Exposed! Super League of Malawi  double standards

As three relegated teams from the Super League go into play-offs for a place in the elite league, it has transpired that Super League of Malawi (Sulom) wrote Football Association of Malawi (Fam) seeking the association’s approval to let Dedza Young Soccer go back into the league, owing to their better standing on the league’s log table compared to Airborne Rangers and FISD Wizards.sulom letter

According to a letter dated February 25, 2016 signed by Sulom general secretary Williams Banda addressed to Fam general secretary, which has been leaked to Nyasa Times, Sulom proposed to the local mother football governing body that Dedza be admitted back in to the league because they had better points than Wizards and Airborne in the 2015 league season.

It has not been established what response the league got from the football association, which initially quashed the idea of play-offs on the basis that the team to be identified from the play-offs would not be able to meet the club licencing deadline.

But in a typical case of double standards, Sulom has gone ahead with the play-offs, which start this afternoon with a game involving military outfit Airborne Rangers and Wizards.

Saturday, Dedza is expected to line up against Wizards before taking on Rangers in the final fixture on Sunday.

The team that accumulates the highest number of pints in the play-offs will be re-admitted into the Super League to increase the number of teams from an odd number 15 to an even number 16.

Should Airborne Rangers top the play-offs, there will be a total of six military teams in the Super League, further drifting away from the Lilongwe declaration which recommended that the military and other institutions like Malawi Police Service be represented by only one team in the league.

Sources say the Sulom executive has been facing pressure from its army based executive members to give Rangers a chance to remain the top league.

To add weight on the claims, Airborne is the only one of the three teams that will have a chance to rest before fulfilling the next fixture.

Wizards will play back-to-back today and tomorrow with Dedza also playing back-to-back Saturday and Sunday. Rangers will have a rest on Saturday after taking on Wizards  this Friday before playing Dedza on Sunday.

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16 thoughts on “Exposed! Super League of Malawi  double standards”

  1. Moya says:

    SULOM should be ashamed of their action. It just shows how shallow minded the guys at SULUM are. The situation at hand is a simple one .You only do play offs with lower league teams not fellow super league teams. The teams lined up for play offs already played against each other and as it stands Dedza proved to be a superior team than Airborn and your team , Wizards.FAM needs to school these savages

  2. DOBO says:

    Firstly, this is very strange in history of football for relegated teams to go for playoffs for the league they were playing. The rule of game states that playoffis take place in lower league for promotion to a higher league.

  3. Chitapata says:

    Man ili ndi advantage ndi wizards, their last game is on sunday against Dys.

  4. kamvhiputu says:

    mpira wa ku malawi ndi wa kumagazi.

  5. Rector Jones Kamoto says:

    Its not fair to deny Dedza Young Soccers a chance to play in the league.For the betternment of the football development,we have to follow what the SULOM constitution stipulates or we will see our football going down.

  6. Chaundira says:

    Ma organizers, what you should have done was to arrange for play offs for the in coming teams and those being relegated. The six team should have competed for the four places to attract quality teams in the league. Those requesting for the teams who were on second position in the regional leagues and only asking for reduced competition in the elite league. Zidalakwika kale ndiye ma play offs apitilire.

  7. Harrison says:

    or wina afune asafune Dedza ndimene ikulowa.Takozeka kulimbana nanu.wina ayauluka.Dziko lonse lapasi lidziwa kuti ku Malawi kuli a sulom achinyengo.Tadziwa kale mukufuna Air b,sitiloratu

  8. kasumbadedza says:

    zomwezi mpaka kuonetsera team yomwe mumafuna kuti ikhale muleague?anthu opannda chilungamo inu.isieniDedza young soccer ipitirize muleague.

  9. tino kammawa says:

    There is lack of decision making in Malawi soccer!FAM still asleep.koma pa Malawi?

  10. mbewe says:

    This is doctored letter. It is saying two things in one letter. How can it propose play offs and lster include an i.e clause of thirteenth team. this is not the lettrr written by SULOM. it is just trying to confusr readers. Eithet Nyasatimes doctored it. This very bad cause yhe way the letter has been written tells a story. It shows someonr is deribalatrly twisting issue.

  11. George Kamanga says:

    almost does not count..we have seen teams existing competitions by a single goal difference. i therfore dont understand why Deza obtained an injunction to stop the play off to gain automatic entry..plz Deza prove that ur superiors among the minors by playing against them..not zausiru mukuchitazi. be civilized

  12. Marko Kalebe says:

    Ngakhale mutafusa a FIFA kuti atanthauzire malamulo anuwo akuwuzani kuti Dedza Young Soccer Saints ndiye yoyenera kukhala mu Superleague chifukwa muyeso woyesera matimuwa ndi umodzi ‘Superleague’. Zinali zomveka ma playoff akanachitikira ma team ochokera ku ma Lower leagues osati omwe akuchokera mu superleague amene adayesana kale, wina nkukhala patsogolo pa onse, izi zikuchitika apa ndi kusowa chilungamo.

  13. Wayilesi Muluzi says:


  14. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Whether Sulom did or said this or that these 3 relegated teams shud just thank their gods that they are being given a 2nd chance to stay in the elite league. The rules clearly stipulates those who finish in the bottom 3 break the participation laws and the punishment is relegation. FULL STOP. An offence is an offence no matter the magnitude or offender. If I were Sulom I would have opted the playoffs to get the 16th team to be among those who finished 2nd in the regional leagues.

  15. Myao says:

    It’s the other way round, Wizards (FAM’s/ SULOM’s favourite and initiator of the play off’s) is resting on Saturday just to give it an edge – More teams from NRFL & CRFL always make an impact and stay considerably longer in the now Malawi Premier League than their SRFL counterparts (I think gondolosi too much) and some people are dead scared, cery much afraid that one day Bullets alone as a team from the southern league will remain in the Premier (paja yogulitsa magalimoto a mu bale inatsala pang’ono kukhala ku relagation zone isanachite machawi) !!

    The author of this article is a FAM/ Sulom sympathizer who’s trying to twist facts here, munya Wizards (Mfiti yayikazi in local dilect) ikutolera ma 2-0 monga mwachizolowezi!!! – Olo tcheya zinankanika zoterezi!!

  16. YABOMA says:

    This matter is getting soiled and confusing in my opinion. The facts of the matter remain that the decisions to have play offs was agreed and discussed in the EAGM and not otherwise.

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