Ex ministers Lipenga, Kandodo join Times Media: Tukula fired at Times TV

Times Media Group, the country’s oldest publishing house and well known for declaring employees redundant, has fired its Times TV’s Head of Programmes Affairs, Gracian Tukula, five months after he was poached from their rivals Nation Publications Limites (NPL).

Lipenga: Back to newsroom

Lipenga:  Woll he be back in newsroom?

The company, which publishes The Daily Times, Malawi News, The Sunday Times, and recently purchased Matindi Radio, has also fired two reporters, Sara Makondetsa and Chikondi Masuso, who were stationed in Lilongwe and Blantyre, respectively.

Meanwhile, the company, which also belongs to the family of Malawi’s founding President late Hastings Kamuzu Banda, is planning to hire former cabinet ministers Dr Ken Lipenga and Ken Kandodo, as Managing Editor and Operations Manager, respectively.

Lipenga, who served as Finance Minister during People’s Party (PP) two year rule, is no stranger to the company having worked as Edito-In-Chief for the institution way back and has published several novels. He used to write a column “Off The Cuff”.

There was no immediate comment from the persons in question, but sources privy to the development confirmed to Nyasa Times that an idea was floated to lure the two to get the posts.

Times Media Group has also re-engaged the services of prominent sports journalist Peter Kanjere from The Nation.

Kanjere has gone back to Times Group to head the sports desk following the demotion of Duncan Mlanjira, who is reportedly on entertainment desk.

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57 thoughts on “Ex ministers Lipenga, Kandodo join Times Media: Tukula fired at Times TV”

  1. Gwamula says:

    Ken Kandodo wachita bwino, that’s a good move, Ndale zake kuKasungu zinatha! The MP there is well organised and sapupuluma, money or no money sangamusunthe! Matama aKandodo ngati kuti timadya kunyumba kwake, Anadya ndalama za stadium ya Kasungu ameneyu, voti akampatsa ndi nda,? Kapena akaime kwatate wake Ku Zomba, komanso kugwilira tiana mkulu uyu, Maya amamvapo chain?

  2. Ac Matewe says:

    Ayi Tiziona.Kozani Ma Programme Abwino.Tikufuna Tidzionera Mipira Ya Kuno Ku Malawi Ndi Ya Kunja(super League Ndi Barclays).

  3. mapaso says:

    iwe Usalimbane ndi Pilirani.Iye ndi dolo osati zimabi za demotionzi

  4. manesi says:

    Duncan mlanjira kupepera too much. Umakhalira kupempha anthu mowa pochita cover golf and mpira lero uli mmadzi.Komanso upie ku sukulu how can you a sports repoter in malawi for 15 years and above.You better fin else to do.No wonder you still lead a miserable life.Umatenga abale ako kumapita ku engalane ngati akukasewera ma game a olympics ndiye amasala komweko.Ife aku Blantyre print tikudziwa bwino lomwe timangopenya.

  5. wales banda says:

    Zikukhala bwanji

  6. chiya says:

    eh eh eh, anzathu, olo ulovawo mpaka pamenepo? from minister to ,,,,, ayi, chitani manyazi.

  7. mbina says:

    Pilirani Kachinziri is not a TV presenter. achoke nsanga, kumango bwebweta nsete program yonse!

  8. Man says:

    Times means ! Nthawi

  9. chatonda says:

    Congratulations bwana Lipenga and Ken Kandodo. Please do not go back to politics. There is life after politics. Join Ntaba and you will still find food just like all of us do.

  10. JB Original says:

    Those who have been fired are from which region? Find out!!!

  11. wamkaka says:

    he he some people never cease to amaze me, akweni a lipenga zoona you of all people, hai you have been a minister for more than ten years instead of you been an employer you want to be employed, olo kutembereredwako ndiye mwanyanyatu akweni.

  12. Gas Machine Head says:

    Let me give you a brief warning young journalists working for politically linked media houses. You need to educate yourself, at least get a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Then thereafter, use every opportunity to either go solo as an international correspondent, or look for a media relations job. Do nor dream of staying at one place like these Daily Times reporters or editors. This shows that you do not have the guts to face new challenges. How can you be writing sports or whatever, the same stuff for over 15 years? or just present news or Nkhani za mmaboma or Zokonda amayi for so long. Is that real?

    Look at people like Maganizo Mazeze, Ireen Banda, Chisomo Mwamadi, Edith Tsirizani, Gomezgani Zakazaka, Akossah Mphepo, Thomas Chafunya, Ayam Maeresa, Anderson Fumulani, Bright Sonani, Mike Chipalasa, Eldson Chagara, Norman Fulatira, Kusali Kubwalo, Penelope Paliani, Zilani Khonje, Joseph Langa, Dr. Rodrick Mulonya and many others. These folks have worked for several media houses, some even with the political MBC, but now they are either experts in PR in the corporate sector, the government or even serving as private media consultants. If you find out from these people, they never stuck themselves to the same seat just recycling the same news every morning. They advanced themselves academically and then took up newer and more challenging careers. If you are well educated like Tukula, there is no cause for major concern because very soon he will be spotted by head-headhunters. BUT if you have been naive and have been thinking its the old Kamuzu days where most journalists were just MSCE holders and learnt the skips of the trade on the job, then the shenanigans like the ones happening at the Times Media Group will leave you and your families “uncovered”. This is a warning to all you journalists out there, especially the younger generation. Your byline in the paper, or your famous tag line on the radio or TV means nothing if you do not seek to enrich your brains beyond what is in it at the moment.

  13. Jasom says:

    Mr Lipenga are sure you are going back after that incident. Have morals pls the way you insulted kamuzu, that is his company

  14. guta says:

    Njoka saweta

  15. Jobseeker says:

    A Ken Lipenga ndi mzako Kandodo.Go into businesses please.Create space for the youngsters who are looking for jobs.Ndalama za ndale sizinakukwaneni?

  16. Mputeni Davido says:

    Ken Lipenga you are in your right field osati za finance mumanamizana ndi mzako Joyce Banda.

  17. dull professor says:

    osayiwala,paja ken kandodo ndi company ya ambuyake,a ken lipenga simunalakwise you are showing the world that when you are educated your future is always secure.

  18. Mphangela says:

    Tukula dont worry God will open another door for u mind u if u r being fired coz of wina wake kukunenela mabodza mulingo womwewo udzamutsata.

  19. Kodi a lipenga mchere onse munasonkhanitsa muli nduna muja unatha????

  20. Mzake wa Lafu says:

    Kukhala vacancy posachedwapa a Keni akayamba kuyankha za cashgate yoyamba ija ya MK92 Billion. Pajatu anali MOF remember the MRA saga?

  21. Benson Chirwa says:

    Chikadya and Masikini the unbreakable pair. Amenewo till death do they part.

  22. johni says:

    What keeps you at Times Group is not professionalism but feeding bosses lies about others. If you leave your current job going to BNL because you have been promised a huge salary, think twice. There it is the unprofessional, trade fair trained journalists that survive because of juju and spying on fellow employees. Chikadya is devil incarnate

  23. paulwasemu says:

    Welcome BT reduce the redundances were’ tired wf kucotsedwa ntchito mwachisawawa

  24. Mzungu wa Nzeru says:

    If everything fails try the obvious possible this is called wisdom.

  25. Kakadyakamatumbwa says:

    read the daily times and you will be reading chikadya’s handwriting. refer to his article after being shamefully fired from chairing sunbird. claiming if he were presidnt whaqt he would do. an idiot for president? kkkkkk. powered by mpanvu times

  26. nick says:

    Welcome back to journalism, Ken Lipenga!
    You should never have left it!

  27. zulo wausilu says:

    A Zulo Mwadanatu kwambiri ndi Duncan Mlanjira. Ngati savala bwino amadya kwanu. Zipatseni ulemu atate.

  28. Morgan says:

    Duncan do not worry its part of life, but guys lets comment to help the person not to insult, thats not good if we have the grudges with the person thats personal issues dont put it on media.

  29. phondogoma says:

    Any politician who stands against his people will never excel in Malawi politics. Ask Gwengwe. He has retreated to MCP for the sake of his political career.He has retreated because Ungapake is no longer head of MCP. But Ken can not retreat back to DPP as long as APM is still the head.

  30. ufulu says:

    Lipenga is a spent force. At 65 he is beyond the retirement age. Where are the young ones going to get jobs? Koma hede, from Minister of Finance to and editor? Are you not going to cook stories as you did cooking govt books at MRA?

  31. mo says:

    From a minister to what?????Times group has made a mistake, these politicians will not help kaya,that fired guy and his family aren’t happy tiziona

  32. ndawala says:

    A Lipenga mwaganiza kuti mudye masanzi anu omwe. Koma dziko iri

  33. Zakwathu says:

    Ken Kandodo akapinyolisa Galimoto ina kwa a Katapila

  34. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Over recycled people Lipenga and Kandodo, times group is a disgrace, Thats why Nation Newspaper beat them on quality and reach

  35. Mpaka ku Nyuzi pepa. What a shame from a Minister to a newspaper edit! This is unheard off.

    1. Chikadzakowani says:

      Unheard of? Ndiwe mwana eti? Do you know that other former ministers are working as taxi drivers? In life you should be down to earth and not arrogant – I admire Ken Lipenga for bouncing back. Not only will he continue putting food on the table, but he will have a company car, company house, medical care, a secretary and other perks. Many people would be happy with a ‘demotion’ like Ken’s. After all a cabinet post is temporary, it would be foolish for anyone to think that they can maintain the status of a cabinet minister for the rest of their life…

  36. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Lately the local press lacked quality and became less interesting. I think this is a good thing. Poorly trained and mediocre journalists are the source. Let us deal with all of them. That is the only way, we can develop. But this can also be a strategy for 2019 elections. DPP take care. Where is Nhlane Steven?

  37. AMUNA BAWO says:

    Ulova unavutapo apa

  38. Dr. Ben Phiri, Ph.D.(Cyprus Uni,USA) says:

    Congratulations all who have made it. I am available for any senior leadership position. Please you may contact me and can assist. So Duncan was at Kamuzu Academy?? And came out of KA as a he is. Inu Yehova mumandidabwitsa ndithu. WA ku Malawi Correspondence College kumudalitsa nzapeza Ph.D., koma wa KA ayi. Your wealthy to be praised. I was at Thyolo Secondary School and now am working as a PA to H.E. Professor Mutharika and have just gotten a Ph.D.

  39. Muropwana says:

    Nduna za pa Malawi . Kuteloku nde kuti moyo unayamba kale kuvuta nthawi yomweyi .

  40. Matchado says:

    Well dome on Ken Lipenga . Munthu anayamba kusosoka uyu . I was shocked to see how he looked ku maliro a brother wa minister Henry Mussa ku Kanjedza . He was looking like another Gwanda Chakuamba in the making .

  41. Bertha says:

    Komadi Duncan needs deliverance you are drinking too much at ndirande flats bottle stores spare your liver and money to improve on your health dressing
    And life in general

  42. Bertha says:

    Abale .this is strange these old ex ministers sanapangebe tsogolo lawo kuti atenge ti ntchito ta a anyamata ? What new ideas are they going to bring. Shame shame shame how many times ‘ve l said shame??Tukula go back to nations leave this tribal grouping company

  43. James Phiri says:


  44. Charter says:

    I miss the Muckraker, period!

  45. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    I don’t think it’s easy to work at this company. Employees are declared redundant willy nilly every year. There is no job security at this company.

  46. muthumuonege says:

    Koma Duncan ndiye mwamuchezatu kikiki.

  47. Dr. Kanyeremuka says:

    What’s wrong tell us,Kodi a Lipenga&a Kandodo zaka za retirement sizinakwanebe?Go &rest enjoy ur cashgate

  48. MAPWEVUPWEVU says:


  49. Dzungu Pilila says:

    Times Group is a disgraced and disgusting media house owned by a disgraced family that has allowed a lunatic of a failed thieving accountant to call the shots and run the show. Chikadya dubiously bought houses and other real estate properties that belonged to BP&P, while Ken Kandodo and Francis Pelakmoyo watched. Times TV is neck deep in financial debts and firing Tkula will not make the TV perform miracles.

  50. mc says:

    kodi mwasiliza ndalama za cashgate paka mwalembedwa kaganyo poo r Malawian politician muzafa anthu ayes boos

  51. Adrian Masanda says:

    “…..this World is full of Idiots You fire one today, another one walks in tomorrow….”. Leonard Chikadya, Managing Director, Times Group, quoted by The Daily Noise/Times Newspaper. One conclusion: the so called Malawian journalists are a Certified Bunch of Idiots who dance to the tune of a self styled and egoistic failed accountant. Dr. Ken Lipenga must be a real IDIOT. Does anyone need any proof? He cannot run his own newspaper? Really? As for Graciam Tukula, kusamva! Next is George Kasakula. Another certified idiot who kisses the ass of the book keeper because of greed. History repeats itself. I rest my case.

  52. Moya says:

    Seriously after holding all those portfolios Lipenga and Kandondo they want to be employees? you should be employers instead. This is a political move i don tthink work and salary is the motivation. They will destroy someone through this media company..ndanenatu ine. wokumva amve. More fire!! 2019 kodokodo.

  53. Wistombi says:

    Kutha Ma Plan Ken Lipenga


    Gracian Tukula wamenyanso sikando yanji?

  55. omex says:

    Aaaaa where is the new blood? Do you mean we dont have energetic youths who can work in positions now held by Lipenga or Kandodo?

  56. zulo says:

    A Duncan matama koma ndi ku college komwe simunapondeko.Kamuzu academy siinakupindulire iwe.Nyumba ulibe koma mowa ndi matama basi.Pa Ndirande flats bottle store ndi nyumba yako yachiwiri. Komanso tamayesako kuvala bwino. Ngati ulibe zovala zabwino ubwere kwathu uzatenge.Ukafika pakhomo pathu alonda azakusegulira. Mwina upite kusukulu otherwise future yanu muzafa osauka kapena kuti amphawi.Kapena umuuze mbale wako waku UK anapita ndi a Olympics ndikusala komweko zaka zapitazo kuti akutumizire zovala zaku mangalande. Kulemba nkhani za sports in English ndi game yoloweza baba.Zasukulu ndanenazo duncan uzigwirise ntchito bwanawe. Mowanso uchepese kukhalira kupempha mulibe ndalama. ndakuuza zoona mtima usakupweteke.Reporter mmodzi wochitisa manyazi pamavalidwe.Enatu amakuthawa ati umawachitisa manyazi ndi dressing yakoyo

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