Dzuka Malawi: MCP forget 2019 with the party infighting

The Malawi Congress Party, is an enemy of itself. After every election it degenerates into squabbles, fires people and bring in novices and praise and worshippers next to its leader and expects to win elections. Unfortunately, MCP has only had for Presidents since its inception and one only won an election.

The MCP first President was Orton Chirwa. It might not be pleasing to say the party was led by a Northerner. Chirwa one of the first black lawyers for Malawi would actually be jailed and as many of us believe, killed in jail on the eve of multiparty democracy. If Orton Chirwa came out alive of jail, surely it could have been drama, he could have simply reclaimed the party. Someone somewhere feared the reality.

Confusion and gossip is DNA of MCP. That’s why today, I can boldly call in to say, MCP is not in serious contention to form the next Government. Let’s stroll back to history.

After inheriting the party, Kamuzu Banda turned it personal property. Strong indications that after being released from Gweru, Kamuzu was not in a hurry to get people like Dunduzu Chisiza Snr and others out of jail until late 1960s. The 1963 death of Dunduzu has remained suspicious as many deaths would years later.

In 1964 soon after independence, the MCP was back to its habits. It purged all strong characters and left with praise singers. The greatest people that could change Malawi including Henry Masauko Chipembere, Augustine Bwanausi, Willie Chokani and others were literally chased out of their homeland. We quickly replaced them with Gwanda Chakuamba, Chidzanja Nkhoma and others who could hunt the perceived enemies.

In 1983, Aaron Gadama, Regional Minister for the Centre, Secretary General Dick Matenje, Deputy Minister Twaibu Sangala and MP Augastine Chiwanga were literally killed and dumped in Thambani, Mwanza. Note, it does not matter with MCP where you come from, you are supposed to be brainless, praise singing and arrogant to rise in the hierarchy.

Gwanda Chakuamba who was the third President of the MCP since its formation, could not contain the heat. Each year he was forced to call for a convention, he was stripped of his Leader of Opposition and saved by courts and at one time, MCP broke into two, with one convention in Blantyre, the other in Lilongwe. The praise singers for then MCP Vice President John Tembo claimed Chakuamba was selling the party and he was “a confusionist.”

At the peak of JZU-Chakuamba fight, JZU was fired from MCP, has his seat declared vacant after being found in contempt of court alongside then Secretary General Kate Kainja. Late Kainja, one of the strongest politicians Malawi was later pushed out and accused of selling out the party. JZU’s lowest mark in politics came when he suggested something about the Late Kainja inability to have children, but that’s MCP, no apologies it makes when it wants to attack its own members.

JZU, won from Chakuamba, then purged everyone else, from blue eyed boy Bintony Kutsaira to Late Ishmael Chafukira to his once former loyalist Beston Majoni. He later was at logger heads with people like Sosten Gwengwe.

Reverend Lazarus Chakwera promised transformational politics. When he won at convention, instead of inviting his competitors like Barack Obama did to form a strong front with Hillary, Chakwera joined the ranks of purging his own members. Counting the figures, he no longer speaks to Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, he no longer wants Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo, he has fired long serving district chairpersons, MP Felix Jumbe, Jessie Kabwira, Chatinkha Nkhoma and Joseph Njobvuyalema. The tag is simple “confusionists who have been bought.”

Unfortunately we have heard this story since Kamuzu took over the party. Unfortunately, Chakwera has failed to transform this mentality. Instead of talking to his colleagues, he hides and sends others to talk to senior party officials. He is a coward, as the rest of the MCP presidents  (save for Orton Chirwa and Gwanda Chakuamba) who cannot confront internal dissent.

Before MCP youth leaguers start shouting at me “wogulidwa or wa DPP” check the facts and contradict me. Tell me am wrong that MCP has been firing very crucial persons with every stage. The party in simple honest is now a Lilongwe based party. During JZU it was Lilongwe-Dedza party. MCP can never recover to win the whole Kasungu, Nkhotakota, Dowa where Dr. Jean Kalirani whips them at will, Lilongwe City, Salima and Ntcheu.

The Central Region has only 66 constituencies, which MCP now can only claim to be solid in Lilongwe rural and part of Mchinji and Dedza. The MCP has failed to raise leadership in the North, East or South where combined has 127 constituencies.

Tell Reverend Chakwera, for him to win, he needed to sweep the 66 in the Central Region and add extra 30 plus in the North and South. His Lilongwe first philosophy makes it simple for Prophets to predict his landslide loss. People like Gustav Kaliwo, Richard Msowoya and even Jessie Kabwila gave the party  a national face, they are principled and objective. Unfortunately, Chakwera is deep into MCP presidency politics where he sees enemies from within.

Dzuka Malawi, start looking for a party in 2019 that will not be part of our failed past of 53 years. Reverend Chakwera failed to speak against salary increase for MP’s, he uses a very long convoy with his boys risky manoeuvres, he cant come out to explain his sudden wealth or how much well wishers have given him for the party or the alleged vehicles donated to him. He is busy purging his own team.

Dzuka Malawi, if you are tired with DPP, I would say be very tired with Chakwera’s arrogance as well as wasting your time believing things will change in 2019 with MCP in power. If he can fail to speak to his own GS for 10 months, at State House arrogance will increase. 2019 we should elect a party with no past with our history, no recycled politicians, no arrogant politicians, no tribal groupings. Dzuka Malawi- vote for Dzuka Malawi party!

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23 thoughts on “Dzuka Malawi: MCP forget 2019 with the party infighting”

  1. Monrovia says:

    Akanganya inutu mumachita makani chomwechi tikukuuzani2013 kuti game simungaiwone. leronso mwayamba kunyika mitu yanu mumchenga. Mudzatseguka mmaso DPP ikadzakwera MCP. Ifetu kuno ku Central and North DPP ndi mbwelekete. Tell me which district and constituency can DPP come empty handed in the Centre and North? Tell me which district or constituency can MCP get 20 votes in the South?

  2. h kamdidi says:


    In his book, Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe writes “when a child washes his hands, he could eat with kings”

    The President should first do the needful and everything will fall in place. PERIOD!!!!

  3. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    Pity article from pity writer,
    Am sure you are not a Malawian, Rudo or what ever you call yourself, its shameful to show your ignorant publicly.
    Am not surprised because you are trying positioning yourself .
    If you don’t know Chakwera, it would be good first to ask and have a good information before writing, any way that’s our choice to sit down and talk evil of him and his Party in fact there is no fighting in MCP if i may tell you. What is happening in MCP is to put things in order so that Malawi should change its directions wawa, we can’t just be talking of [Kaliwo] since Kamuzu time wakale sawawa, we can’t just be talking of women who just talk anyhow [Kabwira], we can’t just be talking of some one who plays double card in the name of democracy by talking bad things about your leader [Felix Jumbe] not now my friend! MCP is taking Malawi Democracy to the new direction Rudooooooooooo! unfortunately you cant see it.
    If not Chakwera, who else?

  4. Dpp leronso?? Umbava uli thoooo!!! You want to continue milking this already thin cow called Malawi until no more money is stollen. Mbava zachabechabe inu.

  5. Mmalawi says:

    The writer needs to look at his facts carefully and reflect on the many erroneous claims and conclusions he makes. We all know how Chakuamba ended: a political prostitute. We all know how the likes of Kalebe, Kainja, Kutsaira, Ntaba and Gwengwe did: displayed their love for power and money by aligning themselves with the ruling party and in the process, lost their constituencies. So what is this claim about them being good politicians? Dr Chakwera may not be perfect but has displayed the true character of a leader by showing decisiveness in handling tricky party issues such as questionable loyalty of seemingly strong people of the party such as Jumbe, Kabwira and Kaliwo. Compare and contrast that with Mutharika’s leadership and indecisiveness when it comes to crucial matters. Who would you pick as a better leader? Unless you have your ulterior motives, you will see that the squabbles in MCP are a true demonstration of a party that is truly democratic and that belongs to the people and not dynasties/families like some parties. But Malawians being Malawians, they will reject that democratic party in favour of failures, all because of regionalism

  6. pathfinder says:

    Wakutsina khutu ndi mnansi, okumbva ambve , osambva asambve.

  7. all the above comments come from Lilongwe people kkkkkkk

  8. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    DPP want to make sure that UDF is completely finished. thats all, nothing all

  9. falliot says:

    Some members of MCP,,,like the kabwila, jumbe, and kaliwo are selfish people who lack leadership spirit….
    MCP has one president at a time.
    Now its Dr Lazarus chakwera…. Its not that Chakwera is too wise to rule MCP, but we chose him to lead that party.
    Don’t be brind, These jumbe,and his friends think they are intelligent that anybody in MCP,,,so they behave like phalisees and Sadducees. So sad for such people. MCP will be a government in 2019,no matter what you say .Malawians now knows the truth. The history of death of old politicians has nothing to do with MCP as Party, MCP is a property of Malawians, not dead people who passed on for one reason or another. No body is immortal. so don’t victimize Malawians by telling them who killed who?????Even now we have worst regime murders….. So can you investigate high level cases like death of issa njaunju, kalonga stambuli, chasowa, fanikiso Phiri, matafale, show that you’re not backing genocide.. DPP please…

  10. falliot says:

    MCP is strong than any member of the party, including Dr Lazarus chakwera, any person chosen to lead MCP is there to defend MCP principles….. So MCP constitution demands that Dr Chakwera Defends the integrity and continuity of MCP. So anybody with destructive mind and undemocratic principles like kaliwo, kabwira,Felix jumbe, late Willie chokani, Augustine bwanausi, Masauko chipembere cannot survive MCP conservative Democracy….. That’s why you think Even kamuzu was autocratic, but he was defending the integrity of MCP, a party that only stand to move Malawians forward,,,, not current DPP stilling Malawians time ….So MCP has squabbles true,,,but that does not fail MCP and Dr Lazarus chakwera to rule Malawi.,,,,,,Historically MCP has had a lot of squabbles even during its 31years rule….. if you don’t know, ask Muluzi, jzu Tembo, APM,,,,mtaba, just to mention a few,,,, Squabbles are indeed bad, but they are also testing the strength of MCP leadership. So firing dissidents in a party is not a strange thing…That’s why Dr Bingu wamuthalika Fired joice Banda, not that the party was dying, but he was exercising his power as a president to ensure the party remains in a peaceful leadership…… Have you forgotten Squabbles in UDF, isca product of DPP,,,so squabbles tests the leader,,,if a leader is weak minded, that’s why you see UDF now is out of government, and in armpits of Wicked DPP…..if muluzi was a strong a decision maker, UDF could have been a ruling party for another 31years….so when you’re analysing about MCP, do it with sober mind,other wise you’re writing out true history and false analysis based on personal interests…Those who are intellectuals in publishing stories should write stories that are truthful and a real representation of Malawi’s political history, not becoz you belong to current regime, that’s out of journalistic ethics…. be truthful..
    I would also differ on the author of the article citing the resurrection of rate Orton chirwa to claim the ownership of the MCP, at the dawn of multiparty democracy, that actually barbaric politics of aldof hitlar error… As a matter of fact, a party is no form as a personal organization, a party like MCP was form by many Malawians but led by Orton Chirwa,,as a leader of the party, with one major objective ( to destroy stupid federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and give Malawian a self determination) and it was achieved….. just like DPP, was formed by many Malawians, who defected from UDF, with an objective to form government of the people, not then selfish UDF government. So if you say MCP was a personal party for Mr chirwa, its like believing that Malawi as a country belongs to malavi kingdom….yes the idea is true, but now the leader patterns changed, with the coming of western democracy.
    MCP will exist not as a family party, but a Democratic party where leader ship is not about brood brothers like DPP,or becoz its my son, like muluzi and his Atupele muluzi,in UDF. Party politics exist in MCP,coz anyone can be a leader…..So don’t write articles out anger becoz now MCP is becoming popular due failures of DPP and UDF. Squabbles are normal in any party with a lot of potential leaders like MCP, hence power struggle. But there is one leader at a time, so those who are against current leadership has to be treated, according to MCP principles and objectives, that a party we know….

  11. mabusa says:

    That’s politics not all brothers and sisters in the southern nation of Malawi are not DPP supporters everyone has a freedom of choice which party to support.
    Remember what happened in our country South Africa, everyone thought ANC is the best recall what happened in August 2016 elections?
    You will be surprised just support your party and behave well and you will be back into power otherwise if you continue your fowl mouthing sorry!

  12. zaka says:

    Thats typical of Mcp denying the real issues on the ground,the analysis is superb,we learn history for us to manage the future ,take it or leave it.But with only 66 constituents in the central region ,chakwera can not be leader,Chithupysa cha kunsana amachiwona ndi anzako.Ndale zopanga ku chewa land only will not make chakwera a leader.If he is failling to talk to his vice ,Richard ,nor to his sc kaliwo ,what doe it mean .Kulira kulipo come 2019 ,3 years since the last election,nothing tangible ,only dividing the party further ,kabwila,msowoya ,kaliwo ,Jumbe,Chatinkha are enemies of the party ,is this an achievement? Instead of using your energy to make a sour searching on why you dont even have a single seat in the south ,only one in the north,and strategise fully and make the mcp a national party ,you are busy washing your dirty linen at the public,denying that everything is okay yet things are falling apart daily in your party,accepting that there are problems is half way solving them.Duka Malawi keep the fire burning wakumva wanva…..

  13. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    Fault Rudo at your own peril. Politics is a game of numbers. Between DPP and MCP, which party is more conspicuous across Malawi? Are you serious Chakwera can win without the most populated Southern Region? It would be a miracle indeed. Most of you who make comments here forget that you just sit before your computer but cant make the much needed vote. Anthuni DPP simukuidziwa eti?

  14. Abiti says:

    Kodi bwanji anthu andalewa safuna kugonjerana. My hopes for MCP coming to power again are dwindling each day. Sad.

  15. Kingsley Jika says:

    A few days ago the President made it plain that soon DPP cloth material will wear yellow as well. He could not be more direct; it’s now in black and white DPP is UDF, and UDF is DPP.

    There was a time if you wanted to speak to Kamuzu, Kaliwo had to be there, had to control what Kamuzu was to say and even stop him when he noticed a ‘derail’. Can such a man suddenly turn enemy? Good MCP, do you really follow your own history?

    The sober and ‘objective’ Msowoya is a great national bait; Jessie adds in the intellectual feminine ingredient to your recipe, but all these are turning enemy once they open their mouths on something. Please, develop a culture to listen before you begin to hurtle insults. And I cannot describe the picture of MCP I get whenever you use this language of ‘nkholokolo’ on dissent. MCP needs a million Tariro’s (whoever he is) to bring it to a point where people can say, “If you want to experience democracy at work, go to MCP.” Once you do this, once you begin to see eye-to-eye, once you begin to laugh at yourself for jumping on decent, you shall become the alternative we desperately want, and I promise you, I will be the first to buy your NEW card, wearing that red through the length and width of the Eastern Region. Otherwise it will be a case of the devil we know despite these incessant punishments. Perhaps like this Tariro, I am another sent by the DPP.

    1. Truthful says:

      Kingsley Jika, I hope you are the true Jika we know. If you are, then I ask you to sober up and do the usual analysis that you are known for. For starters, I/we all know your political inclinations; so don’t bother trying to play the game differently.

      Secondly, Tariro has tended to bend towards ORANGE judging from all his articles. Nevertheless, whether I am right or wrong in my observation, we all know how difficult is is to sell oranges these days. The alternative is to hide behind some fairy-tale party or organisation called Dzuka Malawi as an alternative to the current failures of DPP. In all honesty, which party is more organised between MCP and PP that Tariro seems to often sympathise with? Which leadership is in more tatters?

      Lastly, if you return to your art of analysis, MCP as a party is the most vibrant politically speaking. The new MCP demonstrates maturity and its organisation is the most transparent with members being the most expressive. These are democratic tenets. The party follows the constitution to the letter. This is demonstrated by all the arbitration the party and its members continuously seek through the courts. The squabbles? These are healthy for the party as they represent self-sifting and loyalty. Voters understand what is happening; even those in MCP. You will be shocked that no convention will remove Chakwera as president.

      What analysts such as Tariro fear is the practice of democracy itself. Go to South Africa and study ANC. Nothing half of what happens there has happened to MCP. Please, stp looking at winning an election as a yardstick of a party’s strength and contribution to democracy. After all, there is enough evidence that MCP won the 1999 and 2014 elections. Brown Mpinganjira explained it and the court direction to recount the 2014 votes justified it. If only MCP took the matter further, the story would have been different. Again, the torching of MEC warehouse by DPP agents is a good justification.

      So Tariro can write as much as he likes about MCP failing to win an election, but let him sober up and recall that we are ruled through a stolen DPP victory. The question is: who voted for the “pathetic” MCP? Let MCP learn to check rigging like they did in Mchinji. Chakwera is the best option for Malawi.

  16. Meke says:

    Rudo, if you look at the current crop of leaders in opposition parties who do you think is a serious contender. Can Uladi Mussa win the election? Remember Chakwera was number 2 in the last elections. So who do you think can win from the opposition?
    You are not a good a analyst because you are emotional and do not appreciate time has changed.
    Listen to me, Chakwera will win elections in 2019. APM is failed leader, nepotistic, tribalist and corrupt

  17. Omex70 says:

    Rudo Tariro or whatever you call yourself, don’t you see and know the current squables in MCP are fueled by DPP which is using useless people like Kaliwo?

  18. Hokoyo says:

    Your analysis is flawed. Political squabbles are normal in any society. Chakwera is a good starategist. As a leader you do not respond to each and every criticism. Sometimes you keep quiet.
    Kaliwo is just making noise he does not have any support.

  19. MCP WENIWENI says:

    Palibepo chanzeru chenicheni mwanenapo apo.

    Listen, Zimene mwanenazo za MCP zakalezo, is the whole reason we VOTED , YES, for multiparty politics. It was Kamuzu who said ” Let the people of Malawi VOTE and chose the system of Government they want. That was 1992. Kaya munalipo kaya?????

    It was Kamuzu, who before they even finished counting the votes, said ” Muluzi has won”. Kaya munalipo kaya????? Let us tell you, ena, amene lero lino ali mu DPP mwanumu amakana kuti Kamuzu alengeza msanga. But Kamuzu said , No, Muluzi has won. This was a states man. What you are saying is history and a sane person can not dwell on that today. Mbava zanuzi zinachita kuba ma vote. Osanama, mavutowa is because someone not deserving is ruling this country.

    Now we have the hope of Malawi, Dr. Lazarous Chakwera. It shows to me that enanu you do not know Chakwera, ndiye mukungouwa uwapo. Anzanutu akumudziwa bwino kwambiri Chakwera. Ask the DPP President and his supporters, Who are they fearing on the current small party presidents???? Give us the answer after your findings.

    Chakwera is a serious character. The only hope of Malawi. Listen, soon, and very soon, we will show Malawi. The devil knows. If people can be killed in Multiparty politics any how, then you talk of issues of over 30 years ago. Really??? Was Chakwera ruling MCP those 30years????? Chakwera, Chakwera , Chakwera the name to Speak , the name to remember and the name to promote!!!!!!!!!!

    Bwanji pamenepa??????

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      So encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The Reformer says:

    This article has a hidden agenda. It intends to corrupt the minds of people. It intends to paint a bad image for a party which has a possibility of taking power from DPP in 2019. It is wrong, erroneous, malicious, mala fide to claim that MCP has never changed. This article is coming from somewhere who supports a party that is probably having sleepless nights with MCP leadership.

  21. David S says:

    I can’t agree more, Chakwera is only good at rhetoric and finger pointing. His attitude definitely
    needs surgery.

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