Emirates airlines to start flying into Malawi

Dubai-based Emirates Airline plans to schedule flight operations to Malawi through Kamuzu International Airport in the capital Lilongwe, Nyasa Times understands.

Fly Emirates

Fly Emirates

Emirates set to launch Lilongwe flights

Emirates set to launch Lilongwe flights

Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, will extend its reach into Africa with the launch of a new linked service to Lilongwe..

Now flying to 22 points within Africa, Emirates will connect Lilongwe to key markets across Europe, the Far East, Australasia and the Indian Subcontinent.

“Emirates service will play a significant role in supporting this growth by connecting Lilongwe to our worldwide network, opening new conduits for trade, investment and tourism,” an official familiar with the launch told Nyasa Times. He did not want to be named.

The Malawi service comes after Emirates recently launched the Dubai-Lusaka-Harare service .

The development is welcomed as Africa’s aviation industry has been tipped to soar; owing to rapid development in the continent’s emerging economies, materialisation of investment potentials and burgeoning consumer market that constantly drive business and leisure travel.

Presently, Emirates. which is the largest airline is the Middle East, operates to 123 destinations in 73 countries, with a fleet of 175 aircraft, and it currently services 21 passenger and cargo destinations across the African continent.

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38 thoughts on “Emirates airlines to start flying into Malawi”

  1. Dreadful. Mwikhoma says:


  2. yamikani Banda says:

    tidzayambe ndikukwera ulele nanga mwina ndikudzakwerako chifukwa tisamangomva

  3. nyasa boy says:


  4. ian says:

    Let is fly to chileka also, please.

  5. patricia says:

    This is great news may be the clueless government will clean up the airport and make it world class. I personally hate going through this airport with stinking wash rooms. How serious is this government in attracting tourism and foreign investment? lets clean our cities and especially public facilities. The airport is an entry point. That’s what any visitor sees first and it will leave a lasting impression.

  6. Ugratdar says:

    Well done prices from Malawi is high then Zambia and the other countries in Africa

  7. wawaruh says:

    nchifukwa chani timavutika ndi nkhani zamayendedwe apandege yet mmidzimu zilimo zambilimbili?

  8. The one says:

    Welcome Emirates! Time to pack up Malawi airlines!! (Useless airline)

  9. The Gunners says:

    Welcome Emirates (EK) the official sponsor of Arsenal football club to the warm heart of Africa.

  10. Eco Stat says:

    Great stuff. We will be flying from LL to J’Burg via Dubai

  11. walasa says:

    Koma ndikatsinthitse air ticket yanga.tiyese za mi buyazi.

  12. Award Winner says:

    Correction: Fly Emirates has 219 passenger aircrafts and 14 cargo aircrafts in service, thus a fleet of 233

  13. C Sekeani says:

    Fly Emirates…most welcome.. A global carrier.

  14. midrand 2 says:

    good news! welcome emirates.

  15. Viny says:

    Tikwere zimenezi! Zomwe tikufuna kwathu kuno..

  16. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Welcome to the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’!

  17. mwana mulopwana says:

    That’s good move , We need to minimize flights costs now

  18. fkr says:

    brilliant.this will close down the useless Malawi air who can’t seem to manage their business and out pressure on SAA who are taking advantage of poor Malawian by overcharging.

  19. ujeni says:

    Welcome though Emirate, Easyjet, Fastjet etc have been operating in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique, Malawi was busy practising tribalism and Ben Phiri the mosquito doing his bit

  20. Tengupenya says:

    Okay!!! Now the real competition will begin between KQ, ET ad Emirates or international travel originating from Lilongwe to Europe and Asia. Wina amwa termic chaka chino!

  21. binyamin kolia says:

    We are been waiting for it from a long time . you are welcome.

  22. What is this says:

    Apita woyee. Chitukuko ichoo. Wakwiya ndi mfiti

  23. But our Airports are football ground size not even fit to be called international airports. They will but I see dangers on our laneway destruction as previously did by British airways. In Malawi I do not think there will another President to construct a state of the art International Airports. Kamuzu did that long time ago and we still use his ideologically motivated constructed airport in Lilongwe which still serves Malawi WHY can Malawi government do more airport development by constructing another super airport like, South African airports, Dubai, Kenya, Nigeria, China and Heathrow in united kingdom? We can do that later on after we sought out cash gating case.

  24. mulibwanji? says:

    This is a good and welcome development. Please bring more players in this industry to enhance competition.

  25. Nyekhulani Molimbika says:

    good news, externalise our forex more

  26. Jussab says:

    APM. Well done Sir

    Now we can see Malawi growing.

  27. Patriot says:

    Ndege za Al quaeda tsano

  28. mboba says:

    Want to get our children to work in their hotels.good

  29. mabomba aja alowaso

  30. Mtupatupa says:

    Gud news worth writting

  31. Nachithidzi says:

    This is a very good move!!! I have loved it. Emirates is one of the best with a good Customer care base. They have also affordable rates.
    Hope they will deliver!!!

  32. Israel Difense Force says:

    woooooow this sounds good

  33. Ine says:

    Interesting and exciting news! It will be great for Malawi to be associated with the largest airline in the world by international passenger traffic. Maputo reported a similar story recently and it could be that the service will be Dubai-Lilongwe-Maputo just like the Dubai-Lusaka-Harare connection. More airlines will only mean lower fares and better service to the consumer and its time SAA and its siblings, KQ & ET stopped over charging the poor Malawians.

  34. peter muthanyula says:

    Emirates is the best. I fear for the rude Ethiopians in ET. EK and KQ will serve Malawians better. Those discriminatory, stingy and arrogant ET guys must pack and go. Their service and their airport are horrible. Welcome to Malawi EK

  35. amunabawa says:

    A very small and poorest nation like Malawi bt lots of mabiziness a ndege
    ati azikwera ndani
    bola kampani ya kabaza bwenzi atapanga khobili

  36. 27 says:

    nice move malawians will now suffer less in terms airport stop overs one flight to dubai and from there the world is open to asia, america, europe and south america

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