement for voters to deliver around May 2019 or to say less than two and half years to go if you count 2018/2019 which is virtually a campaign year.

Let Cabinet Ministers fight each other to hell. It is good for our democracy. The infighting in the DPP and the inaction by the President to be seen to correct the situation is benefitting the ordinary Malawi as it achieves the essence of transparency these people do not want.

Now we know all the bad deals of this administration. Someone writes about the wealth of Dr. Ben Phiri, another adds the wealth of Paulosi Chisale, another talks of how MACRA is being milked by Kondwani Nankhumwa and his other military agenda, another talks of Akweni and allowances. Hey before you end someone says something about Henry Mussa, and suddenly Dr. George Chaponda the international diplomat is the operative of so many deals.

At Civil Aviation someone pays 21 million kwacha to a bogus company, another pays billions for crops insurance we cant claim, someone plays a 100 million dollar joke to borrow and pay for maize from war-torn Ukraine, the ACB Director and MERA director fight for MWK6billion contract. Nobody sees anything wrong with the multibillion kwacha contracts to one company at Road Traffic.

Mr. President, the list is too long and the inaction is very loud. Its not people hating the DPP that bring out these matters. It is DPP fighting DPP and each revealing secrets of the other. The result is blood bath for the party, Malawians learn how corrupt your party is and how your officials scheme day in and day out to rip off the poor of their taxes. Greed, corruption and dishonesty will get the President voted out. Again ask Joyce Banda, she might have not known, but she failed to take action in time!

May be a bit of history will jerk off the DPP politburo. The UDF in late 1996 started internal fight with many targeting Dr. Cassim Chilumpha. Someone gave a tranche of documents to a Malawi News reporter and the story of Intertek and SGS was born on pre-inspection services contract with MRA.

The UDF damage as the “most corrupt government ever” was born. Chilumpha was the Minister of Finance and attacking him, as many political amateurs in the DPP are doing with each other is not the wisest political decisions. Very soon everyone who had a questionable financial transaction was exposed, MRA Commissioner General Enerst Mtingwi was the first, then hell broke loose, every shady deal in the UDF administration played in the media from purchase of Ministerial Mercedes to donations from Taiwan to Micheal Sata then in opposition in Zambia. We knew who ate what from where and when pressed hard is it Sam Mpasu after the fieldyork or Ziliro Chibambo infamously shouted “WE ARE ALL CORRUPT”

DPP officials today are telling Malawians “Its our Time to Eat” and “We are all corrupt”. I fear for the worse. Remember the last time Peoples Party officials were fighting as the looted our national coffers, Paul Mphwiyo was shot and has several bullets in his body as a reminder of what political greed and fights can do.

In DPP today, you can tell greedy and amateurship fight for influence and quick money. As I say, the fighting by greedy people allows us the plebians to examine the party well and see if the President is honest about fighting corruption when everyone surrounding him is exposed by his or her own party colleagues of trying to steal from the tax payers with some shaddy deals.

And of course, nobody is fired, but redeployed or shuffled around. We don’t need Access to Information deal to learn of corruption, we encourage the DPP factions to tear each other to bone, tell us who is more corrupt than who, record whatsapp voice clips and we as Malawians will decide who needs to govern us in 2019. But definitely not a party with a party vice president, treasurer general, director of this and that all implicated in corruption.

Then we come to main opposition MCP. This is a pathetic group of people. The DPP failures could have seen the opposition provide strong platform and arguments of why it should be the next Government. But lo! They are busy with their dictatorship.

MCP has always missed the boat for the last 25 years exactly by doing what it is doing now. Gustav Kaliwo, Jessie Kabwila, Felix Jumbe, Joseph Njobvuyalema, Chatinkha Nkhoma and the list is growing if you add the district chairmen and others who are voicing their concerns.

Typical of the MCP of yesterday, healthy political debate as it is called in a democracy does not feature even in the transformational leadership of Reverend Chakwera. Instead the one party state vocabulary is back, confusionists, kapilikoni or otumidwa.

Really, Richard Msowoya would dismiss his Secretary Generals letter as “childish” while intellectuals like Kabwila are reduced to being “bought” like a goat? And MCP supporters believe they can marshall the confidence of Malawians as democratic enough to go into Government.

If Chakwera and MCP NEC (whoever this is according to Kaliwo’s letter) cant stomach criticism from a very few of their own, fail to manage crisis and resort to chasing anyone who disagrees with them, are they sure they wont plot to chase Bishops, close down media and call anybody disagreeing with their leadership when they occupy State House.

May be MCP does not have proper strategists. Here is free advice. MCP has not been rejected at ballot because of its economic record, it is because of its DEMOCRATIC CREDENTAILS, and nobody believes in their right mind that MCP can be a custodian of our democracy.  Not with John Tembo, now very serious doubts with Reverend Chakwera who wants only “YES AND AMEN” in politics as he had in church. No parties are about diversity of ideas- especially those that are democratic enough.

If Chakwera and company wants to know, it is the behaviour of intolerance and tribalism by John Tembo that kept the South and North from voting for MCP. He fired Chakuamba followers, Late Kainja, Late Chafukila, Late Kamanya, Sosten Gwengwe, Chris Daza, Beston Majoni and company, the list of those fired was too long by the election time, MCP was left with a skeleton of amateur politicians who only knew praise singing of John Tembo, they kept loosing with distinction.

I am happy again with the infighting, at least we can now all dispense with the fantasy that Chakwera is a democrat. I don’t believe in religious people being democratic. I was attacked when I said so at the start, now I am proven right. In MCP, Unity, blind Loyalty, staunch Obedience and autocratic discipline is required or else you will be called a confusionist.

Now to fellow Malawians, Dzuka, Dzuka Malawi, corrupt politicians, dictatorial parties and indeed those misfits in our democracy should see red. Lets start talking of 2019 with new, brand new leaders that can help Malawi develop. DPP and MCP cant defend our democracy nor can our taxes be trusted with them, so far they join Peoples Party as the three parties Malawi does not need to develop!

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The article lacks enough facts to make sense, a thorough research must be conducted when putting a pen to paper. Dr J.Z.U.Tembo did not fire Gwanda Chakwamba from MCP. but that he. Chakwamba did not want to be second to Tembo as the convention had decided, so he went to form his own party called Republican party. Late Kate Kainja was a sick person suffering from cancer so she wanted a better way of accessing top class treatment, and was therefore desiparate to go into government while Tembo refused request from late Bingu Wa Muthalika because Tembo never trusted Bingu… Read more »

You state the obvious; but well-said nonetheless. You should have done better to spell out what realistic alternatives Malawians have for 2019, besides DPP and MCP. Otherwise, your analysis is just that: futile analysis; not dissimilar to the the ubiquitous political commentry spewed by the Chirunga academe!

Vuto la Malawi is not very complex as a nation we dont know what to do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or next 10 years, where there is no vision people perish. We dont need a leader to redeem us NO, ngati dziko every citizen must share a common objective and vision like, how best can we achieve in education, health service, economy, trade, agriculture, energy etc. Through that its the only way we can find who best fits to be a leader from president..cabinet minister…ministry technocrats. Pano anthu amangobwela kuzanama ndi manifesto awo okuti ngati dziko its… Read more »
The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O The ability to make right choices comes not from intelligence; but wisdom. Sadly, while APM’s education completeness is an indelible mark of intelligence; the guy lacks even a quarter-kilobyte of wisdom. . . . You see, while intelligence equals memory hence ability to remember things, wisdom quals ability to distinguish hence choose right from wrong. . . . Are we surprised that when its palpable that DPP is cup-full of thieves, APM chooses to do nothing? . . . Is it a wonder that when Malawi was told to pass the ATI Bill or risk losing aid, APM chose… Read more »
be humane

good writing on a foolish forum makes everything look foolish

This is one of the fine articles I have read from NYASA. You did not need to balance it the way you have done but I am left speechless for the truth articulated in the article. DPP will dismiss it as a mere loud cry coming from a disgruntled middle class man but little do they know that the more we live in their rule the more we get to understand the mis-leadership in them and the more they lose our trust and votes. You cannot shield thieves and expect me to vote for you again, no. The message I… Read more »

How can all this political infighting be ‘good for our democracy’? These people were voted to power, assuming the lection was free and fair, to run the country, develop its potential, not spend their time (at taxpayers’ expense) squabbling among themselves. They should keep that for their own time.

Rudo, you’re not being honest for omitting Dr Joice Banda from your list of democrats. In fact, your list of democrats is entirely not correct. None of your listed democrats has been a president before to prove they can be democratic at that position – because that’s the position that needs democracy the most. JB is the person Malawi needs, and you don’t want to mention this in your lengthy article. Have you deliberately forgotten how JB listened to people’s wishes when she was president? Have you forgotten that it took JB to reveal the scandal of cashgate that had… Read more »

This article is completely useless and not befitting. The one who authored this don’t have much facts to rubbish DPP and MCP. Let me tell you and warn you whether you want it or not may be you think of Bushiri come 2019 a president will come from either Mighty MCP or Diesel Petrol Palibe period unless you are a foreigner I will understand with great concern.

This is proper writing, full of history , factual and all party handicappers need to find the writer and seek advice on what they should do. Malawi does not need any of our political parties. They fall short of human standards

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