Egypt responds to Malawi’s food aid appeal

The Arab Republic of Egypt through the Egyptian Agency of Partnership and Development (EAPD) has donated about K 19.5 million in a humanitarian gesture to help Malawi cope with the impending food crisis.



El-Adawy says Egypt will always support Malawi -Pic by Roy Nkosi

El-Adawy says Egypt will always support Malawi -Pic by Roy Nkosi

The donation comes as 17 per cent of the population (around 2.8 million) face severe food shortage in the lean period (October 2015 to March 2016) following prolonged dry spells and flooding in some parts of the country that led to a decline in production of maize and other food crops.

Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Maher El-Adawy said the donation is aimed at boosting food supplies distributed by the Department of Disaster and Management Affairs (DoDMA) to the people affected.

“The people of Malawi can always count on Egypt for sincere efforts towards development and prosperity. This gesture shows clear inclination for continued efforts by the people of Egypt to support Malawi,” said El-Adawy.

According to figures from the World Food Organisation (WFO), 14 million people face hunger in Southern Africa due to the effects of El-Nino and Malawi will be worst hit, followed by Madagascar and Zimbabwe with nearly 2 million and 1.5 million people affected respectively.

Government of Malawi has since taken measures to address the food deficit.

Vice President Saulos Chilima announced late last year that government had taken a drought insurance policy worth K 2.9 billion in premium.

Malawi has also bought 30,000 metric tonnes of Maize from Zambia which will be used to stabilise the price of commodity on the market.

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5 thoughts on “Egypt responds to Malawi’s food aid appeal”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Cry my beloved Malawi where are you heading to? Iam I dreaming? Begging food from Egypt a barren land whereby in Malawi,you throw any seed on land when rains come it will enegergetically germinate with full force.Afterall,Egypt is covered by sand for miles and miles while Malawi is covered by the same length if you cover the whole land length wise and breadth wise.Oh no,what’s wrong with our warm heart of Africa? And how if we can change it to COLD HEART OF AFRICA? The immense problems we are facing to day which of coarse are leading our country into tumultuous economic trend,is the fault of the leadership.We leave bright and visioned leaders to lead our country and we concentrate on MWANA WA KWATHU whether he is capable or not.This is what we are reaping today.Not only for the so- called HINYAS,but also the whole of our troubled land and if we are not going to change this regressive attitude,we are doomed to hell and this will have detrimental effects to our young generation.

  2. Najere Chitekwe Gelevulo says:

    Only 3.5% of Egypt is arable land but they are able to feed 90 million plus population. Over 40% of Malawi is arable land but we are failing to feed just 16 million people. Egypt has one main river while Malawi has rivers in all regions. The aid they have given us is nothing to be proud of. Shame on our leaders!

  3. golo says:

    Egypt has always been a friend of Malawi from time immemorial. So many people have benefitted from Egypt friendly relations with Malawi from the time of our independence up to date in various fields. At this time of acute hunger for many people in the country any help is very welcome. People are starving in our villages. Our Government has always said we have enough stock of grain but when we go to ADMARC it is unavailable.
    In fact those of us who have a little we need to share with our brothers and sisters.Times are hard indeed for our country.
    I wholeheartedly salute the Egyptian ambassador for the timely help.

  4. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Even though, as a country we stand out as among the poorest of the poor, should we accept help from anybody? And anybody? This question does have is philosophical angles to it: To wit: Should we be accepting help from people whose hands have “blood” on them, from the way they obtained the donations?
    Should we be accepting the food from governments that massacre their people for having a different take on politics? From right here in our backyard of the Continent?
    Should we be accepting help from regimes we even despise? We do have some morals, and if so we must despise some country.
    Or are willing to prostitute ourselves in the economic sense; in the crass way that dictator, Kamuzu, did even without the peoples’ approval, with apartheit boor South Africa? We are still digging ourselves, economically, financially and pschologically, out of that fiasco
    We need to screen or vet all these people and countries that want to help.
    I know beggars are not choosers, but …
    Egypt? Really? We are going that low?

  5. ya basha says:

    Ya basha wesh ma ruhta ily yamen tusaaid almuhtaajina

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