Escom shun Kalondolondo meeting: Stakeholders furious

Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi ( ESCOM) shunned a kalondolondo interface electricity assessment meeting leaving different stakeholders furious and warned of further action if the service provider will continue their behaviour.

Kalondolondo Programme Manager, Jephter Mwanza ....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Kalondolondo Programme Manager, Jephter Mwanza ….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Some of the articipants to the assessment meeting..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Some of the articipants to the assessment meeting..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The assessment meeting, which was conducted by Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi ( AECDM), was done last week Friday at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre.

Kalondolondo Programme Manager, Jephter Mwanza said it was quite disappointing for Escom’s not to come to the meeting despite being invited.

“We tried our best to send invitation letters, even to their chief executive officer but we got a lame excuse at the eleventh hour that they are on holiday. We do believe all the people at Escom were on a holiday. Bosses at Escom should not run this company as a private entity because this is a public entity and they are accountable to Malawians,” said Mwanza.

Mwanza said Escom should answer different complaints from Malawians contained in the assessment report, which was conducted in Blantyre district.

“This is not their company and they must know that we will not allow this kind of a behaviour to continue,” said Mwanza.

Commenting on the assessment results, which were conducted in Blantyre, Mwanza said the major results shows that people are not satisfied with power supply.

He said the effects of persistent blackouts are quite serious in Blantyre city and urged the sole electricity provider to improve their services.

The report presented by Cecilia Kapalamula from AECDM rated Escom poor in rendering services because of consistently frequent black outs.

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Biziwek Pakhala Nginere
Biziwek Pakhala Nginere

Iwe Chigoba kamba za nzeru wamva. This is not a place to attack individuals or credible organisations. Chain box chamako.


Athu awa osangowa chosa ntchito yo bwanji

uncle boris

Yes escom, f**k you! I am surprised that your offices are not getting burned down. Time for the government to hire some international professionals to help out. Or are we content with being the poorest country in the world? Can we get over the post-colonial trauma and start being Malawians please?

A economy depends on you, yet nobody rebels against your incompetence. Is Malawi getting used to being abused?

devil incanate

koma abake taonani laptop ya aunt 2nd from left kugogodeka kokhako, koma ya! pa Malawi pano tikudyeradi tsabola kkkkkk


kodi palibe bungwe loyenera kuitana a escom? mpaka ECD?


@Umodzi and Satopa,do u mean that u can not work hard to support ur family just because ur next door neighbor has no food to eat?Are u sure that all responsible people were on holiday? Does that mean Escom was closed in the mentioned days?Please think B4 u write a otherwise ur b in fools camp!


Inenso ndikanakhala bwana i would not have bothered to attend the meeting. Association of Early Childhood Development kukaitana a Escom i think you were out of line mwaona kuti za early childhood development mulibe kudya koma muyamba za energy.


a Jephtar Mwanza nanunso mukuyenera kuyankha mafunso. Kalondolondo osamangopanga amzanu okha nanuso chinyengo chili thoo mmene mukumasankhira mabungwe oti mugwire nawo ntchito mosadziwika bwino, where do you advertise calling for applications aaa iwenso tikupanga kalondolondo wamva. Palinso anzako ena achinyengo a Plan Malawi nonse zochita zanu ndizofanana


they were on holıday ? I think thats what they are doing nowadays : Being on holiday 365… Well blackout 365.


Most of the public institutions are performing below par.

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