Election activist asks Malawi govt to set qualifications for ward councillors

An election activist Unandi Banda has asked the government to set minimum qualifications for those aspiring to be ward councillors if those elected are to protect public money in councils.

Unandi: Qualifications for councillors

Unandi: Qualifications for councillors

Speaking to the media on Monday,  Banda,  who heads the National Elections Systems NGO, said council officials abuse public money meant for development work because they take advantage that most of those who sit on area development committees and village development are semi literate.

“The council staff are highly educated, most of them have first degrees and they are dealing with people without any qualifications. It is easier to manipulate them and abuse the public funds,” said Banda igniting a fresh debate on whether there is need to set minimum qualifications for ward councillors, elected officials at primary development level.

Currently the law does not provide minimum qualifications for councillors.

“This is a serious challenge. Uneducated councillors cannot be able to track down how public money is used,” he said.

Government is yet to respond to the proposal by Banda on minimum qualifications for ward councillors.

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Simeon mkwembe

Good move, maybe our country can develop if we have educated councillors in our wards. So too are MPs and ministers, presidents.


Unandi is saying the truth, and I agree that councillors should be retired officers with M.C.E’s and above. M.P. should hold deploma and above while state president be a holder of masters degree and above. For example only educated M.P”s are able to speak and deriver in our parlianment, while uneducated (mbatamas) are just making unneccesary noice, by the end of the day no development takes place. How can std 8 councillor counter check D.C. with minmum of a degree or director of finance at councial level? Government should take a step on this issue at hand.

Divans james

Minimum qualification for councillors be Diploma. Minimum qualification for Member of Parliament be a first degree. Minimum qualification for president be a masters degree.

MP be restricted to two consecutive terms of office and then take a break for Five years. Thereafter they can contest. No creation of life MP.

There must be age limits for President, Councillor and MP. Maximum age limit be 65 years. No one should contest after 65 years of age.


It will be unfair for a degree to be level of entry to become an MP in a country where only a few from Secondary make it to University.
There are so many who did not make it to University but with small courses and exposure , various business and public administration skills, they have been found to be much better for such positions. Having a degree does not mean you have wisdom.
It is therefore critical to screen the people through a process to get the best.


Ineyo maganizo anga ndiwoti: anthu amene anapuma ntchito m’boma should also be considered for the councillorship positions. There are PSs, Directors etc who have retired after successful completion of their work period. These could assist in running the affairs of the state at district council level.


I 100% agree. Can nyasa Times and other media houses start telling us the qualifications of all public officers asap. Kwathu kuno kuli councillor wina wa standard 8 kkkkkkkkkk! Koma simavuvu ake.

Man Jem

Please also make sure the MPS have at least a degree. How can someone without a degree analyse National budget? Let’s move forward if we want Malawi to develop.

Msika Yeniyeni

Mr. Unadi Banda, extend this even to Members of Parliament. It is pathetic to see some MPS failing to speak English or articulate issues in Parliament because they lack proper education qualification. It is not surprising that most of them don’t stay in the chamber and deprive their constituencies the representative role they are there for. A Masters Degree for MPS would be in order. In the US for example, 75% Senators are lawyers.


Unandi Banda is 100% right. Can’t add more, he said it all. May be I can add on qualification for MPs. The minimum qualification for MPs should also be pushed up to a first degree and not MSCE. It’s not only JCE and Standard eight certificate (MSLC) that have lost value. MSCE is now JCE and first degree is now MSCE. But I know MPs will dodge such changes as they directly affect them negatively, on the other hand, the changes will affect the nation positively.

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