Ex-president Muluzi not listed to declare his wealth – Tukula

Malawi former president Bakili Muluzi is not a listed officer under a new  declaration of assets law to make public what he owns, Director of Public Officers’ Declarations (DPOD) Christopher Tukula has explained.

Former president Muluzi (right) with President Mutharika

Former president Muluzi (right) with President Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika, his deputy Saulos Chilima, former president Joyce Banda, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya and leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera have made their assets public in accordance with the country’s constitution.

Muluzi the country’s first democratically elected President who governed from 1994 to 2004 has had his assets not declared.

“Former president Bakili Muluzi is not a listed officer under the new Act,” Tukula explained.

Asked why immediate past former president Joyce Banda has declared her wealth, Tukula said: “Joyce Banda has not declared as a former state president but as a leader of a party currently represented in parliament.

“She is the only leader of a party represented in parliament (Peoples Party) who is not an MP or Minister. She has not declared in another listed capacity either as MP ( Enock Chihana president of Aford) or as minister (Atupele Muluzi of UDF).”

Tukula said from now all Presidents, Ministers, MPs and all listed officers will be declaring their assets three months be leaving office to provide for the citizenry to question the leaders (when leaving the office) to account for the wealth that they have managed to accumulate while they were in office.

Critics say it is very difficult to prove the authenticity of the declarations; whether they are accurate or simply exaggerated in order to accommodate for subsequent corrupt practices.

Politicians have the choice to declare what they want and what not to and put whatever values they want to put on their declared assets.

The idea behind the declaration of assets by elected or appointed officers is to check whether whatever assets they acquire while in office is commensurate with the perks of their offices.

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21 thoughts on “Ex-president Muluzi not listed to declare his wealth – Tukula”

  1. Tiwalankhulire says:

    mbava zikunamizana.
    zilibe uzimu

  2. Julio says:

    Let the exercise go on 4 better mw

  3. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Pitala and JB has already declared their billion loots in this sleepy country.Muluzi can’t declare his 1.7 billion loot protected by stupid obsolete immunity laws.Courts in Malawi are meant for povos.This country will never develop crawling to these thieves in the name of ulemu.To have a real change,we need to have a revolution in this country.

  4. No Comment ndakomoka ine

  5. zinthu zatani says:

    Any way Mr BM has enough to prove that what ever he has in terms of wealth was ill gotten because of the 1.7bn kanga case . BM has to prove innocent by allowing his case to be concluded in any lawful court otherwise he will go down in history as a thief .
    I also plead with Peter mutharika not to tarnish his good standing in society by by shielding muluzi . Japanese please don’t ill advise Peter on muluzi we all know your profit orientation in this case .

  6. kesterchipala says:

    Asiyen Atcheya aziipuma

  7. MBACHI says:


  8. james phiri says:

    Comment whats does the law says on declation of assets just follow it

  9. Kenkkk says:

    Imraan sadick and I are usually poles apart but on this one I totally agree with imraan.

    Bakili strictly speaking and all bring equal should be by far much richer than Peter. Bakili was rich from Kamuzu days.

    Having said his 1.7bn case should have continued and pursued vigorously.

  10. To those demanding Atcheya to declare his assets are missing the whole point of declaring the assets
    Atcheya is not holding any public office
    , and you do not know how much the guy was wealthy before he became President-some of us knows` Atcheya was stinking rich long before he became big Kahuna
    He used to own fleet of trucks,buses/farms just to mention a few__get over it already bloody haters it doesn’t suit you!

    1. sukutumpwelembwe says:

      # Imraan Sadick
      Ana mwe amapwala !!! What do you know about Atcheya ? Chifukwa even bambo ako cannot impose kuti family ya mdala atcheya kuti akuyidziwa .
      For your information pamene atcheya amalowa upulesidenti alibe bus olo imodzi .
      Reading through your comments about the muluzi family on this forum is always boring chifukwa umakala ngati you are part of the family and yet not . Please sometimes learn to keep your ass out of muluzi family chifukwa you hero worship them more than God

    2. Thomas Dumakuve says:

      I think this lowlife stooge Imraan Sadick gets paid protecting this crooked and wicked family of the Muluzis.He thinks he can brainwash all Malawians by his lies.Khalani ndi ukapolo wanu by defending a thief who messed Malawi with his unpalatable vision less jokes.

    3. T' A says:

      Imraan sadick !!! Think it is high time you changed your name to imraan sadick muluzi
      Bolanso malemu Bingu , alhomwe anasiya pabwino kuposa atcheya anuwo chifukwa sindikuonapo kuti anakusiyilani chiyani apart from kuti muli padzuwa mpaka ler
      Sometimes , one ndimaganidza kuti iwe imraan sadick ndi mwana wa pa chire wa atcheya chifukwa mdalayu atcheya ali wa mchiunu kwambiri. Na ngati ali Atupele , ayi ndi step –brother. Eishh , enafe watikwana

    4. angoni says:

      Atcheya funded two campaigns personally. No well wishers with hidden identities. Za 1.7 billion izo tinakamba kale. It did not go to treasury. It went to his personal account.

  11. jackkambewa says:

    Zilibwino tidziwa zambiri.

  12. Joseph Banda says:

    No.2 Muluzi Chair of UDF? Are still in Malawi or ndiwe Gonthi chabe

  13. Joseph Banda says:

    No. That’s not the point. You and who ever was writing this have missed the total point of what the law on declaration of assets is supposed to achieve. It is the media that mislead every one with a Title “Former President Joyce Banda declares her assets while the law requires the Head of a political Party represented in Parliament. If you want Muluzi to be selling your articles, papers be intelligent with your articles. In actual fact there are investigating agencies to do this. Tukula is not heading and investigating agents. His job is simple. Do those people in active services as listed accumulate their wealth legally? PLEASE DO NOT Come HEAR YAVi yAvI wanting Late Bingu to be listed to declare his wealth!

  14. abwezi withu says:

    What about khumbo kachale . When shall you publicly expose his declaration …Please Mr gospel kadzako tell us zachi friend apa ayi . We want to know about this 100 fleet of trucks he owns how he got the stache of 600,000,000.00 kwacha kept in his volt . Khumbo kachale and Joyce banda were the ultimate beneficiaries of cash gate all those you are displaying in the courts are just pudos .

  15. yd says:

    No comment…just loading…

  16. mdzika yeni yeni says:

    That is absolutely not true reason why mukuzi should not declare his assets . Firstly muluzi founded UDF and he is currently it’s chairman . UDF is wholly represented in parliament by over 15 maps .
    Muluzi has recourse to public funds through emoluments and benefits .
    His party UDF is in coalition with the ruling DPP .
    Mr Tukula you have clearly demonstrated that you are an interested party in this whole ball game and bent on destroying those that truly and openly declared their wealth .
    You are now using the declaration law to shield your involvement in the ongoing cash gate scam by deviating attention . Before the arm of the law catches with anybody else it will grip , twist and tare you apart . You have set guidelines on how you can divulge information about asset declaration but not this way .
    so in short please send muluzi those firms to quickly declare his assets .

  17. Patriot says:

    Komatu akudya nawo misonkho yathu. Anapita ku Nigeria posachedwapa amvekere zikomo kuti masamu abodza aja anathandiza koopsya.

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