Eat Mbewa or grasshoppers,  Mutharika speaks of coping mechanism to starving Malawians

President Peter Mutharika on Saturday asked millions of starving Malawians to start eating grasshoppers and mice  as  coping mechanism that can work in the current  food situation, saying time of depending on maize is over.

President Mutharika and First Lady at Limbuli in Mulanje during DPP rally: Coping mechaning in times of hunger

President Mutharika and First Lady at Limbuli in Mulanje during DPP rally: Coping mechaning in times of hunger

Crowds listening to Mutharika at Mulanje

Crowds listening to Mutharika at Mulanje

Malawi  is facing acute maize shortage blamed on poor harvests last growing season as a result of the twin problem of floods and dry spells.

President Peter Mutharika speaking at the political rally held in Mulanje on Saturday, said his government is under pressure to find solutions of saving Malawians from hunger.

“I have held from the traditional leader’s speech complaining about hunger issue but my government is doing everything to save Malawians from the hunger,” responded the Head of State..

“But why should Malawian die with hunger when we have different of things to eat? Muzidya mbewa, zitete, komanso chinangwa!” he suggested

He also advised civil servant to stop demanding salary increment rather than finding means of sourcing money.

“And you the civil servant you should stop demanding my government to raise your salary because it is doing its best to give you a conducive environment , what you should do is to work hard on your own,” said Mutharika.

Meanwhile, Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga diocese of the Roman Cathedral has asked Malawian leaders to find alternative measures of dealing with the hunger situation than lip service.

He wonder why Malawians should continue starving while the country has plenty water for irrigation.

“Why are our friends in Zambia always having bumper maize harvest and not us? Why the leaders fail to implement irrigation farming?” wondered Mtumbuka.

According to government report, about half of the Malawi population will be affected by hunger due to the drought and flood that hit the country in the 2016 to 2017 rain season.

President  Mutharika has  reassured all Malawians that no one will die of hunger because government has already purchased maize stock in excess of 1.2 million metric tonnes.

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37 thoughts on “Eat Mbewa or grasshoppers,  Mutharika speaks of coping mechanism to starving Malawians”

  1. Marie Antoinette says:

    Let them eat cake.

  2. Wachi Roma says:

    of Roman Catholic Church not of Roman Cathedral

  3. Ndakwiyanawe Nyapaphi says:

    APM….. u are just exposing your failure and in fact u are a complete failure………. try to tell those idiots around you to edit your empty speech before you vomit it…

  4. Kunyinda says:

    Zopusa. Mesa USA government inatipatsa ndalama za chimanga. Kodi mulomweyu wapangaso cash gate eti mxuiii

  5. hon folks ……….lemi quote emperor Nero whoi said “a leader who comes with a repressive altenative is clearly a afaillure” i dont agree on this man saying anthu azidya ziwala truly. does ‘he imply that he is accepting that ‘he has failed the hunger in Mw?……………..for how long are we going to eat ziwala? is ziwala worth ftiingb sb berry?…………… presdent yu must be joacking think wise or else …….ohohohoh

  6. Cash Gate says:

    zowona zake, tili ndi ziwala zambiri mtchilemu, tizikazisaka basi.

  7. in the meantime the government has been giving tax payers money to Syngenta, Monsanto and fertilizer companies over the years and distributing their damaging products for them through FISP instead of spending that money on research, services and infrastructure that can really help farmers produce high quality diverse foods. New laws on seed will now make sure that only private seed is on the market which must be bought annually and saving/reclying and exchanging is illegal. How can this possibly help to end hunger?

  8. Codex says:

    Malawi is reaping what it sowed, now we have a careless leader who only cares about his BIG belly. This bullish solution from the President is a defensive machanism of failure to bring transformation in lives of vulnerable souls. It’s so sad for Malawians to be taken for granted in the course of deadly hunger. Next time vote wisely for 5 years is a very loooong time.

  9. Tikondane says:

    That’s why people complain that this man’s speeches are unedited and empty, e-e-e-e-eeti!

  10. Changamutuwa says:

    Za ntiiii. munthu angakhalire kudya ziwala ndi mbewa kuthetsa njala? nanga ma civil servant mukufuna azijomba kuntchito azikasaka makobiri ogulira chimanga? zimenezi akunena ndi a pulezident? shame!!!
    instead of kulimbikitsa ulimi othirira kuchepetsa mavuto anjalawa, lake malawi tiri naye, shire river alipo pezani njira yati madzi amenewa athandize amalawi osati kulankhula motumbwa.

  11. chimutu says:

    za mkutu

  12. tsetsefly says:

    Worst and clueless leader Malawi has ever had. Its all because of regionalism and low literacy that we have this man as our president. So Atupele and Bakili you can go hunt for mice for your people.
    is the most sleeping nation that can continue to tolerate such nonsensical utterance from the whole head of state.

  13. mwanangwa says:

    I will stop to pay tax which makes Peter enjoy at the state house and until the situation balances, that I am not facing hunger anymore, I shall resume paying that tax else he should join us in eating mbewa ndi ziwala

  14. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Makape! Mudzidya mbewa choncho, ndi achawa omwe. Si nanga mtsogoleri wa achawa anawagulutsa kwa ahlomwe. Slaves!

    1. Nginde says:

      I like it

    2. Chammadzi says:

      Koma amalankhula zimenezi Atupele ali kuti. Asilmu onse adzidya mbewa? Hehede Uluuuu. That’s our president at best.

  15. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    Chindere chakufikapo. Enough of this Mathanyula, I’ve had enough of him. What he said was cruel and insensitive, dzuka Malawi dzuka, what will it take?

  16. ngalamayi says:

    This just goes to show how out of touch Muthalika is! You don’t get as fat as that, living off insects. A certain French queen, history tells us, told her people to eat cake if they had no bread… but she wasn’t on the throne much longer…and France changed forever!

  17. Dwambazi says:

    Are you serious?? I cannot believe that this insensitive dunderhead said that!!! When did he have grasshoppers and mbewa for dinner.

  18. Issa says:

    I blame us guys. With all these insults why should we still be attending his rallies? Muntharika should know that politics is changing and its not longer business as usual. Be careful what you say because like British prime minister, Argentina president, Iceland prime minister you might just find yourself jobless. Analanda ufumu kalero naupereka kwa oyenera.

  19. james says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with what he said. If you’re not industrious enough to produce enough food for yourself and your family, go for those (mice and grasshoppers). Who do you think is going give you handouts or feed you?

    1. Nginde says:

      When they were going into govt they said they were going to aleviate the plight of the masses.. ameneyu akuti kapheni mbe

    2. Kanchenga says:

      Sure and those of us who are industrious should stop paying tax so that this foolish president can join his lomwe relatives hunting mice.jpUzb

    3. Chammadzi says:

      James should know that there are other things that are govt responsibility. Do you think an ordinary man can irrigate his garden from Shire to Blantyre? You are as empty as you IBU.

  20. Bongololo says:

    Hahahaha! That’s the best we’re getting from a Yale educated PHD president. I told you this guy was nothing but a big knucklehead but you wouldn’t listen. Now, there you have it!

  21. Malawiboy says:

    Mutharika and his good wife appear to have been enjoying much Mbewa and many grasshoppers, judging by their girth. Good to see a leader leading by example.

  22. Mirella K says:

    We have a stupid aging man for a leader!

  23. The Analyst says:


    Aaaaa APM . . .
    . . . Are you sure that people should go out kukapha ziwala, zitete or zikhwiya ndi mbewa?
    . . . how many grasshoppers or mbewa will a family of three, need, for instance and how practical is that?
    . . . and how long can grasshoppers or mbewa be available?, hence sustain the families even in the shortest time possible?
    . . . does APM even know what it takes kupha chitete or mbewa?
    We used to do this when the world was young and APM has no idea what it takes kusaka, kuthamangitsa nkupha chikhwiya. It takes a lot, I can promise you!
    . . . doesnt APM know that some people dont eat Mbewa, on religious or other grounds? How insensitive!
    . . .Isnt APM encouraging these already thieving civil servants to continue their manners?
    Perhaps APM was joking on the mbewa and grasshopper suggestions.
    . . . and If indeed this was put forth as a joke, then it wasn’t a good one, coz anyone, let alone a whole president; is not supposed to joke on hunger or hungry people. Hungry people are angry people.

    But if APM was serious, then Malawi has a very big problem, a catastrophe perhaps.
    . . . Coz what any leader would do in such desperate times as these, is put forth practical suggestions to the people and inform them what the govt has done or is doing to make sure that people do not starve.
    . . . and if there is maize which has already been procured, figures are even mentioned.
    Otherwise, a leader who doesnt know what to say, or when to say what, doesnt inspire or give hope.
    . . . and knowning what to say, and when to say what; is an indelible mark of wisdom.

  24. Jelbin Makamo says:

    Am deeply touched and disappointed by the President’s remarks, to start with rats and grasshoppers, does this foolish President know anything about environment conservation? Does he know that in other countries you can go to jail for killing a dove or any untamed animal for food? Does he encourage uncontrolled poaching on pretext of finding food?. What exactly is this so called President trying to teach Malawians? The second thing on civil servants; is he aware that his remarks are tantamount to making the civil service disfunctional? If he says they should find alternative ways of earning extra cash from somewhere else, will a teacher or a doctor be wrong if he/she goes to a market during working hours and start selling fish in a bid to increase income? I think this guy has a big head full of mucus he can’t reason. By the way did he reduce his budget? Instead his budget increased and at the same time he is asking civil servants to not ask for any increments what a foolish and frail advice!!!!.

  25. Mgift says:


  26. nkolokosasizwe says:

    Civil servants should celebrate. It is time to intensify katangale because APM has sanction it

  27. Lion Biko says:


    Remember it is a sin to have a greedy eye. There is no greater evil in creation than the eye that is why it must shed tears at every turn.

    Proverbs 28:15-16
    15. A roaring lion and a charging bear is a wicked ruler over poor people
    16. A leader who lacks understading is a great oppressor but the hater of greed prolongs his days.

    Proverbs 22:16
    One oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and another gives to the rich only to comes to poverty


    MattitYAH 7:19
    Every tree that does not bear a good fruit is cut down and burn.

    2 ShemuYAH 23:6-7
    The worthless are all as thorns thrust away for they are not taken with hands but the man who touches them uses iron or the shaft of a spear or with fire they are burn up in their place.

    YAHanan 14:15
    If you love me you shall guard my commands.

  28. President says eat mbewa? Does he eat mbewa? He is stupid. Does all eat mbewa? Is Therese enough mbewa? Civil servants. Telling them tog find a soultion to their increament is what they are doing stearin. Det from other poor Malawuans. Escom is stealing, Road trafik, Police taking Hard earned money of mini buses. One can not get gorvernment service without bribe or paying officials in the govetnment. Does this old muchona know this is goding on? Malawuans pay tax bur never enjoy or get back tax. This is worse Than colonial. Has president and hus follower reduced their standards? MP, ministers live The same privilleged lives witj allowances, house, big prado feul. Healthy insurance abroad,travelling abroad in business class. Driver, body guard. Some school fees in expensive schools are paid by tax money. Talk of stavation Who has caused it? CORRUPTION MISSMANGEMNET OF GOVETNMENT FUNDS. So this stupid ignorant president is taking like a papegoja. How much Does hus wife earn as a wife? Calista earned 1.3 million. How much Gertrude earn? APM said he will take where his thief brother left. It is Stupid Makawians fault that such idiots can rule a nation

  29. Eugene says:

    When was the last time this fat lazy Mathanyula ate mbewa? Midnight Six thief – akhuta whiskey eti?

    1. john telford says:

      if he stopped eating for a week or so there would be plenty of food around he is like a big useless fat slug gorged on poor peoples misery

      1. Tione Phiri says:

        Uyu Mutharika ndi galu weniweni. Ukauze abale ako kwa Goliati zimenezo. Enafe sitidya mbewa ndiye tikudyera chiyani? Ndimayesa ngakhale mbewazo ndi ziwala zimafuna kudyera nsima? Tidziti iweyo ukudya mbewa ndi ziwala? Galu wa mchila keeeeeee! Watsala pang’ono iwe wayamba kuyerekedwa. Shupiti zako wamva!

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