Esnart Ndovi pleads guilty to cashgate: 14 to take plea on 2011 cashgate case

Suspect Esnart Nenani Ndovi has pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering K12.9m from the government in August 2013 and is convicted by Lilongwe Magistrate Court on her own plea.

She took plea of ‘guilty’ before senior resident magistrate Patrick Chirwa.

Reyneck Matemba ACB deputy director and prosecutor: 14 suspects to take plea

Reyneck Matemba ACB deputy director and prosecutor: 14 suspects to take plea

Nenani Ndovi accepted wrong-doing  for  “lending certificate for personation”  to Oddei Kamanga, a public officer with the intention that Kamange should present himself as legal owner of Fusion Limited “for purposes of obtaining payment from government.”

Ndovi becomes the fifth suspect to plead guilty in the cashgate trials after Osward Lutepo, Tressa Senzani, Leonard Kalonga and James Bandula Chirwa.

She will undergo sentencing hearing before the court determines the punishment.

Money laundering attracts a maximum 10 year jail term.

State Prosecutor Imran Saidi said Ndovi had already committed to pay back the money and surrender her K15 million valued Toyota Hilux registration number KA 6688.

Meanwhile, High Court in Lilongwe will on Wednesday November 4 resume hearing a case in which 14 people, among them government accountants and a private sector individual, are accused of allegedly conspiring to steal K201 million from government in 2011.

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director general Reyneck Matemba confirmed that the case resumes on November 4 for all the accused persons to take plea.

When the court reconvened last month, High Court Judge Charles Mkandawire adjourned the case following preliminary objections from defence lawyers that the State, represented by Matemba, did not give them sufficient time to study the evidence before their clients could take plea.

There are 14 accused persons in the case who the ACB wants to prove were involved in the theft and money laundering of K201 million from the then Ministry of Disability Affairs through the Accountant General’s office.

Cornelius Kaphantengo, who was director of Nova Technology and General Dealers, has been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, theft and money laundering while his wife, Yvonne, is co-accused on the same counts.

According to the charge sheet, the 14 allegedly shared among themselves K201 million between November 2010 and June 2011 and they are jointly charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and money laundering.

Other co-accused persons are Chikondi Chimutu, whose charge of theft involves K18.3 million of the K201 million, Emmanuel Yesaya whose charge of theft involves K27.4 million, Deusdedit Tenthani who allegedly got a share of K16.2 million, Tendai Nayeja (K27.1 million), Audney Kamitengeni (K9.9 million), Conrad Nambala (K38.4 million), Justina Nyirenda charged with abuse of public office as she was an accounts assistant in the Accountant General’s office and Squire Chakwana charged with theft of K10.7 million.

Others are Jimmy Mbuliro whose theft charge is K3 million, Wides Machika Mbuliro (K0.5 million), Tapiwa Ng’oma (K9.1 million) and Khumbo Banda (K2.7 million).

During an earlier hearing, the court learnt that subsequent revelations of the plunder of public resources in 2013 dubbed Cashgate was an upgrade of the theft of public money by the suspects from 2011.

In 2013, the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo led to revelations of the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill.

Former president Joyce Banda ordered an audit which British forensic auditor, Baker Tilly, undertook between April and September 2013 which established that about K24 billion was siphoned from public coffers through dubious payments, inflated invoices and goods or services never rendered.

In May this year, a financial analysis report by audit and business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) also established that about K577 billion in public funds could not be reconciliated between 2009 and December 31 2014.

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28 thoughts on “Esnart Ndovi pleads guilty to cashgate: 14 to take plea on 2011 cashgate case”

  1. bamusi nyadani says:

    Ndata farm ikhala southern region community college coz was built out of 577 billion cashgate. Bwampini akalowaso therefore mulakho ll exist no more. Greedy people ll languish and faint due to superstition regarding APM

  2. Mhango says:

    the love of God is beginning of wisdom.

  3. Dan wa ku Malawi says:

    I agree with number 7 comment ya Meja. Emmanuel Yesaya is a natural genius, Kamuzu Academy mpaka ku Poly, school sanavutike nayo. Masters ku UK ndikuyikhonza bwino koma hmmmn akaphunzitsatu ku Maula…..

  4. Shashame says:

    I hope ACB has done thorough investigations.The case has taken long to start and I hope what ACB has is enough to get convictions. We don’t want people to get rich out of court settlements!

  5. Roberto says:

    Kodi guys mankhwala mmidzimu anatha? Theses ACB and the judges, guys akuzolowera. Do they know much people get as their monthly salary? Honestly, all civil servants can’t survive osaba. This must stop guys unless we get pay hike and better working conditions. Tapangani ngati zija anawona ma auditors kuti ayambe kutipatsa ulemu.

  6. Tiulule Apa says:

    Siyani Milandu imeneyo apa, cashgate is still taking place. Francis Kasaila akungopereka contract zokhonza misewu, zomangamanga kwa azibale ake including brother wake pamene enafe tinayamba kalekale kuchita bid for jobs, we are not given the jobs because they are monopolising all jobs and the wife of his brother Tapiwa is just being busy bosting kuti ndiye bwino ndimudyere mwamuna ameneyi ndalama zomwe akupanga za misewu! That is very very unfair to Malawi as a nation. Francis stop it at once be fair to Malawians don’t abuse office like that!

  7. Zulu says:

    Koma atumbuka ndiye mumaba. Taonani maina anu onsewo kuyambira Khang’a wanu Lutepo. Munya muonatu chaka chake nchino ndi 2016

  8. Prisoner monger (AKA Observer) says:

    A majority of those convicted and those pleading guilty are just small fish and they are just victims of huge mistake by the incompetent courts. Who can resist the temptation that these people were exposed to? Even the judge himself couldnt resist but to syphone.

    Mmalawi muno zithu zinawonongeka kale, way back from nthawi ya Bakili, Bingu futher messed it, JB continued to mess where Bingu left and now this idiot from US currently in power continues. The problem is not the convicted people but the system.

    Given a chance ife tizaba, after all what is the difference between life in prison and outside? Convicted or not convicted, life continues.

    1. Inu says:

      Very sad to read your comments. It is people with your mentality that have killed Malawi. You and your friends deserve to be at Maula for the rest of your lives. Malawi does not need you. After all you cannot differenciate life in and outside of prison so I guess it will not matter to you

  9. Billy says:

    No. 15 (Analyst) please read the paragraph “According to the charge sheet, the 14 allegedly shared among themselves K201 million between November 2010 and June 2011 and they are jointly charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and money laundering” Now, was JB and PP in power in 2010? This was Bingu and DPP era while JB did not have power at all as she was sidelined as a VP. When were you born?

    1. The Analyst says:

      Any mortal can easily link these cases notwithstanding the temporal variations. And am only a few mortals are sane on this planet!

  10. Mzee says:

    To the Analyst. Which are these huge sharks you are looking for? I believe strongly that none of the guilty ever met people like JB. These guys were stupid. How on earth can you give millions to someone without ensuring that the person signs for the money. Only Lutepo used cheques as a guarantee.

  11. No Laughing Matter says:

    Our justice system is nuts. Even you smaller fishes are also wrong mention the big fishes you dinned with or you will rot in jail alone

  12. The Analyst says:

    Why cant you the ACB, Government lawyers, the DPP government speed up on establishing the link between cash-gate and Joyce Banda? Coz we can all see it!

    Am fed up seeing you so gladly and actively casting your nets in ambush of the smaller fishes. Yet the larger ones can freely swim in and outside your net n from one river, lake or ocean to another!

    Sober up dudes!

  13. mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    What else do you expect from people who have been cutting corners to make it in life:
    1. Mayeso a Standard 5 anabera
    2. Mayeso a Standard 8 anaberanso
    3. JCE anabera
    4. Mayeso a 4 anaberanso
    5. Kupita ku University kabera ndi kulemba ma supp throughout
    6. Job interview kuberanso
    Now they start working do you expect them not to kubera? Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! Impossible. We are training thieves nowadays. Masters in Advanced Cashgating!!! Sad!!

  14. chiffy says:

    wa 500 thousand mukhululukireni sindalama imeneyo abale, anthu aba ma billion ka 500 nkachani olo ndi nyumba yosakwana, kodi ma auditors inu don’t you apply materiality and use your professional judgement in accordance with the volume of the money under investigation?, this matter involves billions so what is 500 thousand after all. This is witch haunting

  15. Patriotic Citizen says:

    Good effort Malawi Courts, Bravo! Justice has to prevail. Esnart Ndovi, that is the way to go to plead guilt on your own. You sinned against Malawians and you have taken responsibility.

    Countrymen these are too small fishes whose sacrifice can hardly shake or move any donor to favour Malawi. Why are you still shielding the big culprits and politicians on the expense and suffering of innocent Malawians. Why is the Reverve bank top officials not being netted, MEC tearful sinner and company, Gudogwido, PSs and top Government officials in many ministries, Civil servants who have corruptly acquired massive assets who money they cannot account for among Department responsible for constructions especially in irrigation, roads, etc. When are you going to bounce on and flush these devilish selfish cashgators . These are the people that have repelled donors in Malawi. They need to face justice for the evil and sins they committed. The headless leader, you need to protect Malawians and few criminals.

  16. Zonse says:

    Pleading guilty yalowa mu fasho. Maula Prison kudzaza mbava za school

  17. Wadyera says:

    Hahahaha what goes around comes around. The sweet money now becomes sour. Your mansions you built from the cashagate money will be turned into churches so that when you come back from your jail term you should follow Jesus.

  18. Sindi says:

    Nanaga misonkho yake ya ndalama zobedwazi inalipilidwa? Paja malamulo amisonkho alibe nazo kuti unaba kaya unatani, bola unalandila.Bwana Malata kuMsonkho House, tiyeni nazoni

  19. Mtondoli Jonazi says:

    All the small fish it seems! Where are the big fish? These people were just pawns in the game.

  20. Meja says:

    Feel sorry for this Emmanuel Yesaya guy, naturally brilliant, you could have used your wits to amass that wealth other than indulging in corrupt practices.

  21. SONG says:

    So cashgate was there in 2011, no wonder people built mansions in new areas of shire, area 43 and many parts of the city. Germany help us to investigate this and those who will be involved must be brought to book. I think since we changed to multiparty politics, we did put wrong people in office and they plundered all our money we are paying through taxes. Thus why Kamuzu built area 18 so that all clerks and other government officials should stay closer to Capital Hill for easy movement to work and deliver. People really delivered then and there was no such a thing of economical problems we are seeing now. Why Malawi only rated the poorest when just 1992 we were in the same line with South Africa in terms of economic sustainabilty. Thieves too much in this country why Dausi doesn’t do intelligence to this effect as even now people in government are stealing our money as indicated Goodal that 30% money mismanaged.

  22. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Although the court processes seem to be painfully slow, it is becoming clear that the plunder of public funds is streching backwords. The 2011 issues and the Mk577 billion cash book and Bank statements discrepacies( Jan 2009 to 2012) are but a few pointers to the rotten state of the systems that need a thorough examination. No amount of political window dressing will clean the country’s reputation either than exposing those responsible .

  23. benjnes says:

    just lock them up it is annoying us such amount of money i can not digest please take action today you dont need to wait until 14th please please these criminals are eye sore

  24. Dyumali says:

    Lord have mercy on us all.

  25. Konza Chapasi says:

    Do you tell the nation that the cash gates were there in 2011 as what is written here , not the audit queries ? Please investigate more cash gates before the 2011 otherwise they should not tell us rubbish these idiots.

  26. Agnes says:

    People used to call this lady Esnat Ndovi a Satanist. So it wasn’t Satanism but theft that lead her to richness? Sad.

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