Ex-Malawi president Joyce Banda reaction to Lutepo’s cashgate claims: Full text

The former President of the Republic of Malawi, Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, wishes to categorically deny allegations, in their totality, made by Mr. Oswald Lutepo that while she was Head of State, Dr. Banda was the “main beneficiary” of the money Mr. Lutepo allegedly stole from Government.

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda

Mr. Lutepo claims, in an interview aired on Zodiak Broadcasting Station on Friday, November 21, 2014, that he was only but a conduit in the whole cashgate scandal.

The former Head of State would like to state, in no uncertain terms, that Mr. Lutepo’s allegations are false, malicious, defamatory and a calculated attempt by some desperate quarters to implicate herin the ‘cashgate’ scandal.

Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda is fully aware that issues of theft of public money (cashgate) are presently in court and it is unacceptable, under the law, to comment on such matters.

However, considering the gravity of allegations made by Mr. Lutepo, the former Head of State is left with no choice but to set the record straight, for posterity.

Mr. Lutepo’s allegations come fast on the heels of the Forensic Audit by UK’s Baker Tilly on cashgate. Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda’s name does not appear anywhere in the report contrary to the expectations of some quarters alluded to above. Mr. Lutepo’s name appears prominently in that report hence his present indictment.

Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda is aware that in the absence of her name in the Forensic Audit Report, her political detractors are using Mr. Lutepo as a pawn to drag her in the mud in order to dent her reputation as a citizen of Malawi, wife, mother, politician and philanthropist.

It is widely reported in the media, including on Nyasa Times, that Mr. Lutepo has been under pressure to implicate Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda in exchange for his own freedom or failing which his wife and daughter would be arrested on related charges.

Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda has in possession of written confessions by other cashgate suspects that some state agents have been pressurizing them to implicate Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda. These written confessions would be made public at an appropriate time.

Mr. Lutepo’s allegations smell fishy, especially coming at a time when there is growing discontentment among Malawians following the deteriorating economic situation. Calls for the return to Malawi of the former Head of State have grown louder and some quarters seem to be panicking hence the demonization campaign against her.

The former Head of State would like to appeal to her People’s Party (PP) supporters, her family, relatives and friends to remain calm in the light of the on-going political witch-hunt and machinations. Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda remains resolute as a servant of the people, particularly the marginalized and disadvantaged.

The former President would like to encourage all Malawians and the country’s leadership to concentrate more on dealing with the worsening political, social and economic situation than listening to a cashgate suspect who has so far proved to be unreliable, untrustworthy and susceptible to manipulation. The nation is aware that apart from the cashagte charges, Mr. Lutepo is also answering other charges bordering on telling lies.

Indeed, instead of focusing on extorting information from Mr. Lutepo and others, authorities must also focus on getting to the root of other financial scandals, such as the much-touted MK92 billion scam, which have had a negative impact on the national economy.

The former President would like to reiterate that she has at no time during her tenure as Head of State, or indeed at any other time, been involved in cashgate. In fact, during her reign, she dedicated her efforts to ensuring that all people involved in the plunder of public resources face the law.

While she was Head of State, Dr. Joyce Banda contributed immensely to the positive improvement of the social, economic and political order in this country. Malawians are well aware of her achievements during her two-year reign, which included reliable electricity and water supply, sufficient food for citizens, sufficient fuel and forex,improved rural housing, successful Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP), fertilizer loan scheme, respect of freedom of speech and press.

There was, during Her Excellency’s tenure, an unprecedented economic growth in Malawi.  Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda believes that the only way out of the current economic political quagmire is for the present administration to reach out to other leaders, including her, to explore common spaces and find workable solutions for sustainable economic, social and political development.  Political witch-hunting will only serve to exacerbate the already hostile environment.

The former Head of State, Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda is, meanwhile, consulting her legal advisors to determine the way forward.

  • Tusekele Mwanyongo, Media Liason Officer for Joyce Banda.
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46 thoughts on “Ex-Malawi president Joyce Banda reaction to Lutepo’s cashgate claims: Full text”

  1. Amayi ananena kale kuti Odi uko amayi aduse osawapingapinga mukapitiliza mizimu(Amazozi)akuzuzani musowa mtendele mukulimbana ndi muthu amene wanthandiza athu ochuluka ziko muno muzingoyendesa boma lanu lobela tikanafuna tikanakusiyani kuja chifukwa munabela zikolino limayenda bwino pamene amalamula amayi mu chipani cha PP,Osamawapaka manyi Amayi .Yao culture heritage arts Bornface awali!

  2. Manjolo says:

    Mrs. Joyce. Banda. Don’t say anything. Wait and see which way the cat jumps.

  3. ACHEDYIKA says:

    mukulimbana ndi mayi mavuto anu ndichani osapanga zinthu zoti zikuthandizeni

  4. We understand that of late anything that comes out of Lutepo’s mouth can’t be taken seriously since he has been changing statements like underwear,however,
    that does not mean his testimony is going to be ignored completely because there’s (call logs)(CCCtv footage to assent to ,hence don’t get too comfortable
    I for one as a citizen of this country, I am certain there’s no way Mr Lutepo could manage to siphon such huge amount of taxpayers money single-handedly without big fish’s involvement

  5. Dyomba says:

    A x presdent asafulumile kuyakha iwo sanaitanidwe kukhothi,asiye omwe ukufunsidwa aziyankhula adya mulumila thawi yawo ikwana azalongosola bwino.

  6. wanted says:

    Tisaopsezanepo apa

  7. Bwitoto says:

    Kodi inu bwanji mukulimbana ndi munthu wa mayi? Mulibe chochita eti?. akanakhala kuti JB alibe ndalama kodi nanchidwe wanu uja Bingu akanamusankha kukhala his running mate? Kodi inu kunalibe? Bwanji amaleka kusankha bwampini wanuyi? Zopusa eti. Mumuuze Atupeleyo kumene aliko kuti makobiri aja mthumbamu mudakalibe!!!!! Komanso madzi mu mpope sakutuluka. Osati zanu zopusazo mxiew!!!!!!

  8. Bantu says:

    She should have consulted her legal advisors before exposing herself in this way.

  9. Trust says:

    Mai Banda must explain something about cashgate, where did she get all the riches within 2 years? As usual she is busy building her international reputation at the expense of Malawian. JB come home and lets build our country osamangodya ndalama kunjako

  10. Lamulo lisatidwepo apa and atolankhani you are not judges pliz zisiyeni mmanja mwa court zogamulazo

  11. Mashonchimta says:

    Kwatsala tchire ndikumene kulowera moto, koma ndalamazo zibwerera? ziwoneke potheratu izi?

  12. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    If you want your money just tell Peter Mutharika to raise his brother from the dead else just sell Ndata farm because its where most of cashgate money went! stop talking shit of JB here because JB is corrupt free and a leader of wisdom osati mbuzi iyi yopanda mano

  13. Tiyeni tonse tikumbukile mawu ya Ken Msonda ku tally centre pamaso pa a Mbendera.

  14. gladwin says:

    muasiye mayi jb apume anthuoyipa inu

  15. Zomba Boy says:

    Lets wait and see. Mauwa ndi Esau koma thupili ndi la Yakobo. Ngati akatikonda koma ndi mbava yotha ntchito.

  16. christian says:

    Let the truth prevaile, no one is a saint until God says so, chilichonse choipa chimasiya banga.as evidence of satana to mark u.so atolankhan musamapange zotisokoneza let us judge not u bringing mastory oti mukupanga sheld anthu ena this country is pathetic becouse of u atorankhan,let people decise

  17. Joseph Mdumbu says:

    Amai Joice Banda was better than this Grand pa. Mathanyula is failing to lead us, inflation is high than your times amai, MCP was the better option for Malawi but vote-rigging head by Chilima was evil

  18. chintunda says:

    abale mai iwe usakane u wea involvd n cash gate and no matr wat ua goin 2 jail bakha umayenda mbali takugwira

  19. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It is immaterial for JB to point out any positives during her tenure: these allegations are about theft – big time theft – of public money and property. What her media guy is pointing out are just imaginations anyway; nothing good ever came out of her presidency.
    Now, JB will NOT come back to Malawi, anytime soon. Afraid of Maula,, or Zomba Maximum, are we?

  20. tekeremo says:

    This is simple. As is the norm in Malawi, Lutepo has defamed Amayi, then Amai goes to court to sue Lutepo. Let us meet in court to prove her innocence. Akuopa chani?

    Koma lero mumufuna Kasambara uja akakuyimireni ku court. Kaya simunamuimbire kaya.

    Bravo nyasa times you are trying your best to protect a sinking ship. Hope zitheka, keep trying. You will be rewarded when she becomes president again in the new life.

  21. ngangaube says:

    this country is lost to the dogs and they have failed to govern completely thats why they want to us you as a scapegoat. typical of dpp propaganda and they will stop nowhere but to use foolish people like Lutepo. There were so many people in PP why this fool only. Let him root in prison he is baseless and senseless kupanda nzeru amangoba. he claims of having nothing and he paid a hefty bail. Shupit boy

  22. Sosten Gwengwe says:


  23. Obama says:

    But the question is where did Lutepo get those powers to go to the bank and withdraw those millions of kwacha a bank osadabwa bwanji? Kukhala munthu ngati ine mafunso tho! Ndipo mwina andikhazika mu bank for 5hours yet am withdrawing K3 million. How was Lutepo drawing those huge monies without JB’s consent. Tichedwepo apa. Lutepo akunena zoona.

  24. Wawa1 says:

    Koma Amai nkhaza! Akuti “Malawi benefited a lot under my Leadership. There was reliable electricity. Zoooooona? Chipongwe chachikulu kwambiri!!! Electricity used to go out a million times /day under her presidency. Didn’t even have time to fix that as she was always on the road. She cant be trusted as well. She is a big Liar. We all know that when Lutepo was remanded at Zomba prison; A Joyce used to accord him VIP treatment. He could sneak out in the middle of the nite and go to State House for a visit with JB. Who does that? She knew very well that her and PP were beneficiaries of cashgate. No money could be stolen from govt coffers in that fashion without her blessing. Not at all. Lutepo has evidence. let him come out in the open. He was the main Financier of PP. The fact that JB is not in the Baker Tilly report, does not mean she was not involved or she is innocent. Did you find Pika Manondo any where in the report? No!!! But the Guy was hugely involved. Zayambika.

  25. BOKOHARAM says:

    Kaya mai zikanani lero kodi ndi mayesa 92 billion ikukhuzani mwaiwala muli vp kuti mudagula mipando ku mapanga furniture popanda ndondomeko yeniyeni mugwirizani ndi malamulo ogulira katundu m’boma musakane lutepo akunena zoona kodi magalimoto anu akampeni ndalama zomwe mudalipira ku TEM ku chirimba ndi mayesa zinali zomwezo za cash gate nanga Mkasa amayimba pamisonkhano yanu amadya chiyani ndimayesa zinali ndalama za cash gate chakwera mudamupatsa 10 million nayenso anadya nawo cash gate anthu oipa inu kanani lero koma kwa Mulungu simuzakana

  26. dadaboma says:

    Amai mwachita bwino kuyankha. What Lutepo and DPP have conspired to do is evil and defamatory. You have an impeccable personality and image to preserve, but these thugs are smearing mud at you so that you look as dirty as them – we’ll not allow this. APM ndi mbava heavy. He stole lots of govt resources during DPP reign of his brother Bingu, including MHC houses. And recently he stole elections. Lutepo started stealing govt resources under Bingu. DPP wants to turn the attention of Malawians away from the political and economic woes the country is facing to irrelevant trivia. Many people now are wishing you had won the elections, and they want you back in Malawi to help this clueless DPP govt. But since you’ve invited them to consult you on how the country can be salvaged from its woes, they can consult you electronically, without you coming to see these thugs face to face. They are wicked satanic people. Stay where you are until the situation in Malawi becomes clear (not when it is muddy or turbid as it is now). We’ll tell you when it is appropriate to return – the whole world is your home, stay peacefully where you are; the world loves you because of your good personality. Most of us back home also love you dearly, and we don’t want these DPP thugs to play with you by making trumped up cases against you – they are desperate failures. You may not need to answer Lutepo again, but keep those written correspondences between DPP and these convicts asking them to implicate you in this cashgate business – they’ll be needed later if they continue mudslinging you. Keep in close touch with your legal team on this matter. We miss you Amai, but may God keep you well until we meet again.

    1. Omasulira maKomenti says:

      uyu m’mbuzi walemba pamwambayu. Mayi m’daba. Ziulurika.

  27. John says:


  28. John says:


    1. Mneneli Wonyenga says:

      That’s right, ine ndimamwa nawo daily a china kalonga dauka pika Paulo lafu Teresa ndovi namata carol yapona victor etc ndiye andimange? I benefitted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Thosi says:

    It is very clear to anyone who can see that Amai is already on the run. She masterminded the cashgate and the chickens are coming home to roost. On the very day that Mphwiyo was shot, Amai carelessly exonerated him and touted him as a man who was acting to save our money. After his arrest for money laundering, I expected to hear something from Amai as this contradicted her statement. She was also quick to say that authorities should only target those who steal and not beneficiaries. I wonder if she was aware that benefiting from proceeds of crime is a crime under our laws. The authorities should charge her with this crime if anything and possibly money laundering and theft – full stop. They should freeze her assets and issue a warrant of arrest for her. This will grant her an opportunity to exonerate herself in a court of law if she is innocent of these charges.

    1. dadaboma says:

      It’s Bingu who started the cashgate. Do not place blame on the wrong person. Ngati mumadana ndi Amai popanda chifukwa izo ndi zanu. Amai is God-fearing and could not be involved in theft of any magnitude. Theft is the work of satanists and evil people like Bingu and his little kahuna APM. The 92 bn kwacha theft spilled over into the 13 bn kwacha theft by people who had mastered the trade from Bingu’s regime. This party of Death Plunder and Pilferage, or Diesel Petrol Palibe will not help Malawians.

      1. Omasulira maKomenti says:

        dadaboma m’buzi tim’pere nsipu. Ämai is God-Fearing? Which God?

  30. Deal Yatheka says:

    Alephera kuyendetsa dziko agogo aja and now he wants to divert our attention on the current crisis. Anthu mpaka pano samalandirebe.
    Bakhayu akuti ndi JB wamutuma. Namathanga Sezani anamutumanso ndi JB? Nanga Sithole? Ndalama anapezeka nazo mu galimoto yake ndi mu ceiling amamusungira JB?
    Chitetezo mdziko muno chinatha. Wapangisanso ndi JB?
    Kwacha yachitidwa devalue zosowa zija, ndi JB?
    Passport yakwerayi wakwezanso ndi JB?
    Nkhani ili apa ndi yoti Azungu WILL NOT GIVE ANY PENNY TO DPP olo atamanga JB.
    Mu 2019, Lazarus akazatenga Boma, Pitalayu naye azamangidwa pa nkhani ya K92 billion yomwe AKUFUNA AZUNGU KUTI ILOWE M’BWALO.
    Zikuonetseratu kuti Lutepo is protecting some DPP Big Fishes. Paja anayamba kuba nthawi ya malemu. Kodi si Chasowa anafera zomwezo

    1. Omasulira maKomenti says:

      Kodi anthu mukukwiya kuti JB akuuluridwa, vuto ndi chiani? Inu ndinu JB? Bwanji mumuleke JB ayankhe milandu yake. Ngati ali osalakwa zidzadziwika malingana ndi evidence. DO not stop people speculating.

  31. Nachipati says:

    Nkhoswe akakhala pa nkhate sapheka, one day is one day. Mbava zokha zokha tiyenazoni chaka chake ndi chino

    Wina akalumidwa udzudzu ku maulaku, pa dzana paja munali madolo ndi ndalama za misokho ya malawi

    Lero muli nje! Nje! Nje! Ku njenjemera kunja kwa court.
    Iwe mwanjongo mutu waumtaliwo zimenezi ukauze a court osati a malawi wamva galu iwe! Ndi mai ako okubayo

  32. kanundu says:

    Zaziiii simungathe kuyankha za Lutepo yekha osanchula za K92 billion. Ndithu mayi wa akudziwapo kanthu akulira ndithu nanga winanso akakunchulani. Aaaa mayi yankhani zimodzi komansotu mwathamangiranji osafunsa kaye ma lawyer anu. Ndi six months yokhatu imeneyo nanga akafufuza chaka chinacho munaba zingaaaaaa ?

    1. Mirella K. says:

      K92 billion kwacha-yo ikukuchepera?

  33. Zoputsaifesitifuna says:

    Just bring both them to court and let them argue for an hour openly. Then find out who is wrong and lock him,her or both of them!!!!!! We are tired of this nonsense taking so long to be solved.

  34. Atcheya says:

    Stupid!!! The fact that one’s name is not mentioned in the audit report does not exonerate you from the filth you were part of!! Who said the audit report is a criminal investigation report? Mphwiyo (who, coincidentally, used to be touted as a cashgate life-saver by Mrs. Banda), for instance, is not mentioned anywhere in the report but is answering charges related to cashgate. If there is an iota of evidence that Mrs. Banda benefited from cashgate, even if it is just a Tambala, no one will shield you. I am 99% sure that what Lutepo was saying contains elements of truth and it will be up to the courts to judge whether she was involved or not. As Lincoln (allegedly) said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Hiding behind political-wicthhunting, Madam, is cry-baby…

  35. sokalawo says:

    The truth shall set you free
    But there r some questions why JB wasn’t in the report? If it is true,can we say that the report carries the truth?

  36. anduna says:

    Alutepo misalalatu mwayambayi mapeto ake mutchula makolo anu sinanga mungoti ichi mwanena ichi mwanena

  37. Aceton says:

    Now here are those well-wishers?my country Nyasaland!!!!!!until when?

  38. mtima wa nyani says:

    musayambe kukana mmesanji

  39. BigMan says:

    Abiti mtila why are you sitting phwii abroad? Come home and face the law if you are not guilty, we are tired of you and your family barking, barking, barking and barking some more….for nothing!

  40. fricodaluka says:

    Zopusa basi

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