Egypt is Malawi’s new medical hope, can replace India as referral country – Queens Hospital physician

Egypt can replace India as a medical referral country according to Dr Cooper Nyirenda, Chairman of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) Referral Committee.

Egyptian Ambassaor to Malawi Maher El-Adawy in a group photo with Dr.Cooper Nyirenda and other Doctors from Malawi Defence Force (C)Stanley Makuti

Egyptian Ambassaor to Malawi Maher El-Adawy in a group photo with Dr.Cooper Nyirenda and other Doctors from Malawi Defence Force (C)Stanley Makuti

Egptian Ambassaor to Malawi Maher El-Adawy (L) is accompanied by MBC Public relations officer  Thembi Malinki (R) welcomes Dr.Cooper Nyirenda (C)  on arrival at KIA from Egypt - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Egptian Ambassaor to Malawi Maher El-Adawy (L) is accompanied by MBC Public relations officer Thembi Malinki (R) welcomes Dr.Cooper Nyirenda (C) on arrival at KIA from Egypt – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Nyirenda, who is also QECH Chief Physician, made the assertion Saturday on his arrival from Egypt where he went on a skill enhancement tour as winner of the health category award in the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Innovations Awards.

“Egypt is an advanced country with advanced and sophisticated hospitals with advanced medical equipment giving it the potential to replace India as a medical referral country,” said the QECH physician who expressed admiration of Egypt’s dialysis units, liver and kidney transplant machines and elderly care centers among others.

On his month-long trip which was sponsored by Malawi’s Egyptian Embassy, Dr Nyirenda also underwent a medical Co-Existent training which he commends as an eye catching one that has enhance his medical knowledge experience and skill.

On his arrival through Kamuzu International Airport, the QECH referral chair was welcomed by Malawi’s Egyptian Ambassador, Maher El-Adawy, who appreciated  Nyirenda’s educative visit to his country.

“We are one Africa and I am very happy that you had a wonderful stay in Egypt,” said El-Adawy who further emphasised on the vitality of inter-country good relations.

MBC’s Innovations Awards is an annual inspiring the nation campaign and every one of the last year’s 10 awardees will be sponsored skill enhancement trips to Egypt and China under the sponsorship of the respective embassies according to the national broadcaster’s spokesperson, Thembi Malinki.

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14 thoughts on “Egypt is Malawi’s new medical hope, can replace India as referral country – Queens Hospital physician”

  1. Dr. Ben Phiri, PhD(Cyprus International University, USA) says:

    Some comments have factual errors. Some of the people do not know Dr. Cooper Nyirenda. Dr. Nyirenda was once a personal physician for Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda before Dr. H. Ntaba. He was not trained in Zimbabwe. All these are complete lies about this man. Of course he is old and he says it. In his own words, he says ndachekura. But let us celebrate our elderly people than despising them. Countries that have done better in life celebrate and cherishes their elderly men.

  2. Sidreck Namboya says:

    I think someone is being too ambitious here! If the country cannot afford medicine in the hospital, no reliable water and electricity,maybe only one or two can it manage to attend to all it’s citizens! You just are feeling jealous of Dr Cooper but am telling you ten of the young brains that are making noise now, cannot match this guy! I bet if Dr Wilima was in the public sector you would be baying for his blood.

    A relation had a brain tumour and he had been going to “these young doctors” for medication and he was always diagnised with migrain. Six months went by and his sight was also getting affected. ” The young doctors” concluded that the headache was because of the eye problems and immediately recommended glasses. Please note that this relation was not going to private doctors but hospitals like(Adventist and Mwaiwathu)

    Things got worse and I advised him to make an appointment to see Dr Wilima.He did, and the good old doctor told him to go for CT scan and the person was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

    The good old doctor advised that he should see one neurosurgeon at Queens and for two weeks we tried to get the nuroguy! Third week we were advised that he had gone on a trip outside the country for one month.

    We made arrangements to go to India. The guy left on saturday, arrived on sunday was admitted straight in the hospial and on monday at 10:00 AM Malawi time the hospital phoned with the news that the operation had been done and was successful.

    Two weeks later he was flying back. The guy is driving today.

    Now you new and mordern dudes who think you are doctors experienced enough to run Queens, tell me what could have happened if we were to queue up waiting for the doctor who had gone on a trip to attend to this guy.

    Instead of getting educated and specialising in the different fields, you are just busy with booze and fucking each other at COM – nde if you see hardworking people ma jealous basi. High proffessional positions are earned not campaigned for!

    Sit down and study, get the knowledge and experience and you will not have to tell Cooper to go… he will know it’s time to go – after all he has his own clinic running.

    As for me , give me the old doctors any time am sick- let these young fools kill their fellow young fools

  3. Tt says:

    Dr Nyirenda, its time you retire now! Mwakula abale…… Kodi civil service reform ili kuti?? Cooper , give others a chance now…. your hospital director was probably in diapers when you were a doctor already, please go home now

  4. Kunyado says:

    Ukayendera mzengo usati asakhwi afumbula.

  5. golo says:

    We have a long way to go to develop our health sector . But apart from learning from Egypt let us enhance our own health systems through this cooperation

  6. All-i-can-say says:

    Totally agree with comment number 1. The mentality among Our leaders is pathetic. How can we develop our own infrastructure with this kind of thinking. These retards only think of themselves. Do we even have the forex to refer each and every patient to Egypt?

    When are we going aspire to have the best health facilities to even attract patients from other countries and earn forex in the process? We are too brain washed to think beyond our noses. This disease of thinking that everything foreign is better is killing creativity. No wonder we even import toothpicks. Shame!!

  7. Dzambo says:

    Too much insecurity in Egypt.

  8. Morsi Pharao says:

    Cooper was trained in Zimbabwe, why not recommend the country that trained you? And we should refer when we have British doctors and Malawi doctors running the dialysis unit at QECH? I agree with Ree, this old man has no idea how to promote health care in QECH, he has served his nation let him reture and let the young men run the show. Colonial mentality always in Black mans mind. And dont trust Arab Egypt, they are interested in your water, next they will ask for a share from Lake Malawi through Tanzania. Why you think tanzania with lake Victoria which they never take a drop from are gunning for lake Malawi?

  9. Bwande says:

    A Malawi sangalalani kwapezeka zipatala zina ku Egypt… Ha ha ha. What a joke of a nation we are! Pathetic

  10. madalitsoshaba says:

    you can see how these stupid fools think

  11. chodziwadziwa, BSc Engineering (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon) says:

    Egypt just want to put herself on the limelight. I dont think the country is worth to offer referral services at all. The problem is that Egypt is on a campaign of establish itself as a sphere of influence. In strongest terms we have to review several bilateral agreements, for instance the scholarships they give are worth nothing…if you go there in Egypt our students find it difficult to cope. What I can advise is that if they want to assist let them do it within our own country NOT blowing trumpets as they do…

  12. malawi says:

    Embarrassing, 50 years on, we are still talking about this. How many referal hospitals could have been built if it was nt the greediness of our leaders. Corruption has killed this country. Kamuzu had a vision for this Country. I wonder if Malawi has any priorities. Many are dying, the elite goes abroad for treatment. Yet constructing a football stadium is more important than building one small dialysis unit to save life. God have mercy.

  13. namwino says:

    let the Indians go, we can do this own our own,

  14. Reee says:

    This is pathetic. should we really be looking to other countries for referrals. here is a medical boss proudly declaring Egypt as the next medical India. why don’t we improve our own hospitals so that like India and Egypt we can treat patients within the country. please change your attitude

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