Enemies will help you tap into divine promotion

Many times children of God have been falsely accused or gone through certain things that people just chose to associate them with. In life when one person start calling someone all different types of names, everyone else believe that person is indeed associated with that. jesus bible

In most cases you will discover that there is something special that God has put in that person who is falsely accused and it is what all these false accusations are trying to stop from materializing, and leave the accused in a state where he or she is just helpless, lacking self esteem and not even comfortable to associate with people because they don’t know what other names will be given to them.

Jesus Christ told us to love our enemies, bless them who curse us, do good to them who hate us, and pray for them which despitefully use us, and persecute us (Matthew 5:44). I want to make this clear that the actions of the enemies must be hated, but love the people. This means that if someone is always lying or tarnishing your good image, hate the lie and the consequences that come with it but love the person who is doing all this to you.

The bible talks about many characters that God used their enemies to bring them to a place that God had intended for them. Look at the story of Joseph in Genesis, how His brothers hated him and planned to kill him but later on decided to sell him as a slave.

Reading the story very carefully, you will notice that it was not the fact that their father loved Joseph too much that made them do this evil act. It is because of Joseph’s dreams that they were trying to stop. They thought they could stop the dream by selling him as a slave; little did they know that they were taking him where God had purposed him to be.

David is another character that used his enemy Goliath to get to a place where God had purposed for His life. It may not be easy to define enemies as those that are more important than our friends because of the pain, scars, and bad memories they bring in our lives. But, friends will only bring comfort while enemies will bring rewards at the end. Without Goliath, David would not have been brought to the limelight, and the King would not have known of his existence.

Jesus Christ was betrayed by Judas Iscariot without him realizing what His death would do to the entire world. Judas did not know that this was in fact the reason why God came as man.

Reading the lives of Joseph, David, and Jesus Christ; you will notice that what God has purposed for your life cannot be taken away from you by the enemy even though they may try to do all sorts of things to stop you. They tried to stop Joseph, but they helped to bring him to the place where God needed him to be.

This did not just end there, but God allowed Joseph’s brothers to see with their own eyes the plan that He had for him. You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies” (Psalm 23:5). They will not just hear it from others but they will be able to see what God has done in your life. As much as the leaders of that time tried to stop Jesus Christ, the more they helped in completing God’s salvation plan; “For had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory” (1 Corinthians 2:8).

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29 thoughts on “Enemies will help you tap into divine promotion”

  1. Maxmos Chaima says:

    I have a testimony! Some people ploted to speak lies against me and reported a cooked story to my employer and they succeeded. I lost my job, they spoke all sorts of evil against me, but I loved them much instead; my wife advised me to sue them, but I refused. After three months I got a job higher than the one I had, and I am well paid 100% my previous salary.And all those who hated me are moving down faces with frustrations. They are disgraced.

    True! God never cancell His mission towards you. His plan will never be reversed.

  2. A message that heals the hurts! These are what people need. How I wish people repeatedly stumble in such messages and always be compeled. To the end.
    Blessed be the hand that wrote this. Please, stop ye not hither.

  3. naini says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, It is true enemies can vindicate you, spit do or sorts of things against you but if you stand firm you will walk tall and they even wonder kuti how come, he is still working hard, smiling & even helping them in one way or the other. Let us Love one another truly all the time if you do so you will have peace of mind and everyday of your life will be of full of good things. I have tried it, try it from today. Amen

  4. Rachel says:

    Amen, praises be to GOD Almighty. Thanks for opening my understanding about loving my enemy. The LORD bles u with more wisdom from Above.

  5. Sydney Mpoya says:


  6. redeemed says:

    Hallelujah! So inspirational. May the good Lord continue to be honoured. Amen

  7. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Amen. Amen. Amen.

  8. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    Amen, Paul said, And we know, that all things worketh together for the good to those who love God. Romans 8:28 and he also said, In everything give thanks to God for is his will in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:4

  9. Mwamfunsa says:

    So indpiring. Amen God bless u

  10. godfrey chirwa says:

    amen amen amen!

  11. Samson says:

    True reflection of the current stuation am going through man of God. Keep conforting us. We will keep praying for you also.

  12. mercy says:

    Praise be to God because He does indeed vindicate the oppressed

  13. Enoch says:

    Moi! ilike it. Keep on doing this ur r blessing us. U made my day.

  14. wisdom malisita says:

    That’s true akalemba walemba basi, enemies are just like stepping stones.

  15. Apollo Ngwira says:

    Good lesson. Amen.

  16. chisomo says:

    Panopa ndi pamene ndili, adani okhaokha, not that i have wronged them, but natural hatred.

    Let them push me, akatha they will be surprised because I will not remain the same.

  17. alick says:

    amen amen brother….Love covers over the maltitude of sin. i pray to love others no matter. on my own i cant but by the power of Holy spirit let it be

  18. Madelekwane says:

    wow amazing words! am blessed and inspired. God bless u for the words u have shared.

  19. dennis says:

    Ndipo mwandifikapo this true indeed Groly be to God

  20. Happiness Banda says:

    Thanks CINDY for the soul touching message. I have also been in the same situation for some time. When i try to advise people to stop oppressing the poor, they always resort to badmouthing and name calling. God bless you as you ponders on the next message. Amen.

  21. indeed we need to love our enemies and hate thier deeds

  22. lover of malawi says:

    Can somebody shout AMEN!!!!

  23. gwede says:

    Ahhh you have just touched my life exactly am going through this situation at my working place and in my businesses. There is more. How do we get you for chilimbikitso

  24. willy mulenga says:

    that is powerful. God bless you

  25. Moses Makoko says:

    You have directly preached to me! May God speak through you again!

  26. Eddie Kumwenda says:

    Let it be for I am in that same situation. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Amen

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