Evangelist Shadreck Wame murdered,  Malawi Police hunt for houseboy

One of the Malawi’s top evangelists, Shadreck Wame has been murdered  and police have since launched a manhunt for his house helper in Salima.

Wame: Killed

Wame: Killed

Salima police public relations officer Gift Chitowe has confirmed about the murder, saying the house boy is currently at large.

“Yes I can confirm that Evangelist Wame has been killed.We are currently investigating about the incident,” said Chitowe.

According to Chitowe, Wame sustained deep cut on the head and at the back.

Wame will be missed by many and he will be remembered for his vigour and humour in delivery of  prophetic messages.

In January, Nyasa Times reported that two tenants for Evangelist Wame were arrested following their mischief at the estate they were working in Chifuniro village, Traditional Authority Kalonga in Salima district.

The two stole a Greener gun and 17 rounds of ammunitions from the country’s renowned evangelist and went into hiding at their respective homes in Dowa and Lilongwe.

Police identified the two as Sayenera Chisomo and Michael Esau and confirmed that Evangelist Wame reported the matter to police when he discovered the loss.

The rifle was recovered together with the ammunitions.

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53 thoughts on “Evangelist Shadreck Wame murdered,  Malawi Police hunt for houseboy”

  1. J J Makiyi says:

    Rest in peace, man of God.

  2. Gerard mapanga Phiri says:

    It’s sad losing innocent important people just like that. Malawians totally lost moral compass, now we take crime as one way of living

  3. Raw stuffers says:

    Its sad kuti mmene ikuvutira HIV/AIDS nde anthu kumaphana as if moyo atha kuwubwezeresa. SAD!!!! Koma kwiye kwatha, kwasala kwaife choncho tiyeni tikonze miyoyo yathu lero before ife kutigwera ngati zimemezi.

    Atolankhani athu, try to dig deep when reporting stories of this nature, otherwise the story doesnt appear to be written by a well trained journalist.

    On the other hand, while he is being praised by many as a great preacher, BUT WHAT WAS HIS CORE MESSAGE? DID IT APPLY TO THE END TIMES WE ARE LIVING IN OR

  4. ida says:

    Rest in eternal peace papa.

  5. Jelbin mk says:

    Deeply shocked and saddened i have ever heared of him so prominently it is a great los and big brawl to the christian community.

  6. Jacob Kamtambe says:

    Ndipo ndinamva mau ochokera Kumwamba, ndi kunena, Lemba, Odala akufa akumwalira mwa Ambuye, kuyambira tsopano; inde, anena Mzimu, kuti akapumule ku zolemetsa zao; pakuti nchito zao zitsatana nao pamodzi.

  7. peterbanda@gmail.com says:

    What a loss! He was a true man of God.

  8. Ralph says:

    Why killing innocent man of GOD in that way? APA ndiye mwafikapo aMalawi.Ndikuziwa amasokoneza ma plan anu achakhumi kufuna kulemera basi.My finger is mainly pointing u bad man.

  9. Jacob Kamtambe says:

    Jacob Kamtambe
    Ndipo ndinamva mau ochokera Kumwamba, ndi kunena, Lemba, Odala akufa akumwalira mwa Ambuye, kuyambira tsopano; inde, anena Mzimu, kuti akapumule ku zolemetsa zao; pakuti nchito zao zitsatana nao pamodzi.

  10. Waphuma says:

    This is devastating news…am travelling to Malawi in three days time and I intended to make sure that I attend one function where this man will be preaching. I cant believe this…Evangelist WAME …am at loss of words….Why why why….

  11. Enka says:

    After W W Mlenga, we have lost Wame and we are only left with Nyirenda of SDA – the threesome of true evangelists God-given to Malawi amidst thieves calling themselves men of God. Why Why Why did it have to be Wame and that way! My God Dear Lord I cry leaving us with all this crap for men of God yet they are robbers in your house Oh Lord. Wame be in the Lord’s blossom for you did Malawi and the whole world well. Amen

  12. wanthu says:

    What a righteous man of God you were, the last message i heard was on TWR as i was driving from Dwangwa to Lilongwe when TWR was remembering its birthday.The message convicted and inspired my soul and today you are no more. Celebrate well with the Angels as you are singing Hosanna the son of David.

    To you the Houseboy: uzafa imfa yowawa pamodzi ndi onse amene apanga zimenezi.

  13. MHSRIP – he has taught us a lot in life, though we have never wanted to received the Lord, he will receive his reward.

  14. Waphuma says:

    Am at loss of words!! This was a great man of God with great character….before the prophets we know nowadays in Malawi…He was the first evangelist to be known by many of us. His preaching antics were levered highly. I will not forget your themes such as “Ubwana ndi unyamata ndiwachabe, sadziwa kuti sadziwa”….Kalendala ya Dziko…plus many more. Fare thee well Evangelist. HAMBA KAHLE EVANGELIST….Life will not be the same again in this cruel world.

  15. Biggi Sajiwa snr says:

    Evangelist Shadreck Jonas Wame: that rare true son of God who preached ‘Christ and him crucified’ across denominational boundaries with unprecedented humility [1 Corinthians 2 v 1-5). Was so bible-focused and God-centred (always started his sermons with “God will speak with us today….” ‘lero Mulungu alankhula nafe kuchokera……’ ) He was so consistent and had deep knowledge of the Bible. Led a no-frills life like the prophets and apostles of today, Turned down religious titles and honorary academic accolades, claiming he was a mere servant of God – of which definitely he was. He knew his mission clearly – and that is to take all and sundry to salvation – and executed it wholeheartedly.

    His sermons have been always relevant for the fifty years he has been evangelizing.

    Despite all we know him for, he was always charming and approachable.

    Am sure God has allowed his departure to be that sudden, and in such a brutal mode for a purpose. It is my prayer that his death will take many more people to Jesus, or back to Jesus for the back-slidden ones than his life did.

  16. John Mwendabure says:

    Evangelist WAME was a great preacher and also great son of Malawi.. He deserves a State funeral of some sort.Just thinking aloud.

  17. santana says:

    He always taught about salvation and good mannerism. Wosati za miracle money tikumvazi. Ndalama imabwera ukaigwilira ntchito wosati kungoti yanga iyi!!!!!! The Pastor had an in-born talent. I still remember one of his moving preachings when he told a story of a certain lady and a hyena. The title was LIKUGWA(dzanja) NDITOLA. In this story mayiyu ankayenda pa kamtunda kakatali ndithu dzanja lina atagwira katundu yemwe anasenza koma unali mamawa kwambiri. Pakati panjira fisi anaona mayiwa ndikuyamba kuwatsatira m’mbuyo. Poona dzanja lina la mayiwa moving to and fro ankaganiza kuti latsala pang’ono kugwa ndiye alitore nkulidya. Ankangoti ”likugwa nditola” mpaka anayenda mtunda wautali kenaka kunacha anthu nkumuona ndipo anamuthamangitsa nkumupha.

  18. mjiba says:

    May your great Soul Rest In Peace. It is sad you had to go in this way, but God has his ways and this is a lesson to us all to fight crime. You gave us a way to redemption, you did not steal from our tithe. Go thee well True Man of God.

  19. Ofuna kudziwa says:

    Tell us more about Mr. Wame. Why was he staying with house boy? where is his family? What is his original home? apart from preaching what else was he doing for livelihood?

    1. Glory Karim says:

      I know the Evangelist personally, I also come from salima, he was a widower and he was staying at Salima boma and he also come from Salima

    2. Ntila One says:

      He had an estate/farm. He was a farmer. His wife died in 2014. This is above his call to evangelism.

    3. Ephambuka says:

      Why asking all these questions now? Why didn’t you rase them whenbhe was alive? Msybhis oil rest in peace.

    4. Khumutcha says:

      He did farming. His wife passed away several years back, and his children are all grown up. One of his sons even passed away mid this year.

      May his soul rest in peace.

  20. MBIMBISON says:

    MHSRIEP! For the boy he deserves to die as well but not in jail but by “stoning” some of the court procedures deludes the essence of teaching people to respect each other’s lives.

    1. kanchenga says:

      I am sure Wame’s soul has already forgiven him. He only destroyed the body and his own peace. WAME RIP

  21. Kwacha Malawi says:

    May his source rest in internal peace

    1. Abusa E. Chiingeni says:

      May the Lord receive abusa S Wame he was a God given asset to preach the gospel to many. His legacy lives for ever. Words cannot explain our sorrow but We know he is with the Lord.

  22. mavuto says:

    Analyst may you live long for sharing your wisdom freely. You always speak nothing but the truth. I wish you ruled us one day. Kungoti anthu amtundu wanuwu simukondanso ndale other wise you could be a great assert for us. Nice week end

    1. The Analyst says:

      Am humbled.

    2. zokoma says:

      The analyst ndi kawawa amwene

  23. The Analyst says:

    Now, this is very sad! But . . .
    . . . Who has already forgotten the murder of Indebank boss, Richard Nsamala in August 2012?
    . . . Who did it, but the houseboy?
    . . . What was the reason if not to rob him of his car, house etc?
    Truth is . . .
    . . . These houseboys/men are a huge risk to you (the boss); specifically if you are living alone and they (houseboys/men are bigger [in size etc] than you). Coz not only are you vulnerable (since you are alone) but they can also easily overpower you.
    . . . If, for instance, they see money on you e.g. K200,000, they will want to rob you by killing you, among others. It is safer thus, to avoid employing anyamata osaadziwa bwinobwino or akuluakulu (oti anayamba kale kudya chamba, kuDakwa, ndi kunyenga etc) for houseboys.
    . . . Coz most of these big boys are “failures in life” hence thieves, thugs etc, just lying in wait for an opportunity to present itself.
    If you live alone and in need of a helper, employ a female (bolanso osamamuzembelera iai). Alternatively, employ mnyamata ochepelapo or tengani wachibale wanu.
    . . . Otherwise, imfa ngati izi ndizowawa kwambiri.

  24. Jacob says:

    Very sad indeed. may his RIP pantchito yaikulu aigwira padziko. I shll miss ur touching messages.

  25. Barnaba Sila says:

    Oh! Man of God Wame! God’s Wisdom in human articulation is gone. You fought a good fight, you’ve finished the race. May the Lord comfor us all.

  26. Makwasa boy says:

    Zopweteka kwambiri, kuphedwa ngati garu ndithu…….a very powerful preacher gone….ndidzawakumbukira a Wame ndi uthenga wao umene amati “Ndidzatani ine ponyamuka”………RIP.

  27. Diston Chiweza says:

    He was a rare breed; a non-materialistic but sincere preacher of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This could as well be the end of an era of the resilient selfless preachers who focused more on the Lord Jesus Christ, His Message and His people which is a big contrast to many a modern day preacher who focus on the money they make out of God’s unsuspecting children and have no compassion at all either for God or His people.

    I will never forget a message he preached at Chancellor College in the early 80s on ‘THE FOOLISHNESS OF THE WISE’. In that message he mocked the fact the three wise men went to ask Herod who was inside his house about a star that had God missing. How else can a man in his house tell you more about the movement of stars than those that are outside. The moral was that there are many instances in which those of us consider ourselves to be the intelligentsia of the nation get down to the kind of foolishness displayed in the wise men.

    The heart of the message was that the wisdom of the world has limits. God’s wisdom is hid in Christ Jesus and only they that accept Him as Lord and Saviour are led by that Godly wisdom besides their limited human wisdom. Many on that saw this logic and gave their lives to the Lord. I will not say, may his soul rest in peace because I know that that people find rest before they die when they give their lives to Jesus Christ, The Son of God and The Saviour of the World and The Prince of Peace. I believe Wame has gone to meet the Lord for who he had been working all along despite the brutal end!

    1. Wilfred Kasakula says:

      He came to serve and just did that. Many lives including mine were touched with the Good News of the Lord. Let’s celebrate his life with Praise as we mourn his departure from this life. His death reminds me of how John the Baptist left this life. A little godless girl had demanded his head and God allowed it. I think God cares less how we leave this earthily life more that how we utilize the life he gives us.

    2. Kondwani says:

      Well said brother Diston. A mighty warrior gone back to his Master. What a servant he was!? May his life teach us to be resilient and selfless and may his passing, teach us to number our days. Glory be to God

  28. Time for change says:

    May his soul RIEP. We have lost but heaven has gained.

  29. Grace says:

    Adadi mwafika kumudzi.

  30. Star1981 says:

    This is sad

  31. Chimzinga says:

    Sad. Life well lived. RIEP

  32. Hezel says:

    May His Soul Rest in Peace

  33. GONGOLI says:

    Very Sad the messengers of the Lord being killed like this,where ever you are ,the one
    who have killed the evangelist,my his blood be on face,and there will no peace with you,may all the curse be on you.Never shall you be forgiven.May the wrath of the Lord be on you.Every tree and everything which was created by God be against you.Satan wachabechabe.

    1. tchende mbeu says:

      my bro you will never take the place of God, the scripture says God forgives even if your sins are as red as scarlet, who are you to block this guys’ forgiveness, dont let anger consume you, by the way what type of a christian are you coz christianity is principled on forgiveness, inu ndi aja magulu a ambuye ambuye aja eti, pepani kuti mwakhudzidwa ndi imfa ya munthu wamkulu koma samalani poyankhula ngati akhristu

  34. Chalo says:

    Police please leave this boy to the mob so he can be taken care of amicably. Useless houseboy, son of jezebel!

  35. Good Samaritan says:

    May your soul rest in eternal peace…..You ran a good run and its your turn to receive the heavenly crown Mr. Wame.

  36. tchende mbeu says:

    There is alot to be told here surrounding this evangelist’s death, Malawi is quickly becoming devil’s play ground

  37. Bikoko says:

    These people shall never have peace in their life for ever, this man has been a true servant of God since his youth to his old edge.
    But what has happen to for this incident to happen? God knows. RIP.

  38. tman says:

    i can:t believe all the work of god you submitted to you could only be dead like this.yes,its jesus way,no pain,rest in peace.the most unfortunate thing is ,you did not leave a word of forgiveness to the hackers.i liked you,RIP man of God.

  39. opportunist says:

    This man was blessed with word of God. RIP

  40. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Why God, why?Are these things really happening in Malawi? I knew this man of God. His character makes it difficult to understand or accept that anybody could have anything against him. Except the devil of course. Anyway, may his soul RIP.

  41. BUshido says:

    This man was a Legend, RIP Wame!!!!!

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