Prophet Bushiri’s Bible Upclose: Releasing your potential – Part 2

Scripture Reference: Genesis 2:19 – “Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.”Bushiri column

After God created Adam, He gave him an assignment to name all the creatures in the garden of Eden. You need to realise that before God gives man an assignment, He makes an analysis and measures the man’s capability to carry out that very assignment. God knew Adam would be able to carry out this particular assignment. God knew that Adam was carrying something inside him. He was carrying potential to name all the creatures. However, this potential would never be released unless it was challenged.

Do you now see why you have been facing so many challenges in your life? Potential must be exercised in order for an assignment to be fulfilled. Demands must be made on potential if blessings are to manifest.

God has given you potential, but unless you make demands on it, you will die along with it. Unless you action yourself to try things you’ve never done before, you will never experience the wealth that lives within you. I have observed that the greatest of men have never played it safe. The greatest of men have been borne from risk taking and strategy management. How often do you sit down to reflect ideas and make plans of new options?

Decide today and make the following decrees in the name of Jesus the enabler: “I am going to do something I have never done before” –  “I am going to win more people to Jesus this year than my church and my pastor ever did.”  “I am going to be a trendsetter and pace-setter in my circle of influence.” “I am going to get a promotion this year in my job.”

If you have a business, resolve to cut the overhead and increase service. Give your potential some demands. It needs to be maximized and challenged.

There is great power in prophetic declarations.  If you can get up and declare achievements and accomplishments every single day, your potential is stirred up and that which you speak of begins to follow you.

The main reason why God is not blessing some hardworking men and women is that many today are working for self-praise but the greatest works in the world will be done by people who don’t care who gets credit. People who don’t necessarilly want to be famous but who want to be faithful. Those who don’t want to be well-known but rather  to be well-used.  Those who don’t want to be powerful but  want to be potent. Once you adopt the right attitude towards success, your potential is activated and when your challenge arrives, your potential is released effectively.

There is potential in you to name every blessing that you want and have it given to you, to name every miracle you want and have it releases unto you. You were born with an inbuilt authority that qualifies you to put blessings in order.  However, that potential can only come into play once you adopt the right attitude and attain the right skills to stirr it up. These are the definite steps you must take to awaken your potential. Prepare yourself with a prayer and proceed positively. Plan purposefully and proceed persistently whilst you remain bold unto the Lord.

Noah is a great example of a man who released potential. A man so bold to build an ark worth millions without any experience, professional advice or technical know-how and yet the tools he used brought to life an ark that saved the entire globe. In this regard, Noah is the template of faith.

Every day sends to the grave, obscure men, whom fear and timid have prevented from making their first attempt to do something. Do not be amongst them. Be set apart. Be bold and take bold steps towards releasing your potential.

Do this in Jesus name!

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